Terraria: the Ultimate Multiplayer Cross Play Boss Guide

Terraria Crossplay Guide

Terraria is an open-world 2D survival game created by indie development team Re-Logic. Released in 2011, as of April 2020, the game has sold 14 million copies worldwide. The combination of quality and support that Re-Logic has given to Terraria has contributed to the game’s longevity. Welcome to our Terraria Crossplay Guide

Terraria can be played solo, but you’ll have more success playing the game in multiplayer, especially when playing more complex difficulties such as a Hardcore mode that includes character perma-death. Terraria aren’t just about survival, though. If you want to complete the game, you’ll have to defeat numerous Cthulu-inspired bosses.

Re-Logic released Terraria’s last update in 2020 on Terraria’s 9th anniversary named the Journey’s End. According to Steam Charts, the game has continued to stay relevant in the online gaming community, attracting tens of thousands of players every month.

There has never been a more significant time to pick the game up with some friends. But how can you play multiplayer in Terraria?

What is Cross-platform Play?

Terraria Crossplay

Cross-platform play allows people to connect to a game from different hardware, e.g., enabling PC users to play with Xbox users. However, the cross-platform play works a bit differently in Terraria. Many cross-play games will allow connectivity between consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, and in some cases like Overwatch, even the Nintendo Switch.

Terraria are currently playable on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android, and IOS. Unfortunately, Terraria can only be played cross-play between IOS and Android as there are no hardware restrictions.

It’s been speculated that Re-Logic will develop cross-play between all platforms once the Journey’s End 1.4.1 update has been released for all consoles. So there is still hope for the feature to be added in the future for Terraria.

If you are struggling to find people to play Terraria with, I recommend joining the Terraria Discord. There you will find channels for different platforms of the game. Here you can easily set up a multiplayer or cross-play session Using the “Mobile” channel and the “Looking to Play” channel.

Before Multiplayer Consider…

If you are going to host a multiplayer world, I recommend that you set the world to “Invite Only” and create a password to defend it from nasty trolls. In addition, make sure that it’s not your main world as the world will slowly be destroyed by players digging hell elevators and random holes.

Whether it’s malicious intent or not, it’s best to have a backup. This is especially necessary when players you don’t know join your server. 

You can set a multiplayer world up for “Friends Only” so your friends can join without requesting an invite. If the game does not let you connect to a server, it’s best to double-check if your characters match the settings of the world. 

Setting up a Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer Terraria Crossplay

To set up a Multiplayer game on mobile devices, do the following:

  • Select “Multiplayer on the Terraria main menu and choose your preferred character.
  • The game will present you with either “Searching for local hosts…” or it will wait to discover an online player.
  • There’s a maximum limit of 8 players per lobby.

Terraria has no dedicated multiplayer servers meaning that all co-op sessions must be hosted by a player. As a result, sessions may suffer from lag or disconnection depending on the host’s internet quality and location. So make sure that when in cross-play, your device and host’s device are using a stable network. 

Main Terraria Bosses

To beat Terraria, you must defeat seven pre-hard mode bosses before unlocking the hard mode giving you access to end-game bosses.

It’s recommended that you bring a friend along to fight the bosses in Terraria. Players should consider that boss health will scale depending on the number of players in co-op with expert mode.

This can be especially devastating when a boss enters berserk mode. A state that makes the boss fight harder by increasing its speed of attacks and movement. Make sure to stay in the boss’s biome as leaving the biome will enrage the boss increasing its speed, damage, and attack rate.

  • Expert and Master mode is an option in Terraria that can only be selected when creating a world. The mode considerably increases the difficulty and the drop rate of rare items.

Challenging a boss in co-op is a good idea as the boss will aggro between players. Offering your buddies a moment of respite to heal and gain their footing. 

King Slime

King Slime

King Slime is the first boss that you will encounter. The battle is triggered when 150 slimes have been slain in a Slime Rain event. You’ll be warned when the event is about to start with the dialogue “Slime is falling from the sky.” The event can last 9 – 15 hours in-game time, depending on how fast the player defeats the slimes.

