Top 15 Best Games Like Rust To Give A Try

Rust is an online, multiplayer, sandbox, action-adventure, survival game created and released by Facepunch Studios. It happens in an unforgettable setting and allows you to survive by building shelters, collecting resources, and crafting items in the forest.

Rust provides an open-world environment full of wolves as well as other wildlife. Your main goal is to explore the world of the game, find shelter, clear hurdles, confront deadly animals, and engage with other players.

In the game, you can take part in player vs. player tussle to fight enemies with handmade guns, melee weapons, and bows. At the start, your character is armed with a stone and torch. Rust rewards you once you finish certain tasks. You need to collect food, wood, stones, and clothes by killing animals, chopping trees, and mining rock. You must be ready to face difficulties like hunger, thirst, and cold.

Build shelter, kill animals for food, and shield yourself from other players and non-player characters. With other players, you can establish a town. With addictive gameplay, outstanding graphics, and the best mechanics, Rust is an awesome game to play.

If you’ve been playing lots of Rust and perhaps want some respite from the losing streak you’re on, or simply think it’s time to escape the toxic experience, we have 15 alternatives for you to give a try. Here are 15 top games similar to Rust that you should try out today.

1. The Forest

the forest

In Rust, you must kill, build, loot, and escape to stay alive. It’s perhaps the best example of a survival game. The Forest shares the same gameplay with Rust, but Rust has real animals and people aiming to eliminate your character.

There are different kinds of criminals in the Forest. You’ll encounter weird cannibals that’ll suddenly appear on your screen. To survive, you must kill all these cannibals.

The Forest begins after you survive an aircraft accident with your son. You wind up in a thick forest where a bunch of cannibals suddenly abduct your son. You must find your boy before he’s killed and eaten by the cannibals.

Your character must quickly adapt to the conditions of the jungle. Set up a location from where to operate. Collect enough weapons and food so you can survive. Then go on the attack.

2. Minecraft


This is an open-world game with no specific goals to achieve. This gives you lots of freedom when deciding how to play but there’s an achievement system. By default, the gameplay is first-person, but you can play in third-person mode.

Minecraft’s core gameplay centers around breaking and arranging blocks. The Minecraft world is basically made up of rough 3D items—primarily cubes—that are placed in a set grid pattern and stand for different materials, like stone, dirt, various ores, tree trunks, and water.

While you can move freely all over the world, items and objects can only be arranged at fixed places in relation to the grid. You can collect these block materials and arrange them elsewhere, hence allowing for different constructions.

3. Don’t Starve

dont starve

The scariest thing about actual survival is needing to do it all by yourself. That’s exactly what this game makes you do since it’s an absolutely solo experience.

The horror of having to survive on your own in the jungle is fortunately offset by the collection of extremely weird creatures creeping around this sepia-tone environment and the attractive Tim Button-style 2D artwork. Deerclopses, Beargers, and Werepigs, and many weirder monsters roam about looking to make your life a living hell.

Don’t Starve heavily focuses on crafting to help you survive, and so you spend most of your time harvesting raw materials—as expected in a crafting game. However, instead of building shelters like in Minecraft or Rust, Don’t Starve is essentially about the contraptions and tools you can craft.

The Alchemy Engine and Science Machine will be your best pals, before being replaced by the art of magic and ancient wonders. Like Minecraft, this game gladly embraces the mystical and the mad, making it all the more exciting.

4. DayZ

day z

In DayZ, you’re thrust in the middle of a serious zombie outbreak at the heart of Chemarus, a fictional former Soviet Union Republic. There are lots of places to scavenge essentials from and to hide in for basic accommodation, but you’ll really have to work hard to survive.

You can even contract diseases such as hepatitis or dysentery if you drink dirty water or eat rotten food. You might die from excessive loss of blood. Or maybe an injury will kill you. Perhaps that would be preferable to having to escape zombies all the time!

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5. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is an open-world game of survival set in the barbaric Conan the Barbarian land. You play as one of thousands of exiles cast out to look after themselves in a brutal wasteland swept by horrible sandstorms and surrounded by enemies. Here you’ll need to stay alive, build, and dominate.

Conan Exiles has a largely familiar setup—build settlements, grow crops, bludgeon enemies to death—but it has an out-of-the-box aspect that no other survival game has: human sacrifice.

