The 25 Best Games Like Prison Architect That You’ll Love!

Prison Architect like other sim management games is empowering. It is a prison building and management reproduction game created by Introversion Software, and published by Paradox Interactive. In 2016, the game received the BAFTA game award for the most Indomitable Game. The game is available on multiple platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC (Steam) and even as an app on IOS and Android mobile devices and tablets such as an Ipad.

While playing the game of Prison Architect, you take the role of a tycoon in charge of the construction and the management of a great security prison. You’ll build different types of rooms, look after prisoners, and maintain your warden and workers’ tickets. Also, the game integrates life to different characters with individual traits, problems, and more.

It is a single-player game that concentrates on the construction of the prison, designing objects, and sandbox components. It provides the top-down outlook and designates a mission to the gamer to create and manage a sequestered prison.

As a gamer, your task includes handling multiple aspects of prison management and this can include things like hiring workers, warders, guards, cleaners, and so on. You will equally engage in the repair and refurbishment of facilities while at the same time managing utilities other aspects of the prison’s life.

As you progress in the game and move from level to level, you will unlock different features, but you must meet the requirements of the respective levels. The game draws inspiration from the Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, and Theme Hospital.

The different levels of the game come with diverse objectives. You must earn money by finishing their respective tasks. You can invest the funds in a strategic manner to make a substantial amount of gain.

You’ll have a huge role that will see you manage prisoner morale, manage those in solitary confinement, decide if you’ll be managing maximum security prisoners or more chill felons. Plus, you’ll be the person that is solely responsible for the overall prison design.

It comes with two types of modes. These are ‘Story Mode’ which acts as your typical campaign mode, and Escape mode. The game integrates plenty of stimulating features like various Levels, Perplexing roles, Prisons, Construction elements, building fresh Units, and so on.

With fantastic gameplay, appealing graphics, and stimulating soundtracks, Prison Architect is an interesting and fun-filled game. In general, Prison Architect is an addiction-prone and challenging game that requires micro-managing many facets of prison life, while making you feel less over-the-head.

It equally comes with excellent performance and runs smoothly on multiple platforms, namely: PCs, mobile devices, PS4, and Xbox One.

If you enjoyed the game of prison Architect and desire to have more fun with similar games, we have provided you with our list of the best 25 games like Prison Architect you can play. Keen to see what we have on our list. Don’t go away, let’s begin:

Best games like Prison Architect: Our top 25 picks

1. Dungeon Keeper


This game was first launched in 1997 and is known for its humor in the dark world. It launches you into a world where you must battle different heroes and defeat them to gain control of your dungeon. With every victory and progress in gaining lands, the former green land of the world begins to transform into a black color depicting that your influence has corrupted the land.

Various game characters will assist you along the way in this quest. These include the Imps players which claim buildings on your behalf and draw more creatures to your side, Warlocks that are powerful in spell casting, Demon Spawn, and Orc that is tough in the art of fighting, and even the Flies and Beetles that are not too useful.

As your men now, you can make them work dedicated to working by slapping them, and still, you could drop them at required places.

2. Evil Genius

evil genius

The combination of real age strategy game, players’ responsibility, management, and simulation is what makeup Evil Genius. You have a lair which your must guard while competing to dominate the world country after country.

Evil Genius was released in 2004 and has similar kinds of fans like the Dungeon Keeper series which was released some years before it. With growing technology and age, the game has some limitations as it cannot beat some newer games in comparison with overall gameplay and graphics.

This is an excellent game set in the 1960s or 1970s and presents entertaining, warm and exciting gameplay. Players can choose their evil genius and related henchmen from various characters at the beginning though along the way, you can unlock some extras.

You will build the definitive island fortress, launch your followers into the earth on covert missions, attempt to elude the justice forces of every particular country, gather blueprints from around the world, steal the required parts to build a doomsday device and control the world.

3. Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition – 2018

project highrise architect

You are a developer and an architect with the responsibility of building renowned skyscrapers that everyone in the city would grow envious of. However, a skyscraper has more to speak of then just glass and steel. It is an obscure ecosystem that holds numerous people that work and reside in the building.

Experience an intricate and profound modern skyscraper simulation; create lustrous business towers for business tycoons looking for a suitable workplace in the city center. Build apartment blocks for those searching for a home close to the skies and ensure the businessmen, tourists, and travelers who visit your towering hotels are happy.

Host occasions in gigantic conference centers and prominent concert halls, and attract visitors with appealing eateries and fashionable shops as they fill your shopping malls. Hence, Project Highrise gives you 29 various scenarios where you can face these challenges and prove your capability in numerous difficulty levels.

