22 Best Games Like Until Dawn You Need to Try Today

Best Games Like Until Dawn

Until Dawn is exclusive of PlayStation and combines the genre of an interactive story with horror, as well as survival aspects. At its core, this adventure is all about making choices that’ll ripple throughout the narrative. This ensures that players can have totally different experiences despite playing the same game.

As such, you can play Until Dawn numerous times which should encourage you to take an alternative path to explore other story paths depending on key points of decision. These points of decisions are hardly black or white and thanks to Until Dawn’s auto-save feature, player choices are usually final.

Apart from making choices, the gameplay is largely based on exploration with several clues and quick-time events that can provide extra information for you to give the story more depth or make decisions. The story follows seven pals as they attend their yearly winter holiday at the Blackwood Pines resort.

The games below are similar to Until Dawn because they provide more exploration-based adventures across different platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Enjoy the experience!

1. The Inpatient

This title should rank highest on this list as it’s the prelude to Until Dawn. In The Inpatient, you are an amnesia patient inside the Blackwood Sanatorium. You aim to regain your memories. As with Until Dawn, the choices you make will impact the outcome of the game.

The Inpatient also has a new feature in which non-playable characters respond to your actions through voice recognition. But the only difference between this game and others is that it’s played from the perspective of the first person. The developers want players to experience this game differently from Until Dawn, a third-person game.

2. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Also known as RE7, this is a first-person video game where you take the role of Ethan Winters and search for your missing wife. Obviously, this isn’t a Resident Evil title without some sort of zombifying illness. The house where you look for your missus is infected by “molded”, a humanoid fungus. Ew!

  • Get yourself stuck into this horror survival video game on PlayStation 4 in virtual reality.
  • Fight with a range of weapons, including chainsaws, handguns, and explosives.
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

3. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a narrative of three androids as they eke out a living throughout Detroit, Michigan. You can play as a nanny, caretaker, or investigator with connected stories. Make wise choices or foolish choices to see each outcome.

  • You can play as Markus, Conner, and Kara in their unique but similar stories.
  • Deal with life and bereavement while you make life-changing decisions.
  • Detroit: Become Human is brought to you by the developers behind Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit.
  • It’s available on Xbox and PS4.

4. Outlast

Set in the far-flung mountains of Colorado, you come face to face with horrors in Mount Massive Asylum. Some long-forgotten mental health facility reopened recently by Murkoff Corporation’s Research and Charity, has been running in complete secrecy…until now.

Tipped off by an inside source, freelance journalist Miles Upshur sneaks into the home and what he finds walks a horrifying line between religion and science, nature, and another completely different thing. Once inside, Upshur has only one hope of escape: the awful truth at the core of Mount Massive.

5. Dying Light

Dying Light is a first-person horror action survival game that takes place in an expansive and hazardous open world environment. During the day, each player travels through a vast urban environment infested with a nasty outbreak, scavenging for supplies and building weapons to defend themselves from the increasingly ill population.

At night, infected people become more aggressive and dangerous and gun for you. The scariest are predators which only emerge after sundown. As a player, you must use everything at your disposal to stay alive until sunrise.

6. The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady, aka Susan Ashworth, is a lonesome 40-year-old with suicidal thoughts. She doesn’t have a family or friends and her future looks bleak.

One day, she finds out that five outsiders will come to her rescue. But those strangers, known as “The Parasites”, also are the most ruthless, cold-blooded, and deranged bunch of psychopaths in town. They pull all stops to harm Susan. Unless, of course, she harms them first.

Susan has lost faith in people and barely even cares for herself. She’s never used a firearm in her life and can’t fight. But she’s clinging onto faint hopes that, ultimately, she’ll get the elusive reward she was promised.

Something worth dying for. Something that will bring her an unlikely friend and give meaning to her life.

7. Layers of Fear

This psychedelic horror game will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Delve deep into a mad painter’s mind and find out the reason for their insanity as you pass through a constantly moving house.

Inspired heavily by the painting masterpieces of previous centuries and the décor and architecture from the 19th century, Layers of Fear offers a truly special experience, in which each action of the camera could change your surroundings.

Little by little, uncover the visions, horrors, and fears that entangle the protagonist and complete the masterpiece he’s worked so hard to create.

8. Murdered: Soul Suspect

This is a supernatural investigative thriller that challenges you to unravel possibly the most difficult case of all—your own murder!

