Dragalia Lost Tier List: How to Build Your Best Team

Dragalia Lost Tier List

Dragalia Lost is a mobile action role-playing game that was developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo in September 2018. It is only available for android and IOS devices. The game’s story takes place in Alberia; a kingdom where dragons live in harmony.

Members of the royal daily had the ability to weird a dragon’s power by forming a pact with a dragon to use their form during battle.

One day the Holy Shard, an object protected by the capital, starts to lose its power. This spurs the seventh prince Euden to start his Dragon Selection Trial in order to save his people.

The game has touch screen controls and allows for characters to attack enemies using simple and magical attacks from different elements. Players can also special attack where their characters become a dragon and deal a great deal of damage to the enemy.

This can only be done if the player has enough energy collected from destroying dragon statues or simply playing the game. Characters have their own classes, attacking and healing are the primary classes available.

The game is not only single-player but also supports co-op gameplay with up to four players. Overall the game is a fun magical action role-playing game that has crossovers to other popular Nintendo series like Fire Emblem, Mega Man, and Monster Hunter.

What is a tier list?

Dragalia Lost

If you are new to this game you might be a bit lost in choosing your adventurers and dragons. That’s what a tier list is there to help you figure out and build the best team you can for your play style.

Basically, the list works to rank adventures and dragons from specific categories against each other. In this case, we have five different categories for both adventures and dragons.

Rating Definitions and Criteria

Dragalia Lost

Adventures and dragons are rated on a scale of S-D. S is for adventures and dragons that perform well with all content. These adventures are easy to play with public co-op and in general, just easy characters to learn.

A is the only minus scale and is meant for adventures and dragons that in general play well with all content and work well in public co-op, however, they might come with a learning curve and various caveats depending on the other team members.

B is for adventures and dragons that play well but in general, just aren’t as powerful as those in the A or A- class. C and D are for characters struggling due to low stats, with C being slightly higher than D. These characters are definitely not the ones you want when approaching the end game.

Rank S

Prince Euden Fire Blazing Circlet

Exalted Fire

Mikoto Fire Ravenous Fire

Kindled Heart

Ezelith Fire Howling Meteor

Brilliant Inferno

Gala Laxi Fire Code 14: Conviction

Eden Mode

Ramona Fire Forge Buster

Smith Shield

Gala Mym Fire Dragon Claw

Flames of Passion

Emma Fire Pom-pom Pump

Vigorous Defense

Seimei Fire Onmyoji Incantation

Onmyodo Exorcism

Halloween Lowen Fire You won’t trick me

Here’s a treat for you

Gala Leonidas Fire Sovereign Barrage

Absolute Dominion

Gala Elisanne Water Holy Accord

Celestial Ascent

Hunter Sarisse Water Tactical Retreat

Haste Rain

Elisanne Water Brave Bastion

Hallowed Waters

Karina Water Raging Tide

Black Flag

Summer Celliera Water Ocean Fury

Pep Talk

Xander Water Majestic Tide

Royal Maelstrom

Mitsuba Water Chef’s Special

Hearty Helping

Jiang Ziya Water Curative Catch Provident Protection
Louise Wind Piercing Wind

Arrow Shower

Lowen Wind Winds, Heal Us!

Winds, Protect Us!

