18 Best Games Like Humankind to Give a Try

Humankind is a single-player, strategy, and historical video game that was created by Amplitude Studios. In this game, you manage a civilization and develop it in line with new skills and technologies.

Humankind offers 10 major civilizations and unfolds in a virtual world. You can develop a civilization out of a million different civilization patterns, create cities and other amenities, including hospitals, schools, shopping centers, banks, and plenty more. From time to time, you’ll also come face to face with enemies, and you’ll need to serve your civilization by becoming a warrior.

While you’re playing Humankind, you can also collect resources like food, scientific technologies, gold, and other stuff. The game lets you trade with different civilizations to earn revenue. Fame is a major feature of the game that helps raise your rank as you progress and find out the latest technology.

You can also engage with the non-playing characters within the gameplay. Humankind offers tactical battles and historical events that give you an in-depth knowledge of history. The game’s core features are Resources, Fame Option, Ten Civilizations, Trading, NPC Communication, Strategy-based Gameplay, and Different Eras.

If you’ve played Humankind a few times already, you may be bored and looking for something similar. Well, you needn’t look further because you’re in the right place! Below is a list of games like Humankind you can try out and enjoy. We’ve put together this list based on game modes, genre, visual style, and historical era.

1. Partisans 1941

Partisans 1941

Partisans 1941 is a real-time strategy game with a non-linear kind of storyline. The game is about the exploits of Soviet partisans during the Second World War. It focuses on the harsh realities of the time when many people reluctantly became heroes, and every feat came with its own price, which was sometimes very high.

Partisans 1941 shows the Second World War from a new, barely explored angle. While it isn’t a historical stimulator, the game offers a special interpretation of the events of the time. It shows the everyday life of partisans, which is filled with hunger, wounds, and colds. But it’s not all doom and gloom as there are times of joy, too.

As a player, you have to make difficult decisions. For example, you have to choose whether to help the masses and betray them or walk past unnoticed. Partisans 1941 gives you the chance to prove your mettle in a fight, overcome the enemy’s superior forces with wit and cunning, and leave the battlefield when the situation gets out of control.

2. Slay

Slay Games like Humankind

In this turn-based strategy game, you aim to buy men and capture your foes’ hexagons, thereby conquering the islands. You can create a more powerful man out of two men and use him to slay weaker men.

In Slay, the twist is in the fact that the stronger the man you create, the costlier he is to take care of. You cannot un-buy men, so you must strike a fine balance between strengthening your army and not being recklessly ambitious. One vital skill to learn is how to sneakily split the enemy territory into two to impoverish half of it.

3. Anno 1800

Anno 1800

Anno 1800 welcomes you to the beginning of the industrial age, where the path you take will define your reality. Are you an exploiter or renovator? Liberator or suppressor?  You have to decide how you’d like the world to remember you.

In Anno 1800, you will take control of your own fortune as you navigate the fast-evolving malicious political and technological landscape of the 1800s in your quest to establish an empire that’ll last forever.

Combining innovative gameplay with favorite features in an unforgettable new environment, Anno 1800 is the start of a new chapter for the Anno series.

4. Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Age of Wonders Planetfall

This strategy game was created by Triumph Studios, who also created the critically acclaimed Overlord and Age of Wonders series, bringing all the fun and tactical turn-based battle and detailed 4X empire creation of its predecessors to life in a brand new science-fiction setting.

Come out of the cosmic dark era of a dead galactic empire to build your people a new future. Explore the planetary remains and meet other surviving factions as you learn the history of a ruined civilization. Build, fight, negotiate, and progress technologically on your journey to utopia against pals in multiplayer mode on random maps.

5. Sid Meier’s Civilization

Sid Meier’s Civilization

This is a turn-based strategy game developed in 1991 by Sid Meier. The goal of Sid Meier’s Civilization is to establish an empire that will last forever.

Sid Meier’s Civilization begins in 4000 BC, where players try to develop and expand their empires throughout the eras until the modern times and near-future times. The game is also simply referred to as Civilization.

Check out our full list of games like Sid Meier’s Civilization.

6. Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities

This is a strategy and survival city builder game through the eras, which focuses strongly on realism and history. Uncasual Games is currently developing the game.

Ancient Cities starts in the Neolithic age, where you’ll have to lead your folks through the generations, all while discovering and enhancing technologies, managing the population and resources, facing the threat of Mother Nature and raiders, and, eventually, building the most fabulous antiquated city throughout the eras in a completely simulated world and environment.

