How to Get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

Crafting items is a large part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and there are some key recipes that you’ll find yourself making use of. Log Stakes is one such recipe, and it can be very useful for designing your island. It’s also an item that is essential to make as part of the natural game progression.

But how exactly do you get them? This article covers everything you could possibly need to know, including how to acquire the materials, how to customize Log Stakes, and what Log Stakes can be used for.

Staking a Claim to Log Stakes

This is one of the simplest DIY recipes in Animal Crossing.

The recipe for Log Stakes is given to the player after being granted access to Workbenches by Tom Nook. You can craft them on any Workbench using 3x Wood. They are not available to buy and must be crafted by the player or gifted by another player.

How to Get Log Stakes

Log Stakes are one of the earliest items that you get access to in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Soon after you arrive on the island, Tom Nook will invite you to take a workshop that teaches you basic crafting skills.

You’ll be shown how to use the DIY Workbench in Resident Services, and he’ll talk you through the process of crafting items.

During this workshop, you’ll be granted access to a range of initial crafting recipes. They’ll be added straight to your NookPhone, and Log Stakes is one of those recipes.

You won’t see it pop up individually on the screen, as all the recipes are added in bulk. You don’t even have to go into your inventory to learn the recipe as it’s an automatic process.

You can find the DIY Workbench at the top left of Resident Services.

Now you’ll be able to find Log Stakes whenever you go into your crafting menu. You do this by interacting with any DIY Workbench.

There’s one in Resident Services as well as several Villager homes. However, I find it’s convenient to craft a Workbench of your own and put it near your house for ease of access. It can be found under the Housewares tab of the crafting menu as it’s considered a furniture item.

To craft Log Stakes, you’ll need to gather 3x Wood. This is easily accomplished, as Wood is one of the most plentiful supplies on your island.

You’ll need to hold some kind of axe (Flimsy Axe, Stone Axe, or Axe) and chop the trees that are scattered about your island. Then, simply hit trees until you’ve gathered the necessary materials. Once you have 3 pieces of Wood, you can go to a DIY Workbench and craft Log Stakes.

Any tree will produce wood (either Softwood, Hardwood, or Wood) when you hit it with any type of axe.

How to Customize Log Stakes

Although the default Log Stakes item comes in a regular tree-brown color of wood, this can be customized. There are 4 variants of Log Stakes, and these are:

  • Dark Wood – This is the default item, and looks exactly like logs chopped from a tree.
  • Orange Wood – This variant is a beautiful vibrant orange, which admittedly looks pretty unnatural. You couldn’t really imagine any trees being this bright of a shade, so they give the appearance of having been painted.
These are very pretty, albeit somewhat unnaturally bright.
  • White Wood – These are a light creamy color, and can offer some contrast with darker furniture items. They don’t appear painted, instead, they look as though they were simply harvested from a lighter tree.
  • White Birch – Where the ‘White Wood’ variant looks more like cream or beige, this one is much whiter. It really does look like a white birch tree was chopped down to make these, complete with the darker wooden patches around the outside.
I love the attention to detail with this design.

There are two ways of customizing the Log Stakes to choose one of the other variants. Firstly, you can take them to Cyrus on Harv’s Island.

He lives in the commune there, provided that you’ve unlocked him by paying 100,000 Bells to the Gyroid in front of his plot. It will cost you 1,000 Bells to customize these with Cyrus.

Alternatively, you can do it yourself using a Customization Kit. You can buy these from Nook’s Cranny for 600 Bells, so this method works out more cost-efficient than using Cyrus.

Go to a DIY Workbench with your Customization Kit, select Log Stakes from the customization menu (you’ll need to have them in your inventory), and you’ll be able to choose which variant you want to change it to.

How to Use Log Stakes

The Bridge Construction Kit cannot be customized, and will be made using plain Wood.

Log Stakes can serve as decorative items both inside and outside the house. Because you can change the color, they’re a great option for creating a natural vibe whilst still matching them to your island aesthetic. They’re also convenient to craft due to only requiring 3x Wood rather than more complicated materials.

Instead of purely serving as decoration, you may also like to use them to help organize your island. You can use them in place of fencing to create sectioned-off areas on your island. This can be especially convenient early on in the game, as you get access to Log Stakes before fencing is unlocked.

However, there’s only one occasion where Log Stakes are absolutely essential. During the main game storyline, you’ll be making several improvements on the island.

Eventually, Tom Nook will ask you to build a bridge. He’ll give you a DIY Recipe for a Bridge Construction Kit (an item you’ll only be able to craft once). To craft this, you’ll need 4x Log Stakes4x Clay, and 4x Stone.


Question: How many Log Stakes do you need to build a Bridge in Animal Crossing?

Answer: When you build your first Bridge in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll have to construct it yourself using a Bridge Construction Kit. You can craft this using 4x Log Stakes, 4x Clay, and 4x Stone. You can only craft this item once.

Question: How much do Log Stakes cost in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Log Stakes cannot be bought, and must instead be crafted by the player. However, you can sell them at Nook’s Cranny for 360 Bells.

Question: Do trees grow back in Animal Crossing?

Answer: No. If you chop down a tree, you will be left with a stump, and it will not regrow. Stumps can be cleared using the Shovel. Trees will be chopped down if you hit them 3 times with an Axe in a single day (this will not happen if you use the Flimsy Axe or the Stone Axe).

However, Wood is replenished every day, so you can use trees as a regular source of materials. Also, you can grow more trees by planting saplings.


You can craft as many as you like, provided you have the Wood. Why not produce a large bunch and use them to create clear sections on your island?

There you go! As you can see, Log Stakes are a vital part of getting started with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Thankfully, they’re also super simple to get hold of, and you’ll be crafting them in no time.

Hopefully, this guide has cleared up any confusion that you may have had surrounding them, and you’ll now feel ready to utilize Log Stakes to their full potential.

Happy crafting!

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