The King Slime battle can also be triggered by the following:

  • Slime Crown – a rare boss summoning item that can be dropped by Blue Slimes. The Slime Crown can also be crafted with 20 gell and a gold or platinum crown on a Demon Altar. Alternatively, it can be crafted with 99 gell and a gold or platinum crown using a Crimson Altar. However, this method is not recommended due to the cost.
  • The King Slime battle can be randomly triggered when venturing to the outer third of the map.

The King slime boss is a fairly straightforward battle clinging to high ground, and attacking him with ranged attacks is the strategy here. Keep your distance; This one should be a piece of cake.

Eye of Cthulu

The Eye of Cthulu battle will be your first actual test in Terraria as it can move through blocks and spawn smaller enemies to attack you. Playing co-op will significantly improve your chances of success. There will be more targets for the enemies and the boss, aiding you to not get focused down.

The Eye of Cthulu can be spawned using the Suspicious Looking Eye item at night. The article can be found in gold/frozen chests and crafted using six lenses on a Demon or Crimson Altor. Failing to defeat Eye of Cthulu before dawn despawns the boss, it is best to trigger the fight at 7:30 PM in-game time.

The Eye of Cthulu can only spawn at night and has a chance to spawn randomly when you have any of the following:

  • If the Eye of Cthulhu has not been beaten on the world.
  • If a player has ten armor and 200 health points. So players can save their Life Crystals and then consume them to maximize health.
  • There are at least four town NPCs

Eye of Cthulu Battle

Eye of Cthulu Battle

Once you’ve done enough damage, Eye of Cthulu will enter berserk mode transforming its iris into a grotesque mouth. It will then charge the player with a flurry of three attacks.

While Eye of Cthulu no longer has armor, it gets a significant damage boost to physical attacks. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about the boss spawning any more enemies to attack you.

Build a sky bridge for this boss fight, as the platform will allow you to focus on the battle without worrying about traversing terrain. Bring both a solid ranged and melee weapon to the battle. A sword helps take down those pesky servants of Cthulhu. In co-op.

Queen Bee

I recommend challenging the Queen Bee boss next as she drops a powerful weapon that will make fighting the remaining bosses a lot easier. Queen Bee can be found in the Underground Jungle biome.

You can spawn her by destroying her larvae or by using the Abeemination item in the Underground Jungle. You can craft the Abeemination item by hand with Honey (5), Stinger, Hive (5) and, bottled honey.

The Queen Bee will charge the player, spawn bees, and launch poisonous stingers as a ranged attack at the player. Be careful if you leave the Underground Jungle biome, as this will enrage the Queen Bee increasing her speed and attack rate.

Unlike previously mentioned bosses, Queen Bee does not despawn and will hunt any remaining player down no matter block distance. This means that she will pursue you even after you have used a Magic Mirror.

Defeating Queen Bee has a chance to drop the Beenade or, my favorite, the Bee Gun. That will both help you in the Wall of Flesh battle. Luckily, the Queen Bee boss can be spawned multiple times, allowing you and your party to farm her for weapons.

Brain of Cthulu

Now that you defeated Queen Bee and acquired the Bee Gun, you are ready to fight the Brain of Cthulu. Bear in mind that to fight the Brain of Cthulu, you must travel to the Crimson biome. Due to how biomes work in Terraria, your world will either spawn with the Crimson or Corruption biome.

The Brain of Cthulu is summoned once destroying three Crimson Hearts. You can break Crimson Hearts using either a Hammer tool or explosives. Alternatively, it can be spawned using the Bloody Spine item, crafted with Vertebrae (15) using a Crimson Altar. Be careful as more than one Brain of Cthulu can spawn if you destroy too many Crimson Hearts.

The Brain of Cthulu will teleport around the player spawning 20 Creeper enemies. To damage to Brain of Cthulu, you must defeat all 20 enemies. This is where the Bee Gun will come in handy as it will make short work of the Creepers.

Once you have defeated all Creepers and dealt enough damage to Brain of Cthulu, it will enter its berserk mode. Gaining a buff in speed and damage and will initiate ram attacks.

