The 25 Best Games Like Long Dark – Our Top Picks!

If a video game cannot engage you intently, then you might lose focus on achieving the objective. The Long Dark developed by Hinterland Studios is such a game that can intrigue and satisfy your urge as you struggle to survive.

Survival games come in different ways and with different challenges. You could begin in a land of zombies, monsters, dinosaurs, and even fellow humans that are enemy soldiers but it is your ultimate challenge to survive eventually by employing various resources.

Long Dark offers you adventure, action, and survival in a world overrun by snow, frozen at all corners. This was due to a geomagnetic issue that caused its rapid change. You have to survive in the cold and face other challenges Nature offers you. The temperature is realistic, you can track your calorie count, and parasites could even infest the meat you hunt. Impulse is running, fear is certain, but these should not pull you down.

Your intellectual capability will have to be put to the test as you seek means of survival, amassing resources, constructing various items, sheltering your body, and feeding off the numerous animals you find. These animals comprise of birds, wolves, rabbits, bears, snakes, deer, etc. Water is not left out too as you will need it in excess.

Your health too will fail when you receive animal bites, and due to the weather so you must treat yourself by gathering medicinal plants, creating antibiotics, making and wearing thick clothing, and setting up fire to warm yourself.

The game is one of a kind is so intriguing but it’s not the only one in the market. You can as well experience other similar games if you desire this kind of feeling. That’s why we have listed 25 games like The Long Dark so that you can check them out.

Best Games Like The Long Dark: Our Top 25 picks

1. Stranded Deep

Beam Team Games published and developed this game as an exploration and survival game. It falls under the adventure genre and is a single-player game. Stranded Deep is about a survivor of a plane crash, who finds himself on the Pacific Ocean and has to endure the deep of the waters.

The game begins with you on a jet trip and suddenly, there is a malfunction which leads to the crash. You end up in the ocean and make your way to an island where you have to survive. There are several creatures that reside in the water and are ready to devour you when you make any mistake. However, you can scavenge for weapons, find supplies, and build shelters on the island to help you survive.

The weather varies between day and night as you progress in the game and with every coming day, there are new challenges to face and resources to gather. You will need to take care of your hunger, blood supply, and thirst as you face several problems when hunting sharks and fishes for food.

The experiences of real-life on the island will accost you in the forms of sunburn, dehydration, hunger, and weakness. Still, the giant squids, poisonous fishes, sharks, and snakes will show you no mercy as they aim to feed off your remaining strength. That is why you have to stray strong, fight, feed well, and surmount above the challenges.

2. Green Hell

green hell game

Totally opposite to the kind of environment you will find in The Long Dark, this game launches you into the tropical region of the Amazon rainforest. You are left to survive with your skills and show how resilient you can be in enduring the biting mosquitoes. The jungle will open up all its dangers to you and it’s up to you to overcome them.

Green Hell begins with you and your wife undertaking a journey to settle a treaty with the Waraha tribe. You arrive in the jungle and set camp for the night. However, when you wake up the next morning, you can’t find your wife and her voice pops up on the radio in a distress cry.

Immediately, you take your equipment, gear up, and go on the search for her. The natives of the tribes are hostile and are out for your head. So, it is your job to elude them, defeat those you encounter, fend off the petrifying animals and find your wife in broad and expansive rainforest.

3. Don’t Starve Together

don't starve together

In the world of Don’t Starve Together, you are man alone and must survive in this Action and Adventure game. Just like its predecessor, Don’t Starve which was designed for multiple players, you will experience new challenges, characters, creatures, seasons, biomes, and several other features.

The name of your character is Wilson too and you have to survive by constructing various structures with materials you scavenge and gathering resources to aid in your living. The internet feature also lets you interact with other players online, choose friends and enemies, and know who you have to fend off your property.

The gameplay is addictive, game mechanics are enhanced, visual is satisfying and your avatar is waiting. It’s your option now to take your place and survive.

4. The Forest

the forest


Do you love a combination of the horror, action, and adventure genre? Then The Forest is a suitable game for you. It is a game that leads you on the path of exploration with a captivating storyline where you have to survive the challenges.

The game begins with you playing as a father who is on a plane journey with his son. As a result of some circumstances, your plane crashes on an unknown island and you wake up moments later to see naked mutant kidnaps your son right in your presence.

That is where you take up the challenge of finding your son despite the creatures lying and waiting for you. Cannibals will stalk and hunt you especially at night when darkness can aid them in doing their desires.

You will need to set traps to keep them off and hunt animals, arm yourself with sharp weapons, construct a shelter for yourself, gather medicine and food, farm, and yet get yourself ready for fights. Hence, it is your objective to survive and find your son.

