Risk Of Rain 2 Achievements: A Complete Guide

Risk Of Rain 2 Achievements

Risk of Rain 2 is an action-packed 3rd person shooter. The artwork is unique to the genre and works exceptionally well with the overall game aesthetic. This video game has gone through 12 updates, with more to come. Therefore, players can expect new equipment, items, bosses, environments, and challenges.

Today, we’ll dive into how to complete the best Risk of Rain 2 achievements. After reading our guide, you’ll have a huge advantage against other players because you’ll know how to obtain the best perks.

What Are Achievements?

The first release of Risk of Rain 2 had a total of 37 achievements. However, with the game gaining so much popularity, the developers added more challenges, which totals to 112 achievements.

They will unlock unique in-game content that will benefit your character heavily. Some challenges are more difficult to complete but will provide better rewards.

Why Complete Achievements?

Completing challenges can heavily impact your experience in Risk of Rain 2 since they can help perfect your character. Achievements like “The Lone Survivor” will give an extra life, which can help during the most challenging moments in the game.

Moreover, gaining these buffs will provide a significant advantage during combat.

How Long Will It Take To Get All Achievements?

Risk of Rain 2 Features 112 achievements that vary in difficulty and length to complete. Most players will not complete all of them as there are so many challenges. Some are extremely tedious to finish, so only the most dedicated people will finish them. On average, it takes 20-25 in-game hours to unlock all the achievements.

It will take an average of 146 runs to finish all the tasks. The main story takes 83 runs to complete, and the extra content will add up to +60 runs.

Is Risk of Rain 2 Worth Playing?

We highly recommend playing this game for veteran and casual gamers. The genre offers a unique aspect of 3rd person shooters with a well-thought-out story, creatures, armors, and weapons. Also, you can play co-op or with a group of friends to make the stages more fun.

Furthermore, the game gained a lot of popularity quickly, and players wanted more achievements. This is because they unlock unique items and abilities. Today, the game has 112 tasks that you can complete for some awesome perks.

However, this does mean you will need to complete tasks before unlocking new characters and fun items.

Therefore, you’ll have to grind the game to enjoy its full potential. This can seem like a negative for casual players, but some easy achievements will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Continue reading our Risk of Rain 2 Tier List Guide.

How Long Will It Take To 100% Risk Of Rain 2?

Completing the game fully will take a lot of dedication and time. There’s a lot of content, from the main game to the extras. However, the time it takes to complete varies depending on your play style. These numbers are taken for single players.

Main Story:

  • Average – 11h 20min
  • Median – 9h 24min
  • Rushed – 5h 30min
  • Leisure – 26h

Main Story + Extras:

  • Average – 42h 50min
  • Median – 32h 06min
  • Rushed – 25h 40min
  • Leisure – 99h 10min


  • Average – 116h 10min
  • Median – 110h 06min
  • Rushed – 71h 35min
  • Leisure – 197h 13min

Efficiency is key when trying to complete all the achievements. The best method is to spend 5 minutes on each stage to save time in the future. This is because the difficulty of the next stage will increase if players spend too much time on a stage. To get 100% achievements, it will take a lot of runs and preparation:

Main Story:

  • Average – 73 Runs
  • Speed Running – 40 Runs
  • Leisure Playstyle – 94 Runs

Main Story + Extras:

  • Average – 88 Runs
  • Speed Running – 59 Runs
  • Leisure Playstyle – 122 Runs

Risk Of Rain 2 Achievements

Risk of Rain 2 achievements come in several categories that make them easier to differentiate. There are 112 achievements, which means completing them all will take hours in in-game time. Therefore, we recommend selecting the perks you feel are most beneficial to your playstyle and completing them first.

Live Or Die Achievements

These achievements are related to your character staying alive or dying.

True Respite

  • Description: Obliterate yourself at the Obelisk.
  • Guide: To reach the Obelisk, you’ll need to go through the Celestial Portal. This can be a tricky challenge because you need to reach stage 8 because that’s when the first Celestial Portal spawns. Once you’re inside, go through the terrain until you reach the Obelisk and obliterate yourself.
  • Perk: Mercenary

Learning Process

  • Description: Die five times.
  • Guide: This is one of the easier achievements to unlock because you’ll complete it by playing casually. However, if you want to do this quickly, take damage from monsters or jump off the map.
  • Perk: Chance of blocking a hit from enemies.