Eater of Worlds

Eater of Worlds

The Eater of Worlds is a giant worm found in the Corruption biome. It has over 10,000 hit points and acts like other worm enemy types. Make sure you have a good amount of armor and health, as this is a tough one. Beating this boss will be considerably easier playing in co-op.

You can spawn the Eater of Worlds by destroying 3 Shadow Orbs found in the Corruption Chasms (Under Corruption biome). Alternatively, you can spawn the Eater of Worlds by using Worm Food in the corruption. You can craft Worm Food with Vile Powder (30) and Rotten Chunks (15) using a Demon or Crimson Altor.

The Eater of Worlds comprises over 60 segments that will split into smaller enemies whenever a middle piece is destroyed. To defeat the Eater of Worlds, you must kill every part, including the new worms that split off from it.

The terrain poses a challenge in this fight as you can easily be backed into a corner followed by imminent death. Keep aware of your surroundings while fighting the Eater of Worlds.

  • AOE weapons are powerful against the Eater of Worlds as this will have the chance to eliminate smaller segments that break off.
  • Aim for the head when fighting this boss, as taking it out will considerably reduce its speed.
  • Eater of Worlds will slowly despawn when nearing the edge of the Corruption biome. Use this to your advantage to heal and regroup mid-fight.


Make sure to kill Skeletron before entering the Dungeon as Dungeon Guardians will spawn likely kill you and your party in just one hit!

The Dungeon biome entrance resembles a giant castle and can be found on either far end of the world. Talk to the Old Man NPC at night located at the Dungeon entrance. It will give you an extra dialogue option that will allow you to spawn Skeletron.

If you or your party have less than 300 health, the Old Man will judge you as too weak to fight Skeletron. However, he will still let you fight him. You can spawn Skeletron as many times as you like with this method until he is defeated and the Old Man’s curse is lifted.

Skeletron Battle

Skeletron is composed of a skull and two hands; you can destroy his hands independently of his head. Focus on his hands at the start of the fight as they only have 600 HP. Eliminating his hands will take away his slash attack, making the battle a lot easier. Bear in mind Skeletron’s skull has a total of 4,400 HP.

Skeletron’s attacks change when entering between two battle phases—swapping from a slashing attack with his hands to spinning his skull around in phase two. A roaring sound effect marks when Skeletron is switching between the two phases.

Once again, your Trusty Bee Gun and Beenades will come in handy with this battle. Although you will want to make sure you have a substantial amount of life and armor when challenging Skeletron. Be aware that if you do not defeat Skeletron before daybreak, you will most likely be killed by Skeletron in a devastating attack.

  • Skeletron has many resistances to status ailments. However, he is weak to Frostburn, a debuff that inflicts damage over time and stops health regeneration—making Frostburn arrows an excellent choice for this fight.

Defeating Skeletron will give you access to the Clothier NPC. You can purchase Voodoo Dolls from this NPC to spawn Skeletron.

Wall of Flesh

Wall of Flesh

Wall of Flesh is the strongest pre-hard boss in the game, spawning deep within the Underworld. A formidable underground biome that features deadly larva, enemies, and traps.

To spawn the Wall of Flesh, you must drop a Voodoo Guide Doll into the larva found in the Underworld (killing the Guide NPC). Do not drop the Voodoo Guide Doll outside of the biome, as this will destroy the item.

You can still spawn the Wall of Flesh by pushing the Guide NPC into the larva. Spawning the Wall of Flesh too close to the edge of the Underworld biome may despawn the boss when it uses a sweeping attack.

  • Build defensive structures and armor to defend yourself from the larva. Such as a long straight bridge over the larva allowing you to run in one direction while fighting it.

Wall of Flesh Battle

The Wall of Flesh is a colossal boss taking up the screen vertically, making it extremely difficult to get past. Failing to defeat the Wall of Flesh before reaching the other side of the world will despawn, killing all players in the battle. The Wall of Flesh inflicts the Horrified debuff that will kill the player if you teleport or leave the area.