Ranzal Wind Tornado Bash

Storm Wall

Gala Ranzal Wind Cyclone Blade

Wind Tactics

Gala Leif Wind Feathered Gale

Pinion Slash

Sylas Wind Woodland Spear

Inspiriting Scent

Templar Hope Wind Knights Spirit

Blessed Sword

Mitsuhide Light Mouse’s Revenge

Calamity Drop

Lucretia Light Empowering Triplet

Crescendo Chorus

Gala Luca Light Shining Slash

Brilliant Booster

Summer Cleo Light Parasol Shot

Tropical Breeze

Halloween Elisanne Light Sacred Maiden

Mischief Maker

Peony Light Flower of Joy

Gentle Dream

Gala Zena Light Glorious Sanctuary

Holy Crown

Ilia Light Drive Buster

Alchemic Enhancement

Gala Alex Shadow Crisis Edge

Umbral Erasure

Bellina Shadow Renegade Descent

Renegade Gambit

Veronica Shadow Gespenst


Grace Shadow Sorrows Requiem

Earnest Prayer

Patia Shadow Sparrows Guard

Swift Skewer

Rank A

Naveed Fire Crystalline Blades

Radiant Bauble

Marth Fire Flickering Flames

Fire Emblem

Rena Fire Roaring Furnace

Brazier Boost

Nobunaga Fire Dream Offensive

Flash of Unity

Halloween Mym Fire Charming Trick

Tempering Fancy

Gala Sarrise Fire Brilliant Bolt

Cheerful Assist

Student Maribelle Fire Study Break

Happy Memories

Verica Fire Blessings of Destiny

Time’s Respite

Valentine’s Hildegarde Fire Blooming Love

Holy Protection

Yukata Cassandra Fire Goldfish of the Hereafter

Ritual Soul Cleansing

Xainfried Water Dragon Frostfang

Guardians Fury

Lily Water Glacial Blossom

Frozen Gale

Lazry Water Smithy Spin

Smithy: Force Mode

Catherine Water Beck and Call

Perfect Order

Celliera Water Ardent Stream

Winters Blade

Valerio Water Amuse-bouche

Bone Appetit

Pipple Water Puu-chu


Summer Julietta Water Sunny Flash

Vacation Vigor

Tiki Water Diving Wings

Dragon Valor

Fjorm Water Frigid Smash

Ice Mirror

Yurius Water Unknown Order

Seeker of the Truth

Eugene Water Signature Tactics


Dragonyrule Cleo Water Starlit Gift

Empyrean Grace

Pinon Water Sanctus Arrow

Soul Benediction

Laranoa Water Vivid Volley

Hunters Intuition

Lin You Wind Typhoon Fist Heavens Breath
Tobias Wind Eternal Grace Sacred Blade
Noelle Wind Best Regards

Sincerley Yours

Summer Sinoa Wind Chrono Trail

Bracing Summer

Valentines Melody Wind Now You’ll See What I’m Maid Off!

A Splash of Affection

Kirsty Wind Patriots Charge

Lethal Operation

Akasha Wind Akashic Repose

Vital Gate

Summer Norwin Wind Summer Memories

Emphermal Love

Wedding Aoi Wind Ninja Bride Sweet

Ninja Bride Sunshower

Hawk Wind Savage Hawk

Hunters Creed

Julietta Light Impending Sky

Glorious Guard

Amane Light Empyreal Levin

Hallowed Raiments

Albert Light Lightning Burst

Thunderous Impulse

Gala Prince Light Rising Circlet

Exalted Glory

Fleur Light Captivating Canvas

Pallete Punch

Alfonse Light Blue Radiance


Beautician Zardin Light Ravishing Rainbow

Stunning Vistage

Sharpshooter Joe Light Lightstream Shot Skyward


Hunter Vanessa Light Corkscrew Jab

Enraged Guard

Chitose Light Love & Acclaim

Radical Radiance

Radiant Xuan Zang Light Surging Light

Coalescent Light

Forte Shadow Dragonbrood Demonspear

Flawless Formation

Cleo Shadow Elder Cure

Ancient Aegis

Gala Cleo Shadow Ancient Ray

Faith of the Elders

Delphi Shadow Ruination Cage

Corrosive Cage

Heinwald Shadow Call of Chaos

Abyssal Connection

Curran Shadow Circular Judgement

Merciless Blow

Lathna Shadow Chaos Gift

Sundering Shadow

Zena Shadow Celestial Prayer

Twilight Crown

Summer Patia Shadow Sparrow Splash

Surging Sparrows

Leyasu Shadow Sakura Flurry

Blade Formation

Yaten Shadow Festival Rush

Bold Blade

Natalie Shadow Defiant Dance

Clean Slate

Rank B

Karl Fire Vanquishing Flame

Soul Ignition

Valentines Orion Fire Spinning Brulee

Sweet Protection

Serena Fire Assault Flame

Blazing Pain

Hunter Bersker Fire Moonbreaker

Lion’s Maw

Aoi Fire Searing Chakram

Foliage Flare

Laxi Fire Code 07: Combustion Slash Code04: Limit Breaker
Renelle Fire Falmewhorl