4. School Tycoon

school tycoon

In cooperation with the publishers Global Star Software, Cat Daddy Games were able to create this Business Simulator where you play as a single-player, construct, manage and build schools in a city. It lets you employ numerous décor items, resources, accessories, and building materials for building our schools.

Before the gameplay, you can check out the game tutorial level which shows you the game workings. Afterward, you jump into the game with only little resources that grow as you progress in your gameplay and experience.

5. Punch Club -2016

punch club

You are left to choose whether you will ascend the ranks legally or you desire to follow the shady path in this boxing game. It gives you the ability as a tycoon to manage boxers as you find your father killer and discover new things about yourself. Punch Club has fascinating skill trees and an intriguing storyline that will keep you at the edge of your chair throughout.

6. Theme Park World

theme park world game

Bullfrog Productions alongside the famous Electronic Arts developed and published this excellent game respectively intending to launch you into a world where you manage a park in this Single-player simulation.

At first, you build a park and install several features like pools, attractive pet shops, roller coasters, and restaurants, etc. as your business grows. You can select the name for your park, gate fee, food quality of the restaurant, and other enjoyable and engaging facts to make your park more alluring.

7. Railway Empire: The Great Lakes – 2018

railway empire

In Railway Empire, you will make a sophisticated and extensive rail network, procure over 40 trains with varying models and amazing details, and purchase or construct tourist attractions, maintenance buildings, railway stations, and industrial units to ensure you are the lead travel network.

It is also necessary; you employ and run an efficient workforce so that your train service can stand out, even as you are developing technologies like mechanical upgrades for the trains, office equipment, and superior facilities.

8. Academia: School Simulator


Just like Prison Architect which has similar creators, you are in the position to construct, design, and manage schools as you desire. You have to head schools and check low grades, bullying, staff issues, and teachers’ matters and concerns. With game progress, you will encounter newer activities like faculty expansion, spelling bees, etc. Though the gameplay is easygoing and innate, the game is deep and very perfect for those who love such games.

9.  Another Brick in the Mall


Another Brick in the Mall is a very interesting game where your responsibility entails, designing, building, and managing a building that should turn out finally as a large shopping building. It is similar to Prison Architect for PC and lets you build and oversee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and much more. The major objective is to ensure your customers are content as you struggle to be the finest mall among your competitors. Additionally, you need to look at staff happiness levels and salaries, accounting sectors and other important factors to make you achieve your dream.

10. Startup Company

startup company

Have you wished to be the CEO of your own company? In this SIM management game, you can possess a Startup Company and hold contract negotiations with clients, employ capable employees, and also produce pristine products to toughen your brand. You should also aim at drawing public interests by promoting your company with hypes but in a very meticulous way.

11. Game Corp DX

game corp

Game Corp DX is a game-making game where you own a studio where you can design games, make profits, and garner numerous fans. At first, the game was just a free flash game, but later had improvements in the features, optimization, and graphics. You can employ top quality staff that will aid you in achieving your dream of producing the most-rated game to rise above your competitors.

12. Roller Coaster Tycoon


Roller Coaster Tycoon is a beautiful work of Chris Sawyer Production where the core feature is a single-player mode and manage parks. It features a thrilling and exciting gameplay but still scary as you have to construct rides that could keep your visitors in fright throughout their ride. You can as well earn money by building big attractions that would keep the customers flowing in.

It is published by Atari and the primary game in the Roller Coaster Tycoon series for PC.

13. Wildlife Park 2

wild life park 2

In this captivating game developed and published by B-alive GmBH, you play as a single-player and take on the business challenge where you have to manage a zoo. There are numerous animals, accessories, and items you can choose from to build and design your zoo and park.

You should perfect the environment with trees and plant species, hire staff, ensure proper feeding of the animals, preserve their health, and aid them to grow into a cheerful family with more offspring. If you are an animal lover, then this game is for you and you can access it on the PC platform.

14. Transport Tycoon and Airport Tycoon 3

airport tycoon

Created by Chris Sawyer and published by MicroProse, Transport Tycoon will addict you in a good way as you experience an intelligent strategy and take on businesses. It is a Single-player game that you can access on the iOS or Android platforms.

As an entrepreneur in this decisive game, your duty entails building routes and roads as you establish a transport empire. You will encounter competitions with other companies but you should stand strong and get numerous profits when you transport passengers and goods by air, road, and sea.