7. Clans to Kingdoms

Clans to Kingdoms

This is a turn-based 4X strategy city builder game developed for Windows. In Clans to Kingdoms, you start as a tiny clan with a single settlement, and your goal is to lead and develop your clan up to the level of a kingdom with many armies and cities.

Clans to Kingdoms has three outpost levels, six settlement levels, 21 different military units, 150 different buildings, and 120 researchers. You can play both multiplayer and single games with as many as 15 civilizations.

8. Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy

This real-time strategy and history-inspired game narrates the historical events of the Middle Ages. Ancestors Legacy combines base building and resource management with titanic, squad-based combat across vast fields of battle, all rendered in impressive detail by Unreal Engine 4.

In Ancestors Legacy, you’ll experience medieval warfare like never before, courtesy of the movie-like action camera that takes you right into the battlefield with the touch of a button.

9. StarDrive II

StarDrive II

StarDrive II is a turn-based 4X strategy game created in the traditional style of the unbelievable Master of Orion II. In this game, you’ll explore a lively galaxy full of intrigue and danger in an intense turn-based strategy layer.

You’ll build custom spaceships and use them in real-time combat with fantastic effects and graphics. You’ll take over worlds in a tactical turn-based ground battle mode. You’ll fight aliens, monsters, ancient threats, and pirates, most of whom won’t hesitate to take you out and make space for empires of their own.

There’s also a “Battle Arena” mode in the game, where you can dive straight into the action by building ships and playing with your feet through story-based campaigns. Earn some income as you navigate through the hurdles to unlock new weapons and ships.

And, yes, you can tailor your race to have a unique experience, research several hundred different technologies (or perhaps nick them using your spies), engage in serious diplomatic talks, control strategic resources to benefit your empire, create armies of giant mechs, enslave enemy citizens, and plenty more.

10. Medieval Kingdom Wars

Medieval Kingdom Wars

In Medieval Kingdom Wars, you have the opportunity to rewrite medieval history via grand strategy and siege combat. Rule, wage war, and build as one of the small lords of ancient Europe…this game gives Medieval Grand Strategy a whole new meaning.

You can build your cities, serve your king, wage your wars, and live through siege battles with a level of unprecedented brutality.

11. Villagers

Villagers Game

This is a richly detailed and beautifully illustrated town-building game in which you establish a thriving community with the resources and people around you.

Your success or failure will hinge on your capacity to build a town that can develop and thrive and rise above the difficult challenges of medieval life.

12. Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms

This real-time strategy game offers special castle-building elements. Stronghold Kingdoms unfolds in medieval-era Europe and revolves around battles between the most savage and most powerful medieval kingdoms of the time.

Stronghold Kingdoms allows you to master your political, economic, and military skills by engaging in the vast world of massively multiplayer online real-time strategy gaming. Just like other similar massively multiplayer online real-time strategy games, you can create your own city from the ground up and pay attention to the finest details to surmount any difficulties.

You can always build alliances with neighboring kingdoms and take on enemies together. In addition, you can take on your enemies in player vs. player fights to rise the ranks by gathering experience points. Using these experience points, you can buy extra units of buyable goods and also buy upgrades.

13. Empire Earth II

Empire Earth II

Empire Earth II is one of the top real-time strategy games, and it offers an awesomely original and pretty addictive gaming experience. The game gives you three major campaigns focusing on Germany, France, and Korea and lets you take part in serious battles against your enemies (AIs and other players).

Your job is simply to pick any campaign, progressive through more than 15 eras, discover the latest and futuristic technologies, build completely new bases from scratch, produce resources such as food, gold, iron, stone, etc., as well as create new strategies to defeat enemy outposts, strongholds, and bases to take them over and seize power and control.

You should also aim to establish alliances and diplomatic relations with neighboring communities, overpower the similarly equipped and technologically advanced enemies, and ultimately rule the world.

14. Anno Online

This is an amazing free-to-play browser-based massively multiplayer online real-time strategy, city builder, and management game created by Ubisoft. An awesome spin-off of the Anno franchise, Anno Online lets you play the role of a king and build huge cities, gather and manage resources, run the economics, as well as truly rule over everything.

You have the freedom to establish your own trading empires to expand your businesses and grow your settlement; build markets, refineries, and houses; train troops and create different production units like workshops, factories, and so on; defend your settlements, and wage war against your foes.

Being a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game, Anno Online lets you build alliances with your allies and take on your foes together. Also, you can trade with fellow players online.

