AFK Arena Tier List: Build Your Perfect Team

afk arena tier list

AFK Arena is a mobile idle RPG game created and published by Lilith Games and Original Entertainment for Android and iOS. The biggest feature of the game is that players are able to spend only a few minutes actively playing the game.

Once players have selected their heroes, formation, and gear, they can then leave the game to fight enemies, explore new lands and unlock rewards without direct interaction.

The name hallmarks this feature of the game being an old-school acronym for away from the keyboard. While the game is largely done automatically, players still need to progress through the story and level up their characters. Naturally, the game increases in difficulty as the player progresses through the chapters.

Players need to log in at least once every 12 hours to get the most out of the game’s AFK feature, as that is all the game will hold. Additionally, players are encouraged to log in and explore a special labyrinth that changes every two days, as well as, explore guild events and daily and weekly quests they can complete.

There are also ranked combat tower events that pit players against each other and other limited-time events. Participating in events will help players gain rewards and level up faster and in general, shouldn’t take more than half an hour a day to complete.

There is also a storyline to the game, mainly being about defeating a demon. However, the storyline is released in small and spaced-out increments which makes it secondary to gameplay mechanics and the overall fun of the game. Despite this, the 40 heroes and six factions all have unique and interesting backstories that create an interesting world.

Combined with the fairy tale-like graphics this game not only pleases action junkies but also those that enjoy an overall well-made game. AFK Arena has garnered the attention and praise of many different high-profile gamers including Markiplier who is featured as a tavern owner in the game.

What is a Tier List and How to Use it?

afk arena

Tier lists are rankings of the heroes and how well they fare within the game. Tier lists are used to group characters and help players select the best team for their gameplay style.

AFK allows players to use five different heroes as part of their team and creating a team-based around one faction will give bonuses during combat. Each faction is strong against one faction and weak against another. For example, Maulers are strong against Wilders while being weak against Lightbearers.


  • Graveborns are strong against Lightbearers but weak against Wilders
  • Maulers are strong against Wilders but weak against Lighbearers
  • Lightbearers are strong against Maulers but weak against Graveborn’s
  • Wilders are strong against Graveborns and weak against Maulers
  • Celestials are strong and weak against Hypogeans
  • Hypogeans are strong and weak against Celestials
  • Dimensionals is a special faction that doesn’t come with a faction bonus and can only be obtained from the merchant store and the Labyrinth store.

Tier List Ratings


Ratings for AFK Arena follow the standard S-D ratings. S means that the hero works well within gameplay and is a great choice as part of a team. A means that the hero works well with most heroes, B,C and D are generally heroes you probably won’t find yourself using very often simply because they don’t have enough to offer.

Overall AFK Arena heavily features heroes that are overpowered and work great with other heroes. It’s easy to create teams centered around one specific faction because all of the characters work well together and offer a lot. Characters are also diverse and you will find different classed heroes in different factions making it easy to create a well-rounded team despite being part of one faction.


Name Class Role Type Faction
Daimon Tank Strength Tank Graveborn
Thoran Tank Strength Tank Graveborn
Arthur Tank Strength Tank Dimensional
Albedo Tank Strength Tank Dimensional
Mezoth Tank Strength Tank Hypogean
Orthros Tank Strength Tank Celestials
Skreg Tank Strength Tank Maulers
Elijah & Lailah Support Intelligence Buffer Celestials
Talene Support Agility Continuous Damage Celestials
Rowan Support Intelligence Buffer Lightbearers
Ezizh Support Strength Buffer Hypogean
Tasi Support Intelligence Control Wilders
Rosaline Support Intelligence Buffer Lightbearers
Mortas Support Agility Regen Hypogean
Silas Support Intelligence Buffer Graveborn
Alna Warrior Agility Buffer Celestials
Saurus Warrior Strength Continuous Damage Wilders
Izold Warrior Strength Tank Graveborn
Nara Warrior Strength Assassin Graveborn
Wu Kong Warrior Strength Continuous Damage Celestials
Zolrath Warrior Agility Assassin Hypogean
Ainz Mage Intelligence Continuous Damage Dimensional
Mehira Mage Intelligence Control Hypogean
Zaphrael Mage Intelligence Continuous Damage Celestials
Flora Mage Intelligence Continuous Damage Celestials
Safiya Mage Intelligence AoE Maulers
Khazard Mage Intelligence Control Hypogean
Skirath Mage Intelligence AoE Maulers
Eironn Ranger Agility AoE Wilders
Athalia Ranger Agility Assassin Celestials
Lucretia Ranger Agility Assassin Hypogean
Gwyneth Ranger Strength Continuous Damage Lightbearers
Ferael Ranger Agility Continuous Damage Graveborn
Lyca Ranger Agility Buffer Wilders
Ezio Ranger Agility Assassin Dimensional
Nakoruru Ranger Agility Burst Dimensional