5. Don’t Starve

don't starve together

Klei Entertainment developed this Action-Adventure game where a scientist known as Wilson wakes in a scary and dark environment. Several supernatural beings will team up to defeat him but it is your task to man him and avoid them. You need to gain mental stability at all times by feeding and being healthy if you wish to survive.

There are also various periods in the gameplay that you will encounter Maxwell who is the game antagonist and you have to defeat him. Earn experience points and upgrade yourself through various features like TouchStone, life-giving amulet, Meat Effigy, etc. In this brilliant and interesting game, you will remain glues tom your seat as you experience an immersive visual and gameplay.

6. Subnautica


Subnautica tells of a character that is flung into the ocean when his spaceship malfunctioned and exploded in the sky. The pod you awake in is your saving grace as your resources are almost extinguished and your crew is no more. Worst of the scenario, the ocean is lying on a foreign planet where strange creatures are swimming about and hungry for your blood.

Hence, you have to face this fate that your life revolves around the ocean now as you seek for the reason behind the gradual extinction of the planet and earlier inhabitants of the planet. You can construct a base in the water, evade the terrifying Leviathan, protect yourself while you dive into the deep, and survive the crazy life of the marine.

7. Raft


At the ocean’s mercy, you begin on a little piece of wood, drifting over the ocean. You can’t even remember how you got there. It is a really fun game where you have your meals by catching fishes from the ocean, cooking them, boiling your drinking water so that you do not fall sick, and still do all you need to do just upon your raft.

You have no limit in your building abilities and must fend off the sharks which will attack your raft at several points. To do this, you will retrieve wood parts from the ocean, employ spears to fight them and ensure your raft is in good condition till the game ends by repairing it after damage. Your health, hydration, and hunger level are key features you must pay attention to, but once your raft is split down to the last piece, you have lost the game.

8. Rust


Rust is a survival game developed by Facepunch Studios. The game combines the action, adventure, and horror genres in one fascinating multiplayer platform where you simply survive by building various items, exploring the inhospitable environment, and scavenging for medicine, weapons, water, loot, shelter, and food.

You arrive in the midst of other players in this online game and use your thinking to help yourself survive. Your feeding is paramount, water is necessary and your safety is the key to your living. There are various creatures you will encounter and you must defeat them to live and be the hero of this wonderful game, stuffed with intriguing visuals and mechanics.

9. Breathedge


In Breathedge, you will experience both comedy and space living as you undergo an adventure in a stellar world. It commences where you wake up before a robot mobster that interrogates you for a crime you have no idea of. Flashbacks and storytelling will unravel, giving you a view of what had occurred.

After that, you gain the freedom to venture into space together with your sidekick of chicken origin. The land is vast, you have no gear or ship and there is terror everywhere. Still, you would feel the humor as your sidekick remains loyal by your side at all times.

10. Metro Exodus

The beauty of the visual in Metro Exodus is a big reason gamers love and enjoy this game. It is a survival game just like The Long Dark and can give you that desire you’ve had for such games.

Your character in the game is known as Artyom and he wishes to escape from the Moscow Metro system. His mission is to establish the fact that there are still humans out there that the violent life has not yet taken a toll on.

This is why you have to man him and embark on this journey through the wasteland to discover the train known as Aurora. It is a locomotive train and is capable of transporting you into a better life.

For you to survive in Metro Exodus, you have to gather parts to form weapons that you will need in fighting enemies. It is your duty to establish that there is still hope by discovering the Promised Land though you will experience the cold of the weather and rampant attacks from mutant beings.

11. No Man’s Sky

no mans sky

No Man’s Sky offers you a universe without limits in a multiplayer space game. It is your choice to begin the game with the story mode or play alongside other players as a team.

However, your mission is to find out all you can about this space that is now your home, be famous among the alien races, learn alien languages, discover extraordinary creatures, and identify and record various elements and planets.

You can as well choose to accept planetary locals as friends or foes though not all will want to be friends when you encroach on their territory. They will rise up in battle against you and you will have to survive by defeating them and showing you are the best.

12. Far Cry: Primal

farcry primal

Far Cry is a very popular game in the action genre and across all the gaming platforms right from Java. However, Primal launches into the adventure genre where you are in the prehistoric era and have to be the master of beasts. You must crush your enemies, acquire animals, and rule the prehistoric era.

It talks of Takkar who becomes your character. He and his pack go hunting a mammoth and get ambushed in the process as they are all extinguished while he lives. He journeys back to his Wenja tribe in Oros where a mystifying shaman tells him that his destiny is to become the Beast Master.

He receives an animal control power which he uses to challenge and conquer the foes trying to subdue his tribe. As Takkar, all beasts will bow to your power and control.

Whether they are wolves, bears, or saber-tooth tigers, you can employ them to do your bidding. Additionally, you will have to build weapons right from the beginning, retrieve Oros from the enemy, and establish peace all over the land.

