Soul Calibur 6 Tier List: Best Characters You Can Play

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

We’ve researched the best characters in Soul Calibur 6 and created this easy-to-understand gaming tier list. Soul Calibur 6 is an action fighting game released back in 2018. It’s the 7th game in the Soul Calibur series that features unique characters taken from various franchises. Currently, the roster consists of 21 fighters that have different fighting styles and abilities. Soul Calibur 6 provides the option for gamers to customize fighters fully. Each character has unique skins that can be unlocked by completing challenges and finishing story mode.

Moreover, the newest addition of the Soul Calibur series features a new defensive and offensive mechanic that lets you slow motion the action. This makes it easier to block and evade incoming attacks. Also, Soul Calibur 6 has a complete story with seven stages for each character.

Furthermore, you can play online against other players to test your skill in combat. The game is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Soul Calibur 6 is the best in the series due to its amazing graphics, sound design, and gameplay.

The characters fit the genre exceptionally well, and you can tell the developers put a lot of effort into perfecting them. However, don’t go only for the top-tier characters. The game has plenty of characters to try out that have different playstyles. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to a few options.

Different Types Of Characters

The character selection in Soul Calibur 6 is vast, making it challenging to select a fighter that fits your playstyle. Each character offers a unique kit that requires playing a specific style to utilize their moves efficiently. Fighters in Soul Calibur 6 can be categorized into four roles:


These fights carry huge weapons that can deal high amounts of damage. They sacrifice speed and mobility for extra strength. Heavyweight characters are difficult to fight against because you need to be playing almost perfectly. One devastating hit can change the outcome of the fight since they can smash through the health bar. Some examples of heavyweights are Astaroth, Nightmare, and Siegfried.


Rusher-type fighters carry small weapons like nunchucks, daggers, and switchblades. They focus on getting into the personal space of the opponent with multiple initiation techniques. Once close, rushers will output a barrage of combos that will shred health bars. Taki, Talim, Maxi, and Groh are great options for this playstyle.

Jack Of All Trades

The jack of all trades fighters aren’t great at any particular aspect but focus on everything. These characters are brilliant for new players as they can familiarize themselves with multiple fighting styles. The easiest to pick up in this category is Geralt and Sophitia.

Ranged Attackers

Fighters that specialize in fighting from a distance can be extremely frustrating to play against. They can jump in and out of range while doing damage. The benefit of this playstyle is that you are never in a compromised position if you play well. Additionally, you can differentiate these fighters in character selection as they wield whips, staves, spears, and tridents.

Soul Calibur 6 Fighter Tier List

This ultimate Soul Calibur 6 tier list will give you an overview of the strongest to weakest fighters. Each character has a unique kit that can provide significant advantages. Not all characters are built the same. Some fighters are superior in their damage output and are favorable in most situations. However, don’t underestimate low-tier warriors as they can be ultra-powerful against specific opponents.


S-tier contains the strongest fighters in Soul Calibur 6. They are currently at the top of the meta because of their versatile kits. Learning them can be complex as their combos can be challenging to perform. However, after a few practice runs, you’ll outperform in most fights and be dominant in online PVP.


Playing Yoshimitsu is very inconsistent because he requires a lot of skill and the perfect environment. An opponent against a skilled Yoshimitsu player will have a terrible time. His kit is fantastic as it has quick attacks, severe damage, and ferocious counters.


Cervantes has great fundementals. Attacks are swift and clean with fast animations. Unfortunately, he has a high skill cap, which makes him tough to master. However, putting the time into learning this fighter will be super rewarding as he is favored in most matchups. His kit focuses on staying safe by outputting strikes in the mid to long range.


Talim is great for gamers who like an ultra-aggressive playstyle. The damaging combos are insane and can shred the opponent’s health. The only negative with Talim is that experienced players can counter her attacks with excellent timing.


Amy is a ferocious fighter in Soul Calibur 6. There is nothing worse than fighting against Amy with her full stack of purple roses. This will buff damage tremendously and give her the edge over all fighters. However, it takes a long time to build the entire stack of purple roses. Amy’s only disadvantage before filling the bar is her short range. This means opponents can easily attack her from a distance, but Amy is a beast in close quarters.


