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For Honor Tier List: Which Character is The Best?

For Honor Tier List: Which Character is The Best?
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For Honor is an action fighting video game set during the medieval age. The combat system is perfected and exceptionally smooth. 29 heroes are split into four different roles. Therefore, all players can select a character that fits their playstyle.

However, some characters are much better than others as they have different abilities and attributes. We’ve tested and played each character to its fullest potential and created this tier list. Try each character out and see what clicks with you. Make sure not to skip out on the heroes in the lower tiers, as they can be super fun to play.

What Makes A Great For Honor Hero?

Characters are extremely diverse in For Honor. They all have unique fighting styles that can complement certain playstyles. These factors are what makes a great For Honor Hero:

  • DPS: The DPS output is vital in For Honor so that you can dish out more damage than you receive. Abilities will help out tremendously in damaging your enemies, so make sure to use them as efficiently as possible. Some characters will specialize in DPS but will sacrifice defense.
  • Tanking: Characters who specialize in taking damage will outlast the opponent. They can receive more hits in battle, which makes them great to be on the front line. Tanks synchronize extremely well with DPS mains.
  • Range: Heros that can attack from range give them a significant advantage because they can deal damage from a safe location. However, they will be more prone to getting focused as they are essential to take out for the victory. Therefore, distance attackers are best combined with frontline to protect them.

The Different Game Modes In For Honor

Not only can you enjoy the immersive campaign to hack and slash through, but there are multiple multiplayer game modes to try out. Players can select their favorite or strongest hero and compete in 5 multiplayer game modes. They all offer a unique experience that requires tactics and party communication. They are brilliant for friend groups and solo gamers to test their skills in PVP combat.


This game mode features a 4v4 map that is objective-based. All players will be battling for control on the battlefield by capturing points of interest. Dominion requires coordination, skill, and communication. Also, you can revive fallen teammates, but it will take time, and you are left defenseless. Therefore, make sure you are protected, or no enemies are around.


Brawl is a 2v2 fight to the death. The winning team is the one that takes out the opposing players. Gamers will need to rely heavily on communication and focus on the weaker player to outnumber the enemy team. Furthermore, using the environment to your advantage is essential to gain a tactical advantage.


Duel is a brilliant game mode to test your combat skills, as it features 1v1 fights. You’ll be put in a face-to-face fight to the death that tests your reaction time and fundamentals.


The game mode is a 4v4 team deathmatch. Combat skills are essential to winning as points are gained from kills. Party members need to coordinate effectively and use the environment to defeat their opponents. A good tip is to focus their DPS hero and move on to the tanky players.


In this 4v4 mode, the last standing member claims the victory. It’s super fun to play and very thrilling when your team wins.

Hero Types In For Honor

For Honor has a huge variety when it comes to character selection. Each hero has a unique playstyle and fits a specific nitch. These are the different types of heroes you’ll find in For Honor:


The vanguard class is focused on being balanced in combat and adaptable. They are great for completing a team as their versatile kit allows them to fit in multiple roles. Vanguards have a simplistic fighting style, which makes them easier to learn. Therefore, we recommend playing as a vanguard to learn the game.


These heroes are slow but very durable. Their advantage becomes apparent when mowing down enemy players with their disrupting attacks and movements. Heavies are brilliant for close combat trading as they can soak a lot of damage. Their all-block stance is remarkable for negating damage and being the tank every team needs.


These heroes are quick and agile that use speed to gain an advantage in combat. They have potent damage at the cost of limited defensive capabilities. Assassins are weak in the wrong hands but can be potentially overpowered with skillful players. The playstyle fits those who like to gank and outnumber their enemies with allies. Also, using the environment is key to mastering this class, as making yourself disguised is vital to surprise the opposing players.


If you don’t want to specialize in one type of class, then try out hybrid characters. They carry traits from 2 or 3 unique classes, which is perfect for those looking to take advantage of multiple playstyles. Hybrids are much more difficult to master and can suffer if the player is not skillful enough.

