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Best Games Like Life is Strange

12 Best Games Like Life is Strange to Play

12 Best Games Like Life is Strange to Play in 2021

Life Is Strange lets you live out your fantasies and really take your imagination to the next level in an online world. It’s one of the leading story mode games a player can lay their hands on. The game has even won various awards for its narrative as it’s a graphic and episodic adventure game created by Dontnod Entertainment in 2015. The plot revolves around an adolescent high school who’s studying photography and suddenly discovers that she’s got the gift of reversing time. Thanks to her newfound ability, she goes on some adventures at her school, saves some classmates, and does many other things. Also, there are certain mystical adventures she’ll have to take back in time and spice up your gameplay. Life Is Strange is indeed about any teen fantasy that might come true and that’s why many people really love playing this game. If you love playing Life Is Strange, be sure to explore these amazing titles w
Best Games Like Until Dawn

22 Best Games Like Until Dawn You Need to Try Today

22 Best Games Like Until Dawn You Need to Try Today

Until Dawn is exclusive of PlayStation and combines the genre of an interactive story with horror, as well as survival aspects. At its core, this adventure is all about making choices that’ll ripple throughout the narrative. This ensures that players can have totally different experiences despite playing the same game. As such, you can play Until Dawn numerous times which should encourage you to take an alternative path to explore other story paths depending on key points of decision. These points of decisions are hardly black or white and thanks to Until Dawn’s auto-save feature, player choices are usually final. Apart from making choices, the gameplay is largely based on exploration with several clues and quick-time events that can provide extra information for you to give the story more depth or make decisions. The story follows seven pals as they attend their yearly winter holiday at the Blackwood Pines resort.
best games like factorio

20 Best Games Like Factorio to Try

20 Best Games Like Factorio to Try in 2021

Factorio is a highly rated Steam video game with a frenzied fan base. The basis of this game is to build factories to advance your production capacity further while protecting your factories from a multitude of monsters. While Factorio has a relatively simple premise, nothing could be further from the truth. The game gets more complex as your factory grows larger, and the longer you play the game the more addictive it becomes. Due to Factorio’s addictive nature, many players seek out similar games that provide the same feeling of satisfaction. The list of games below is in no particular order, but we guarantee you that they have the same feel as Factorio.

1. Minecraft

This open-world sa