The Lone Survivor

  • Description: Stay alive for 30 consecutive minutes.
  • Guide: The challenge can be completed in multiplayer, which is easier because other players can take aggro. The easiest method to finish the task is to beat stage 1 and not teleport out. Enemies will no longer spawn, and you can explore the surrounding area until the timer is complete. However, dying will reset the timer.
  • Perk: Get an extra life.

I Love Dying

  • Description: Die 20 times.
  • Guide: Use the same steps found in the “Learning Process.” The challenge is extremely easy to complete and can be done within 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can play the game normally and unlock it as you play.
  • Perk: Throw a cursed doll that triggers your on-kill effects.

Warm For Life

  • Description: Die three times while burning.
  • Guide: Players will not need to die while being burned. The achievement will unlock while having the burn debuff. It’s easy to recognize because of the fire symbol above your health bar. However, it’s important to know that the attack which applies burn and kills you won’t count. The attack that applies burn needs to be different from the hit that kills you. The easiest method to complete the challenge is through Blazing Elites.
  • Perk: The equipment can remove all negative status effects.

Slayer Achievements

These challenges are related to killing creatures or dealing damage. These achievements are not tied into a specific environment to unlock.

Huntress: Finishing Touch

  • Description: As Huntress land, a killing blow with every possible hit of a single glaive.
  • Guide: This is one of the easiest combat-related tasks to finish. Kill seven monsters with one glaive throw. If the monsters die from anything else like bleeding or burning, they will not count towards the kill count. The best method is to use the crowbars and throw a glaive at groups of Lesser Wisps.
  • Perk: Huntress will fire three seeker arrows, and critical strikes will shoot six fire arrows.

Artificer: Massacre

  • Description: As Artificer, perform a multi-kill of 20 enemies.
  • Guide: To efficiently complete the challenge, use the Primordial Cube and group lots of enemies together. Attack them and make sure to consistently kill them. One second without killing a monster will reset the timer.
  • Perk: Artificer fires a flaming bolt that explodes on impact and deals 220% damage.

MUL-T: Gotcha!

  • Description: As MUL-T, land the killing blow on an Imp Overlord with the Preon Accumulator.
  • Guide: The Imp Overlord constantly teleports, making it tedious to kill. Therefore, getting the Imp Overlord to low HP is recommended before activating the Preon and getting the killing blow.
  • Perk: MUL-T uses a power-saw to deal 1,000% damage per second on a targeted enemy.

Commando: Rolling Thunder

  • Description: As Commando, land the killing blow on an Overloading Worm.
  • Guide: The Overloading Worm is a unique boss monster that can spawn often. You’ll notice if the boss is spawning by the blue lightning when the Overlading Worm surfaces. Note, they can only spawn on the Rallypoint Delta, Sky Meadow, Bulwakr’s Ambry, and Abyssal Depths. Also, multiple Shrines of the Mountain can spawn the boss.
  • Perk: Commando fires two close-range blasts dealing 200% damage on enemies.

Acrid: Bad Medicine

  • Description: As Acrid land the final blow on a Scavenger.
  • Guide: Scavengers are boss creatures that appear after your loop. They can be extremely dangerous depending on what item combination they spawn with. The best method of defeating them is using poison attacks.
  • Perk: Acrid bites an enemy for 310% damage and heals 10% health.

Artificer: Orbital Bombardment

  • Description: As Artificer, kill 15 enemies before touching the ground.
  • Guide: The character has a passive ability that allows her to hover by holding the jump button. Go to the highest point of an environment and float downwards. At the same time, kill enemies to complete the task. Players can use useful items to help increase the jump duration.
    • Hopoo Feather: Provides an extra jump
    • H3AD-5T v2: Increases jump height
    • Milky Chrysalis: Allows your character to fly
  • Perk: Allows Artificer to jump into the sky and deal 800% damage.

Acrid: Easy Prey

  • Description: As Acrid, land the killing blow on 50 total enemies and have 1 HP left.
  • Guide: To get creatures to 1 HP, you’ll need to poison them first. Acrid’s poison will leave any affected target to 1 HP, even boss creatures. This task has no time limit, which means you can poison every enemy you encounter while playing.
  • Perk: Poison attacks stack Blight that deals 60% damage per second.

Numbers Breaker Achievements

These achievements are related to doing or having a certain amount of something. They are in the class of survivor skills.