For Honor Tier List

To dominate in For Honor, you need practice and skill, but most importantly, a great character in the current meta. There are 29 characters to select that have unique attack patterns and abilities. The goal of this tier list is to showcase the best heroes to the worst. They are ranked by their overall usefulness, survivability, and damage output.


This tier features the most dominating characters in For Honor. Mastering these characters will provide a considerable advantage against opponents as they have an excellent kit. In addition, these heroes have brilliant damage output and survivability.


Nobushi is a beast in close quarters combat. What separates him from everybody else is that he can take down opponents while keeping a good distance. This is due to his long weapon called the Naginata. Furthermore, Nobushi makes bleeding attacks that do additional damage to targets already affected with bleed. He’s a brilliant hero for cleaning crowds quickly and 1v1 combat.

Faction Samurai

  • Hero Type Hybrid
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 120


Conqueror is an absurdly strong character using the footman’s flail and heater shield to defeat his foes. He is amazing for his defensive capabilities and can block almost any attack type. A huge aspect of his kit is when a player lands a hit on his shield; they are knocked back. The footman’s flail is brilliant when using combos and can output a lot of damage. Conqueror is perfect for those who prefer to play aggressively while having many defensive options.

Faction Knights

  • Hero Type Heavies
  • Health 140
  • Stamina 120


Warmonger is fast in combat and is amazing at taking enemies down quickly. His main ability is Corruption that deals with high DPS and is perfect for isolated units. Furthermore, he uses his claw and light attacks to neutralize targets swiftly. Warmonger uses a 2-handed sword called the Flamberge Sword that not only looks good but deals heaps of damage. His kit is straightforward to learn, which makes him great for new players.

Faction Knights

  • Hero Type Vanguard
  • Health 130
  • Stamina 130


Gryphon is a monster when in battle as he can take down the toughest opponents. His weapon of choice is the Bardiche, which is a polearm with a curved blade attached. What makes him so good in For Honor is his quick attacks. This makes him highly unpredictable and makes it difficult for the enemy to counter-attack.

Faction Knights

  • Hero Type Hybrid
  • Health 130
  • Stamina 120

Jiang Jun

An amazing S-tier fighter is Jiang Jun, who performs best in group fights thanks to his AoE abilities. His primary weapon is the Guandao, which he uses to dodge incoming attacks with ease. Furthermore, he can launch heavy sweeping attacks the deal crazy amounts of damage. Jiang Jun is one of the slower heroes but often outlasts his opponents due to his survivability.

Faction Wu Lin

  • Hero Type Heavy
  • Health 140
  • Stamina 120


These heroes may not be at the top of the list, but don’t let this discourage you from playing them. They are amazing in combat but lack a few buffs or small aspects in their kit, which prevents them from being S-tier. A-tier characters can be just as powerful as S-tier heroes with the proper setup and skill.


Shaolin is quick and unpredictable when fighting. He carries a long staff that lets him attack enemies at a reasonable distance. In addition, he is one of the few heroes that have a teleporting ability. Also, his health will regenerate whenever he blocks and attack.

Faction Wu Lin

  • Hero Type Hybrid
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 120


A warlord is a great option for new players as his kit is favorable in multiple situations. The defensive stance lets him counter incoming attacks with ease. The animations for his attacks are short, making it easy to get multiple hits off in one combo cycle.

Faction Viking

  • Hero Type Heavy
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 120


Nuxia is a fearsome assassin who will stop at nothing until her opponents are dead. She can output multiple attacks towards her targets, causing them to back into a corner. Also, Nuxia can place down traps that deal damage to enemies trying to block, deflect, superior block, or parry in the direction of the trap.

Faction Wu Lin

  • Hero Type Assassin
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 120

Black Prior

Black Prior doesn’t need to rely on teammates to win battles. He can handle multiple enemies at once and hold the position firmly. What makes him great is the bulwark counter ability. The defensive move allows him to destroy the shields of his opponents, rendering them defenseless. Also, he can block any type of attack thrown at him.

