Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: All You Need to Know

fire emblem heroes tier list

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play mobile tactile role-playing game that was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo in 2017. Fire Emblem Heroes is the first mobile game in the series but the fifteenth overall Fire Emblem Game.

The game features heroes from a variety of different Fire Emblem games, as well as, new heroes that are exclusive to the mobile game. While it’s free to play there are plenty of pay-to-win features available and because of that Fire Emblem Heroes is one of the highest-grossing mobile games released by Nintendo, it’s also the winner of multiple rewards.

Fire Emblem Heroes allows players to control up to four Heroes as they fight against enemy teams on an 8*6 grid map. Each character has a color that allows the game system to match up certain heroes for more advantages. The game does not allow for the randomness that is popular in other Fire Emblem games, instead, a given strategy is either going to consistently win or lose.

Additionally, the game is broken up into story missions that are divided by chapters, as well as, rotating challenge missions, training towers, and other special challenges that players can complete for rewards or help advance their heroes.

The storyline follows away between the nations of Askr and Embla, the protagonist is controlled and named by the character and finds themselves aiding the Kingdom of Askr and the Order of Heros.

As the game has been updated, new nations have been introduced including The Kingdom of Nifl, Kingdom of Muspell. There are also new realms including Dokkalfheimr and Nioavellir.

What is a tier list?

fire emblem heroes

Tier lists are used by players to help create teams using their favorite heroes. They also help players understand where a specific character might stand in relation to other characters and allow players to gauge enemy teams as well.

This particular Fire Emblem Heroes tier list contains every hero and variation of a hero in relation to other players. Heroes that are in the S rating category, are generally for heroes that are up to pretty much any challenge the game throws at them.

They might be a bit overpowered but they will get the job done and can be used through end game content. Heroes in the A list are capable and great heroes to play with but just not as powerful as the characters in S. Both B and C lists generally have characters that aren’t nearly as popular and might struggle with end game content.

Color Meanings

The colors matter when you are summoning a new character. For example, when summoning you will choose from 5 different attributes and each attribute has a chance of summoning a hero with that specific attribute. Each color belongs to a set of attributes.

  • Blue: Swords, Flame Magic, Red Breath (Beast)
  • Green: Lance, Thunder Magic, Blue Breath (Beast)
  • Red: Axe, Wind Magic, Green Breath (Beast)
  • Gray/Colorless: Bow, Shuriken, Staff (Healer)


Name Color
Young Palla Blue
Valentines Rudolf Blue
Brave Hector Blue
Brave Dimitri Blue
Legendary Dimitri Blue
New Year Alfonse Blue
Haloween Tiki (Young) Blue
Legendary Azura Blue
Legendary Chrom Blue
Kris (F) Blue
Duo Ephraim Blue
Brave Lucina Blue
Summer Ingrid Blue
Forsyth Blue
Legendary Julia Blue
Ophelia Blue
Fallen Corrin (M) Blue
Legendary Tiki (Young) Blue
Ninja Navarre Blue
Brave Eliwood Blue
Winter Ephraim Blue
Duessel Blue
Seiros Blue
Lilith Blue
Gatrie Blue
Peony Blue
Guniver Blue
Plegian Katarina Blue
Reinhardt Blue
Tsubasa Blue
Spring Indunn Red
Young Caeda Red
Idunn Red
Fallen Ike Red
Fallen Juila Red
Masquerade Sigurd Red
Reginn Red
Brave Lysithea Red
Summer Byleth (F) Red
Hoshidan Summer Micaiah Red
Halloween Myrrh Red
Kiria Red
Halloween Hector Red
Valentines ike Red
Winter Altina Red
Legendary Lilina Red
Plegian Dorothea Red
Tibarn Red
Shannan Red
Kris (M) Red
Larcei Red
Plumeria Red
Picnic Flora Red
Lif Red
Aversa Red
Sothis Red
Young Martha Red
Igrene Red
Altina Red
Mareeta Red
Byleth (F) Red
Byleth (M) Red
Lysithea Red
Soriee Ishtar Red
Say’ri Red
Mirabilis Red
Catherine Red
Summer Tiki (Young) Red
Valentine’s Alm Green
Brave Ike Green
Brave Ephraim Green
Legendary Edelgard Green
Barve Edelgard Green
Young Merric Green
Winter Sothis Green
Thrasir Green
New Year Peony Green
Legendary Celica Green
Freyja Green
Surtr Green
Shamir Green
Bridal Nailah Green
Mamori Green
Halloween Robin (F) Green
WInter Bernadetta Green
Fallen Robin (M) Green
Hel Green
Summer Selena Green
Reyson Green
Picnic Felcia Green
Ninja Laeveatein Green
Fallen Lyon Green
Triandra Green
Nagi Green
Dieck Green
Yarne Green
Jill Green
Rinkah Green
New Year Lethe Green
Soiree Reinhardt Green
Pirate Veronica Green
Performing Azura Green
Azura (Young) Green
Legendary Leif Grey/Colorless
Winter Marth Grey/Colorless
Bridal Micaiah Grey/Colorless
Legendary Corrin (F) Grey/Colorless
Fallen Tiki (Young) Grey/Colorless
Ninja Lyn Grey/Colorless
Legendary Alm Grey/Colorless
Bramimond Grey/Colorless
Veronica Grey/Colorless
Pirate Tibarn Grey/Colorless
Valentine’s Faye Grey/Colorless
Eleonora Grey/Colorless
New Year Plumeria Grey/Colorless
Leila Grey/Colorless
Caineghis Grey/Colorless
Summer Mia Grey/Colorless
Brave Camilla Grey/Colorless
Falen Corrin (F) Grey/Colorless
Mila Grey/Colorless
Shinon Grey/Colorless
Bernadetta Grey/Colorless
Brave Claude Grey/Colorless
Sra Grey/Colorless
Brave Lyn Grey/Colorless
Flayn Grey/Colorless


