Murder Mystery 2 Guide: The Roblox Multiplayer Classic Explained

There is nothing like Murder Mystery 2 in Roblox. When I think of the best Roblox games of all time, Murder Mystery 2 is the one that immediately comes to mind. I am a little biased since this was the very first Roblox experience, but it remains a true classic even to this day. When I want a solid game to play a few quick rounds, this is one that I typically go to, and you’ll see why in this Murder Mystery 2 guide.

Murder Mystery 2 is the quintessential Roblox multiplayer competitive experience. The premise of a murderer trying to take out the other players without being found out is something that has taken off in recent years, but this game did it first.

In many ways, Murder Mystery 2 encapsulates everything I love about Roblox in a tiny package that isn’t too crazy or complicated. Here’s everything you need to know about one of my favorite Roblox games in this Murder Mystery 2 guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

When it comes to Murder Mystery 2, it is as competitive, simple, and iconic as Roblox gets. First released in 2014, it quickly shot through the ranks to become one of the most popular games for a very long time. The idea is that players take one of three randomly chosen roles: the murderer, sheriff, and innocent.

The murderer wants to kill everyone, while the sheriff wants to stop the murderer and the innocent player wishes to survive. This simplistic approach makes for an enjoyable experience that everyone can enjoy.

Murder Mystery 2 Overview

Murder Mystery

I still remember first checking out Roblox in 2016 like it was yesterday. Pushed to check out the game for the first time due to some family members, but I was hesitant. Everything I knew about the game was that it was childish and unappealing to my gaming tastes.

I was soon floored; it was absolutely unlike anything else I had played before. Simultaneously a game that kids can enjoy but not too kiddy that an adult couldn’t find it amusing.

It was no wonder that it was one of the most popular games in Roblox then, and it remains that way even all these years later. Despite being one of the older Roblox games at this point, it still finds an audience of players checking it out at all hours of the day.

With more than eight billion visits, it may not be the largest game on Roblox today, but it is certainly up there. At the time of writing this, there are still more than 70,000 players online at once in the middle of a work day. It is a testament to the insanely simple but engrossing competitive gameplay.

I would consider Murder Mystery 2 almost like the progenitor to games that are insanely popular today, like Among Us and its various clones. It took the idea of figuring out the murderer before they get you. It did it long before the Among Us phenomenon happened.

The general idea of Murder Mystery 2 is that you have a killer hidden among you. You don’t know who exactly the killer is in the group, but it is one of the players randomly selected. This is because everyone is carrying around a knife and a gun, so it could be literally anyone.

The murderer is trying to kill everyone while the others try to survive or even stop the murderer in their tracks. It is such an easy pick-up-and-play idea that works wonders in the Roblox gameplay. Anyone of pretty much all ages can pick up the game and understand what they need to do.

I love how open and welcoming the gameplay of Murder Mystery 2 is, which is why it is one of my favorite Roblox games of all time. Even non-gamers out there can find something to enjoy in the game, especially if you are playing with friends and family. That is truly when the game is at its most fun.

How to Play

Murder Mystery Characters

Before you dive too deep into Murder Mystery 2, I think it is crucial that you understand just exactly how to play the game. In case you are brand new to Roblox or just Murder Mystery 2, I find it vital that you at least understand the gameplay to be successful as soon as you start.

Some of the gameplay will require you to practice over time, especially when playing the sheriff. Still, I have some tips and tricks that can at least help you know what you’re getting yourself into. The gameplay revolves around three different classes.

Those classes are the innocent players, the murderer, and the sheriff. They increase in difficulty the more involved you have to get with what you are doing. The innocent class is the easiest to play but very hard to win, while the murderer is easy to win but a little bit more challenging to control.

However, the sheriff is perhaps the hardest to control and win since you have so much riding on you. Players are randomly selected for these three roles at the start of each match. The longer you go without being the killer in the same lobby, the higher the chances you will be selected for the next match.

Playing as an Innocent

The innocent role is likely what you will be playing the majority of the time that you play Murder Mystery 2. I am a sucker for being a survivor in video games, and this Roblox game is no different. I appreciate the tension you have from trying to survive for as long as possible and the relaxed nature of not having to worry too much about fighting.

As an innocent player, there is almost nothing that you can do in the match. All you can do is run around, jump, and collect coins. You have no fighting or defense mechanisms at your disposal to keep yourself safe from the killer.

You are extremely vulnerable and can be taken out in a single slice or throw from the killer. In this way, though, the gameplay is rather easy for innocent players since there isn’t much that you have to worry about. However, winning and surviving for the required time to win a match is hard.

Tips for Winning as an Innocent

Thankfully, that is where I come in. I have won many matches in Murder Mystery 2 as an innocent player in my time. If I were to put a number on it, I would say that it would be around 20% of matches where I am an innocent player that I survive until the very end.

That may sound low, but it is a lot harder than it looks. Honestly, it might even be easier these days. For fun, I jumped on a match while writing this guide and won the first round as an innocent by hiding in one of my favorite spots, as shown in my featured screenshot.

