20 Best Games Like Factorio to Try

best games like factorio

Factorio is a highly rated Steam video game with a frenzied fan base. The basis of this game is to build factories to advance your production capacity further while protecting your factories from a multitude of monsters.

While Factorio has a relatively simple premise, nothing could be further from the truth. The game gets more complex as your factory grows larger, and the longer you play the game the more addictive it becomes.

Due to Factorio’s addictive nature, many players seek out similar games that provide the same feeling of satisfaction. The list of games below is in no particular order, but we guarantee you that they have the same feel as Factorio.

1. Minecraft

This open-world sandbox game puts the gamer into a randomly created universe, filled with its own benefits and quirks, to find huge mountains and bottomless ravines, dungeons, and villages. Minecraft hands you the means to create huge fortresses, modest villages, impressive armories, and even huge farms.

While playing Minecraft, logic is mostly cast aside for the sake of creativity and gameplay. As the name implies, Minecraft gets you into mining through caves and caverns of the world, building great pathways to mine and gather an abundance of resources, including gold and diamonds! You can use the resources to create items and adorn your world or improve your fighting skills.

Combat prowess is a vital skill to have come nightfall since all kinds of night creatures and demons will haunt you and your home. But fear not, there’s a game mode you can switch to in order to avoid battle if you love peaceful free construction.

2. Endless Legend

Every day is a day of toil. You must grow food, build industries, improve science and magic, and collect wealth. You need to do these things urgently as your planet has a history of mysterious apocalypse and you’ve just survived the worst-ever winter. This has been the case for the past five winters.

As you discover your world’s lost secrets and the secrets of the ruins and legends that exist in both reality and rumor, you’ll come to realize that you’re far from alone. Other folks also struggle to live, grow, and maybe even conquer.

You’ve got a loyal populace, a city, and some troops—your magic and power should be enough for them to survive. But apart from that, the future is uncertain…. Where will you head off to? What will you discover? How are you going to react? Will you leave behind a trail of blood or a trail of roses?

3. Stonehearth

This is a game of survival and exploration set in an epic fantasy world. Your task is to assist a small bunch of settlers to survive and eke out a living in a hostile environment. You’ll need to build shelter, create a food supply, defend your folks, and find a method to expand and grow, facing hurdles at every turn.

Starting from a procedurally created terrain with dynamic artificial intelligence encounters, Stonehearth fuses good old combat and city simulation with endless building potential. It’s created to be adjustable at all levels, from the city to the creatures and people inhabiting your world. It also boasts the documentation and tools you need to customize the game.

4. RimWorld

RimWorld is a science fiction colony management game driven by a smart AI narrator.

It follows three survivors of a space liner crash as they set out to establish their camp on a fantasy world situated on the margins of known space. RimWorld takes inspiration from similar games like Dune Warhammer 40,000, Dwarf Fortress, and Firefly.

While playing RimWorld, your task will include managing the needs and moods of colonists, and healing people’s illnesses and wounds. You will also be part of a small team that studies tactical gunplay.

RimWorld also comes with other wonderful features like weapon designs, fashion edifices, futuristic materials, and metal, stone, cloth, and wood apparel. You’ll also go into battle against pirate raiders, hostile tribes, giant tunneling insects, prehistoric massacre machines, and rioting animals.

Your missions can also involve taming and training lovely pets, useful domestic farm animals, and creatures that unleash deadly attacks. You can watch colonists build relationships with spouses, family members, and lovers.

You’ll explore a newly created world each time you play. Also, you can create colonies in the forest, desert, tundra, and so on. Or, you can take control of weird desperate colonies with certain backstories, skills, and features. You can also learn to easily play using an unobtrusive and intelligent AI instructor.

Check out our list of best games like RimWorld worth trying

5. Unclaimed World

In this detailed science-fiction colony survival game, your duty is to control interstellar pioneers as well as their descendants. Hundreds of years after planetfall, colonists haven’t yet managed to find their feet on their alien and lush planet. To settle on the alien planet, you have to carefully manage resources, different personalities, and production.

6. Northgard

This is a strategy game centered around Norse mythology where you manage a Vikings clan vying for the hegemony of a secret newfound continent.