Name Color
Selena Blue
Legendary Lucina Blue
Ronan Blue
Apotheosis Anna Blue
Soiree Berkut Blue
Masquerade Eldigan Blue
Hardin Blue
Summer Laegjarn Blue
Petrine Blue
Dimitri Blue
Legendary Ephraim Blue
Melady Blue
Perceval Blue
Naga Blue
Summery Lyn Blue
Spring Est Blue
Sirius Blue
Masquerade Quan Blue
Winter Nino Blue
Naesala Blue
Nailah Blue
Jorge Blue
Nils Blue
New Year Velouria Blue
Winter Felix Blue
Winter HIlda Blue
Halloween Llynana Blue
Seteth Blue
Valentines Lyn Blue
Altene Blue
Brunnya Blue
Kana (M) Blue
Geese Blue
Rinea Blue
Ferdinand Blue
Isthar Blue
Illyana Blue
Gwendolyn Blue
Fjorm Blue
Kjelle Blue
Est Blue
EValentine’s Eliwood Blue
Adrift Corrin (M) Blue
Corrin (F) Blue
Cordelia Blue
Spring Narcian Blue
Clair Blue
Fallen Delthea Blue
Fallen Berkut Blue
Camus Blue
Summer Camilla Blue
Petra Blue
Summer Lute Blue
Panne Blue
Hoshidan Summer Ryoma Blue
Robin (M) Blue
Fiora Blue
Selkie Blue
Nowi Blue
Bidal Ninian Blue
Halloween Niles Blue
Rafiel Blue
Micaiah Blue
Sword Catria Red
Istsuki Red
Dheginsea Red
Flying Olivia Red
Sword Reinhardt Red
New Year Kaden Red
Brave Roy Red
Winter Zephiel Red
Lethe Red
Keaton Red
Summer Joshua Red
Ninja Zihark Red
Brave Aiam Red
Celica Red
Phina Red
Fallen Calica Red
Winter Tharja Red
Brave Celica Red
Fallen Mareeta Red
Astram Red
Legendary Selph Red
Zelgius Red
Legendary Erika Red
Eliwood Red
Nah Red
Midori Red
Iago Red
Hrid Red
Legendary Ike Red
Brigid Red
Legendary Eliwood Red
Legendary Roy Red
Legendary Martha Red
Mia Red
Brial Oboro Red
Kempf Red
Ena Red
Owain Red
New Year Gunnthra Red
Roy Red
Seliph Red
Ewan Red
Ares Red
Ayra Red
Sigurd Red
Black Knight Red
Sohpa Red
Caeda Red
Adrift Camilla Red
Spring Palla Red
Tharja Red
Bantu Red
Exalt Chrom Red
Tiki (Young) Red
Xander Red
Draug Red
Red Tome Eirika Red
Elincia Red
Eyvel Red
Flora Red
Alm Red
New Year Anna Red
New Year Eir Red
Karla Red
Laevatein Red
Lilina Red
Miranda Red
Veld Red
Nemesis Red
Marth Red
Ashnard Red
Ninja Hana Green
Young Minerva Green
Myrrh Green
Plegian Tharja Green
New Year Keaton Green
Deirdre Green
Ced Green
Winter Jaffar Green
Winter Faei Green
Gerik Green
HIlda Green
Yune Green
Masquerade Lachesis Green
Brave Micaiah Green
Spring Fir Green
Kaden Green
Osian Green
Fae Green
Edelgard Green
Valentine’s Hector Green
Legendary Hector Green
Annette Green
Flame Empoeror Green
Julia Green
Asbel Green
Groom hinata Green
Sue Green
Python Green
Flying Nino Green
Nino Green
Valentine’s Greil Green
Green Tome Olwen Green
Rhajat Green
Robin (F) Green
Hostile Springs Hinoka Green
New Year Fjorm Green
Felgian Kris (M) Green
Ranulf Green
Amelia Green
Sheena Green
New Year Azura Green
Barst Green
Boey Green
Spring Veronica Green
Cecilia Green
Cherche Wolt Green
Adrift Corrin (F) Green
Dorcas Green
Hoshidan Summer Elicina Green
Echidna Green
Gunnthra Green
Ross Green
Summer Laevatein Green
Hector Green
Halloween Henry Green
Halloween Agero Green
Kana (F) Green
Legion Green
Lewyn Green
Summer Sylvain Green
Dozla Grey/Colorless
Winter Sephiran Grey/Colorless
Winter Cecilia Grey/Colorless
Jilian Grey/Colorless
Masquerade Ethlyn Grey/Colorless
Bridal Fjorm Grey/Colorless
Eir Grey/Colorless
Claude Grey/Colorless
New Year Selkie Grey/Colorless
Halloween Jakob Grey/Colorless
Soiree Nephenee Grey/Colorless
Duma Grey/Colorless
Halloween Mia Grey/Colorless
Rolf Grey/Colorless
Winter Eikrika Grey/Colorless
Legendary Robin (F) Grey/Colorless
Velouria Grey/Colorless
Leanne Grey/Colorless
Norne Grey/Colorless
Louise Grey/Colorless
Hoshidan Summer Xander Grey/Colorless
Elise Grey/Colorless
Larum Grey/Colorless
Kronya Grey/Colorless
Gordin Grey/Colorless
Bow Hinoka Grey/Colorless
Klein Grey/Colorless
Summer Dorothea Grey/Colorless
Loki Grey/Colorless
Mirabelle Grey/Colorless