Yuya Fire Deadly Joyride

Rowdy Rumbler

Vanessa Fire Scarlet Geyser

Crimson Impact

Nadine Fire Snappy Selfie

Careful Composition

Chelsea Fire Love’s Liberation

Bruiser Bliss

Xania Fire Ivybalze


Incognito Nefaria Fire Girl’s Night Out

Ancient Incandescence

Sinoa Fire Custom Concoction

Blundering Bomber

Ricardt Water Measure of Mercy

Holy Water

Zardin Water Zardin Blade

Zardins Wrath

Nurse Aeleen Water Medicinal Cure


Orsem Water Flurry Edge

Triple Salchow

Summer Estelle Water Seaside Punisher

Lifeguard Lift

Luther Water Legato Step


Dragonyrule Nefaria Water Starsquall Shot

Special Delivery

Renee Water Droplet Slash

Drenching Strike

Summer Ranzal Water Surf’s Up

Barbecue Bonanza

Wedding Elisanne Wind Sacred Union

Wedding Bell

Melody Wind Maid for Mayhem

Tyro’s Gyre

Victor Wind Steel Formation

Lethal Stratagem

Addis Wind Bamboo Cutter

Dignified Soul

Dragonyule Xainfried Wind Dragon’s Gift

Breath of the Yuletide

Summer Amane Wind Empyreal Wind

Feline Fortuity

Maribelle Wind Save the Day!

Not One Step Closer!

Su Fang Wind Gale Slice Crackling Pyroblossom
Wedding Xania Wind Dream Wedding

Love’s Protection

Elenora Wind Viper Bolt

Vendetta Arrow

Aleen Wind Valkyrie Blask

Valhallan Ballad

Pia Wind Ka-boom!

Cheer up, chums!