13. 7 Days to Die

7 ways to die

Can you prepare to face death in seven days? Will you have all it takes to keep him off forever? 7 Days to die will give you an answer as you find yourself in a fast-paced game where you race against the clock with all the anxiousness to gear up before the time elapses. It is a multiplayer game and you must scavenge resources to craft weapons and construct your base before death comes knocking.

When the seven days elapses, nightfall comes and the dead zombies will surely come with it to seek your life. You will have to conceal yourself, battle, and run if you wish to survive. However, it is your 7 days preparation that can tell if you will live or die.

14. Neo Scavenger

neo scavenger

Just like other survival games, Neo Scavenger launches you into a battle for survival by feeding yourself, drinking water, and crafting weapons. You are in a Wasteland and it’s up to you to survive. It has realistic features and very captivating visuals that can keep you playing for several hours. Take up your challenge and scavenge this enormous mass of Wasteland.

15. Darkwood


Darkwood is a survival game that offers you action, adventure, and horror experience while you charge through incredible gameplay. You were abandoned in a heartless world where you don’t know how you arrived and must discover the unknown secrets of Darkwood.

For your survival, you will need to create weapons, set traps to acquire food or kill enemies, learn several skills, kill enemy natives, do business and ensure you are safe from the evil creatures, waiting for you at every dark corner.

16. Sir, You Are Being Hunted

sir you are being hunted

Developed by Big Robot Games, this fascinating game places you in a world filled with tight security and enemy soldiers in the form of Hunters (Robots dressed as Victorian Gentleman) who are out for your hide. It is a thrilling game that can engage you for hours with the unique gameplay and graphics which looks similar to reality. The storyline is great too and you can surely never feel bored.

These Robots are after you with the intent of capturing and killing you but you must evade them and escape from the island. You will find several interesting items that could aid you in escaping if you plan well though the enemies you will encounter along the way are super-tough.

They also have sentries, balloons, and dogs that assist them in hunting you and prevent you from entering some restricted areas. These robots are smart and can lure you with their special tactics so before you do anything, ensure it is safe and won’t cause in your capture.

17. FarSky

far sky

Your name is Nathan and you must discover the missing parts of your collapsed submarine fix it and get out of the sea. Can you do that?

FarSky has an interesting storyline of a man who was lost as seas as a result of a collapsed submarine. It has to split to several bits and he is out in the water trying to retrieve those pieces. Your familiarity with the aquatic environment is necessary if not; you might not survive the numerous sea creatures.

There are several materials you will find in the water to build tools and equipment, construct a base, craft weapons, and build an oxygen storage unit. When sea creatures attack you, fend them off with your weapons and when you are hungry, hunt as much as you can.

With a beautiful aquatic display, interactive, and incredible sea creatures, you will never long to leave the base of the water as you experience underwater technology at a good view.

18. How to Survive

how to survive

This game by EKO Software is a game that will surely teach you how to survive when on an unknown island. 505 Games published this game for single-player and multiplayer too. It is horrific, actionable, and gives you the role of a man trying to survive from an island to another through several missions awaiting him.

It has the Story and Challenge modes which can be played by two players and begins with the player on a side of the island. He has to struggle by gathering materials and forming weapons so that he could reach the other side of the island where a vehicle is waiting to take him away.

Among the three survivors with varying abilities and skills, you must choose whether to make it in time to the other side or give up along the way.

19. Swamp People

swamp people

One of the top games for the iOS platform is Swamp People which was developed by A&E Television Networks Mobile. The game is a single-player and puts you in survival terrain where you must show your value by surviving the cruel landscape.

It launches you into the deep region of Louisiana where there is a very old swamp. Probably the oldest in entire America! The humans there are trying to control the forces of nature and you will partake in hunting down crocodiles which is a dangerous action.

At the start of the game, you select your character and customize him as you so wish. Every task will require you to get the necessary boat and weapons so that you can scale them easily as you journey through the storyline. With every game progress, you will unlock more game content though you can compete with other players from all over the world to top in the global leaderboards.

20. Survive the Nights

survive the nights

Survive the Nights is a first-person survival game where you have to deal with exploring and survival in an open world environment. The environment has numerous Fortifiable structures, Dynamic Seasons, Large Road System, Farmland, Campgrounds, Electrical System, Night Cycle, and Rivers.

It was developed and published by a2z interactive and has a lot to do with your creative skills, strategizing teamwork, and reinforcement. You are the protagonist of the game and can roam freely throughout the environment or choose to remain in the building and secure it as best as possible.

You should expect zombie attacks at night in this massive island and despite the fact that you can fortify the numerous forty buildings; the zombies can still find their way in. This is why you have to team up properly and fend them off with various weapons.

21. Tattletail


In this game developed by Waygetter Electronics and published by Little Flag Software, LLC, you have to play as Single-player and survive the horror you will experience. Tattletail is about a Baby Talking Tattletail that is the virtual pet toy that you must cater to while evading the Mama Tattletail which precedes it.