Name Color
Mae Red
Lute Red
Lukas Red
Linde Red
A’Arachel Red
Kliff Red
Death Knight Red
Hinoka Red
Cormag Red
Florina Red
Abel Red
Finn Red
Cynthia Red
Galle Red
Ephraim Red
Effie Red
Donnel Red
Delthea Red
Sigrun Red
Ylgr Red
Summer Corrin (F) Red
Summer Cordelia Red
Valter Red
Tanith Red
Ursula Red
Pent Red
Tana Red
Spring Catria Red
Catria Red
Tailtiu Red
Spring Marisa Red
Sumia Red
Berkut Red
Silas Red
Shiro Red
Azura Red
Shigure Red
Performiong Shigure Red
New Year Laegjarn Red
Sharena Red
Shanna Red
Hostile Springs Ryoma Red
Mordecai Red
Saias Red
Heath Red
Roderick Red
Winter Robin Red
Travant Red
Quan Red
Peri Red
Oscar Red
Olwen Red
Valentine’s Soren Red
Oboro Red
Ninian Red
Conrad Red
Nephenee Red
Thea Red
Valbar Red
Morgan (F) Red
Morgan (M) Blue
Knoll Blue
Halloween Nowi Blue
Olivia Blue
Hostile Springs Elise Blue
Palla Blue
Valentine’s Titania Blue
Ryoma Blue
Legendary Ryoma Blue
Saber Blue
New Year Hrid Blue
Sanaki Blue
Arden Blue
Seth Blue
Arvis Blue
Athena Blue
Hubert Blue
Siegbert Blue
Silvia Blue
Soleil Blue
Cain Blue
New Year Camilla Blue
Summer Tana Blue
Bridal Tharja Blue
Tiki (Adult) Blue
Chrom Blue
Bridal Sigrun Blue
Summer Lilina Blue
Spring Bartre Blue
Summer Flora Blue
Zephiel Blue
Eirika Blue
Eldigan Blue
Alfonse Blue
Garon Blue
Gharnef Blue
Gray Blue
Summer Helbindi Blue
Hana Blue
Henry Blue
Hinata Blue
Ike Blue
Joshua Blue
Julius Blue
Valentine’s Conrad Blue
Katarina Blue
Rutger Blue
Laegjarn Blue
Laslow Blue
Leif Blue
Lene Blue
Summer Lorenz Blue
Lon’qu Blue
Lucina Blue
Luke Blue
Lyon Blue
Masked Marth Blue
Caellach Green
Michalis Green
Minerva Green
Lugh Green
Halloween L’Arachel Green
Valentine’s Mist Green
Raven Green
Bridal Sanaki Green
Anna Green
Arthur Green
Spring Sharena Green
Bartre Green
Beruka Green
Sonya Green
Soren Green
Haar Green
Camilla Green
Spring Camilla Green
Winter Chrom Green
Titania Green
Walhart Green
Halloween Dorcas Green
Summer Elise Green
Frederick Green
Spring Alfonse Green
Gerome Green
Summer Ylgr Green
Hawkeye Green
Helbindi Green
Performing Inigo Green
Summer Innes Green
Darros Green
Mustafa Green
Libra Green
Valentine’s Lilina Green
Linus Green
Winter Lissa Green
Legendary Lyn Green
Groom Marth Green
Natasha Grey/Colorless
Nanna Grey/Colorless
Silque Grey/Colorless
Niles Grey/Colorless
Nina Grey/Colorless
Performing Olivia Grey/Colorless
Hostile Springs Camilla Grey/Colorless
Priscilla Grey/Colorless
Hostile Springs Sakura Grey/Colorless
Valentine’s Roy Grey/Colorless
Lena Grey/Colorless
Saizo Grey/Colorless
Halloween Sakura Grey/Colorless
Tethys Grey/Colorless
Picnic Genny Grey/Colorless
Summer Rhys Grey/Colorless
Setsuna Grey/Colorless
New Year Laevatein Grey/Colorless
Mercedes Grey/Colorless
Sothe Grey/Colorless
Spring Bruno Grey/Colorless
Fallen Takumi Grey/Colorless
Spring Loki Grey/Colorless
Summer Takumi Grey/Colorless
New Year Takumi Grey/Colorless
Emmeryn Grey/Colorless
Clarine Grey/Colorless
Summer Ursula Grey/Colorless
Clarisse Grey/Colorless
Bridal Cordelia Grey/Colorless
New Year Corrin (M) Grey/Colorless
Chad Grey/Colorless
Merlinus Grey/Colorless
Tanya Grey/Colorless
Ethlyn Grey/Colorless
Faye Grey/Colorless
Felicia Grey/Colorless
Gaius Grey/Colorless
Forrest Grey/Colorless
Summer Gunnthra Grey/Colorless
Jaffar Grey/Colorless
Eremiya Grey/Colorless
Kagero Grey/Colorless
Spring Kagero Grey/Colorless
Valentine’s Slique Grey/Colorless
Kaze Grey/Colorless
Legault Grey/Colorless
Gangrel Grey/Colorless
Summer Linde Grey/Colorless