Raphael has a high skill ceiling, which will require investing hours into practicing. A skillful player will dominate their fights and are favored in almost all situations. He has impressive damage and a wide assortment of versatile combos. In addition, Raphael has combos in all ranges that make him challenging to counter.


A-tier has brilliant fighters that have great moves and perfect traits. Unfortunately, they lack a few aspects in their kit, which prevents them from being S-tier. These fighters are still very viable and are strong against most characters.


Siegfried is a fantastic counter-attacker who can change the outcome in a fight instantly. He will swing the momentum of the battle by swiftly dodging incoming hits and returning the firepower much harder. Siegfried has multiple defensive tools in his arsenal and excellent range. However, if the opponent plays defensively, Siegfried can pin them down with his multiple initiation abilities.


Cassandra has brilliant offensive close-range abilities that let her deal damage in quick combos. Her best playstyle is to rush opponents and pin them in the corner. The fast-damaging combos and counters will annihilate health bars.


Fighting Zasalamel is an uphill battle from the start. His combos are ultra-fast that makes him challenging to counter. Therefore, playing Zasalamel online will grant multiple victories as most players don’t know what to do against him. Furthermore, Zasalamel has excellent zoning abilities that will keep fighters from pressuring him. Also, the soul charge boot provides devastating damage when activated.


Sophitia is great for beginners because of her simple ability set. Her moves are solid as she has a brilliant collection of quick movements, low-risk initiations, and easily executable combos. Although her damage output is not the best, her overall kit makes up for it.


B-tier is a class of fighters that are great in specific situations. They are often outpowered by fighters in A and S tier but are incredibly efficient against lower-tier fighters. The fighters in this list are fun to play, thanks to the diverse moves and special attacks.


2B will wreck other players who are unaware of her aggressive shift. This puts her in an overdrive state that will increase speed and DPS. Furthermore, this buff synchronizes well with the analysis points mechanic to enhance her defense.



Xianghua is consistent during the whole fight. She has brilliant moves that are low-risk to perform, making her great to use in most situations. Xianghua won’t burst down enemies but will output sustained damage during the fight.



Astaroth would be the best fighter in Soul Calibur 6 if his attacks were faster. He can output huge amounts of damage in a small time frame. The command grab is excellent for surprising enemy fighters by draining their health quickly. His only downfall is being extremely slow with the heavy-hitting attacks.


Voldo is unpredictable due to the wealth of combos in his arsenal. His multiple stances add more dimensions to his style and make it incredibly difficult to counter. Moreover, he can plow through health bars with strong attack moves.


Hwang is notoriously known to be the most unlikeable fighter in the Soul Calibur 6 community. However, we urge players to try Hwang out before shoving him under the rug. He’s unique compared to other fighters because of his life force ability. This lets Hwang deal tons of damage in guard mode. The only issue with Hwang is that there is a learning curve to make him powerful in battle.


Mitsurugi is ultra-successful in tournaments, making him one of the better fighters in the game. However, mastering the character will take a long time, and he won’t be viable in unskillful hands. In addition, his kit relies on moving are super fast, which makes them difficult to counter-attack.


Maxi requires a lot of practice to get the mechanics down and unleash his full potential. In addition, the multiple stances make him unpredictable to fight. Therefore, your opponents will need to adjust their playstyle to even have a chance at winning.


Fighters in C-tier aren’t that great since they don’t deal enough damage to compete with higher-class characters. The most important factor with C-tier is that you have fun playing them. They are enjoyable to play and can be powerful with enough skill.

Seong Mi-Na


Scarlet Thunder is the weapon of choice for Seong Mi-Na. She is the best at knocking opponents off the ring with her devastating heavy hits. Seong Mi-Na is brilliant at zoning and making the fight go to her, where she performs best.



Setsuka is most efficient when playing a more calculated playstyle. She has a good variety of counter-attacks that will devastate enemies. Setsuka relies on precise attacks and timing. Therefore, she can be tricky to play in most situations. Also, the fighter lacks damage output, and the meter gain is quite slow.


Haohmaru is ultra-effective in throwing off opponents because of the several different stances. The attacks are 1-dimensional compared to other characters but are heavy-hitting. Also, Haohmaru is excellent at blocking incoming attacks and countering back.


