Azur Lane Tier List: Everything You Need to Know

Azur Lane is a side-scrolling shoot-up mobile video game that was created by Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi. The game was released in 2017 for both Android and iOS and later released in English in 2019.

The game is set in an alternative World War II timeline where players collect ship girls that are based on actual interpretations of World War II ships. Players organize their ship girls into fleets of six and participate in various battles against both AI-controlled enemies and other players.

The ship organization consists of three ships upfront and three ships in the back. Destroyers, light cruisers, and heavy cruisers can be in the front row, while battleships, aircraft cruisers, monitors, repair ships, battlecruisers, and aircraft carriers can be in the back row. The game also features a dormitory where the characters in their chibi forms can hang out, sleep and bathe.

Lastly, the game features marriage, when a character reaches 100 affection points through battle they can be given a promise ring. For some characters, this unlocks wedding dress costumes and additional state bonuses. More than one character can have a promise ring.

Tier List and Ratings Explained

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Tier lists help players understand what characters are overpowered, balanced, underpowered, or just overall not compatible with end game content. They also help understand which characters you should be hoping to collect and which characters can generally be discarded after early gameplay.

Tier lists work by rating characters in groups of S-F. S is for characters who are superior to other characters in the game and are easily capable of beating end game content with the right configurations.

These ship girls also happen to be the most versatile and can adapt easily to various situations. A is for characters that are powerful and work well but just don’t stand up against S characters.

However, they will beat endgame content just the same. B is for characters that are used by a lot of players and can easily be collected in the game. While not the most powerful ships they are capable of clearing endgame content and dominating the game when used correctly.

C is for ship girls that are kinda there. They aren’t super powerful but they aren’t worthless either, they are just sort of there as an option. D is for ship girls that really don’t make the cut in the game and in general, should only be used if there isn’t anything better. Lastly, we have F for the ship girls that just aren’t worth playing with, try to avoid these characters at all costs.


Ship NameRarityClassificationFaction
CentaurSuper RareLight Aircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
FormidableSuper RareAircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
HelenaEliteLight CruiserEagle Union
EnterpriseSuper RareAircraft CarrierEagle Union
SeattlePriorityLight CruiserEagle Union
San DiegoSuper RareLight CruiserEagle Union
I-13Super RareSubmarine CarrierSakura Empire
RoonPriorityHeavy CruiserIron Blood
Friedrich der GrosseDecisiveBattleshipIron Blood
GeorgiaPriorityBattleshipEagle Union
DrakeDecisiveHeavy CruiserRoyal Navy
NagatoSuper RareBattleshipSakura Empire
BaltimoreSuper RareHeavy CruiserEagle Union
EssexSuper RareAircraft CarrierEagle Union
GascognePriorityBattleshipVichya Dominion
OdinPriorityBattlecruiserIron Blood
AzumaDecisiveLarge CruiserSakura Empire
RichelieuSuper RareBattleshipIris Libre
U-101Super RareSubmarineIron Blood
HoweSuper RareBattleshipRoyal Navy
WarspiteSuper RareBattleshipRoyal Navy
AyanamiEliteDestroyerSakura Empire
MonarchPriorityBattleshipRoyal Navy
BremertonSuper RareHeavy CruiserEagle Union
RyuuhouSuper RareLight Aircraft CarrierSakura Empire


Ship NameRarityClassificationFaction
YukikazeSuper RareDestroyerSakura Empire
NeptunePriorityLight CruiserRoyal Navy
CheshirePriorityHeavy CruiserRoyal Navy
ChapayevSuper RareLight CruiserNorthern Parliament
IllustriousSuper RareAircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
AmagiSuper RareBattlecruiserSakura Empire
MontpelierSuper RareLight CruiserEagle Union
KitakazePriorityDestroyerSakura Empire
Z23EliteDestroyerIron Blood
BismarkSuper RareBattleshipIron Blood
SwiftsureSuper RareLight CruiserRoyal Navy
EldridgeSuper RareDestroyerEagle Union
TosaSuper RareBattleshipSakura Empire
PerseusSuper RareLight Aircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
Saint LouisPriorityHeavy CruiserIris Libre
LaffeyEliteDestroyerEagle Union
Ping HaiEliteLight CruiserDragon Empery
Yat-SenEliteLight CruiserDragon Empery
Ning HaiEliteLight CruiserDragon Empery
TashkentSuper RareDestroyerNorthern Parliament
Bunker HIllSuper RareAircraft CarrierEagle Union
AkashiSuper RareRepair ShipSakura Empire
U-47Super RareSubmarineIron Blood
ZaraSuper RareHeavy CruiserSardegna Empire
NoshiroSuper RareLight CruiserSakura Empire
VestalEliteRepair ShipEagle Union
Graf ZeppelinSuper RareAircraft CarrierIron Blood
SaratogaEliteAircraft CarrierEagle Union
JintsuuEliteLight CruiserSakura Empire
MinneapolisSuper RareHeavy CruiserEagle Union
JintsuuEliteLight CruiserSakura Empire
An ShanEliteDestroyerDragon Empery
Duke of YorkSuper RareBattleshipRoyal Navy
PortlandRareHeavy CruiserEagle Union
I-168Super RareSubmarineSakura Empire
AlabamaSuper RareBattleshipEagle Union
IntrepidSuper RareAircraft CarrierEagle Union
UnicornEliteLight Aircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
King George VSuper RareBattleshipRoyal Navy