Faction Knights

  • Hero Type Heavies
  • Health 130
  • Stamina 120


Hitokiri has no mercy in his heart, thanks to being an executioner previously. This means he is a killing machine that is ruthless in battle. His battle axe “Maskari” was used to perform executions and has seen a lot of blood. His abilities allow him to perform multiple special moves that deal tremendous damage. Hitokiri is one of the best 1v1 fighters in For Honor and is brilliant for duel mode.

Faction Samurai

  • Hero Type Heavies
  • Health 145
  • Stamina 120


These characters don’t lack power as they can deal great amounts of damage. However, power is not the most important aspect in For Honor. You need a good combination of strong attacks, excellent defense, and great matchups. The heroes are still viable to play but can present disadvantages in certain situations.


Raider is a strong warrior that uses a Dane axe to overwhelm his enemies. He can output decent damage and has a sufficient amount of defense. His playstyle is simple but effective, which makes him great to pick up as a new player.

Faction Viking

  • Hero Type Vanguard
  • Health 140
  • Stamina 130


If you love getting into the personal space of enemies, try out Berserker. He is amazing at close-combat situations, thanks to the infinite chain attacks. This will provide a lot of pressure onto the opponents, and weaker players will get overwhelmed. Also, his abilities can increase his defense stack, attack damage, and speed.

Faction Viking

  • Hero Type Assasin
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 120


At first glance, Shugoki looks like a slow character that is not worth learning. However, don’t let the appearance of Shugoki fool you. He is one of the most powerful heroes in the game because of the unblockable heavy attack. Furthermore, he is demoralizing to fight against, which is great for playing mind games against players. For example, one of his attacks is pinning a target and throwing them behind.

Faction Samurai

  • Hero Type Heavy
  • Health 140
  • Stamina 120


Kensei is a perfect ambush character who is capable of dealing huge amounts of damage in a small time frame. The negative of Kensei is that he is very slow, so you need to plan ambushes. His long katana allows him to attack from long range, which helps against opponents trying to use Kensei’s slowness to their benefit. Also, one of his abilities allows him to increase the speed of his allies, which is ideal for ambushing.

Faction Samurai

  • Hero Type Vanguard
  • Health 125
  • Stamina 120


Highlander uses the heaviest and longest sword in the entire game. His strength is unmatchable, which is evident in combat. The hero doesn’t have great DPS in his offensive kit, but Highlander’s defensive capabilities make up for this negative.

Faction Vikings

  • Hero Type Hybrid
  • Health 125
  • Stamina 120


At this point, you should consider if these heroes are worth picking up. They have significant disadvantages when compared to top-tier characters. However, there are instances where they can dominate heroes higher up on this list. Playing these characters is still satisfying, but don’t expect to destroy all your opponents.


Jormungdr uses a war hammer as his primary weapon that can perform decent attacks. On offense, he lacks significant damage output and crowd control abilities. His only advantage is defense, as his kit offers more health, a durable shield, and damage reduction buffs.

Faction Vikings

  • Hero Type Heavies
  • Health 130
  • Stamina 140


Much like Jormungandre, Tiandi has great abilities that let him survive for longer. His kit provides more lives and a strong shield. He is perfect for those who want to play safely and not take the responsibility of being the damage dealer. Also, Tiandi can disturb and unbalance his enemies so that friendlies can jump in to finish the kill.

Faction Wu Lin

  • Hero Type Vanguard
  • Health 125
  • Stamina 120


Warden has an excellent defensive and offensive kit, which makes him a brilliant option for new players. His playstyle is easy to learn, thanks to the simple abilities and mechanics of the hero. Warden carries a huge longsword that can deal huge damage. The heavy attacks are prolonged and predictable, so make sure to fit in some light attacks before going in for the finishing kill.

Faction Knights

  • Hero Type Vanguard
  • Health 140
  • Stamina 120


Gladiator can be a good hero in certain situations due to his unblockable attacks. They help provide pressure and overwhelm the opponent. The trident he uses has excellent range and lets him get successful hits from a safe distance. Also, he carries a small shield that can be used to bash opponents that will reduce their stamina.

