The 25 Best Games Like Subnautica

Subnautica is a 2018 creation of the Unknown Worlds Entertainment. It is an open-world survival exploratory game that comes with a simple basic premise while offering you a great amount of challenge including constructing cutting-edge bases, resolving an alien mystery while you search for how to return to the surface.

The game only has a minimal deviation from the general survival games. A beam weapon hit your ship known as Aurora and got crashed as you travel on an alien ocean world. Your aim is to travel around the world, find a way to fix your ship, and manage to survive.

Contrary to other survival games, the geography of the world is inaccessible. It lacks arbitrary seeds. The place your ship can crash may differ, but you will continue to find yourself in the same alien world with all the gamers that are playing the game.

The large part of the game will take place in the water being an Ocean planet. Nonetheless, the game world equally includes two islands that you can travel around. It equally comes with a rotation between a day and night.


The unique feature of the game compared to other survival games is that it is not the responsibility of the players to create their own story as they play the game. The game comes with a storyline that the players can play and progress from level to level until they come to the end of the game.

Subnautica is a combination of story, expedition, resource collection, and blood-frightening frights that’s part of a few related survival games. The ocean world of the game is filled with monsters with tentacles and creates a feeling of endlessness.

However, the game comes with a clear description of the next part of the game you can play. This gives it a structure that allows you to set your goals. The combination and the level of polish you get with the game give it a unique appeal among other games in the genre.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of other good games like Subnautica, that you can equally play whether for the fun of it or to get a sense of variety. If you have a special fascination for games that include building, sourcing, and going on a voyage, we have provided you here with a list of the 25 best games like Subnautica.

Ready to know what they are and choose the ones to explore Let’s go:

The Best 25 games like Subnautica

1. Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

The Stranded Deep allows you to play in the shoe of the character who survives a plane crash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The game’s world is created through procedures and this means that no two playthroughs will look precisely the same.

There are plenty of things to explore in this game including reefs, islands, and ocean trenches. The goal is to gather up resources and supplies as you try to survive the elements. This inaccessible area of land isn’t sufficient to sustain you. You can explore new islands, abandoned shipwrecks, and protect yourself from the sea monsters.

For your survival, you’ll need to look for a collection of resources and supplies and build the tool that will help you to survive through the element. You will have to battle with hunger, dehydration, and perilous beings as you manufacture rafts, housings, and more.

Stranded Deep equally features Oculus Support that makes the game greatly immersive. It is a great option if you’re looking for the best game like Subnautica for the PC.

2. The Forest

The Forest is a popular game like Subnautica you may want to consider. You equally play as the only survivor of a jet crash. Unluckily, your fellow residents are mutant cannibals that would constantly wage war against you. After the natives take your son away from you, your aim is to search for him and locate at all cost.

Your concentration would be to build a base, camps, houses, defenses, collecting food, and working hard to survive. You’d have to engage in combat with the mutant cannibals in your bid to survive. You can build anything you want using a very spontaneous building protocol.

The main proposition of the game is in the day-and-night sequence. In the daytime, you’d working mostly to gather food and resources. At night, your key task would be to protect your base from being invaded by a gang of mutant zombie-like opponents.

This feature of the gameplay integrates a complete fresh level of urgency to your survival effort. You can currently access the game on the PC and PS4. The dreadful fresh-hunting mutants in this game give the game the horror-like feeling you’d get from Subnautica’s sea monsters.

As a single survivor of an airplane crash, you need to work hard to survive in the overbearing forest. You’d cut down trees to produce wood and scavenge any food you can find, design progressively stylish tools as you progress through the game.

The mutants would leave you in continuous tension. The multipurpose gear creation technique makes it easy for you to build your base precisely the way you like. The trail of clues offers you a platform for traveling around the dense world.

3. FarSky


FarSky is accessible on the PC. You will be playing as Nathan who got lost in the midst of a gigantic ocean after the crash of his submarine. Stranded on the ocean floor with no means of reaching the surface of the water, your task is to repair your submarine and swim or sail to return to safety.

