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Gamer Guyde launched in …… to be a global leader in the gaming industry. Our mission is to empower our users by providing them with gaming content that ensures they have the best gaming experiences. Since its inception, Gamer Guyde has delivered immense value to its users. We offer users a robust platform, engaging game content, industry information, and unbiased gaming product reviews.

At Gamers Guyde, we provide users with the hottest gaming news. We strive to help gamers understand and use interactive gaming technology in a better way. Our team of professionals strives to help our audience make better decisions through our detailed reviews, high-quality gaming articles, videos on the gaming technologies that matter.

We hope to develop a unique Video game community by providing our visitors with compelling stories, including mind-and massive multiplayer environments that produce feelings of awe and wonder. Our retail market is evolving and we’re focused on the continual development of unique content dedicated to customer proposition through exclusives with supplier partners.


Our mission is to be one of the world’s leading platforms for gaming and to be a top provider of gaming entertainment information. We want to create an all-inclusive platform where gamers and developers would find unique information about the industry and different types of games. 

We endeavor to provide information to developers on how they can create memorable and fantastic fun-filled games that gamers across the globe would find engaging and delightful. We strive to empower our audience by providing them with reliable info on how to create, play and enjoy the world’s best gaming experiences.

We allow game enthusiasts to have fun and be inspired while also serving as a platform where developers can unleash their creativity, share their innovation and gain a bit more insights on how to improve upon their existing products to boost user’s experience. 

Our focus is on bringing improvement to the online gaming, video gaming, and mobile gaming industry through honest and unbiased reviews of games and gaming products. Our long-term purpose is to empower gamers globally to dramatically improve their gaming experience and to help developers create more value. We want to develop a happy community where the needs of both developers and gamers are met. 

Gaming brings enthusiasm and satisfaction to the lives of thousands of people daily. We want to further enhance that passion by bringing innovations that will serve as a source of inspiration for every gamer, help them to further enhance their experiences.

We put the gamer first because most of the members of our team are gamers. We love and play video games and this is what sets us apart.

For us, gaming is a way of life, and this is a bond that holds our team together. And our strength at gamers Guyde is this collaborative spirit! 


At Gamers Guyde, our global team of highly talented industry experts collaborates to offer a user-friendly platform that boosts inspiration, creativity, and fun. We want to commit to enriching the lives of gamers and enthusiasts with memorable gaming and entertainment experiences. 

While helping developers build fantastic gaming worlds and playgrounds for the imagination, we equally aim to help gamers found moments of surprise, fun, and adventure. Also, we hope that Gamers Guyde would provide users with learning opportunities required for self-discovery. 


Our vision is to be a leading gaming and entertainment blog with immense gaming value and outstanding experiences. We want to:

  • Become a leader in terms of quality of service and entertainment by developing talent and professional skills.
  • Drive the global gaming entertainment industry for player engagement and growth.


Our core values and end goals at Gamers Guyde are the key motivations for our business. We are successful because we made these values our daily watch-word. They are our success Mantra. Our values include:

  • Collaboration

At Gamers Guyde, we believe that collaborative participation is vital for success and growth. We, therefore, favor and uphold diverse professional and personal competence which ensures that we harness the best possible outcome from our team.

  • Trust and Respect

We act with a sense of responsibility and honesty and stick with all necessary legal principles essential for the smooth and efficient running of the business. Our unwavering commitment to serve our customers with respect earns us their trust and respect. 

  • Proactive operations

At gamers Guyde, we operate in a proactive, timely and rapid manner, guaranteeing effective and efficient solutions for our users.

Our courageous and passionate teams of gaming professionals are filled with enthusiasm to move the company forward. 

  • Reliability and accuracy

We are dedicated to providing our users with reliable, accurate and unbiased information about different types of games and gaming products.

  • Integrity

We aim to conduct our business with every amount of ethical responsibility. 

About the Team        

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals is always ready to provide you with both general information on the gaming industry and tailor-made game products and gaming solutions aimed at meeting your entertainment needs. Our commitment is to provide our online gaming community with relevant industry information they need in the face of the fast-paced and continuously evolving technology of the online gaming world. 

Because we value our clients, we are transparent in our business approach. Besides providing our users with premium content, we are committed to providing great customer relationships enhanced with a high standard of technology. We are determined to achieve our goals of providing users with content that adds value to their lives. 

Miah Schmahl

Miah is an avid video game, pop culture, and tech enthusiast. When she’s not writing articles about her favorite video games or tv shows, she spends her time working on her graduate degree, snuggling with her Newfoundland dog, playing the violin, and planning a hobby farm with her fiance.

Erin Jamieson

Erin Jamieson holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Miami University and divides her time freelance writing, working as a social media specialist, and as an Adjunct Professor of English at the University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash. In all her content, she’s passionate about research, connecting to consumers, and providing information in an engaging and accessible way.

Erin Jamieson grew up playing games with her cousins, and her love for the game remains today!

We are on a mission to touch every online gaming fan by helping them do more with their devices.

Happy Gaming!

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