12 Best Games Like Life is Strange to Play

Best Games Like Life is Strange

Life Is Strange lets you live out your fantasies and really take your imagination to the next level in an online world. It’s one of the leading story mode games a player can lay their hands on. The game has even won various awards for its narrative as it’s a graphic and episodic adventure game created by Dontnod Entertainment in 2015.

The plot revolves around an adolescent high school who’s studying photography and suddenly discovers that she’s got the gift of reversing time. Thanks to her newfound ability, she goes on some adventures at her school, saves some classmates, and does many other things.

Also, there are certain mystical adventures she’ll have to take back in time and spice up your gameplay. Life Is Strange is indeed about any teen fantasy that might come true and that’s why many people really love playing this game.

If you love playing Life Is Strange, be sure to explore these amazing titles well worth your money and enjoy playing today!

1. Oxenfree

You’re a teenager named Alex, who goes to a weekend bash on Edwards Island with three of your friends and your stepbrother.

Just like Life Is Strange causes a stir with its time-bending style, the narrative in Oxenfree takes a surprising turn courtesy of a ghostly rift that crashes the party. The mystifying rifts split up the group and Alex is forced is confront her woes and face some ugly truths about her friends and herself.

At its core, Oxenfree is a moving, coming-of-age narrative about five individuals who are all trying to solve their own relatable troubles. And just like you can control any of the protagonists in the game, the dialogue options allow you to determine Alex’s personality as well as how you navigate the narrative.

With an attention-grabbing art style, top-notch voice acting, an engaging storyline, and fleshed-out characters, Oxenfree is your go-to choice if you like a story-driven plot that’ll bring tears to your eyes and keep surprising you.

2. Quantum Break

Having supernatural gifts is no mean feat. Of course, it can help you quash critical decisions to get different outcomes, but it’s quite a heavy burden being in charge of changing fate, especially when you’re an awkward teenager.

Quantum Break uses time-reversal supernatural abilities in a much more action-packed manner but still focuses on story and narrative choices. As a movielike adventure that’s very much like playing out your own science-fiction TV series, through several options you can elect to follow the narrative of protagonist Jack Joyce or antagonist Paul Serene—who have both happened to gain supernatural time-bending talents.

Littlefinger Aidan Gillen from Game of Thrones and Shawn Ashmore from X-men’s performed the roles with motion-capture to create unbelievably realistic-looking game characters. As a mix of interactive TV show meets action game, Remedy Entertainment’s creation is sure to excite anyone who’s looking for a more action-packed, adult mystery that allows you to determine how the narrative ends.

3. The Wolf Among Us

At its core, The Wolf Among Us is all about decision-making and storytelling. It’s one of the most exciting offerings from Telltale. The Wolf Among Us revolves around the story of Fabletown’s acting sheriff, Bigby Wolf.

In its imaginary world, Fables are mythical characters who assume guises and glamors to hide within society. Bigby, formerly Big Bad Wolf, is caught up in a murder inquiry that sends him on a rollercoaster ride. It’s your duty to decide how to deal with the events that take place, and how you communicate with other fables around you and the world.

The Wolf Among Us has a fascinating story and lively characters who absolutely actualize Willingham’s dream in Telltale’s trademark style. If you love detective and fantasy genres, you’ll surely love The Wolf Among Us, and as with Life Is Strange, there are lots of mysteries to get you playing this episodic game for hours.

4. Firewatch

Life Is Strange boasts an element of mystery that keeps you engaged for hours, and as with a nice TV cliffhanger, every episode leaves you itching to know more. Although Firewatch isn’t in an episodic format, its investigative storytelling and exploratory mechanics will scratch the same itch.

From a first-person standpoint, you’re in control of Henry, a new fireman in the Wyoming wilds. The storyline is created through several conversations over a mobile radio between Henry and Delilah, his supervisor.

It soon becomes apparent that there’s a lot to Henry’s tale, and as the months roll by in-game, Henry’s story and that of the hilly landscapes he navigates through starts to unfold.

With fully created characters and gorgeous stylization, Firewatch is a brief atmospheric story-based experience that you won’t forget in a hurry.