With all the awesome features, Anno Online offers the best 3D graphics, an open-world game setting, a well-written adjustable storyline, as well as utterly immersive gameplay.

15. The Settlers

Released back in 1993 by Ubisoft, The Settlers is a real-time strategy video game franchise. The franchise is made up of eight main titles, including remakes, and the latest game was published in late 2012.

In this game series, the player creates a civilization, collects resources, wages wars against enemies, and unlocks new buildings. The Settlers provides you with a unique real-time strategy gaming experience alongside a global community of players.

Players can interact, build alliances, and attack enemies from various locations to take over their lands. The Settlers is available on multiple gaming platforms, including Amiga, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS.

16. Anno 2070

Developed jointly by Ubisoft Blue Byte and Related Designs, Anno 2070 is an amazing real-time strategy, construction, city building, and economic simulation game.

Set in 2070, the game takes place in a world where a massive ice cap has been melted by global warming and, due to the rising ocean levels, several ancient cities have disappeared from the planet. The remaining pieces of land are spread out in the shape of islands.

Your responsibility is now to explore and reconstruct the islands from the ground up. You must put together groups of folks with specific skills and give them different assignments to design and reconstruct the vanished cities using advanced tactics and technology.

Anno 2070 lets you rebuild and resettle citizens in the cities and preside over the most prosperous and flourishing economies ever.

If you’re looking to experience real construction and city building gaming with a bit of real-time strategy, you can’t afford to miss out on this game.

17. Company of Heroes

Created by Relic Entertainment, Company Heroes is an enjoyable massively multiplayer real-time strategy game published in 2006. The game takes place in the Second World War and lets you choose one of two factions.

Your task is to take over specific parts on the game map, create new bases, create and train new troops, and overcome enemies in brutal, action-packed combats. With awesome visuals, wonderfully addictive gameplay, as well as a brilliant narrative, Company of Heroes really stands out in the world of real-time strategy games.

Company of Heroes provides special combat mechanics and takes the gameplay to another level by letting players build massive economies, mega alliances, diplomatic and strategic relations, and participate in epic wars waged for domination, pride, and resources.

18. Supreme Commander

Popularly referred to as SupCom, Supreme Commander is an amazing massively multiple online real-time strategy games from Gas Powered Games. This game lets you pilot giant Mechs called Armored Command Units. It allows you to establish your own base, create more Mech units such as the ones you’re piloting, employ sophisticated technology to update your Mech units fight your enemies, and take over their outposts.

Choose a faction from the three major factions, go hunting for enemies, and eventually grow your mechanical rule. With various fantastic multiplayer and single-player campaigns, major and minor missions to engage in, you can enjoy an awesome gaming experience.

With stunningly created 3D visuals, a futuristic game setting, and all the enjoyable campaigns in Supreme Commander, this is definitely one of the most exciting real-time strategy games online.

FAQs on Best Games Like Humankind

Question: What Sort of Video Game is Humankind?

Answer: Humankind is a real-time strategy historical game where you have to rewrite the whole narrative of human history and combine cultures to build a unique civilization.

Question: How Does Humankind Differ from Civilization?

Answer: While Civilization gives you a surfeit of historical rulers to pick from, Humankind allows you to create your own leader via a character-building process. You can give your ruler three personality characteristics based on 10 different categories and pick two bases from more than 10 different bases.

Question: What’s the Best Game Like Civilization?

Answer: The best Civilization-like games include:

  • Total War: Three Kingdoms
  • Kingdoms Reborn
  • Endless Legend
  • Stellaris
  • Europa Universalis IV
  • Scythe
  • Age of Wonders: Planetfall
  • Gloomhaven
  • Humankind
  • Age of Empires IV
  • Sigma Theory
  • Warhammer 40,000: Gladius

Question: How Long Does Humankind Last?

Answer: One game of Humankind typically lasts for 300 turns, but you can set it up to last 600 turns. Of course, a game of 600 turns will last twice as long as that of 300 turns. Generally, it takes about 10-12 hours to complete one game.

Summing Up Best Games Like Humankind

Humankind is a very unique game where players travel through four different eras of world history. The historical, real-time strategy game requires you to win wars, guide your people through the eras, and make world-changing discoveries.

The main highlight of Humankind is that you must rewrite the entire history of mankind. This remarkable game is popular for its cool action scenes, brilliant graphics, and historical tales.

Due to its popularity, however, Humankind faces increasing competition in the video game market. Are the Humankind-like games above worse? Absolutely not! Try these games out and see which alternatives are worth your time.

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