The Wall of Flesh will attack using the Tongue debuff where the boss will chase you with its tongue if you try and leave the Underworld. On reaching you, it will pull back to the Wall of Flesh.

The Wall of Flesh can be devastating at low health as its speed will continue to increase the lower its health gets. Therefore, I recommend you begin the fight as far out of range as possible. Movement speed items such as the Hermes Boots will help you. However, they will taper off as the Wall of Flesh will start to catch up at its highest speed.

Wall of Flesh Attacks

The Wall of Flesh has many different attacks that require different strategies to avoid, such as being capable of:

  • Firing lasers from its eyes that increase in damage and rate of fire the lower health it becomes.
  • Releasing leeches from its mouth that will pursue the player. The leeches will have a slight chance to drop a heart.
  • Stalk the player with appendages called the Hungry, which increase in damages and defense. Once destroyed, they will detach from the Wall of Flesh and fire at the player; luckily, they will always drop a Heart.

After defeating the Wall of Flesh, the following text will display on the screen “The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released.” Prompting that the game world has now advanced to hard mode, unlocking new bosses, loot, and a new biome called the Hallow.

Queen Slime

Queen Slime

Defeating Queen Slime will supply you with rare items that will make upcoming bosses more accessible. Such as the Crystal Assassin’s armor, a set with excellent stats and gives the player the ability to dash.

Queen Slime can only be spawned in the Hallow using a Gelatin Crystal, which can be found in the Hallow underground. While Queen Slime shares King Slime’s slam attack, she has many more abilities to watch out for, such as:

  • Dealing damage to Queen Slime will spawn extra slimes into the fight. Heavenly Slimes will lock on and fly to you, while Crystal Slimes will fire projectiles in the air. Bouncing Slimes will fire bouncing missiles at you.
  • Firing 6 Regal Gel that will bounce towards the player.

Once Queen Slime reaches 50% health, she will grow wings and attempt to inflict aerial stomping attacks on you. Along with an increase in the rate of Regal Gel attacks.


After defeating all three mechanical bosses, The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime, and the Twins. The upgraded hard-mode versions of the Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, and, Skeletron. Bulbs will spawn in the Underground Jungle; destroying any of the bulbs will spawn Plantera.

Plantera will engage you with various attacks, firing seeds, poison seeds, and Thorn Balls at you. However, Plantera will only fire poison seeds and Thorn Balls if its HP is below 80%. Plantera will also deal damage on contact. Totaling over 30,000 HP, Plantera is a formidable boss. Upon halving her HP, she will enter a new battle phase.

Trading defense for movement speed and attack rate, Plantera will also stop firing projectiles at you switching to growing mouths attached by tentacles. Although low in HP, they will deal damage on contact and defend Plantera. Luckily, they do not grow back when destroyed.


After defeating Plantera, you’ll gain access to the Empress of Light boss. However, it’s recommended that you challenge the Golem boss fight first as Golem drops valuable armor that is crucial for the Empress of Light fight.

You can spawn Golem in the Jungle Temple chamber in co-op. At least one player must have a Power Cell in their inventory when activating the Lihzhrd Altar. The Golem will spawn above the temple, commencing the boss battle. 

Like the Skeletron battle, Golem will detach his hands to attack the player. However, its main body cannot move through blocks. In the first phase of the fight, Golem will fire ricocheting fireballs at the player. Striking the hands will cause Golem to retract them.

Damaging the Golem’s head below half health will trigger Golem to begin firing lasers out of its eyes at the player. These lasers will travel through blocks, so they can only be damaged by moving out of the line of fire.

Once you have defeated its head, it will become invincible, and Golem’s body will become the next target. Make sure to destroy Golem’s hands before destroying the head as it will attack more rapidly with its hands.

Duke Fishron

Duke Fishron

Duke Fishron is spawned by fishing in the Ocean biome using a Truffle worm found in the Underground Mushroom biome. However, not an essential boss defeating Duke Fishron will drop rare and powerful gear. The Bubble Gun and Fishron wings will be helpful in the Empress of Light fight.