It has a great resemblance to Subnautica. However, it comes with a few perceptible differences like more available oxygen to travel with till you return to safety!

Just like the majority of games in the survival genre, you’ll have to go gathering resources to build shelters and camps to survive in the cruel environments. You will learn how to fish and hunt for food.

Your final goal while playing the FarSky is to find all the missing wreckages of your submarine, mend it, and use it to return to the water surface. It equally comes in a sandbox mode for those who are interested to get additional roaming experience for free.

4. Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris New Dawn

In Osiris: New Dawn, the Earth got completely depleted of its entire resources. You’d be playing as a team member of the second colonization directed to access planets for potential habitation.

Just like other survival games, things went awry, and your spacecraft crashes on the surface of Proteus 2. You will be spending greater part of the game designing weapons, gear, and other essential items.

The game environment is mostly very dangerous as you would be battling with dangerous wildlife and harsh conditions. Osiris gameplay is additive as you work hard to try to unstitch the mysteries about the causes of the failure of the first colonization operation.

It equally comes with a fleshed out multiplayer mode that allows you to freely join fans while you struggle to survive. Osiris can presently be played on the PC, with Xbox One and PS4 still in the process of release.

5. Astroneer


Astroneer is a cutesy exploratory game with an astonishing amount of depth, particularly due to its base building feature. It is basically a combination of No-Man’s Sky and Subnautica. It comes with space and planet exploratory feature of No Man’s Sky.

While it equally comes with the interesting and realistic-looking survival graphics of Subnautica, it is not admittedly as advanced as Subnautica. The game was originally released by System Era Softworks on February 6, 2019.It is accessible on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

In Astroneer, your game as a space explorer who has set off into the never-ending depths of space of 7 planets with the aim of building bases, creating vehicles, building generators, solar panels, and oxygen tanks, exploring, gathering resources, and finally surviving.

The creative feature of the game gives you the power and the capacity to reshape terrains. This ingenious and exploratory part of the game is very addictive and fun-filled as a result of its 4-multi player mode. It creates a relaxing space adventure with a feeling of an increasing level of progression.

Although the game is multiplayer, consider giving it a few additional patches because the game comes with a few bugs which get boosted when you’re doing multiplayer. Bear in mind that Astroneer is presently in its Alpha stages, with many more features to come!

6. Rust 

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game that was developed and published by Facepunch Studios. It was formally released in February 2018 after leaving Early Access.

Rust game is another open-world PC survival game where you have to battle against thirst, hunger, cold, and with fellow online gamers. Rust contains much more social title compared to the single journey feature of Subnautica.

Notwithstanding, it comes with a lot of elements of a standard survival game. It equally comes with deep and expansive design and also features a properly-tuned production feature. A good point to note is that rust is a very challenging game.

You’d be killed frequently at the hands of others (or yourself) and you would need to begin all over and start to go up again to the higher level of the food chain. There is a variety of combat, crafting, and teamwork within the game. Players must also be aware of other risks, including drowning, hypothermia, and radiation.

Rust is currently available for PC with PS4 and Xbox One versions announced for release 2020. If you are a fan of Rust’s style of multiplayer survival game, you may equally want to check out 7 Days to Die and Ark: Survival Evolved.

7. The Long Dark

The Long Dark

The Long Dark is an open-world survival game that takes place on the fictional Big Bear Island during a frozen Canadian winter. The game was developed and published by Hinterland Studios. Step into the shoes of Will Mackenzie a bush pilot as he escorts Dr. Astrid Greenwood to Big Bear Island.

Their plane crashes and Will is left to try and find Astrid. Alternatively, complete one of the games many challenges or create a survival scenario of your own.

Long Dark allows you to play in the shoe of a pilot who suffered a plane crash when there was a worldwide disaster. The Long Dark is a critically-admired survival game that takes you into a fantasy world permanently facing eternal winter.