In Northgard, you have to:

  • Build your home on the newly-found continent called Northgard
  • Assign various tasks to your Vikings (e.g. farmer, sailor, loremaster, warrior, etc.)
  • Carefully manage your resources and survive vicious foes and harsh winters
  • Achieve different conditions of victory (trading, lore, fame, conquest)
  • Make the most of dedicated servers and scale the ranks to attain the ultimate Norse God rank
  • Expand and find new territory with special strategic opportunities

7. InfiniFactory

This puzzle factory game was developed and released by Zachtronics. In the game, you’re some kind of Foreman inside a universe whose job is to create and design factories to improve upon the designs of somebody you really don’t know.

In this game, you’ll be constructing countless factories to design and create items like supplies, ammunition, or other weird complex items. The items you need to create depend on what the strange device shows you.

To appease your overloads, create the right object. Create intricate and complex factory designs in order to achieve your ultimate aim—delivering the essential supplies with a bunch of factories.

8. Prison Architect

This is a prison maker simulation game where the player must construct and maintain a jail filled with murderous people. In Prison Architect, constructing a massive and intricate prison can be loads of fun. If you’re into extreme building design, then this is the game for you!

Handle prisoner discontent with an iron fist and order, or make prisoners so happy that they wish to never leave. You could build a diverse penitentiary filled with hundreds of evildoers who all need you to meet their needs, including bedrooms, recreational rooms, and bathrooms. You can even design electric chairs to penalize the inmates with!

9. Planetbase

This is a space strategy and colony simulation game created by Madruga Works. In the game, you’re tasked with constructing, maintaining, and steering a space colony towards a central space called Trade Capital. You’re given a selection of planets to colonize. Once you’ve chosen your planets, you’re dropped on each planet with a specific amount of resources with which you can build your settlement.

You will need to make oxygen through generators, and generate power through wind and solar, build water extractors and create everything your base needs for survival. You’ll have to consider other things, too, including food, beds, exercise, trade, recreational activities, and lots more.

You’ll engage in trade with other colonies in your galaxy, with a variety of visitors arriving if your colony thrives and also lots of traders trying their luck in your colony.

10. Gnomoria

This is a city builder construction and managing simulator game, with a touch of combat and war strategy in the mix. Gnomoria is inspired by Dwarf Fortress and brings complex city and kingdom-building with ripples of survival against opposing bandits and kingdoms.

Unlike Dwarf Fortress, Gnomoria clearly controls most of its features much better, with easier gameplay, and countless options for building and fortress construction. And along with the expanding and trading of population, Gnomoria is a much more improved version of Dwarf Fortress that looks almost like an old-fashioned Factorio.

11. Fortresscraft Evolved

Fortresscraft Evolved, like Factorio, was inspired by Minecraft as well. Like in Minecraft, you also utilize blocks to build your own world. Like in Factorio, this game has received an update recently that lets factory blocks create resources.

Much more than a construction game, Fortresscraft Evolved includes combat and defense as well. If you enjoy Factorio and Minecraft, you’re sure to love this title! It has a 7 out of 10 ratings on Steam.

12. Astroneer

This game is very much like Factorio, and also lets you shape worlds. An open-world title, Astroneer is set in an outer space environment where you need to create habitable planets.

Similar to Factorio, you gather materials that’ll eventually help upgrade your colony. Astroneer boasts all of the thrilling aspects of Factorio plus the extra fun of populating the planets. It’s a smash hit with a 9/10 rating on Steam.

13. Banished

Similar to Factorio, Banished requires you to carefully utilize resources with the extra fun of expanding and leading the society of exiles. The game also involves citizen management—certain things make citizens happy, and you must keep citizens happy to gather resources.

Another management aspect is dealing with your living and dead citizens. While your town expands, you’ve got to tackle real-life issues like population control. Is it possible to get the necessary balance?

14. SpaceChem

SpaceChem is also created by Zachtronics and was published in 2011. It’s a puzzle game in which players create chemical molecules using an assembly line. Although more science-oriented than Factorio, this game employs the same crafting mechanics while using industrial ways.

In SpaceChem, you program robots to supply chemicals in a specific order to cause chemical reactions. If resource mining and puzzles in your thing, try this game out. It totally deserves the 10/10 rating on Steam.

15. Satisfactory

This 3D open-world, first-person simulation game has factory building and exploration at its core. It’s one of the most demanding Factorio-like games out there. Another aspect of Satisfactory worth mentioning is that it’s currently available only for Microsoft Windows.

Satisfactory starts with you being dropped into an alien world as an engineer. Using just a few tools at hand, you must collect and use the natural resources of the planet. You use these resources to build various intricate factories that automate all your resource needs.