If you’re able to wrestle an enemy and sacrifice them on an altar, you can use the favor of the gods to turn the tables to your advantage. This unique concept separates Conan Exiles from the rest of the pack.

6. 7 Days to Die

7 days to die

7 Days to Die is a game that takes zombies to a whole new level. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic environment, where a worldwide nuclear war has decimated most of the population.

As a player, you’re stranded in a fictional Arizona city with only your determination to stay alive. The environment is very hostile with different zombies roaming about the city determined to devour you.

There’s extreme radiation in the air and while it looks like radioactive conflict is the reason for these mutations, there’s no obvious reason.

The main goal of 7 Days to Die is to hold out as long as you can against the hordes of zombies pursuing you, a truly horrifying experience indeed. In the game, you’ll be constantly on your toes with danger lurking at every corner of the streets.

Moreover, collecting and gathering resources is a crucial aspect of the game, which requires you to continuously create newer weapons or structures so as to stay ahead of the enemy.

Destroying the playable environment is possible as well, with the outcome worked out by a physics-based machine. 7 Days to Die is a must-play title for all Rust freaks out there but it’s not for the faint of heart, though!

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7. Ark: Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is arguably the most unconventional game of survival out there. It takes you way back in time to a prehistoric era, where you need to survive in an extremely harsh environment with very little.

The game has 99 dinosaur species and up to 40 other creatures, as well as other potentially dangerous human players. The best feature of Ark: Survival Evolved is that you can tame dinosaurs and once you do so, you can use them to attack someone else’s base or defend your own base.

How does the idea of riding a dinosaur sound? Cool, right? How about shooting other players? Or how about riding a dinosaur while shooting other players? If you like any of these ideas, then by all means go ahead and play this game.

8. Subnautica


There’s no survival game harsher to human life or more alien than Subnautica. Stranded on an underwater world, you must dive under the waves to look for food and resources and ultimately construct your own underwater settlements and submersible vehicles.

Lack of oxygen and 3D movement make even the simple act of collecting bits of waste a tense undertaking. Danger lurks everywhere and, if you remain underwater for far too long, you might drown.

Air pumps, oxygen tanks, and vehicles allow you to remain underwater for longer, though, and the more you adapt to the environment, the more ocean becomes home.

Getting into a new environment, you have to quickly figure out how to survive in a world where giant fish see you as a light snack. Vast forests of kelp, infinite voids with creatures as huge as small islands, labyrinthine underwater caves—every biome seems like its own small world.

While there’s relentless pressure to breathe, eat, and drink, Subnautica is also an ironically relaxing survival game as well. Despite a myriad of threats lurking underwater, it’s essentially about the thoughtful, peaceful expedition to an exceptional alien world.

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9. Raft


While many survival games pit players against a bleak, typically zombie-stricken hell, Raft casts players out to sea. You’re trapped all by yourself (or with a group of friends in co-op mode) on your titular wooden plank mass with zero lands insight.

The raft is kind of the video game version of the Life of Pi, save for the fact that rather than trying to survive with a famished tiger as your next-door marooned neighbor, you have to fret about sharks in this briny game of survival. The sharks will munch their way through almost anything they can sink their toothy maws into—including your rickety raft.

Thankfully, Raft isn’t only about guarding your newfound digs from the dangers under the water. While you must continuously top up thirst and hunger levels, the game also allows you to indulge your somewhat sillier side, allowing you the freedom to build multi-story palaces as you please, full of shark head trophies, as well as any other stuff you come across in the sea.

And, incredibly, there’s plenty of flotsam floating around in the game. Whatever went on in the wider world at large, you’ll find that plenty of it found its way to the ocean.

10. The Long Dark

the long dark

This is a survival game that features outstanding hand-painted graphics that nicely contrast with the harsh survival mechanics of the game. The gameplay is divided into two modes: Sandbox, where you’re free to create anything you want, and Wintermute, which has an episodic plot campaign.

The story mode acts like a bunch of tutorials and offers some backstory about how your pilot character wound up crash-landing in the freezing wildlands in Canada.

While the majority of survival titles heavily focus on player vs. player combat, the Long Dark’s absolutely single-player, helping to create a more exciting sense of solitude.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no danger, since wolves can seriously hurt you, and the weather can turn from bright, clear skies to heavy snowstorms in a flash.