The game doesn’t involve mythological enemies like monsters, zombies, mutants, or other players. It is only you battling to survive the harsh elements. Your aim is to survive as much as possible through the severely cruel environment.

You’ll be monitoring your level of fatigue, thirst, and hunger as you walk through the snow, trying to manage through life and survive out of your nominal supplies. You need to monitor your body temperature, repel animal attacks, and scavenge for food, gears, and arms.

The Long Dark game involves an episodic storyline that provides an explanation of how the global geomagnetic disaster that resulted in the world melancholic state began. The responsive developers have a lot of more promising features to launch which you’ll find intriguing if you’re looking for interesting games like Subnautica.

While Long Dark may lack the storytelling prowess of Subnautica, like Subnautica, it requires the gamer to survive in a deadly environment, this time in the Canadian wilderness. The game is accessible on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

8. Firewatch


Firewatch is nearly a complete opposite of Subnautica. It is an on-rails story game that nearly endangers you. However, it is a good game to check out is you are a fan of Subnautica. It is accessible on the PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4.

While it doesn’t come with expansive exploratory mode, you’ll get intriguing storytelling that would keep you reading through every drawer for notes. The similar feature it has with Subnautica is both a beautiful world and a great sense of the environment.

While playing Firewatch you’re nearly completely lost in the realm. It creates a feeling you’d get at the end of the “walking sim” genre: leaving you with refined and beautiful imagery that doesn’t easily erase from your memory.

9. Out of Reach

Out of Reach

In the game, you’re exiled and in the middle of nowhere. Just like the majority of games like Subnautica, you’d need to instantly begin to look for resources and food. You’d design tools, construct shelters, and battle against the native offensive behaviors which includes pirates while you travel around an expansive network of islands.

You will equally have to battle against storms. harsh weather elements and ships to navigate, with plenty of loot to clean and preserve for yourself. Realistically, Out of Reach isn’t similarly polished as a few of the games on this list. However, if you fancy survival games like a Robinson Crusoe, this PC game is a great fit.

10. Escape The Pacific

While playing the Escape The Pacific game, you are a lonesome explorer lost in the center of the Pacific Ocean. The beauty of the survival game is in its course-plotting and raft construction system, which are equally extremely fleshed out. You must be brave enough to face the challenging weather conditions that look similar to the actual weather condition of the Pacific region!

An exceptional latitude mechanic equally has effects on your survival conditions based on your variable positions. You’ll equally need to collect resources to construct increasingly multifaceted proposals.

In general, your target while playing the Escape The Pacific is its detailed storyline. The game is bound to be interesting to anyone who loves survival games that are based on realism instead of zombies and aliens.

11. Miasmata


In Miasmata, you’re in control of a plague-stricken scientist that is desperately in search of a cure. Your exploration begins on the shores of a mysterious isle as you move inland via a thick forest. Unfortunately, you discover that there is a mysterious being in the same environment trying to hunt you.

You’d have to struggle to survive and at the same time seek ways to hide away from the monstrous being. You’ll experience hunger, thirst, and your upcoming deadly peril. Miasmata game mainly relies on an adventure and basic construction features. You’ll mainly be mixing plants and fungi to produce a life-saving medication.

Also, the game involves triangulation as you learn fresh locations, safe harbors, and signs that’ll help you to grow. Overall, Miasmata game comes with light design mechanics but features excellent adventurous elements. It’s a great game you may want to try if you’re searching for survival games like Subnautica.

12. Space Engineers

space engineers

Space Engineers is developed and published by the Keen Software House on October 23, 2013. It is accessible on the PC and Xbox One platforms. You take up the role of a space engineer.

It works as a lone-player and multiplayer game. The focus of the game is not so much on the survival aspect of Subnautica but on its exploratory aspect. It equally doesn’t come with the storyline and the addictive feature of Subnautica.

As a Space engineer, you’d be scavenging for resources, building bases and ships while also constructing planetary garrisons, or whatever you wish. Like, Minecraft almost every material or resource in the game can be destroyed.