Faction Knights

  • Hero Type Assassin
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 160


The final hero worthy of C-tier is Zhanhu. He has great survivability in combat because of his dodging maneuvers. Also, the Changdao sword allows him to pull off multiple light attacks in a rotation. The hero lacks in dealing significant amounts of damage quickly. Therefore, he is best used in prolonged fights.

Faction Wu Lin

  • Hero Type Hybrid
  • Health 125
  • Stamina 120


The most critical factor with D-tier heroes is that you enjoy playing with them. There is no benefit of playing them other than having fun. Actively avoid using D-tier heroes as you’re likely to lose often against characters higher up on this list.


Orochi is considered the most mobile hero in For Honor. His speed is unmatched and extremely fun to play with since you can toy with enemies by evading hits. Also, he can jump over enemies and move from one point to another in an instance.

Faction Samurai

  • Hero Type Assassin
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 120


Centurion is great at defending himself, and that’s pretty much it. The slow, heavy attack deals good damage but takes a long time to charge, which makes him easy to counter. Also, Centurion has short-range, so players must stick close to enemies.

Faction Knight

  • Hero Type Hybrid
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 160


Valkyrie uses a spear and shield to fend of opponents. Her defensive capabilities are excellent but lack in dealing damage. She’s fun for being an immovable obstacle and clogging up a lane.

Faction Viking

  • Hero Type Hybrid
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 120


Shaman is a hero that needs to be always on the move. Her low health means that you can’t get hit, or it will be fatal. She uses a dagger and hatchet to output good damage on unsuspecting enemies. Targets that are bleeding will take more damage.

Faction Viking

  • Hero Type Assasin
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 120


Lawbringer looks like a mean killing machine with his powerful poleaxe and impressive armor. The range with his weapon lets him target enemies from a distance. His heavy attacks will stun enemies while dealing great damage.

Faction Knights

  • Hero Type Hybrid
  • Health 140
  • Stamina 120
  • E-Tier

E-tier heros are the worst available heroes in the game. They offer no unique skills and can’t handle critical situations. There is no reason to select these characters as all the heroes mentioned above are far better.


Peacekeeper is the weakest hero available in For Honor. She can perform a variety of moves and is very fast. However, she is often a burden on her team because her defensive kit is none existent. Therefore, she dies quickly, leaving her team outnumbered.

Faction Knights

  • Hero Type Assassin
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 120


Aramusha was designed for brilliant offensive and defensive capabilities. However, compared to other heroes, his skills are inferior. Although he can perform devastating attacks, the animation is super slow.

Faction Samurai

  • Hero Type Hybrid
  • Health 120
  • Stamina 120


Shinobi was once at the top of the list because of his ability to out damage enemies. The multiple nerfs destroyed any chance of him being viable. At this time, there are better assassins that will be more useful in fights.

Faction Samurai

  • Hero Type Assassin
  • Health 140
  • Stamina 120

For Honor Tips

For Honor is at the top of the list for the most mechanically complex and demanding games. The combat can seem tricky at first, and it will take time to learn how to play properly. Using your hero’s full potential is vital in defeating your opponent. These tips can help new or veteran gamers in improving their skills in For Honor.

Tip 1 – Play Bot Matches

Players can fight against the AI in free mode, which is an endless 4v4 dominion game. However, you can set up a game of your choice with any map and bot difficulty. Playing against bots is great for learning new mechanics and testing out unfamiliar heroes. At the right difficulty, bots will destroy you but make you a better player. It’s highly recommended to face bots before venturing into online PVP.

Moreover, you won’t be wasting your time as the games will provide experience and a chance to earn loot. Also, you can invite your friends to AI games, which makes it easier to draw up a strategy to implement on online content.