11. Unturned


This survival game can be played for free and comes with zombie enemies and voxel-based visuals. Despite its cartoonish appearance, the game is extremely difficult, with inventory space and resources also very limited, and a day and night cycle that impacts the behavior of the enemy.

During the day, the game’s blocky, colorful world comes alive as things are a bit more peaceful. But when night falls, zombies roam about the streets, leaving your character much more vulnerable. Visibility also reduces, making you more likely to run into an ambush.

12. Astroneer


Astroneer is a survival and space exploration game, in which up to four players can team up to colonize an extra-terrestrial planet, mining its wealth and using it to craft a range of vehicles and tools. The game contains no scripted events nor follows a predetermined plot, giving you and your pals the chance to make your own adventures.

Astroneer’s colorful and bright visuals blend well with its low-resolution graphics, particularly when transforming environments with your landscaping tool. In addition, there’s a solar system for you to explore on top of the new suits, vehicles, items, and environmental hazards to craft.

13. Scum


Scum is much like Rust. It’s got all the features of Rust and lots more. This open-world game gives survival a whole new meaning. It closely follows the Rust storyline but doesn’t attempt to replicate everything.

There are stages in which your character must craft items to create weapons and do some familiar tasks, like in Rust. But you’ll clearly notice the differences. Scum attempts to make the plot as realistic as much as possible. There are response-dependent answers, based on which gameplay can change.

In fact, this game has a thorough characterization that leaves it looking even more realistic. You’ll bump into many characters that look like the people you know in real life. According to those who’ve already played Scum, it’s an upgrade on Rust. Once you begin playing Scum, you won’t miss Rust.

14. Wurm Unlimited

wurm unlimited

While Wurm Unlimited is an online fantasy game, there are more than enough similarities with Rust. In this game, you have your own virtual world. You need to build a whole empire from the ground up. You need to craft weapons, build your kingdom, hunt dragons, and set off a war to seize other empires.

This game will leave you feeling like an emperor. First, you begin as an ordinary civilian who fights their way to the top of the society. Wurm Unlimited is very inspiring, particularly if mythical characters are your thing. It gives you chances to improvise your choices.

You can begin building your kingdom once you’ve gathered enough reliable men out there. This game is long, so it might take you months to finish.

15. State of Decay II

state of decay 2

State of Decay II is a sequel to the original State of Decay, where you manage a survivor community in a post-apocalyptic planet chock-full of undead enemies.

Although most zombie survival titles center around a single protagonist, this game has you switching between several procedurally-created characters you’ve taken on to stay in your base.

State of Decay II is focused on strengthening your base to handle in-game events like zombie infestations and scavenging for supplies. Each map has limited resources, forcing you to cautiously consider which skills you want to invest in and what goals you’d like to achieve.

FAQs About Rust

Is There a Rust-like Game on Mobile?

Yes, there is. Zooba is an exciting, multiplayer, shooting, and battle royale video game created for mobile devices by Wildlife Studios. The game has wild animals as characters rather than humans.

What’s the Best Mobile Survival Game?

If you’re up for working really hard to stay alive, the best Android survival games include Crashlands, Don’t Starve, Day R Survival, LifeAfter, The Escapists II: Pocket Breakout, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Last Day on Earth: Survival.

How Much RAM is Needed for Rust?

You need a minimum of 8GB RAM to play Rust. If possible, ensure that you’ve got 16GB RAM to enjoy Rust to the fullest. You also need a minimum of Intel Core i7-3770 processor to run Rust.

Is Rust Fully Published?

Rust is a strictly multiplayer survival game created by Facepunch Studios. It was initially released in December 2013 in early access, and was fully released in February 2018. The game is available on both Windows OS and macOS.

Is Rust Strictly Multiplayer?

Yes, Rust is a solely multiplayer survival game. Despite the looming danger of wolves and bears, the main threat is other players as the game is strictly multiplayer.

Ready for a Survival Adventure?

Rust is definitely one of the most exciting survival games out there. Players can’t get enough of it thanks to its captivating storyline. But if you’ve had your fill of the game, the above Rust-like games are not to be missed. Whether it’s their plot, gameplay, graphics, or characterization, they have numerous similarities with Rust.

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