Murder: Soul Suspect takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, where you can explore the narrow streets, New England-style wooden homes, historical landmarks, and Gothic churches for clues. You’ll need to overcome devilish spirits to preserve your soul while uncovering the earth-shattering revelations about who’s culpable for your death.

9. Silent Hill II

The second installment of the Silent Hill series, Silent Hill II is a story-focused third-person horror game with puzzle-solving and exploration aspects.

The game follows James Sunderland, who gets a letter, seemingly from his dead-for-three-years wife Mary, which summons him to the overcast town Silent Hill alongside many others with a troubled past.

10. The Last of Us

This game tests your reaction time and decision-making skills. You begin The Last of Us as Joel and your objective is to accompany a teen called Ellie to a secure place in a desolate setting in the United States. Like Until Dawn, you must make the right choices, react to quick button prompts, and solve puzzles to finish this game.

The Last of Us boasts amazing graphics. The buildings and characters are not only realistic, but the backdrop is also breathtaking.

11. Man of Medan

This is a survival horror game that’s set in a ghost ship. Created by the developers of Until Dawn, this game is also played from the third-person point of view. The good news about Man of Medan is that it can either be played in a single or multiplayer mode.

Playing this game is like playing Until Dawn with a bunch of friends. You can each make choices in Man of Medan. Whichever decisions you make, they’ll lead to different outcomes.

12. Vampyr

This is one of the most interesting horror-adventure titles to come out recently. Vampyr is not spooky at all, but it explores the vampire world. It’s nice to see titles that explore the past where horror wasn’t just about shock value and jump scares but also about the atmosphere.

As with Until Dawn, your in-game decisions affect the destiny of other characters. You’ve got the choice of throwing your human out of the window and slay everything on sight like Dr. Jonathan Reed. Or, you can decide to be a peacemaker and try to get the best possible solution.

Vampyr has a series of boss battles and is a lot more active in terms of gameplay than Until Dawn. If interactive stories are your thing and you don’t want them completely stripped off action, be sure to check out Vampyr.

13. Life is Strange II

You must also include Life Is Strange in your list if you’re looking for alternatives to Until Dawn. It’s a graphic adventure that comes in episodes.

Your key character can relate to the environment and objects. You can also interact with non-playing characters and you have dialogue boxes to help you make a decision. Your choices have a significant impact on how the story flows.

14. Indigo Prophecy

Indigo Prophecy, also called Fahrenheit, has over the years enjoyed some level of a cult following. In this game, you take the character of Lucas Kane, a guy who’s possessed into killing someone.

Decision-making is also critical in this game—you can have three conclusions, so you might want to play Indigo Prophecy thrice to achieve all the endings.

The intriguing storyline will definitely keep you hooked from start to finish. You also have to perform on-screen prompts quickly, otherwise, you might not get to the game’s conclusion.

15. State of Decay

This is the perfect game for you if you want to inject some stealth into your horror survival game experience. Not only does the State of Decay depend on your ability to make decisions, but it also requires that you engage in simulation and combat.

You’re in control of a small bunch of survivors. It’s up to you to decide whether to follow the game’s storyline or perform tasks that would keep your group of survivors alive.

16. The Evil Within

This is another survival horror adventure that’s played in the third-person perspective. You play a detective named Sebastian Castellanos who finds himself in the middle of a psychological thriller. In this game, you fight monster-like enemies and nightmares. Your only strength is weapons that help you get new powers and move up levels.

Gameplay involves using distraction items, sneaking, and at the same time making strategies. As you move through levels, weapons also replace other weapons like a shotgun for a pistol and also a crossbow.

At each level, enemies become scarier and aggressive as well, so you should only play the game if you can handle horror games.

You can play The Evil Within on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

17. L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire opens up the world of investigation where you experience slow-paced gameplay. The game is set in Los Angeles in the 1940s where you’re a police officer tasked with revealing the truth behind cases.

You are assigned detective duties where you aim to achieve your mission and move up levels. L.A. takes you through the various clues that you pick up and unravel the mystery. In the game, suspects also crop up and facial mechanics help you know whether the suspect is or isn’t lying.

18. Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange centers around a teenage boy named Max who has the ability to reverse time. As Max, your goal is to travel back in time and make necessary environmental changes to stop the hurricane in the orbit.