It also follows relatively accurate physics, like inertia, mass, and force. Pick this up if you want a survival-action, sandbox, open-universe game set in space, and a pretty interesting game like Subnautica.

13. Minecraft

Minecraft was originally developed and published by Mojang in May 2009. Its alpha version was available in 2010 but the full version of the game became available in 2011. Since the first release, the game has gone through a good amount of transformation.

As I am sure many of you are aware, Minecraft is a routinely created open-world, cube-constructed survival-adventure game. It involves millions of diverse global seeds, and the different worlds are basically boundless.

The all-out surface area of only a single seed is 60 million blocks by 60 million blocks or 3.6 billion square kilometers. This is equivalent to the surface area of roughly six and seven earths. You may unlikely be able to explore one seed completely.

Your role is that of a Minecraft Steve or Minecraft Alex. However, you have the chance to alter the skin of the character you want to play and choose your desired name. Your aim is merely to survive and do well in a hostile world like this.

You’ll be finding villages, exploring temples, plundering forsaken mines, fighting monsters, and slaying a terrifying dragon. However, your key aim in Minecraft is to create a giant creeper statue with the use of colored cloth and TNT.

The game is accessible on the Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, and Android. It comes with the designing and survival element of Subnautica and its multiple types of biomes. However, it lacks the storyline of Subnautica.

Minecraft would be particularly interesting to gamers who love to create their own story.

14. Starbound


Starbound is a PC game that comes with an expansive building system and the enormous variety of exploratory planets. It will interest you if you’re a fan of survival sandboxes. It’s basically a sci-fi Terraria with a larger focus on the story.

While you move from one planet to the other you’ll be gathering resources to improve your tool from level to level and make it more advanced. You’ll progress from swords to machine guns, from using walking boots to jetpacks and the use of teleportation procedures.

The different planets of the game feature distinctive biomes, routinely-developed for optimal variation. In an instance, you’d be sneaking through a thick jungle while at the next minute; you’ll be flying through a puddle of magma.

It comes with an efficient storyline, finished up with scripted bosses, honorably fascinating characters and plenty of folklore would help you to persevere to the next world.

15. Satisfactory 


Satisfactory was originally released in March 2019. It was developed by Coffee Stain Studios and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. It’s accessible on the Microsoft windows. Satisfactory is an extremely fun-filled first-person, open-world, factory construction game. It comes with Epic exclusive which makes freedom of choice limited.

Players step into the shoes of a worker who is tasked with building a factory to obtain, use, and craft various resources from the planet’s natural resources.

The game takes you into an alien world where you have to carry out research for fresh technologies, survive foreign attacks, and build your desired automated construction kingdom.

Similar to the Factorio game, it is multiplayer that allows you to construct extensive conveyor belt jumbles with your fans. It features an attractive graphics but comes with a little dreary survival aspect. Besides, the Epic exclusive right, it’s a fun game you can check out.

The game is both single-player and co-op allowing friends to realize their factory building dreams together. The game is currently on Epic Games Launcher and Steam as an Early Access title and is currently only available for PC.

16. ABZU 


ABZU is developed and primarily released on the 2nd of August, 2016 by Giant Squid. It is accessible on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch is much more about exploring than survival or base building. It is a fantastically designed ocean adventure game that provides some hours of rock-solid gameplay in a lovely world.

The game only takes you three hours to complete. You play like a diver who descends into an ocean to uncover its mysteries. You would be communicating with multiple types of sea-dwelling denizens, and face the perils of the depths.

The game mission is not tasking to complete. The key mission is to get immersed in the oceanic atmosphere, to enjoy the music of Austin Wintory and ambiance of the surrounding water.

While this game doesn’t present as much threat as Subnautica, you have a lot to explore and enjoy including the sights and sounds of the underwater world.

17. No Man’s Sky

no man's sky

The game is accessible on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It comes in less structure compared to Subnautica but is more expansive. No Man’s Sky offers you a complete galaxy for adventure without restriction.