Mercenary: Demon Of The Skies

  • Description: As Mercenary, don’t touch the ground for 30 seconds
  • Guide: The character’s abilities can achieve this relatively easily if you space out the skills appropriately. However, you can use items that will keep you off the ground, like the Hopoo Feather. An easy solution to the challenge is to combine the Mercenary skills with the fuel cell, which lets you fly for 15 seconds.
  • Perks: Mercenary gains an uppercut attack that deals 550% damage.

Loader: Swing By

  • Description: As Loader, reach and process through the Celestial Portal in 25 minutes or less.
  • Guide: The Celestial Portal will first spawn at stage 8, which means you need to spend roughly 3 minutes on each round. This isn’t a difficult task if you play Drizzle because you’ll be able to handle monsters without the use of items. Also, Loader has great mobility that complements its passive skill.
  • Perk: Loader fires her gauntlet forward, dealing 320% damage. Also, she pulls light enemies towards her and gets herself pulled to heavy targets.

Huntress: One Shot, One Kill

  • Description: As Huntress, collect 12 Crowbars at once.
  • Guide: During runs, collect the crowbars dropped by enemies. This achievement is heavily luck-based, so it can take a while to complete this task. Be on the lookout for a crowbar 3D printer to increase the rate of obtaining crowbars.
  • Perk: Allows Huntress to disappear and teleport a short distance.

Acrid: Pandemic

  • Description: As Acrid, inflict poison 1,000 times.
  • Guide: This is a simple challenge that you’ll complete by playing the character. As long as you utilize Acrid’s abilities, you’ll eventually inflict enough poison. Note, his passive blight skill does not count towards the achievement.
  • Perk: Acrid leaps in the air and deals 550% damage upon landing in a slam attack. Each successful hit will reduce the skill cooldown by 2 seconds.

Loader: Earthshatter

  • Description: As Loader, land a charged gauntlet hit at 300mph or higher.
  • Guide: You can make your charged gauntlet move faster by sprinting while charging it. Therefore, you can stack energy drinks to get more boost. An easy solution to this challenge is to climb to a high point in an environment and jump off using the charged gauntlet. Make sure that there are enemies underneath since you won’t complete the achievement without hitting a monster.
  • Perk: Loader can charge a punch attack that deals 2,100% damage. Nearby enemies will receive shock damage for 1,000% damage.

Engineer: Better With Friends

  • Description: As Engineer, recruit 12 minions at one time.
  • Guide: Minions include anything on the left side of the screen, such as turrets and strike drones. The best method to complete the task is to grab two fuel cells and the backup equipment. Use the equipment three times, which will spawn 12 strike drones.
  • Perk: Allows Engineer to place two mobile turrets that deal 200% damage per second and slows enemies.

The Basics

  • Description: Discover 10 unique white items.
  • Guide: This achievement will be done over time by playing. Large chests will guarantee a green or red item. Therefore, be on the lookout for 3D printers and multishop terminals. Currently, there are 24 white items. Eight of them are unlocked through completing challenges.
  • Perk: Survivors deal increased damage if enemies have more than 90% health.

Is This Bugged?

  • Description: Fail the Shrine of Chance 3 times in a row.
  • Guide: The shrine appears as a black obelisk with yellow symbols. Interacting with the object costs gold, and each interaction costs considerably more gold. All Shrine of Chance will drop two items. After the 2nd reward, the shrine can no longer be interacted with. Therefore, this challenge is heavily luck-based since you need to get three fails in a row. Also, make sure to stock up on gold so that you can keep on interacting with the shrine.
  • Perk: Survivors gain increased movement speed

…Maybe One More

  • Description: Duplicate the same item 7 times in a row with a 3D printer.
  • Guide: Make sure to have plenty of items to duplicate to avoid running out when locating a 3D printer. Repeatedly duplicating the same item will not count towards the task. This challenge is easy to complete once you reach the later stages since you would have gathered a lot of items.
  • Perk: Every time a survivor opens chests, pods, activates shrines, or a teleporter device, the item will launch homing rockets.


  • Description: Pick up five different types of equipment
  • Guide: Equipment is orange items you’ll find on stages. There are 16 different equipment items, and 10 of them are unlocked through challenges. Therefore, this task will be completed by playing the game over time.
  • Perk: Receive additional charge and cooldown reduction on equipment.


  • Description: Complete three combat shrines in a single stage.
  • Guide: The shrine of combat and combat shrine resembles an alien head with a purple symbol. Activating it will spawn creatures that you need to kill. After defeating all the monsters from the 3rd shrine, you’ll unlock Warmonger.
  • Perk: Survivor receives 70% attack speed buff for the next 8 seconds.