The gameplay is based on the butterfly effect where your actions determine the outcome. It’s played in the third-person point of view and you can find yourself in different places, meet various non-playing characters, and take action as you interact with the objects. Basically, it’s like receiving the quests and completing puzzles that depend on changing the environment.

You can play Life Is Strange on iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

19. Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition mixes up several elements like horror, comedy, open world, and more. In the game, you’re an investigator known as Francis York who researches the murders occurring in town and reaches a conclusion.

The gameplay lets you explore the beautiful massive world and grants you free access to the different environments. In Deadly Premonition, you look for characters to interact with and even complete side missions. This helps you uncover the mystery and get as nearer to the truth as you can.

You can play Deadly Premonition on Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 3.

20. Alan Wake

In this Until Dawn alternative, you play Alan Wake, a novelist who heads off to Bright Falls town to recharge his batteries and get his writing career back on track. The game unfolds over several episodes and during this period you also begin to unravel the mystery surrounding your wife’s disappearance.

The gameplay blends the psychological and exploration aspects to produce this horror-filled adventure. The horrible moment is the dark period where you also try to uncover the darkness that afflicts people and other things. Your flashlight is a critical tool as it does away with darkness and replaces it with light.

You can play Alan Wake on Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360.

21. Mass Effect

This game takes you right inside the galaxy and assigns you a role. You play Commander Shepard in 2183, an era where humans have advanced technologies. Your objective is to defend humans from mechanical creatures and other mechanical objects.

Mass Effect is available in several versions, and all have similar gameplay and advanced plot. The gameplay lets you take charge of two members of artificial intelligence engaged in battle. It’s also decision-making gameplay where you must make decisions depending on the situation at hand.

You can play Mass Effect on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, Android, PlayStation 3 and 4, Wii U, and Windows Phone.

Read our list of best games like Mass Effect to try next.

22. Blacksoul

Blacksoul is a third-person perspective horror-style adventure game. Set in 1970s England, you have to do lots of puzzle-solving in the game. Play a detective who’s tasked with solving strange psychotic murders. The horror elements and dark theme make you feel like you’re in the Blacksoul world.

The gameplay largely revolves around the exploration that takes place in the dark environment and also follows the puzzle-solving genre. You’ll come face to face with several dirty foes like zombies, which you must kill while unraveling the mystery.

FAQs About Best Games Like Until Dawn

Question: Is Until Dawn Similar to Detroit: Become Human?

Answer: Since Until Dawn is a horror game, it doesn’t share the same game genre as Detroit: Become Human. But Until Dawn has very close and uncanny similarities with Detroit: Become Human, including the fact that it lets you determine the destiny of the characters.

Question: Should I Buy Until Dawn?

Answer: Yes, Until Dawn is well worth your $8. It’s one of the best games you can play on PlayStation 4 and it’ll definitely give you two rounds of play.

Question: Can Until Dawn Be played on PlayStation 5?

Answer: Yes, you can play Until Dawn on PlayStation 5 at a fixed 60 frames per second, helping you enjoy the performance of famous actors without any stuttering. As a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can play Until Dawn from day one, along with more than 12 other titles.

Question: Will Until Dawn II Come Out?

Answer: The developers of Until Dawn said they had thought about creating Until Dawn II, but they never got round to doing it. Instead, they created a spinoff named Rush of Blood, as well as a prequel named The Inpatient.

Question: How Does Sam Pass On in Until Dawn?

Answer: Sam dies in only one way: she’s stabbed in the belly by Hannah, who has turned into a Wendigo.

Play These Alternatives to Until Dawn Today!

Developed by SuperMassive Games, Until Dawn is one of the most fascinating horror games that fans around the world really love. It revolves around taking control of eight young adults stuck in a Blackwood Mountain lodge who must survive the unexpected events that’ll take place until they’re rescued at dawn.

Until Dawn features the theme of “the butterfly effect” where players determine each character’s fate. There may be cases where the game requires you to perform certain tasks like reading someone’s diary or carrying a bat.

Depending on your decisions, the story will alter its outcome. Also, there’s a system of relationships that changes when you make these decisions, and they’re either helpful or tragic.

To date, Until Dawn remains one of the most original games in the survival horror genre. It makes you feel like you’re watching a nice horror film while playing. That’s not all—it also leaves you imagining what could happen if you make alternative decisions in your next gaming session.

Until Dawn is a true masterpiece. If you’re done playing it and are looking for its alternatives, you have plenty of options to select from. Be sure to give a few of these fabulous horror games a try!

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