You can move from one planet to the other, bust through multiple atmospheres, and observe land gradually increase to meet you as it moves gracefully between outer space and solid ground, space post, and rock-strewn garrison. The game comes with a storyline, and the game objectives will push you in a specific direction.

However, it’s most fascinating when you make your own story as you play. A few planets come with some resources or symbols of life, whereas others create a feeling that makes you want to live there for many decades.

18. The Souls Project

The Souls Project

The Solus Project is originally released on June 7, 2016. It was developed and published by Teotl Studios and can be accessed on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

It features a fantastic visual and equally comes with survival feature but it features a well-supplied alien world that makes it easy for you to find food and water. While the game comes with a great storyline, be prepared for some horror-centered experience.

You’d be playing as a scout that’s looking to discover a planet to colonize. Just like other best games like Subnautica, your ship was Merced and you became the only survivor of the crash.

Nonetheless, you found yourself on a luxurious foreign planet with loads of camps filled with plenty of resources. In contrast with most games like Subnautica, The Solus Project isn’t an open-world survival game.

It is more of a lone-player exploratory game with a few survival elements. The great sense of desolation and helplessness of the game would interest fans of Subnautica.

19. Green Hell

Green Hell

In Green Hell, you’d be attempting to move away from the Pacific. You arrive in a rainforest that’s full of things that are after your life. Your task is to craft a weapon to protect yourself from predators and unfriendly tribal soldiers.

Besides, you’ll equally experience a physical battle in your quest for survival. You’d experience loneliness and fear but will struggle to maintain your peace in the depths of the Amazon.

You’d be traversing the Amazon Rainforest to gather resources that would help you stay alive as you try to discover the secrets of the forest.

20. Raft

raft game

Raft comes with a more optimistic and artistic graphics panache. You’d be starting on a little raft without any arm except a hook connected to a rope as you venture into an ocean with loads of junk.

Your task is to make use of the hook to fasten and gather as much trash as possible and the amount that you can easily carry to broaden and enhance your naval base.

You’d be fighting to defend yourself and base from sharks who are constantly making an effort to ruin the new section of the raft you just constructed You’d also be exploring stunning islands while constructing your floating Paradise.

21. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die7 Days to Die is an open-world survival game developed and published by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC. The game throws the player into a unique combination of first-person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing.

The game is set in an unforgiven post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by zombies. Players can play alone or together through cross-platform multiplayer and create a world of their own while fighting to survive against hoards of zombies. 7 Days to Die is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

This game comes with “Zombie Horde Survival Experience.” You’d be using the very detailed, although not very realistic character creator to generate your very own survivor and battle against the wilderness and its creatures.

Your task can include creating and defending your dream abode or teaming up with friends to fight or contend with the walking dead. There are plenty of things you can do and places you can explore and this will make it easy for you to spend hours lost in the immersive survival gameplay.

22. ARK: Survival Evolved

In the Survival Evolved, you’d be playing in the future world where you can tame Dinosaurs and use them to your favor. You can design tools and build a hut for yourself as you attempt to settle down in the primeval world.

As you progress through the game, you tame a raptor and take a ride on it while going for war or be a badass.

The game comes with a massive world filled with many threats that you’d survive through including working alongside a Megalodon, summoning a gargantuan titan for the slaying. You can equally team up with pals to face more challenging threats.

23. Dead Island

Dead Island

Dead Island is a little old but it is another great like Subnautica, you want to play. The game takes you into a world where you’d be attending a crazy tropical party, with a lot of drinking, merriment, and fun events only to be interrupted by a zombie apocalypse.

When your head got cleared up from the hangover of your intoxication, you found yourself in a deserted and blood-smeared hotel. Just like a typical individual, you’d start to loot anything you can find in your surrounding and use your resources to build some badass weapon and fight back against some of the Zombies while struggling to survive

You can also travel around the tropical destinations while you’re on the Island and force your way through hordes of zombies using the weapons you have made.

24. Breathedge


Breathedge is one of the comedian episodes on this list of the best games like Subnautica. It comes with a more expansive storyline compared to some other games on the list.