Going Fast Recommended

  • Description: Reach +300% movement speed.
  • Guide: There are multiple ways to increase your movement speed. Stacking Paul’s Goat Hoofs will boost your speed by 14% each time. Also, you can consume energy drinks that will initially increase speed by 30% and 20% for every next energy drink.
  • Perk: Receive a jump boost that covers 10 meters in distance.


  • Description: Reach +200% attack speed.
  • Guide: There are a few methods to complete the achievement. The first is stacking soldier syringes which increase attack speed by 15%. You’ll need a total of 14 syringes to reach 200% attack speed. Also, you can increase attack speed by using items that give frenzy buff like the warhorn.
  • Perk: Receive an increase in attack speed by 12%, with a maximum of 36% after landing a critical strike.

Automation Activation

  • Description: Active six turrets in a single run.
  • Guide: Only gunner turrets will count towards the achievement. Due to it being 6 in a single run, you don’t need to activate six turrets on a single stage or have them up all at once. This is an easy task as you’ll place more than six turrets during a run.
  • Perk: Spawn a squid turret upon activation that deals damage at 100% attack speed to nearby enemies.


  • Description: Discover and activate eight unique Newt Altars
  • Guide: Newt Altars look like huge rocks surrounded by blue spikes. They cost 1 Lunar Coin to activate. After using the altar, a blue portal will spawn that will go towards the count. Newt Altars are not guaranteed to spawn, so this challenge will be completed over time.
  • Perk: After killing enemies, Survivor gets a 4-second reduction cooldown on skills.


  • Description: Collect $30,480 total gold.
  • Guide: This is a simple achievement that will be unlocked by playing. Acquiring gold is done by killing creatures, opening barrels, and using Shrines of Blood.
  • Perk: Survivors get the equipment to fire bullets at the expense of available gold.


  • Description: Collect ten monster or environment logs.
  • Guide: This can take a while because most logbooks are luck-based. Monsters have a 1% chance to drop logs, while bosses have a 3% chance. The 57 leaf clover can improve the percentage chance by a small margin. Also, you can purchase a radio scanner that will reveal hiding chests and other interactable items. There are 6 logs that are hidden in the environment.
  • Perks: Using equipment, survivors can scan an environment that will reveal nearby items and loot boxes.

One With The Woods

  • Description: Fully upgrade a Shrine of the Woods.
  • Guide: The Shrine of the Woods appears as a tall pillar with a green symbol. They are found in the Distant Roost, Scorched Acres, Siren’s Call, and Bulwark’s Ambry environments. Interacting with the shrine costs gold, so make sure to save up. You can interact with the object a total of 3 times. Afterward, it will fully upgrade and unlock the perk.
  • Perk: A survivor receives constant health regen at 1.5% max HP per second. Also, activating the item gives nearby allies 10% more HP.


  • Description: Repair 30 drones or turrets.
  • Guide: This challenge can be done over multiple runs. There are several different drones that can be repaired. They will cost gold to repair, with the exception of the equipment drone that is free to repair.
  • Perk: A survivor can spawn up to 4 attack drones for 25 seconds.

Moon Worshipper

  • Description: Carry 5 Lunar items in a single run.
  • Guide: Lunar items are easily distinguished by their blue color, which symbolizes their rarity. They cost Lunar coins to receive, and there are multiple ways to obtain them. The first method is to find a Lunar pod and open it. The second option is to buy Lunar items from the Bazaar Between Time for 2 Lunar coins each. However, going through the Bazaar is the easiest way since it spawns 5 Lunar items.
  • Perk: Activating the item summons meteors from the sky that damage players and monsters for 600^ damage per blast. The ability duration is 20 seconds.

Cosmic Explorer

  • Description: Discover and enter three unique portals
  • Guide: There are four portals that you can enter, blue, null, celestial, and gold. Going into any of these three portals at least once will complete the challenge.
  • Perk: A survivor receives a massive boost to all stats.

Stage Explorer

These achievements are related to stages and environments.