The general idea is that you must find a good spot to hide on the map. Unless you know who the killer is, you can’t trust any of your fellow players until the killer reveals themselves, so I always try to stay away from others.

Find a good hiding spot on the map, such as a locker, cabinet, or hidden room. Hide there but also be able to manipulate the camera to see some of what is going on around you. Chances are, good murderers out there will know the hiding spots and come looking for you.

If you hear or see the killer coming closer, you can avoid them by running away in time or hiding in a different spot after they check that place. I especially like long corridors where you hide around the corner and can see when the killer is coming.

Hiding behind doors is nice, too, for this same reason. The key is to be flexible and move when you realize that the jig is up. You don’t want to run away from the killer all day since they can take you out with a ranged attack.

It is difficult to win as an innocent player, so it helps if you have friends with you. You can watch each other’s backs and tell each other when the killer is nearby and who they are. That is, of course, so long as your friend doesn’t lie to you about being innocent and stab you behind your back.

If the sheriff dies, the innocent players can pick up the gun that the sheriff dropped and use it to take out the murderer. I think I have seen more people take out the killer who wasn’t the original sheriff than the initial one getting the job done. This is a great way to win a match and ensure victory.

Sheriff Role Explained


In my opinion, the sheriff is the hardest role in all of Murder Mystery 2. One innocent player is selected as the sheriff, and their entire job is to take down the killer. They are essentially responsible for the lives of all of the other players in the lobby.

The sheriff is the classic protector of the innocent and the only one capable of taking down the serial killer, just like some of the classic horror films out there. They have a gun that they can pull out at any moment and use to shoot at the murderer.

The positive of this is that you have a ranged gun and don’t have to worry about bullets. It has unlimited ammo, and you can keep firing one after another, minus the couple of seconds it takes to reload between your shots.

You have a slight advantage over the killer since you can use a completely ranged weapon, unlike the mostly short-range knife. In addition, you can simply wait until the killer reveals, and you’ll have the advantage that way, too.

However, the problem is that the sheriff has to aim accurately and fire the gun at the killer to take them out. This is easier said than done. I have seen far too many sheriffs who shoot over and over at a killer, missing every time until the murderer gets close enough to take them out.

It is sadly hard to do. Thankfully, my tips are here to help save the day.

Tips for Winning

My first tip is to holster your gun until you are ready to shoot. After some practice, you can get really good at instantly taking out your gun and shooting when necessary. Keeping it put away will ensure that the killer doesn’t prioritize targeting you yet.

I like to play like an innocent until I know who the killer is, but not hiding to the max like I usually would. Once I know who the killer is, you want plenty of distance and to shoot while running away from the killer. It takes some good camera skills, but it is possible and ensures that you have multiple tries to get the job done.

You always want to ensure that you aren’t going to hit one of the innocent players accidentally. If you do that, it will not only kill someone innocent but you, too. That is a surefire way to lose a match as you are instantly down and the sheriff now.

I have seen that often happen, especially with amateur sheriffs, so never shoot until you know who the killer is. Keep your distance from everyone until you obtain that information, too.

Murderer Role Explained

Murderer Role

The murderer role is the second-most common position you will likely play in Murder Mystery 2. It is also the center of everything as there is always a killer whose sole goal is to take everyone out. The maps are small, and the innocents are few, so you have the advantage on your side.

It is the easiest to win as the murderer, so you shouldn’t have that much of a problem. That said, there are some critical points that I would like to bring up that can help ensure your victory each time.

Tips for Winning

For starters, you must remember that the murderer has two attacks in their arsenal. The first of these is the simple knife maneuver, while the second is throwing the knife. Throwing the knife is tricky, even harder than shooting the gun, in my opinion, but it can be extremely helpful.

In general, I like to play it safe as the killer. I will keep my knife away as I run around, getting a feel for everything. I never kill unless someone is alone because there is no telling if the sheriff is nearby. Plus, I like to keep my identity a secret for as long as possible.

This means that I will even hide sometimes like an innocent to get someone to put their guard down and hide near me, after which I take them out. I like to go about my business like this until I either take down the sheriff or have it to a manageable number of people.

The sheriff should always be your number one priority since they are the only ones who can take you out. Once you defeat them, the gun will drop, and someone else can become the sheriff. The cheap and easy way to win is to circle around the gun, killing anyone trying to get it.

Most people aren’t fans of players who play this way since you are “cheating” in a way. However, it is an easy trick to win. If you stay by the gun for too long, you may not kill anyone who’s left.

If you want to be bad, let’s say the gun is in a hallway. You could hide around a corner or in a nearby room where you can watch the gun from far away but not while giving away your position. It is a bit of a delicate balance, but it is possible.

Killing at short range with the knife is easy, but throwing it is another story. I don’t use this unless I am in a terrible situation against a sheriff that I was unable to kill. However, this is one of the rarest scenarios for me since I usually focus on taking them out first. It only happens if I accidentally let someone pick up the gun.



The progression system in Murder Mystery 2 is quite good, but nothing too crazy like you may be used to with other Roblox games. It is an older title, after all, so you are limited to mainly cosmetics surrounding the gun and knife weapons.