You can fly around the debris of your enormous space frigate in search of valuable resources and designs to manufacture fresh gears. You have the surroundings to admire and would be inhabiting the space with some hilarious characters that would serve as your companion while living in this expansive lone space.

Your target would be to keep an eye on your oxygen level as it is essential for you to breathe properly. You’d be searching through heaps of ruins and ship-wreckage to collect resources that would help you survive.

25. Star Citizen

Star Citizen

Star Citizen is the next best game like Subnautica that is crafted in an expansive depth of space. The visual of this game is amazing and arguably the best on the list.

However, the game features a lot of bugs but you’d love the models, atmosphere, and game settings. You’d be traveling around the asteroid zones as you explore one of the game’s destinations.

You will be flying around the boundaries of space using your own spacecraft while managing your missions and friends as you face combat with other ships in heroic skirmishes.

While it deviates a little from other games in the genre, it is a great one you can try.

26. Zomboid


Project Zomboid is an open-world survival horror game that is still currently in development by The Indie Stone and will be published by the Indie Stone as well.

Project Zomboid is currently on Early Access on Steam. The goal of Project Zomboid is to survive in Knox County, a fictional zombie-ridden area which has been quarantined by the government.

The game can be played in survival mode where the player must create a character and survive as long as possible. Sandbox mode allows players to change gameplay mechanics such as speed, zombie number, weather, and item availability. Project Zomboid is currently available only on PC.

27. Craftopia


Craftopia is a multiplayer survival action game that is both open-world and has sandbox elements. The game was developed and published by Pocket Pair Inc. The goal of the developers was to combine all of the elements they loved from their favorite game into one big game.

The player starts with very little and they can mine resources, fish or forage for food, evade and fight enemies, build crops and structures. The game includes character creation, a skill tree, vehicles, and a multiplayer mode. Craftopia is currently in early access on Steam.

28. Subsistence


Subsistence is a first-person sandbox player versus environment open-world game developed and published by ColdGames.

The game has no linear gameplay, instead, players will craft, build bases, struggling through the dynamic season and weather changes, upgrade weapons, hunt, farm and manage their hunger, thirst, and exhaustion. Players must also protect themselves against other AI humans and animals.

The game currently includes a world day and night system, temperature system, clothing system, and an NPC enemy leveling system. The game also includes a co-op version, where friends can try to survive the harsh game world together. Subsistence is currently available in Early Access on Steam for PC only.

29. Kenshi


Kenshi is a role-playing video game that was developed and published by Lo-FI games for PC only in 2018. The game puts players into the shoes of a character who is struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The game features real-time strategy elements and does not have a linear narrative. As the player levels ups, the game will become easier and easier to survive.

30. Grounded


Grounded is a survival game that was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. The player steps into the shoes of a protagonist who has been shrunken down to the size of an ant. The player must survive the backyard and the many bugs and insects that inhabit it.

As the game difficulty increases more areas of the map will open up with new and more dangerous enemies and more valuable resources. The game features a single-player and a multiplayer mode. Grounded is currently available for PC, Xbox One and will be released for Xbox Series X.

31. Visage


Visage is a first-person psychological horror game developed and published by SadSquare Studio. Players explore the game’s setting of an ever-changing house where terrible things once happened. The player will wander through the house to learn memories and stories of those who once lived here.

The house itself is filled with tragedy, horror, and blood. Visage is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The creators warn that this game can potentially trigger seizures for those who have photosensitive epilepsy.

32. Conan Exiles

connan exles

Conan Exiles is a survival video game that was developed and published by Funcom for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is set in the world of Conan the Barbarian where the custom playable character is rescued by Conan. There they begging their journey.

The game was officially released on May 8, 2018. The premise of the game is to survive in the fictional Hyborian Age, which is considered pre-historic. The player is exiled for various crimes and must navigate the harsh desert landscape, with a later update bringing a frozen landscape and a volcanic landscape to the game.