5. Gone Home

Love a story that revolves around discovery and exploration? If so, this first-person adventure is sure to thrill you. Focused entirely on a beautifully rendered and meticulously detailed house, you play Katie who jets back from abroad. When you get to the front yard, you quickly realize that your family is not home and after being abroad for quite a while, you need answers to lots of questions about your loved ones.

By checking drawers, finding notes and letters, and listening to tapes, you embark on a quest to unravel your loved ones’ secrets and the problems they dealt with when you were away. Apart from exploring the home, you’ll also explore matters about relationships, family, growth, and plenty more.

If you enjoy unearthing a nice mystery with an intriguing storyline and you have a keen attention to detail, then you should try out Gone Home.

Read our full list of best games like Gone Home to play next.

6. Game of Thrones

This game began as a novel story that’s still running and it’s been popular in various mediums since then. But since its TV adaptation came out, Telltale Games went ahead to deliver a video game series to fans.

Unfolding across six episodes, you’ll be taking on the Game of Thrones adventure around northern House Forrester. You’ll take charge of different characters spread across different regions. And while the TV series doesn’t show the House, the House was briefly mentioned in the novel. This ultimately gave Telltale Games some leeway in how to direct the narrative after season 3 and conclude before the events of season 5.

Despite Game of Thrones revolving around new characters, a few different favorite characters in the series appeared throughout the game.

Although Game of Thrones wasn’t as highly regarded as some other Telltale titles, it gained a following. There was a sequel on the way but it was scrapped since the developer’s studio was shut down.

7. Beyond: Two Souls

This is another creation from Quantic Dream and if you’ve ever played a game from this developer, then you probably have a pretty good idea of how Beyond: Two Souls will unfold mechanically. The central focus of this game is a storyline where players go through the gameplay by picking up choices, QTEs, and clues. In particular, Beyond: Two Souls also boasts a supernatural aspect to it like Life Is Strange.

You take the role of Jodie Holmes who’s connected to an unseen supernatural known as Aiden. With Aiden’s help, you can overcome hostilities or communicate with objects out of your reach. But as these objects realize there’s something special about Jodie, she’s taken under the wing of the government and does their bidding.

This story follows the life of Jodie and narrates the joys and struggles Jodie experiences courtesy of Aiden.

8. Remember Me

Remember Me is an action-adventure video game that revolves around a protagonist known as Nilin and was released in 2013. Overall, Remember Me occurs in the future in which Nilin hunts memories but has lost all of her memories to a megacorporation known as Memorize.

As a player, your mission is to track down Memorize and stop it while also saving Nilin’s memories. The gameplay is a little more action-focused compare to Life Is Strange. However, you must also solve a series of puzzles along the way and there’s a unique mechanic where you tap into various non-playing character memories and carry out slight tweaks that will cause Nilin to remember a particular memory differently.

9. The Walking Dead

Tried out The Walking Dead? If not, you’re really missing out on loads of fun. The Walking Dead is one of the top episodic adventure games that was created by Telltale Games and released in 2012. It’s based on The Walking Dead, a comic book franchise with millions of fans all over the world.

The Walking Dead has 5 episodes based on the zombie idea of the actual comic book franchise. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, macOS, and Linux.

The developers say that unlike other games with zombies of the same genre, The Walking Dead focuses on character development, characterization, and emotions. That doesn’t mean you won’t see any action while playing this game. There’s also plenty of action-packed content in this game but that isn’t the major focus.

The Walking Dead is one of the top games you can enjoy for hours on end if you love episodic adventure-based video games that leave you feeling connected to the game better. This game will also satisfy your craving for horror, adventure, curiosity, and a little bit of action.

10. Heavy Rain

This is a real interactive drama with good bits of adventure and action embedded in it, making it the best choice for you if you want to play for hours on end. Heavy Rain was created by Quantic Dream and you can enjoy it on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation.

The plot involves four protagonists involved with the secret of the original murderer. There’s plenty of adventure, action, and some extremely intense scenes such as shooting and some sexually explicit scenes that would be inappropriate for young players. But if you’re a grown-up, Heavy Rain is one game you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

You get to take control of some nice characters around this game and it becomes quite interesting. You must roam around town, take part in some exciting adventures and unravel the secret of the serial murderer.