You can purchase skins for both to make your character look super cool in matches. Since you wear the gun and knife at all times, no matter if you are playing as a killer, sheriff, or innocent, so you can still enjoy showing it off all the time.

Some other cosmetics you can get include effects that follow you while you run around, but I hate these. They sort of give away your trail position when you run around too much. There are also emotes and other items that you can buy.

There’s only been one season of the game so far, but future seasons will likely bring new cosmetics and battle pass-like systems for you to buy and progress through.

Cosmetics like these are purchased using coins. You get a whole bunch of coins for winning a match, but if you find that you aren’t doing well enough in rounds to earn coins, plenty of them pop up on the map that you can run around collecting. A lot of times, I like to waste time doing that when I’m the killer.

Murder Mystery 2 Game Passes Explained

One of the hallmark parts of a Roblox title is the game passes. This is how developers make a good bit of their revenue by offering these permanent passes that give unique gameplay elements. They don’t make the game easier but a lot more fashionable and fun.

Here is the complete list of the game passes for Murder Mystery 2, of which there are an absolute ton:

  • 8-Bit Item Pack: 899 Robux
  • American Item Pack: 899 Robux
  • Batwing: 2499
  • Bioblade: 1699
  • Clockwork Item Pack: 1299
  • Cookieblade: 1699
  • Eggblade: 1699
  • Elite: 499
  • Frostbite Item Pack: 1699
  • Futuristic Item Pack: 899
  • Ghostly Item Pack: 1699
  • Halloween Item Pack: 1299
  • Heartblade: 1699
  • Ice Bundle: 3399
  • Icebeam: 1699
  • Iceflake: 1699
  • Icewing: 2499
  • Nebula: 1699
  • Peppermint: 1699
  • Plasma Bundle: 3399
  • Plasmabeam: 1699
  • Plasmablade: 1699
  • Prismatic: 1699
  • Radio: 475
  • Randomized Faces: 49
  • Reaver: 1699
  • Shadow Item Pack: 1299
  • Vampire Item Pack: 1699
  • Winter Item Pack: 1299

There is just way too many of these packs to go through. Most of them are cosmetics, though, so you can just pick if they are worth your money. In my opinion, the only two worth mentioning are Elite and Radio. The former will grant you the Elite status when playing.

Everyone will know that you are Elite and will gain benefits like more coins you can collect, more XP per round, and so on. On the other hand, the Radio will give you access to the radio where you can play songs in the middle of rounds. However, this value will likely go down in the future due to the ongoing legal issues for Roblox regarding music.

Best Alternative Roblox Games

Flee the Facility

Murder Mystery 2 is a fairly old game at this point. The simplicity of it does get old relatively soon. That’s why I only play every once in a while, instead of all the time like I used to. If you’re like me and want something new to check out, here are some similar Roblox games:

  • Flee the Facility: This is the quintessential Roblox copycat of Dead by Daylight. The idea is you have four humans battling against a single killer. The killer wants to take you out while the team of survivors has to work together to solve puzzles and escape in time. It is much more challenging than MM2 but excellent for friends and family playing together.
  • Banana Eats: Banana Eats is a lot like Flee the Facility but a little bit more accessible and easier to win as the survivor. I also like the surprisingly darker and spookier mood that it has compared to some other games. If I’m not playing MM2 but want something similar, this is where you’ll find me.
  • Piggy: Lastly, there is the story-driven Piggy. This is my least favorite game on this list, including Murder Mystery 2, but it appeals to a lot of players. It is similar to the others in that asymmetric multiplayer nature but with a strong puzzle and story twist. The gameplay may not be as great as others, but the characters and writing are worth a try at least.


Question: Will there be a Murder Mystery 3?

Answer: I honestly don’t know if there will be a Murder Mystery 3. The only reason MM2 exists is that its name was changed when it reached the 2.0 version. Maybe when it reaches 3.0, the name will be changed to Murder Mystery 3.

Question: What age is Roblox Murder Mystery for?

Answer: This is the tricky part. Every family is different, which is good! For some families, Murder Mystery 2 might be good, but for others, it might not work at certain ages. I always recommend parents to watch or play with the kid and see for themselves first if they think this is acceptable for their current age or not. If it helps, I think it is one of the more family-friendly killer-centric games like this.

Question: Who created Murder Mystery 2 on Roblox?

Answer: Murder Mystery 2 was created by Nikilis. The other games that they have made include Trucking Tycoon and Epic Building. But Murder Mystery 2 remains their crown jewel creation to date.


Murder Mystery 2 is among the Roblox Hall of Fame for me. Before there ever was a Dead by Daylight, Among Us, or any of the other popular similar games, there was MM2. I also played it long before those titles, so it has a nostalgic place in my heart. This is even doubly so because it was my first Roblox game.

Even today, Murder Mystery 2 remains one of the best Roblox experiences you can find. It represents the best that Roblox offers: fast, frenetic, and fun gameplay that is easy to pick up and hard to put down.

Playing with friends and family you love is also exponentially more fun. If you want to learn more about a similar Roblox game, find out about the relatively recent horror multiplayer hit Piggy.

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