Azwel has good tools that are effective against most fighters. The best aspect of his kit is the safe low-hitting shots that are difficult to predict or counter. Moreover, his advantage is to combine multiple attacks quickly to overwhelm opposing players.


D-tier has below-average characters that can win fights occasionally in ranked games. They are not terrible to play but will take extra effort to make them viable.


Geralt is a strong fighter for new players as he is easy to learn. Fundamentally he is strong with his moves, and his combos deal a lot of damage. However, he doesn’t offer any unique traits that will provide a tactical advantage against other fighters. Also, Geralt is easy to predict when fighting, as his basic kit only features a few decent combos.


Nightmare is best played as a counter fighter as he has trouble initiating combos. The revenge armor helps enhance this playstyle. However, if players know how to counter this mechanic, Nightmare is at their mercy.


Kilik is the jack of all trades in terms of his kit. He has a bit of everything in his bag of tools but lacks in specializing in any playstyle. Therefore, Kilik doesn’t have an overwhelming buff that can help put him over the edge in fights. He is super fun to play but is outmatched in most situations.


SOULCALIBUR VI - DLC1: Tira on Steam

Tira is the least used fighter in Soul Calibur 6. The complex combos and massive learning curve make her undesirable for most players. This is due to her state shifting, which means players must learn even more combos than usual. However, she is ultra-rewarding if players choose to master her, but this will take an incredibly long time.


This class showcases the worst fighters in Soul Calibur 6. They are either useless in battle or are too situational to be viable. These fighters are not worth picking up as the other characters are miles ahead in the meta.


Hilde has an amazing charge mechanic that will knock back opponents. However, the floor control is terrible, and she can be easily beaten if players get a hold of her. Moreover, the mid to long-range lacks in her kit, so make sure to get into the opposing fighter’s personal area during combat.


Groh can be entertaining to play as he has multiple quick combos. He doesn’t have enough heavy attacks to pressure opponents. Therefore, playing Groh in PVP can be highly challenging, especially against +B-tier characters.


The best method of playing with Taki is to be precise with every attack and movement. This means you need to be almost perfect to win the fight. Unfortunately, mastering Taki is too difficult for most players, and there are better viable options.

What Is The Soul Gauge In Soul Calibur 6?

The soul gauge is at the top of the screen between the health bars. The meter will begin to fill during a fight by either getting successful hits or taking incoming attacks. Currently, there are two uses for the soul gage.

Critical Edge

To perform a critical edge, press all three attack buttons at the same time. This will unleash the fighter’s most powerful attack. It’s evident if the attack is pulled off because an awesome attack animation will happen. All critical edge attacks will have different properties. For example, Nightmare will slash directly through attacks. Taki will disappear briefly, leaving the opponent clueless about where she is before delivering a devastating hit.

However, the critical edge attack move is not invincible and can be countered with good timing. Furthermore, some fighters can be hit out of the critical edge move. Overall, It’s great to use if you’re overwhelmed with attacks, but it does have a chance of failing.

Soul Charge

To successfully launch a soul charge attack, press all three attack buttons while going backward. This will burst out energy and push back the opponent in the process. The soul gauge will light up, indicating the buffs are active. The fighter will briefly gain damage buffs and enhancements to some combos. Also, opposing players can try to block hits, but some damage will get through.

Soul charge is brilliant at shifting the momentum of the fight. Opponents will get frustrated as defeating you will become much harder. Also, it’s incredible for resetting and gathering yourself because the knockback will give you time to breathe.

Alternatives To Soul Calibur 6

If you like the Soul Calibur series, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of amazing alternatives. They will feature action-packed hand-to-hand combat, brutal moves, unique weapons, and fun campaigns. The following titles are brilliant for those who love fighting games.

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat is the most popular fighting game franchise. The fighters are thought out well, and they each contain a unique ability. The finishing moves are fantastic and gory. The story mode is in-depth and will provide 6 hours of content for each fighter. Also, there is a ton of options when it comes to customizing your character.