The duration of the game is from the 20th to the 25th of December in 1998 and explains how you wake up on the morning of 20th and discover the toy which is in a gift box among your other gifts. You play with it for a while and return to bed after setting it in its place. You wake up the next morning to find it in the tumble dryer and can’t understand how it got there.

Finally, you discover the contents of an old nursery within your basement which unravels to you the mysteries of the toy. With this horrific experience in mind, you have to accept the various options before you; Joke Ending, Good Ending, and Bad Ending.

22. Shattered Skies

shattered skies

The battle against aliens has begun and several players are teaming up. Do you have the courage to join them and keep the aliens away from our earth?

Shattered Skies propels you into the world where the moon was destroyed after a comet hit the earth and ended civilization. However, you are part of the 100 man survival team who is out to survive the quake by gathering food, water, weapons, and other necessities of life.

It was developed and published by Free Reign Entertainment and lets you also access other features like Building Fortifications, Hunger System, Open World PvP, Player Groups, Crafting, etc.

23. Alone in the Dark: Illumination


Alone in the Dark is a Third-person illumination Shooter video game that supports both the Single-player and Multiple-player modes. It was created by Pure FPS and the publisher is the Atari for Microsoft Windows. This game is the sixth series of Survival Horror games represented with the same name. It is the first episode of the game to be played cooperatively and online.

It provides gamers with a four- featured co-operative gaming experience. The four different gaming characters of this game collaborate to unravel the mystery in the action-horror scenery. Some of the characters of the game have firearm weapons while the rest can utilize magical powers.

While playing the game, you will advance through different levels using a tactical process developed features like tamper-proof doors, adversary locations, and so on to seek refuge and safety vault at the peak of the level.

All through the game’s duration, you’ll be facing combat with your enemies utilizing weapons and producing sources of light to conquer them. The 4 playable characters in the game are Theodore Carnby, Celeste, Gabriella Saunders, and Father Henry Giger.

24. Fable: The Lost Chapters

fable the lost chapters

This game is an Action Role-playing, Third-person Adventure game. It is an Open World and Dark-Virtual world Single-player video game developed by Lionhead Studios. The game environment includes the awe-inspiring imaginary world adventurous game. Every action you take is an indication of your skills, repute, and look.

You must generate your preferred exclusive story from the beginning of the game to when it ends. You can decide to follow an evil path or play as a virtuous person. You can take up a protagonist role by adapting it with multiple accessories, selecting your route, and beginning your voyage.

You can access numerous types of challenging quests and for you to be more reputable, you must complete these quests. You can choose any type of weapon you want to engage in combat with your adversaries and win them if you want to earn points and let loose additional content of the game.

You can relate with NPCs, and travel around in the open environment utilizing third-person outlook. Fable: The Lost Chapters provide outstanding features like Real-time battle, Create your Legend, travel round the Evolving World, Altering Weather Situation, Deformable Environs, and other features. This game is one of the best Role-playing games of the same genre.

25. The Survivor: Rusty Forest

the survivor

The Survivor: Rusty Forest is an Action, Horror-Survival game. The player assumes the role in a first-person Standpoint. This Single-player video game was created by Starship Studio and can be accessed on the go using mobile devices. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You will be playing in a stunning fantasy world. The story involves a mysterious virus that is destroying the majority of the world’s population.

The virus converted humans into creatures that look like zombie. You managed to survive with a few others and would start to battle to maintain your life with the remnants of resources you have. You can play as a protagonist, who survives and whose main objective is to continue to live for as long as you can in an unfriendly and reprehensible environment.

You can game using the first-person outlook, relate with the environment to obtain raw materials you need for building weapons, defenses, pieces of equipment, houses, and so on, etc.

You’ll experience hunger, starvation, dehydration, pollution, and cold. You will struggle to overcome all these to advance in the game. It comes with a lot of interesting features that will keep you intrigued. You can check it out to experience the fun of it.


Is the long dark a good game?

Long dark is a great survival game with realistic gameplay. While it is in-depth, it is fierce and movingly impressive. It is not suitable though for weak-minded.

Is the long dark realistic?

Long dark is a realistic game. You will discover it as soon as you start to play the game. However, it differs slightly from other types of survival games. You must work hard to immediately solve the problem that you encounter as a minor bite from an irritable wolf can result in more severe issues if you don’t manage them in real-time.

Will the long dark have a multiplayer mode?

The primary design of Long Dark is to serve as a single-player game. There is presently no pan from the producers to convert it into multiplayer mode.


There you have it! Our top picks of best games like the long dark. While the list is not exhaustive, it offers you good games like long dark that will equally satisfy your urge. We hope you enjoy and have fun gaming around with these.

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