Engineering Perfection

  • Description: Complete 30 stages.
  • Guide: An easy challenge to complete for those who love playing Risk of Rain 2. Each successful stage will count towards the task.
  • Perk: Engineer

Guidance Offline

  • Description: Defeat the unique guardian of Siren’s Call.
  • Guide: Siren’s Call is one of the two environments you’ll encounter on stage 4. The unique guardian is the Alloy Worship Unit that spawns by destroying 5 Alloy Vulture nests that are scattered around the map. There is no time limit for killing the boss, so you can take your time.
  • Perk: Loader


  • Description: Free the survivor suspended in time.
  • Guide: To free the survivor, you’ll need 10 Lunar coins. Visit the Bazaar Between Time environment through the blue portal. Then head inside, and next to the giant newt will be an encases survivor. Use the ten coins to unlock the Artificccer survivor.
  • Perk: Artificer

…To Be Left Alone

  • Description: Stabilize the cell in the Void Fields.
  • Guide: The Void Fields is a secret environment that can be found by going through the null portal. Once you’re in the Bazaar, turn around and jump down. There will be a large cave that you’ll land in. Follow the path in the cave until you see the null portal, which will take you to the Void Fields. To stabilize the cell, you need to complete nine cell events. The first one will be where you spawned. Each cell event will add a new monster that you need to defeat. Once completing an event, you’ll be given items that are needed to continue.
  • Perk: Acrid

Power Plant

  • Description: Repair the broken robot with an escape pod’s fuel array.
  • Guide: This achievement is extremely tough to complete due to the fuel array. The fuel array can be picked up on the escape pod when you spawn at the start of the run. Avoid playing as Acrid and MUL-T as neither have an escape pod at the start. Keep your hitpoints above 50% because otherwise, you’ll explode. Afterward, you’ll need to reach the Abyssal Depths environment that appears on the 4th stage. Then climb to the top platforms in the middle, and there will be a robot that you can interact with. Upon repairing the robot, you’ll complete the task.
  • Perk: REX

Washed Away

  • Description: Beat the game.
  • Guide: To complete the game, you’ll need to defeat the final boss found on the last stage. To reach stage 5, you’ll need to activate the Primordial teleporter. It works like a normal teleport but will teleport you to the Commencement environment instead of the next stage. Defeat the final boss to complete the game.
  • Perks: Captain.

Teleporter Events

These Achievements are related to the teleporter at the end of every stage.


  • Description: Reach and complete the 3rd teleporter event without dying.
  • Guide: This is a self-explanatory achievement. At the end of every stage, a teleport will spawn that will take you to the next environment. Make sure not to die by the time you reach the 3rd teleporter.
  • Perks: Bandit


  • Description: Complete the 1st teleporter event five times.
  • Guide: To quickly rush this achievement, you can go through the first teleporter event and quit. Then restart the process until you’ve done it five times.
  • Perk: MUL-T

MUL-T: Pest Control

  • Description: As MUL-T, defeat two beetle queens without leaving the teleporter zone.
  • Guide: There is no guarantee that you’ll face the beetle queen, so this challenge is luck-based. There is a higher chance that they will spawn in the Shrine of the Mountain. Using the Artifact of Swarms can spawn two beetle queens on the first stage.
  • Perk: MUL-T fires a rocket that deals 360% damage by exploding on impact.

Engineer: 100% Calculated

  • Description: As Engineer, defeat the teleporter boss in less than 5 seconds after it spawns.
  • Guide: This challenge is easier to finish when one boss spawns. Make sure to have powerful items that can deal a lot of damage quickly. A preon accumulator can help out tremendously since it can help do DPS. The Wandering Vagrant is the easiest boss to kill as it has low HP and defenses.
  • Perk: Engineer can place a robot spider that deals 600% damage when an enemy comes into its proximity.

Artificer: Chunked!

  • Description: As Artificer, fully defeat the teleporter boss in a 1-second burst of damage.
  • Guide: Taking the boss to 100% hitpoints to zero can seem like a daunting task. However, you can achieve this with the right item and ability combination. The main item you want is the crowbar and armor-piercing rounds. This is because they deal high amounts of damage quickly.
  • Perk: Artificer charges a piercing nano spear dealing 400%-1,200% damage.

Missable Achievements

Missable achievements can only be completed on certain sections of the run. Missing them means that you’d have to redo the run until you get back to that specific part of the stage. Therefore, you should go out of your way to complete them as soon as possible to save time later on.

Her Concepts

  • Description: Find the altar to N’kuhana
  • Guide: This is a challenging achievement to complete if you don’t know what you’re looking for. To begin, you must be in the Wetland Aspect environment that is found on stage 2. Then, head over to the cliff and look over. There will be a small gap where you can enter and follow a path. Afterward, you’ll reach the altar that has a skeleton guarding it. You must destroy the skeleton to unlock N’kuhana’s Opinion item.
  • Perk: The item will fire skulls for 10% of the player’s max hit points healed. It deals damage for 25% of the player’s maximum health.