Ship NameRarityClassificationFaction
ChampagnePriorityBattleshipIris Libre
LittorioSuper RareBattleshipSardegna Empire
Jean BartSuper RareBattleshipVichya Dominion
BirminghamEliteLight CruiserEagle Union
DidoSuper RareLight CruiserRoyal Navy
JavelinEliteDestroyerRoyal Navy
HoodSuper RareBattlecruiserRoyal Navy
Z1 RetrofitEliteDestroyerIron Blood
CasablancaRareLight Aircraft CarrierEagle Union
ShouhouRareLight Aircraft CarrierSakura Empire
Queen ElizabethEliteBattleshipRoyal Navy
HyuugaRareBattleship/Aviation BattleshipSakura Empire
MogamiEliteLight Cruiser/Heavy CruiserSakura Empire
Little BelEliteLight CruiserRoyal Navy
AlbacoreSuper RareSubmarineEagle Union
ColumbiaEliteLight CruiserEagle Union
HermioneSuper RareLight CruiserRoyal Navy
LondonEliteHeavy CruiserRoyal Navy
AuroraEliteLight CruiserRoyal Navy
IbukiPriorityHeavy CruiserSakura Empire
Ark RoyalEliteAircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
North CarolinaSuper RareBattleshipEagle Union
ClevelandEliteLight CruiserEagle Union
KagaSuper RareAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
TirpitzSuper RareBattleshipIron Blood
HanazukiEliteDestroyerSakura Empire
CavallaSuper RareSubmarineEagle Union
Jeanne D’ArcSuper RareLight CruiserIris Libre
NicholasEliteDestroyerEagle Union
u-81Super RareSubmarineIron Blood
ValiantEliteBattleshipRoyal Navy


Ship NameRarityClassificationFaction
EskimoEliteDestroyerRoyal Navy
KawakazeSuper RareDestroyerSakura Empire
GangutEliteBattleshipNorthern Parliament
NewcastleRareLight CruiserRoyal Navy
Little RenownEliteBattlecrusierRoyal Navy
BelfastSuper RareLight CruiserRoyal Navy
AlgerieSuper RareHeavy CruiserVichya Dominion
SheffieldEliteLight CruiserRoyal Navy
KinuEliteLight CruiserSakura Empire
WichitaEliteHeavy CruiserEagle Union
ArizonaEliteBattleshipEagle Union
HiryuuEliteAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
SiriusSuper RareLight CruiserRoyal Navy
Prinz EugenSuper RareHeavy CruiserIron Blood
SouryuuEliteAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
Kizuna AlEliteDestroyerKizunaAl
ShoukakuSuper RareAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
VictoriousSuper RareAircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
IzumoPriorityBattleshipSakura Empire
CurlewRareLight CruiserRoyal Navy
RenoSuper RareLight CruiserEagle Union
ZuikakuSuper RareAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
KagerouRareDestroyerSakura Empire


Ship NameRarityClassificationFaction
FumiruiruEliteAircraft CarrierUtawarerumono
AkagiSuper RareAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
MikasaSuper RareBattleshipSakura Empire
CuracoaRareLight CruiserRoyal Navy
TaihouSuper RareAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
TanikazeRareDestroyerSakura Empire
SendaiRareLight CruiserSakura Empire
EagleEliteAircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
BiloxiEliteLight CruiserEagle Union
BataanEliteLight Aircraft CarrierEagle Union
Shangri-LaSuper RareAircraft CarrierEagle Union
U-556EliteSubmarineIron Blood
U-73EliteSubmarineIron Blood
NaganamiEliteDestroyerSakura Empire
CarabiniereEliteDestroyerSardegna Empire
NaganamiEliteDestroyerSakura Empire


Ship NameRarityClassificationFaction
IsuzuRareLight CruiserSakura Empire
TartuEliteDestroyerVichya Dominion
ZeppyEliteAircraft CarrierIron Blood
IcarusEliteDestroyerRoyal Navy
ChaserEliteLight Aircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
HibikiEliteDestroyerSakura Empire
Anniversary Kizuna AlSuper RareAircraft CarrierKizunaAl


Question: How can I level up my ship girl?

Answer: Ships can be leveled up by clearing maps and training ships with long expeditions. However, long expeditions do require a lot of oil. Upgrading the ship improves the overall performance and allows the ship to withstand more damage.

Question: Is the Azure Lane the anime and the game based on each other?

Answer: Yes! Azure Lane the anime is based on the game and premiered in 2019. The last of the series premiered in 2020 and is available to stream on Funimation. Azure Lane: Slow Ahead is also based on the same concept but the events are taken from a manga of the same name.

Question: How do I unlock the second floor of the dormitory?

Answer: You must first expand your dormitory to the maximum by spending decor tokens. Then you need 500 gems to unlock the second floor.

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Final Thoughts

So there are all the Azur Lane ship girls ranked from Superior to well just don’t bother. Both the S and A tier are chock full of amazing characters that would create an amazing team that you can use all the way up through endgame content. B is also full of very capable characters. Luckily this game doesn’t have too many characters that aren’t easy to play.

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