Tip 2 – Play Tutorial Courses

Players may think knowing the basic mechanics is enough to begin playing the game. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The game will start with a tutorial, but it covers a small fraction of what you need to know. After you’re done with the intro, navigate to practice modes by following these steps:

  1. Select “Play.”
  2. Then “How To Play.”
  3. Afterward, choose “Advanced Practice.”

Pick the main hero that you’d like to learn because the practice is unique to all characters. They will have specific tutorials on how to master the character, which will significantly help when going to play PVP.

Furthermore, you can watch the tutorial videos that will guide you if you’re unsure how to proceed. YouTube has a huge library of content creators that would have tested multiple builds, styles, and tactics with each character. Watching videos will make it a lot easier to master your character. Plus, you’ll save time as you’ll go through less trial and error.

Tip 3 – Learn The Combos

Each character has its own unique attack sets that provide different advantages in battle. Typically, the hero will have three attack chains that range from light, medium, and heavy. It’s vital to learn the combos to deal the most damage and counter your opponent. Some attacks cannot be blocked, which are great versus tanks.

Players can check the combos by going to the “How to Fight” page. The page will have a legend that explains what the icons mean on each move. Take time to learn these combos and consume the page. You won’t have to memorize all the fight moves, but having a few up your sleeve will significantly benefit you.

Tip 4 – Pay Attention To The Minimap

For Honor is an action-packed game that requires 100% of your focus. Looking away for a split second can mean death or get hit by a powerful combo. The minimap is an essential part of the game and requires attention. Although it can lead to missing a block or not focusing on the fight, players must still draw some time to the minimap. It offers a lot of information about what’s going on without the need to look around.

The minimap is essential in 4v4 dominion because it can be difficult to see enemies at a distance. They can hide among their minions and the terrain, but the minimap can help locate them much easier. Also, it’s great for seeing incoming attacks. Duo players will engage a target from the front, and the friend will circle behind for a devastating attack. This can easily be prevented by looking at the minimap and evading the flanking enemy.

Tip 5 – Vary Your Combos And Play Mind Games

When fighting, don’t spam the same attacks because your opponent can telegraph your hits and block or evade them easily. You must mix up the light, heavy combos, and guard breaks. Dodge when you can, as this can easily frustrate your opponent. Mind games in For Honor are essential as you want your opponent confused at all times.

Cancel heavy attacks mid-animation, dodge when you don’t need to, and be unpredictable. Also, switch guards often as you want them to think you’re going one way and switch at the last second to get a hit.


Question: Can I Customize My Character In For Honor?

Answer: Players can acquire new gear and weapons through looting or purchasing items from shops. Also, color patterns, ornaments, engraving, and symbols are unlocked for completing certain activities. The hero customization page will let players customize multiple aspects of their character:

  • Outfits: This can be an alteration to the hero’s look. The options are mythic, elite, battle, illustrations, and reputation. All sets have symbols, but the more expensive gear will have more patterns and symbols available.
  • Traits: This is where players can change their skin color and gender.
  • Ornaments: All characters have access to ornaments that will decorate their head. They can be unlocked from the story campaign or ranked modes.
  • Materials: The materials section will change the appearance of texture and color of the primary armor.

Question: What Are Factions?

Answer: Factions are groups in For Honor that gamers can align with. When starting the game, you’ll have to decide which faction to join. The faction will not limit what hero you can play and will only change the armor types and storyline. There are four factions available: Knight, Samurai, Viking, Wu Lin.

Question: Should I Play The Campaign In For Honor?

Answer: The campaign is not throwaway content and should be taken seriously. It will fully immerse you in the world of For Honor with beautiful cinematic cut scenes and an aesthetically pleasing environment. The campaigns are set in the homelands of the three different regions: Viking, Knights, and Samurai. Ubisoft spent a lot of resources on the campaign, so players who are not interested in multiplayer will get their money’s worth.


In conclusion, we’ve showcased the best characters to the worst in this tier list. They all offer a unique gaming experience as their kits are unalike. All players will find a hero they will connect with as they have different playstyles. Test out each character and see what fits best with you. So what are you waiting for? Pick a new hero and test your skills on the battlefield!


Tuesday 30th of November 2021

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