  • Description: Defeat the unique guardian of Gilded Coasts without any beacons deactivated.
  • Guide: To start, you’ll need to go through the gold portal once you complete a teleporter event. The altar of gold has an extremely small chance of spawning, so make sure to complete this challenge while you have the opportunity. The task requires activating the seven halcyon beacons that are scattered throughout the environment. After four beacons are lit, a boss monster will spawn and can only be damaged by lighting seven beacons. You must kill the boss before a beacon becomes unlit.
  • Perk: Create a quantum tunnel up to 1km, connecting 2 points together for 30 seconds.

Death Do Us Part

  • Description: Discover the hidden chamber in the Abandoned Aqueduct.
  • Guide: To start the achievement, you need to get to the Abandoned Aqueduct environment that is found on stage 2. In this location, there are two big pressure plates. Step on them to open the gates leading to the hidden chamber on the opposite side of the environment. Players can do this solo by placing pots or turrets onto the pressure plates. Going inside the chamber will complete the task.
  • Perk: Kjaro’s Band calls a blazing tornado that deals 3,000% damage. Also, it will strike enemies with ice runes that slow them for 3 seconds by 80%.

Captain: Wanderlust

  • Description: As Captain, visit ten different environments in a single run.
  • Guide: This can be a lengthy task as each stage only has two unique environments except for stage 5 that has one environment. Hidden realms count towards the environment count, so visit the Bazaar Between Time and Void Fields. Also, you can go to the Bulwark’s Ambry on stage 5.
  • Perk: Captain can recharge equipment on use.


Question: What Are The Best Risk Of Rain 2 Tips?

Answer: During waves of enemies, you’ll encounter tough enemies that are difficult to defeat. These tips can help you during your fights:

Tip 1 – Remember the teleporter: Your goal at the beginning of each stage should always be to find the teleporter. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should activate it straight away. However, knowing where it is will save time later on.

Tip 2 – Use the ping tool: Many players don’t know this, but Risk of Rain 2 has a ping system. It’s super useful during waves to highlight tough enemies for your teammates. Also, you can ping useful items on the floor. Furthermore, this is great to use in a single-player because you can ping the teleporter to know what direction to go at the end of around.

Tip 3 – Stay on the move: The waves can get chaotic quickly if you’re not careful. The secret to not dying is to always stay on the move so that you’re not an easy target.

Question: What Characters Are There in Risk Of Rain 2?

Answer: Risk of Rain 2 features a lot of content, which includes unique characters. They will have different abilities and characteristics. At first, you will start with the commando survivor and must finish certain challenges to unlock the rest. These are the different in-game characters:

  • Commando – A jack of all trades character that is reliable in most situations.
  • MUL-T – A highly aggressive survivor who has the tools for any job.
  • Huntress – Extremely mobile and fragile character but does an excellent amount of DPS.
  • Engineer – This class requires positioning and planning to be successful.
  • Artificer – This character excels in fighting large groups and bosses because of the immense damage output.
  • Mercenary – A highly skilled survivor that specializes in dodging and melee combat.

Question: What Types Of Enemies Can You Find In Risk Of Rain 2?

Answer: Risk of Rain 2 lived up to and exceeded their expectations. It features a huge variety of elite modifiers, powerful bosses, and unique enemies. Currently, there are 20 monsters in total, 12 regular creatures, and eight bosses. Each wave will present different threats and variations of these monsters.

Furthermore, there is a chance that an elite version of an enemy will spawn. These creatures will have 4.7 times more hitpoints than their normal counterparts and deal two times more damage. There are three variations of elites:

  • Blazing Elites: They are colored red and leave a fire trail behind, dealing damage to anyone who steps on it.
  • Glacial Elites: They are colored white and significantly slow players upon each hit. After defeating a glacial elite, it will explode.
  • Overloading Elites: They are colored blue, and 50% of their health gets converted into rapidly recharging shields. Also, their attacks deal with electrical explosions on every hit.


That concludes our guide to Risk of Rain 2 Achievements. We’ve covered some of the best challenges to complete, which will result in useful perks. They will help during fights and give you a tactical advantage. Some of them are ultra-easy to complete, so what are you waiting for? Take your knowledge to the battlefield and unlock some new perks!

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