33. RimWorld


Rimworld is a sci-fi 2D top-down colony sim. Released by Ludeon Studios and released in 2018, Rimworld makes you the co-author of the stories about a random group of crash-landed survivors.

Along with an intelligent AI storyteller, see what happens to this random group of survivors. This game has a host features from the in-depth management of colonists, colonist relationships, pets, and mod support

34. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey


Ancestors is a survival game that was developed by Panache Digital Games and published by Private Division. Players step into the shoes of a member of a primate clan and are tasked with managing their character’s hunger, thirst, and energy.

The game starts in the African Jungle where many threats and enemies are found, the game slow opens new areas with new predators and recruits for their own clan.

The player must ensure the clan’s survival so they can slowly evolve into a new species. As the game progresses players have a chance to play other characters as well. The game is currently available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

35. Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is a survival video game that was developed and published by Beam Team Games. Players step into the shoes of a plane crash survivor who finds themselves faced with life-threatening scenarios.

The world is procedurally generated, where the player explores the Pacific Ocean, its reefs, and bottomless ocean trenches. Stranded Deep was released in 2015 as an early access title and was released for Xbox One and PS4 in 2020.

36. Subnautica: Below Zero

subnautica bellow zero

Is an open-world survival game developed and published by Unknown World Entertainment. Subnautica: Below Zero, serves as the sequel to Subnautica.

This time players step into the shoes of a researcher who is studying the environment of a nearby alien facility. Similar to its predecessor the game requires exploration, resource gathering, and building to complete goals and advance the plot.

Unlike its predecessor the game has more key landmarks, and physical land to explore in the northern area of the map in addition to its usual underwater exploration.

37. Ark Survival Evolved

ark survival evolved

Ark Survival Evolved is an open-world survival crafting game that was developed and published by Studio Wild Card. Players are stranded on a mysterious island full of creatures and various other players.

Players must learn how to survive, gather resources, create weapons, and tame the wild beasts of the land. All while defending themselves from other players and enemies. Players can also create clans or teams up together to survive. Ark Survival Evolved was released in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android, and Nintendo Switch.


What type of game is Subnautica?

Subnautica is an open-world survival action-adventure video game developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. You’d be exploring an ocean on an unknown planet after your spaceship crashes into this planet referred to as 4546B.

Is Subnautica below zero worth playing?

Yes, Subnautica is one of the best survival games you’d find out there. It is a great fit if you fancy heavily exploratory games or one that has a decent plot.
Subnautica: Below Zero is a derivative of the original Subnautica with an improvement in many areas. While the general mechanics is that of gathering resources, building, and swimming, it features a completely different world.

Is Subnautica difficult to run?

Subnautica can easily run your computer except you’re using unusually high settings. Subnautica Runs at 30FPS on an extremely detailed or medium post.

Why is Subnautica so frightening?

Subnautica is a distressful and frightening game because you’d find yourself in an unfamiliar sea and a completely fresh world, that you’d be exploring. You’re not supposed to be there and are unwelcomed.

Question: What do these games have in common with Subnautica?

Answer: All of these games are survival crafting games, one of the main elements of each game is surviving something most of the time the natural elements or natural enemies.

Question: What games would you recommend on the list?

Answer: Personally, I would recommend, The Long Dark and The Forest. I also enjoy playing No Man’s Sky and Ark occasionally. I’m most interested in trying Grounded and Zomboid.

Question: Where can I buy Subnautica?

Answer: Subnautica and the other games on this list are available on Steam, if they are available for consoles they will be for sale on the console’s store.

Final Thoughts

I personally find all of these games to be very interesting and enjoyable, I find myself playing The Long Dark and The Forest most often.

I enjoy playing The Long Dark in the Summer to help beat the heat. I look most forward to playing Zomboid, Stranded Deep and Raft, in the coming weeks. If you enjoy Subnautica you will find a game on this list that also holds your attention and don’t forget Subnatuicas sequel Below Zero, you can’t match Subnatuica better than the original developers.

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