Name Color
Mathilda Blue
Spring Lucina Blue
Jagen Blue
Spring Xander Blue
Clive Blue
Bridal Charlotte Blue
Sully Blue
Subaki Blue
Bridal Caeda Blue
Summer Robin (F) Blue
Oliver Blue
Odin Blue
Selena (Fates) Red
Ogma Red
Stahl Red
Navarre Red
Raigh Red
Canas Red
Tobin Red
Corrin (M) Red
Fir Red
Karel Red
Summer Leo Red
Leoo Red
Lloyd Red
Lyn Red
Marisa Red
Merric Green
Narcian Green
Picnic Leo Green
Summer Tiki (Adult) Green
Spring Chrom Green
Summer Xander Green
Gunter Green
Mikoto Grey/Colorless
Mist Grey/Colorless
Summer Noise Grey/Colorless
Rebecca Grey/Colorless
Sakura Grey/Colorless
Serra Grey/Colorless
Azama Grey/Colorless
Takumi Grey/Colorless
Virion Grey/Colorless
Wrys Grey/Colorless
Brady Grey/Colorless
Summer Frederick Grey/Colorless
Summer Gaius Grey/Colorless
Genny Grey/Colorless
Innes Grey/Colorless
Jakob Grey/Colorless
Jamke Grey/Colorless
Jeorge Grey/Colorless
Lachesis Grey/Colorless
Leon Grey/Colorless
Lissa Grey/Colorless
Lucius Grey/Colorless
Bridal Lyn Grey/Colorless
Maria Grey/Colorless
Matthew Grey/Colorless

Final Thoughts

Fire Emblem heroes have a massive amount of characters. Not only are there characters from all 14 of the game’s predecessors, but there are also new and interesting characters introduced in the game.

Thanks to the massive amount of characters present in the game, you will not struggle to create a team that fits your play style. Since many characters fall within the S category it’s easy to create a powerful team you can use through end game content.


Question: Is Fire Emblem Heroes completely free?

Answer: The game is completely free to download either from the Play Store or Apple store depending on your device. You can also play the game without purchasing anything from the in-game store. Purchasing items from the in-game store can help you advance faster in the game but it’s not required.

Question: I have an old device. Can I still play the game?

Answer: As long as your device is Android 4.4 or iOS 10.0 or newer then you should be able to play the game. Devices with at least 2GB of ram are recommended for best playability.

Question: Does Fire Emblem Heroes require an internet connection?

Answer: Yes to play the game you must either be connected to cellular data and have data available or you need to be connected to WiFi. Personally, as with all internet-connected games, I prefer to play on WiFi as it is easier and generally faster.

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