Name Class Role Type Faction
Gorvo Tank Tank Strength Wilders
Hendrik Tank Tank Strength Lightbearer
Grezhul Tank Tank Strength Graveborn
Numisu Support Regen Intelligence Maulers
Nemore Support Regen Intelligence Wilders
Queen Warriors Continuous Damage Strength Dimensional
Warek Warriors Continuous Damage Strength Maulers
Pippa Mage Continuous Damage Intelligence Wilders
Lorsan Mage AoE Intelligence Wilders
Eluard Mage AoE Intelligence Lightbearer
Oden Mage AoE Intelligence Graveborn
Fawkes Ranger Control Agility Lightbearer
Drez Ranger Burst Agility Maulers
Tidus Ranger Continuous Damage Agility Maulers
Kelthur Ranger Assassin Agility Graveborn
Joker Ranger Continuous Damage Agility Joker


Name Class Role Type Faction
Lucius Tank Regen Strength Lightbearers
Brutus Tank Tank Strength Maulers
Torne Tank Tank Strength Graveborn
Anoki Tank Tank Strength Maulers
Raine Support Buffer Agility Lightbearers
Estrilda Warrior Burst Strength Lightbearers
Khasos Warrior Continuous Damage Strength Maulers
Shemira Mage AoE Intelligence Graveborn
Belinda Mage AoE Intelligence Lightbearers
Solise Mage Control Intelligence Wilders
Satrana Mage Burst Intelligence Maulers
Respen Ranger Burst Agility Wilders
Vurk Ranger AoE Agility Maulers
Kren Ranger Continuous Damage Agility Maulers
Kaz Ranger Assassin Agility Wilders
Theowyn Ranger Continuous Damage Agility Graveborn


Name Class Role Type Faction
Ulmus Tank Tank Strength Wilders
Baden Warriors Continuous Damage Agility Graveborn
Ukyo Warriors Continuous Damage Agility Dimensional
Rigby Warriors Tank Strength Lightbearers
Antandra Warriors Tank Agility Maulers
Seirus Warriors Tank Strength Wilders
Isabella Mage Continuous Damage Intelligence Graveborn
Oscar Ranger Assassin Agility Lightbearers


Name Class Role Type Faction
Thane Ranger Assassin Agility Lightbearers


Question: Where can I play AFK Arena?

Answer: AFK Arena can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the Apple Store depending on if you have an android or apple device. Additionally, you can use the Bluestacks android emulator on your PC to play AFK Arena easily from your laptop or desktop.

Android Download:

iOS Download:


Question: Are tier lists subjective?

Answer: Of course, they are generally based on a matter of opinion and player experience. As the game is updated and changed some heroes may find themselves farther down on a tier list and others may find themselves at a better advantage.

The same can be said for different game levels, this list mostly focuses on endgame heroes and content. Overall just create a team that works for your gameplay style and don’t follow a tier list as if it is the bible of the game.

Question: Are there other games like AFK Arena?

Answer: Of course! If you find yourself really enjoying AFK Arena there are plenty of other games out there that are very similar to it. These include Ode to Heros, With Heros, Ulala, and Summoners Era. All of these are idle games in some ways and most operate very similarly to AFK Arena.

Final Thoughts

AFK Arena features a lot of overpowered heroes from a variety of factions once they are leveled up. In general, you could create a team based on any faction that is well-rounded, powerful, and will stick with you through endgame content. This tier brought to light just how powerful most of the characters are in the game and how easy it is to create a team.

When creating a team you want to be aware of their roles and types as well. While class and faction can give you some idea of how that character will play, roles and types also tell you what strengths that character brings to the gameplay. Overall AFK Arena allows you to easily create teams that will kick butt at any gameplay they throw at you.

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