Duke Fishron will begin to attack the player with five lunges, followed by a ranged explosive attack. Fishron will fire bubbles that lock on the player and explode on contact. Fishron can alternatively fire five liquid bombs that turn into water tornados that can spawn Sharkrons.

Once Fishron’s HP is halved, it will increase its attacks and speed but lower its defense. Deal as much damage as you can when Fishron is stationary morphing to its enraged form.

  • Fishron will only attack with three lunges at a time but with a speed increase.
  • Bubbles will be fired as Fishron flies in loops.
  • One blob will now spawn and explode, creating a tornado double the size of phase one tornados, spawning even more Sharkrons.

Lowering Sharkron’s health below 15% will trigger phase 3. Fishron will solely attack the player with lunges. In this state, Fishron will now be able to teleport and will teleport behind the player. Fishron’s defense is lowered to 0, but Fishron will become invisible, only showing glowing eyes to indicate its location.

Empress of Light

Located in the Hallow, the Empress of Light spawns when killing a Prismatic Lacewing critter. The Lacewing can only be found in the Hallow spawning between 7:30 PM and 12:00 PM.

Only one Prismatic Lacewing can spawn at a time. You can capture the Lacewing in a net to then activate the boss later. Bear in mind that spawning the Empress of Light in the daytime will enrage her killing the player in one attack.

The Empress of Light will sequence through the melee and ranged attacks until reaching phase 2 of the battle. In phase 2, her attacks become faster with slight variation in pattern. The Empress of Light is the fastest boss in the game, making her hard to dodge. Therefore, bring items that give you the dash ability, such as Fishron Wings.

  • Build a large arena filled with platforms to make it easier to dodge her attacks.
  • Use weapons that deal damage from great range as you’ll want to keep as far away as possible from her.
  • Equipping the Fishron Wings will significantly improve your chances of dodging her attacks.

Moon Lord

Moon Lord

The Moon Lord can be spawned by killing the Lunar Cultist and destroying the four Celestial Pillars. In a similar Terraria fashion, you will have to destroy his hands and head before targeting its chest. Each body part has an eye that will periodically open and close; damage can only be dealt with in its open state.

With a diverse set of attacks, the Moon Lord is a tough battle. You will want to bring mobility items like Fishron Wings as these will significantly increase your chances of dodging its attacks. Before fighting the boss, you will also want to build a sky bridge and arena. Use platforms once again to give you more angles to escape.

Adding lines of horizontal blocks will help you dodge Moon Lord’s phantasmal Eyes as they will explode in contact with an obstruction or player. However, stay vigilant as alternate attacks travel through blocks such as Phantasmal Bolts and its Tentacle attack.

Consider building a small room with platforms as an entrance to drop down into. The platform ceiling/entrance will count as a room, allowing you to place the nurse NPC. The Nurse will give you an extra source of healing. You can get additional value out of your small base by adding a bed.

Taking out the Moon Lord’s head is your first target in the fight as this will eliminate the deadly Phantasmal Deathray attack. Remember that the Moon Lord’s eye can still damage you if it comes in contact even after being defeated.


Question: Can You Create Artificial Biomes in Terraria?

Answer: It is possible to create artificial biomes within a world in Terraria. You can do this by placing blocks of the corresponding biome next to each other. Remember that Crimson and Corruption spreads to blocks making it easier to create the biome. This also requires caution by implementing defensive structures such as trenches at the edges of biomes to stop this spread.

Question: How Long is an Hour in Terraria in Real-world Rime?

Answer: An hour in-game translates to 1 minute of real-world time; therefore, a full day in Terraria is 24 minutes. You can use this to see whether it’s too late in-game to challenge certain bosses. 

Question: Can You Play Local Multiplayer in Terraria?

Answer: A four-player split-screen can be played on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms. While two-player split-screen can be played on the Nintendo Switch, with one player using the docked mode. 


In conclusion, Terraria is a long game that will require a lot of communication between your party to be victorious. I hope this guide has helped in your multiplayer adventure. Completed Terraria and looking for more great 2D sandbox survival games to play with friends, then check out the 20 Best Games Like Terraria You’ll love in 2021.

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