Dead Or Alive 6

The game is entertaining and friendly to new players in the genre. Although the game is easy to play, many characters have a high skill ceiling. Dead or Alive 6 contains many special moves, cool characters, and aesthetically pleasing maps. Furthermore, the story mode has multiple cinematic cut scenes and intense battles.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball Z franchise and want to play a casual fighting game, try out FighterZ. This game features a relaxing environment with all the characters from the TV show. The special move animations are on-point, and combos feel smooth to execute. It’s perfect for those who want to play with young family members as Dragon Ball Z moves away from the traditional gore and brutality style.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is easy to pick up and play because it has a 4-button system. The variety of characters is brilliant, and all of them have detailed lore. The game is all about performing multiple combos and special attacks. Also, Tekken 7 will facilitate special moves by delivering combinations, which will bypass motion inputs.

Street Fighter 5

The Street Fighter series has been going strong for more than 25 years. The engaging fights, simple combos, and finishing moves make Street Fighter 5 an enjoyable game to play. It takes the conventional 2D fighting style and applies 3D visuals to get players immersed.

Best Soul Calibur 6 Tips

There’s a significant difference between new players and experts. While a lot of practice can make a big difference, knowing small detailed tips can turbocharge your winning rate. Therefore, you should take the time to learn these tips as they will benefit you tremendously.

Tip 1 – Learn The Fundamentals

Learning the basics of your character can help a lot in sticky situations. Knowing the weakness and advantages of each fighter can be the extra edge you need to beat the opponent. Often the most straightforward approach to winning matches is a mixture of air-tight fundamentals and game knowledge.

Tip 2 – Perfect Combos

Combos are an essential part of any fighting game. There’s nothing more satisficing than executing a powerful combo that obliterates the enemy’s health bar. However, combos can be very situational, and knowing which one to use can provide an edge during the fight. Therefore, you need to study the different types of combos your character can perform.

Tip 3 – Use Training Mode

Before you step into online PVP with a character, try them out in training mode. It’s a great tool to use for learning combos and testing distance. Also, in training mode, you’ll see if you click with the character and if you like the playstyle they offer.


Question: Should I Use Critical Edge Or Soul Charge?

Answer: The buff you choose depends heavily on the situation. Critical edge is easy to execute and does a tremendous amount of damage. On the other hand, soul charge needs more practice to be most effective. It opens a whole new catalog of moves that can be used in a short period. The usefulness of soul charge relies on knowing the fighter you’re playing. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what is the best use of the soul gauge.

Question: What Is Reversal Edge?

Answer: Reversal Edge is a new system in Soul Calibur 6 that makes the fighting sequence go into slow motion. To activate Reversal Edge press guard and attack at the same time. During the animation, you’ll absorb attacks from opponents, which is excellent to use when they are trying to pull off a powerful combo.

After using Reversal Edge, the slow-motion sequence will begin. This is much like a rock, paper, scissors situation. Both players will need to select either movement, guard, or attack buttons. Beating the opponent in this mini-game will deal a significant amount of damage.

Question: What Are The Easiest Fighters To Play?

Answer: Soul Calibur 6 can be intimidating to play if you’re new to the series. The complex combos and characters can make it challenging for casuals to pick up. These fighters have basic but strong kits. Therefore, making them viable to play as they have a much lower skill requirement.
Groh: The fighter provides exemplary performance in fights as he contains unique combos. Utilizing the soul gauge is essential to make this character out damage the opponent and take home the victory. However, he lacks in clubbing attacks, which means you have fewer options when attacking from a distance.
Sophitia: She has a solid mix of power, combos, and reach. Sophitias advantage is apparent when she uses reverse edge and pulls out her most powerful combos. She’s great for those who want to play aggressively, as her kit compliments this playstyle.
Geralt: Most players will select Geralt as they know him from the Witcher 3. He is great to choose because of his fast attacks and signing abilities. In addition, Geralt benefits the most from the reversal edge in Soul Calibur 6 because of the combo moves he can accomplish in a small time frame.


To summarize, this tier list presented the best Soul Calibur 6 fighters to the worst. They all have unique fighting styles so that all gamers will find a character that best suits them. To get the best experience try out multiple fighters and see for yourself the diversity of the game. Also, mastering a character can be rewarding as you’ll know every small detail that can give you the edge in battles.

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