Airport Tycoon 3

The popular game developers developed this interesting game in collaboration with the Global Star Software publisher. You have to strategize, employ tactics, manage, and construct buildings to achieve the goal of the game.

At the start of the game, you own an empty land mass where you can construct your airport, restaurants, terminals, stores, and runways so that your business can function properly. You have to ensure your customers are always cheerful so you’re your business can grow further.

15. Game Dev Tycoon

game dev tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon is a Business Simulation, Single-player, Strategy game developed and published by Greenheart Games. The game has addictive gameplay and offers the player to start his video game development company in the 80s. Create the best games and sell them to earn money.

Research new technologies and discover new game types. Become the game tycoon and gain fans from all around the world. In the beginning, you start your career from a small office with primary objectives like gain experience, unlock additional options, and create your game engine.

16. Theme Hospital

theme hospital

Theme Hospital is a Construction and Management, Single and Multiplayer Business Simulation created by Bullfrog Production and published by Electronic Arts. The game lets the player get into the game world where he must design and build his private hospital.

The player must decorate his hospital, provide all facilities, equipped with advanced machines, keep his hospital neat and clean, and cure their patients. The player must create an environment to attract more patients with comical diseases, heal them to make them healthy.

17. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

rollercoaster tycoon 3

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 mixes the elements of Construction and Management and Business Simulation developed by Frontier Developments. It supports Single-player mode and lets the player get into the role of the manager of an amusement park. It serves as the third entry in the series of RollerCoaster Tycoon and introduces new terrains, rides, and modes.

It has two different modes, such as Career and Sandbox. In Career mode, the player has to complete a set of objectives in different scenarios while in sandbox mode, the player has unlimited money and time to create his custom parks. The main task includes the building of rides and the creation of multiple types of shops.

18. Rail Nation

rail nation game

Rail Nation is a Massively Multiple Players Online, Tactical, and Business Simulative game produced by Travian Games GmbH. The company is equally the publisher. It provides games the opportunity to develop their exclusive railroad empire in a fresh railway land. You can develop your strategy, and build your kingdom; acquire innovative trains with cutting-edge trains and make plenty of money.

It consists of six different eras and each of these comes with new goods, trains you can’t unlock, different modes of upgrade, and exploration type. In the game, your ultimate task is to create your empire and expand it step by step.

Explore the environment, research modern engines, and build your transport routes. Bring new and exciting goods in your city, keep upgrading your building, stations, and invite your friend to assist you in creating a contemporary city.

19. Car Town Streets

car town streets

Car Town Streets is an open 3D Construction, Single/ Multiple-player video simulation. It is a mobile-only game and can be accessed on the iOS and Android platforms. The gaming environment involves the world of fanciful cars.

Your main objective while playing the game is to develop your town with various types of houses and refurbish them to their earlier state when the vehicle was reigning in the city. It comes with a large collection of cars, allowing you to select your most preferred car to customize its different types of accessories and parts.



IAMFAM is an addiction-prone, simulated gaming world that you can access through your browser. It is a fantasy, and Real-life Simulation created by HitPoint Inc who is equally the publisher.

The game allows you to generate a virtual family, look after them, help them to realize their dreams, and manage your home. You can utilize the virtual game to develop your dream home, adorn it the way you want, and furnish it with many home appliances, and pieces of furniture.

You can provide the members of your family with custom-made stylish clothes. You can search for a date, get married, and start to build a family with your spouse. Look for suitable employment to better the lives of your family and children.

You can equally acquire a pet, look after it, and go for a walk with the pet. The game allows you to communicate with other players. You can equally engage in competition with them and play small games like Match-3 and Hidden Object.

21. Capitalism II

capitalism 2

Capitalism II is a remarkable, tactical, Single, and Multiple-player Business virtual world game created by Enlight. The game publisher is Ubisoft. It allows you to play as a mayor whose key objective is to develop and manage your business territory.

Capitalism II features all business aspects essential in the virtual game world which includes advertisements, importation, production processes, buying and selling, and retail shops.

You can develop your city, engage in factories, shops, or housing construction. You can rent your houses, engage in trades, or in product manufacturing to earn a living.

22. OpenTTD


OpenTTD is an open, tactical, Business fantasy-world, Single, and Multiple-player game created by OpenTTD Group. It comes with exhilarating gameplay, which allows you to take roles that includes road construction, building airports, and train stations. The game makes money from the air, rail, and road passengers.

You can equally choose to adorn your houses the way you want. Your task equally includes the provision of the best passenger facilities to build trust, gain more customers, and improve your earnings.

23. SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon

sea world adventure parks

The SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon is a Business virtual-world and Single-player video game that you can access from Windows PCs. You can take up the task of a manager, who is responsible for managing the sea parks. The game comes in two modes. These are the Sandbox mode and Single-player mode.

The gamer needs to finish up the chosen task in the virtual park before he can progress to the level where he can start to earn money. While playing in the Sandbox mode, you can develop buildings, edifices, and rides.

24. Flower Ville

flower ville

Flower Ville is a Fantasy World, Business Model, and Administration video game that is only accessible on the Facebook platform. You decide the character you want to play and your main target is to develop your dream flower garden and run a flower shop to make money.

You can select a collection of different beautiful flowers you want to grow. When they mature, you want to harvest them to stock up your flower shop. Your reputation will grow when you have repeat customers. You can earn your income by selling what you produce, buy more materials like seeds and gardening tools.

25. Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2

zoo tycoon

Zoo Tycoon is an addiction-prone, fantasy-world Business, Single/ Multiple-player game developed by Frontier Developments. The publisher of the game is Microsoft Studios. The game is only accessible on the Xbox platform.

It features three modes and these include the Traditional Mode, the Challenge Mode, and Freeform Mode. The game allows you to manage a zoo with multiple types of animals. You can adorn it to entice additional visitors and boost your earnings.

Zoo Tycoon 2 is a Delightful, Exploration, Construction game that you can access through your browser. It is a single-player Business virtual reality game developed by Blue Fang Games. Just like the primary version, the Zoo Tycoon, the game is published by Microsoft Studios. It is the second in series of the popular Zoo Tycoon game series.

Your key role as you play the game is to develop and manage a zoo, entertain visitors, look after the animals, and make them happy while allowing the visitors to have fun. Your task equally includes managing your employees and ensuring they love their work with you.

In the end, you aim to become a zoo tycoon. You can decide on the type of zoo you want to build, the animals you want to include and the size of the zoo given your available space.

Honorable mentions:

  • Sim City
  • Tropico
  • Animal Crossing
  • Rimworld
  • FTL: Faster Than Light


How can make extra money in Prison Architect?

The first thing you need to do is to begin to receive grants. You can begin with the Basic Detention center. The reason is you can get a functional prison as soon as you complete it. Also, it will help you to unlock additional grants. You can also gain a little cash bonus if you start to take in prisoners.
As you progress to the mid-point of the game and in the long run, your income source will come from workshops and liberated inmates who are no more offenders. You can equally make some money by opening and running a prisoner’s shop. However, it’s more beneficial if you want a means to minimize the needs of your prisoners.
You can also adjust your manner of operating the prison to save some funds. For instance, you can lower costs if you employ prisoners to work in your kitchens and to assist in cleaning up. You can also merely edit the save file and search for the term “Balance”.

How can I wipe off the contents of my storeroom?

If you love to eliminate the furniture in their room, you can utilize the ‘Clear Indoor Area’ device situated beneath the resources ticket which will dump the materials in the room. This is particularly valuable for eliminating the storage room anytime it’s filled up.
Nevertheless, you need to be cautious when utilizing the apparatus as it as well as reducing the zoning of the room and demolishes walls.

How do I identify tunnels?

Anytime a dog moves across a tunnel, it will halt and begin to scratch the ground. After that, it will start to growl. The handler will help you to identify the spot through a yellow flag marking.
You can encounter falsified positives; however, if you observe some flags, you can look for nearby toilets, because it is always the starting point for the tunnels.
Searching toilets during a shakedown or cell block search only has a small chance of uncovering tunnels, but specifically searching a toilet manually or dismantling it is guaranteed to find the tunnel.

What is Maximum Security Prison in Prison Architect?

Prisonsers in the Maximum Security Prison have longer sentences than usual that sometimes last beyond the average life expetancy of a human being.

Does Prison Architext have any DLC content?

Yes, Prison Architect has tonnes of DLC content. Here is a quick list of all the DLC you can buy to extend your fun with this prison design masterclass:

– Second chances
– Cleared for transfer
– Psych Ward
– Going Green
– All Day, All Night
– Island Bound



With several game genres from different developers, you would surely wonder which game among the list to select. Picking out a suitable game should not be an issue with the game overview we have provided in this guide.

You can start by focusing on choosing and enjoying the different games on this list of the best 25 games like prison architect different times. They are all cool games with nice features, grab them, sit tight, and enjoy your game.

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