The main feature of Satisfactory is its wonderful factory construction operations from a first-person perspective. One unique thing about this game is that its world is in fact pre-generated, unlike other sandbox games. This means that the map of every player is similar to other maps. Even at the beginning, you have four different places to begin from.

16. Starbound

This is an action-adventure game that was developed by Chucklefish and released officially in 2016. Currently, Starbound is available in Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

The game begins with the player getting into a spacecraft after planet Earth is destroyed. The character you play is in fact a founder member of Terrene Protectorate, an intergalactic peacekeeping association.

While you’re inside the spacecraft, the space shuttle opens fire outside it. As there’s nothing to manage the direction or speed of the space shuttle, you get lost in a galaxy of stars. Your first adventure begins when the shuttle begins orbiting around an inhabitable planet.

In Starbound, you’re given the leeway to travel around the universe as well as its planets using the space shuttle. It features both story-driven missions and quests. The entire universe gives you a unique and exciting sandbox experience. It’s up to you to decide how to explore the Starbound universe.

17. Oxygen Not Included

This is a fun building game that can become your favorite once you’re hooked to it. The game has been compared to Factorio since it shares various similarities. In Oxygen Not Included, you have to survive while inside an interplanetary rock. Your crew should come up with a way to defeat a new type of creature as well as other new forms of life.

Some may find Oxygen Not Included not similar to Factorio, but when you take into account the main aspects such as learning, building stuff, and moving, then this game shares some similarities with Factorio.

If you’ve not played Oxygen Not Included yet, then make sure to do so. The game is well-regarded even by professional video gamers.

18. Mindustry

This is a hybrid video game that requires the protection of a tower. While it may not share pronounced similarities with Factorio, the similarities are there nonetheless. The gameplay involves supplying your tower with ammunition through building chain functions to secure it. It also entails building because you must shield the tower from enemies.

Mindustry is known to be really addictive and becomes much more exciting the more you advance through it. The game lets you play with a pal and is available for Android gadgets. It’s a highly recommended game for those who are looking for Factorio-like games on Android.

19. City Skylines

This a city creator game that gamers all over the world love. The Factorio-like game can be accessed on PlayStation 4 and boasts many features that assign you an array of tasks, keeping you busy for hours.

In City Skylines, you’re the town’s mayor. Therefore, it’s your duty to build and run the city, including outlining the relationship with nearby towns. City Skylines is also designed to be very addictive as different gamers will build different cities according to their ideas and personalities.

20. Factory Town

This is an amazing game that’s similar to Factorio in numerous aspects. It’s highly rated by gamers and most recommend it. Factory Town is very much like OpenTTD but boasts plenty more features.

In the game, you not only have to cater to the requests and needs of your villagers but also keep them happy all the time. Factory Town teaches you leadership, politics, and tolerance. It involves balancing the needs of society while making use of the limited resources you have.

FAQs on Best Games Like Factorio

Question: What Type of Video Game is Factorio?

Answer: Factorio is a building and management simulation video game that’s centered around resource-collection with survival elements and real-time strategy. It has influences from the IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft mods of the Minecraft video game.

Question: Satisfactory Vs. Factorio: What’s the Better Game?

Answer: Satisfactory isn’t better than Factorio and vice versa. They’re both worth your time, though. Satisfactory lets you design or solve problems in 3D, but it’s more difficult on the GPU than Factorio. Satisfactory also looks more attractive.

Question: Does PlayStation 4 Have Factorio?

Answer: Factorio isn’t available on consoles at the time of this writing. We hope it’ll be available on consoles soon.

Question: Is Factorio Worth Playing?

Answer: Factorio is an amazing game if you love the concept of automating the creation of lots of stuff, and unlocking technology in order to craft and automate more items more efficiently. The game requires lots of puzzle-solving skills to use time and space more efficiently. The game also has plenty of mods.

Question: Should I Buy Factorio?

Answer: Factorio is a great game if you wish to take charge of everything you could possibly take charge of. If you want to deal with problems all the time, Rimworld is a better fit as it’s quite unpredictable. That’s the beauty of both games.

Last Words on Best Games Like Factorio

These were the 20 best games that have similar gameplay to Factorio. Each game is sure to give you a thrilling experience. Each game is unique and special in its own way, so we suggest that you select one that suits your taste.

If we were to recommend a game, however, we’d suggest you begin with either Starbound or Satisfactory. Satisfactory can be a little more demanding, but its plot is very much like Factorio. Even if Satisfactory has some aspects that are similar to Factorio’s, its gameplay is totally different, which will provide you with both a unique and similar experience.

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