Annelie Light Stunning Display

Smiles on Parade

Luca Light Radiant Bonds

Bolt of Light

Summer Mikoto Light Radiant Bolt

Magnanimitys Call

Yukata Curran Light Ricochet Bolts

Maskable Faith

Dragonyule Malora Light Starfall Surprise

Chill of Winter

Yachiyo Light Blossom Flash

Peerless Heart

Sharena Light Resplendent

Slash Luna

Zhu Bajie Light Bursting Fury

Macho Charge

Xiao Lei Light Flash Strike

Tactical Analysis

Hildegarde Light Radiant Savior

Sacred of Guardian

Halloween Althemia Light Sweet Treat

Bitter Trick

Sha Wujing Light Crash Armament

Obstruction Armament

Summer Luca Light Floatie Sping

Summer Spirit

Halloween Edward Light Vampire Slash

Nightmare Waltz

Nefaria Shadow Night of Antiquity

Twilight Oblivion

Vice Shadow Fetal Blow

Lethal Edge

Althemia Shadow Endless Nightmare

Dark Abyss

Kelimann Shadow Shadowshackle

Forbidden Sphere

Rodrigo Shadow Bonecrusher


Botan Shadow Petal Piercer

Perennial Grace

Summer Verica Shadow Everlasting Summer

Moment of Passion

Audric Shadow Exaltation Terminus

Circelet Denouement

Aldred Shadow Wyrmbound Ruiner

Fetters of Fear

Nevin Shadow Victoria Strategy

Magnus Apocalypse

Valentine’s Addis Shadow Coarse Judgement

Love’s Triumph

Rank C

Chrom Fire Exalted Sword


Xuan Zang Fire Flame Incursion

Heaven’s Binding

Joe Fire Quillstorm

Burning Arrow

Valentines Ezelith Fire Floral Explosion

Piercing Rose

Mega Man Fire Metal Blade

Leaf Shield

Halloween Odetta Water Envoy of the End

Wonderful World

Summer Ranzal Water Surf’s Up Barbecue


Jakob Water Chain Sting

Mercenary Guard

Dragonyule Xander Water Starfrost Swell

Monarch’s Boon

Thaniel Water Healing Wave

Seafaerer’s Pride

Musashi Wind Belching Dragon

Force of the Wind

Joachim Wind Last Resort

Operation Zero

Odetta Light Liberty Slash

Freedom Ring

Hanabusa Light Dance of Blades

Dance of Rhapsody

Vixel Light Spirited Song

Agitato Assault

Felicia Light Heaven’s Blessing

Cleansing Dance

Fritz Light Acrobatic Dagger

Dazzling Show

Wu Kong Light Ruyi Jingu Bang

Furious Flurry

Ryozen Light Celestial Citadel

Lotus Lance

Elias Light Uptempo Chord

Virtuoso Anthem

Estelle Light Healing Faith

Guardians Grace

Durant Shadow Biting Revenge

Unchained Rage

Alex Shadow Shadow Weaver

Silent Reaper

Erik Shadow Tenacious Swing

Wild Strike

Sazanka Shadow Dancing Blossoms

Blooming Cradle

Norwin Shadow Storybook Ending

Tragic Farce

Cassandra Shadow Umbral Assault

Violet Uproar

Rank D

Lea Fire Road to Glory

Floral Revolution

Marty Fire Spiral Hunter

Safeguard Surge

Melsa Fire Heat Impulse

Molten Flare

Yue Fire Knockout Blow

Wild Instinct

Alain Fire Noble Flame

Blazing Rondel

Aurien Fire Healer’s Luck

Red Hot Jackpot

Jurota Water Avalanche Blade

Yasha’s Brand

Rex Water Smash Hit Full


Pietro Water Quester’s Best

Indomitable Will

Cibella Water Virtuous Guard

Holy Wreath

Guald Water Chaotic Fissure

Stone Foundation

Waike Water Noble Hunter

Cascade Shot

Ku Hai Wind Soaring Flicker

Keen Blade

Johanna Wind Unbrideled Rage

Cyclone Axe

Philia Wind Scattershot

Lovelorn Arrow

Nicolas Wind Wind Spell

Storm Spell

Sophie Wind Aspen Balm

Angry Gale

Irfan Light Gleaming Talons

Hungry Fang

Linus Light Viliant Axe

Shining Vanguard

Rawn Light Fiend Crush

Critter Slayer

Malora Light Morning Glow

Porvocative Shot

Hope Light Healing Hand

Blessed Wall

Berserker Shadow Calamity Wheel

Living Fortress

Taro Shadow Shadowslicer


Orion Shadow Love Goes Round

Twilight Tryst

Vida Shadow Shadow Slash

Scheming Slice

Zace Shadow Skull Hunter

Bone Stinger

Edward Shadow Impeccable Service

Butler’s Guard


Question: How do I acquire new adventurers?

Answer: Summoning allows you to randomly acquire both adventurers and dragons. Additionally, some limited-time events will grant you adventurers and dragons.

Question: Is Dragolia Lost free to play?

Answer: Yes, the game has a free play model, however, you can purchase in-game content and other useful things.

Question: Who is the main character of the game?

Answer: In story mode, the Dragon Blood Prince Euden is the main character and the person the story is mostly focused on.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it a comprehensive list of every Dragolia Lost adventurer and how they rank against each other, as well as, the skills unique to that adventurer. When creating a team remember it needs to be balanced in both skills and elements.

Additionally, remember that lower-tiered characters are not necessarily useless. When combined with other characters that have certain abilities or are generally stronger they can definitely be an asset.

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