The gameplay gets interesting as you take absolute control of the movement of the character. It’s like a film you can take control of. You can make your character engage in routine tasks like taking a shower, brushing, dressing up, driving around, as well as moving the narrative forward one step at a time. Each step you take will define the narrative as you forge ahead and will directly impact the game’s outcome.

Heavy Rain has some serious details and graphics that are perfect for anyone who wants to play the game for hours on end.

11. Detroit: Become Human

Created by Quantic Dream and set in Detroit, Michigan, if you love choice-driven stories you’ll want to try out Detroit: Become Human. This futuristic neo-noir thriller is based on a 2012 Quantic Dream tech demo that went viral online.

You will be in control of three characters, all of whom are androids. You’ll control Kara, a female character who has fled from the factory she was created. There’s also Connor, a male character whose job is to hunt down deviant androids. Finally, there’s another male character Markus, who has started an android revolt against humans.

Detroit: Become Human is all about decisions and it definitely appears that you’ll have a ton of choices to make throughout the game. Actually, there are lots of choices that will each alter the storyline and could have serious implications for your characters.

12. Tell Me Why

It’d be really hard to find the closest thing to Life Is Strange like Tell Me Why. This is because the game is created by Dontnod Entertainment, which created the first and second Life Is Strange. Not only does Tell Me Why tells its narrative in much the same way, letting the player make decisions, it also dabbles a little in supernatural themes. The game is also episodic, with the story unfolding over three two-hour episodes.

In this game, you play the role of twins Tyler and Alyson, both returning home after being away for 10 years. The twins are also seeing each other for the first time, so they not only need to get used to being back at their childhood home, but they also need to get comfortable being in one another’s company again.

Throughout the episodes, you’ll learn a lot about the twins, and unravel the mysterious and tragic events that took place a decade ago.

FAQs About Best Games Like Life Is Strange

Question: What Games Can I Play After Playing Life Is Strange?

Answer: If you’ve finished playing Life Is Strange, you can try the following similar games that offer lots of moving stories and are determined by the decisions you make:

• Night in the Woods
• Oxenfree
• Firewatch
• The Walking Dead
• Quantum Break
• The Wolf Among Us
• Last Day of June
• Until Dawn

Question: Life Is Strange Vs. Life Is Strange: Before the Storm: Which is the Better Game?

Answer: In our view, the better game by far is Life Is Strange. It’s a little more concise, has a bit more absorbing gameplay, and you’ll love the emotional spirit of the game.

But Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is also an enjoyable game. It’s a fascinating prequel to Life Is Strange that expands upon the story and allows you to spend a bit more time with your favorite characters.

Question: What’s the Genre of Life Is Strange?

Answer: Created by Dontnod Entertainment, Life Is Strange is a graphic adventure game that unfolds over several episodes. It can be played on PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Question: Is Life Is Strange an Amazing Game?

Answer: Yes, Life Is Strange is a wonderful game with a great experience. For starters, the story is amazing, the graphics are excellent, and the controls are great, too. Life Is Strange is a story-focused game, so there’s really not much gameplay but it offers more than enough.

Question: Can Life Is Strange Be Considered Scary?

Answer: Yes, you can call Life Is Strange scary as it contains drama, suspense, humor, action, romance, creepy, and science-fiction elements all in one. The game also offers vital life lessons and is rated 12+.

Play These Best Games Like Life is Strange Today

Life Is Strange combines storytelling, player choice, and gameplay intriguingly.

A story-driven graphic adventure that tells tales of family, love, and friendship combined with the supernatural, every Life Is Strange season has made players fall for the characters as though they were their own friends.

Numerous other games play out like Life Is Strange, of course, as long as you know where to find them. If you’re missing the company of Sean and Daniel, or Max and Chloe, we’ve curated the best games like Life Is Strange above because they evoke many similar feelings.

As with Life Is Strange, we’ve picked these games for their emphasis on characterization and narrative. And because Life Is Strange delves into the supernatural realm, we’ve also included a number of supernatural stories in the list.

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