20 Best Games Like Destiny to Play Next

Best Games Like Destiny

If you love the Destiny series, you are one of many. As one of the best multiplayer shooter games on the internet, Destiny has been winning millions of fervent fans the world over. But what do you do once you’re done with Destiny?

This is always a weird feeling—you want to play but the game you want to play already feels stale. Fear not—we’ve put together a collection of games that look and feel like Destiny to scratch your itch.

The similarities aren’t necessarily that apparent, so that is part of the plan. You want something similar to Destiny to satisfy the same desires when playing something different. Here are 20 of the best games like Destiny to give a whirl in 2022.

1. Destiny 2

Being the sequel to Destiny, the inclusion of Destiny II on this list is a no-brainer. Destiny II was published in 2017, two years after the original Destiny was released. Just like Destiny, the second Destiny is a web-only multiplayer shooter role-playing game.

The narrative is set 12 months after the SIVA Crisis occurred in the original Destiny. The forces of Red Legion Cabal are attacking The Last City. Their commander, Dominus Ghaul, attaches a gadget on the Travel, the holy being from the original game.

The gadget starts to suck the Light out of Travel, which supplies power to the Guardians. All Guardians are stripped of their powers and your character is nearly killed but somehow lives. The narrative then follows your character as you try to restore the Light to Traveler and power to the Guardians.

2. Call of Duty Franchise

The Call of Duty game series is themed around war. It’s a first-person shooter game with a wonderful gameplay experience for its lovers.

The key first two rounds of the Call of Duty series occur during World War I and World War II. But, over time, this game franchise has evolved since 2007 when Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released. From that moment on, the demand for all other games in the series started to decrease in contrast to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

  • The Call of Duty series is loads of fun for every player. In case you’re a lone wolf, you have access to a short but fun single-player mode.
  • On the other hand, if you want to make quick, meaningful action with your friends, you can seriously do so by selecting one of the various multiplayer modes.
  • The Call of Duty series truly shines when it comes to multiplayer mode, offering plentiful fun with its unrelenting battle activity mechanics.

3. The Halo Series

The Halo franchise is one of the best game series around the world. As is to be expected, the Halo franchise basically shares more with Destiny than other games on this list as it’s got lots of elements to enjoy.

  • On top of a fantastic storyline covering the interplanetary war among folks and outsiders, there’s a popular multiplayer mode, which can really stretch your playing time.
  • The Halo series provides you with a new type of gameplay since each of the games in the series has a new bunch of features for you to try out.

4. Warframe

Originally published in 2013 on PC, Warframe is now available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. A free-to-play game, you awaken from a cryo-chamber and find yourself thrust into an interstellar war for survival.

The game mechanics, particularly the free-wheeling exploits as players jump about and try to escape enemy attacks, is easy to grasp and similar to Destiny’s combat system. With a massive player base and many ways to personalize a character, it’s now the best time to try out Warframe and launch your fight for cosmic justice.

5. Borderlands II

The second game in the Borderlands series is one of the funniest and most action-packed games in the gaming world. Borderlands II is a first-person shooter title, set in an amusing chaotic world, in which you join a simmering rebellion against the wicked Handsome Jack.

There’s a central narrative pulling players forward, like in Destiny, but the most intriguing part of both Borderland titles is the concept of infinite customization and exploration. There are different combat styles for the different playable characters to choose from, but Borderlands II has one of the most intricate weapons creation and modification systems you’ll ever experience.

6. Apex Legends

This free-to-play team-based battle royale game occupies the same lane as games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. Players pick a character from a special cast with specific abilities and skills as they put points on an intruding map and attempt to outwit a competing group of players.

Incredibly fast and action-packed, you can enjoy Apex of Legends whether you wish to race alone and fire or slow things a bit, or become strategic and liaise with your teammates while you work to take over the map.

7. Doom Eternal

If you love fast-paced action and powerful metal music, you should go for Doom Eternal. It’s an action-packed back-to-the-wall shooter game that puts you in charge of the fabled Doom Slayer in his quest to save the Earth from the encroaching grasp of hell.

While certain games reward you for being tactical and hanging on to pick off foes, Doom Eternal wants you to get right in the faces of your enemies as the more up-close and chaotic the action gets, the more health packs and equipment you receive. Like Destiny, Doom Eternal has some gorgeous level design and keeps players engrossed in action, ensuring that no moment ever gets overly tedious or boring.

8. No Man’s Sky

In No Man’s Sky, the universe is one weird, crazy place teeming with unexplainable places to check out. So, it’s logical that Hello Games decided to create a survival game centered around a chaotic, randomized universe as unimaginable as the actual thing. Like in Destiny, No Man’s Sky’s players control a character and explore and fight their way through many planets.

What distinguishes No Man’s Sky from other cosmic titles is that it’s fully randomized, boasting an imaginary 18 quintillion procedurally-created planets for folks to discover. No Man’s Sky was released in 2016, but due to its cross-platform availability, now is the perfect time to finally fly off and see what this game’s all about.

9. Diablo III

Blizzard is renowned for creating high-quality games, and Diablo III is a perfect example of that. This dungeon-crawling action-roleplaying game is famous for its series history with unplanned loot.

Every gear item you receive can be worse or better than what you’ve got. Include drop-in or drop-out multiplayer and this game will suck you in for several hours a night.

Check out our full list of games like Diablo worth trying.

10. The Division

The Division has the same shooter-looter fix that fans of Destiny crave, with an intriguing re-incarnation of the City of New York, strong third-person shooter workings, and plenty of loot to find. The Division was released with lots of problems, but after a couple of years of relentless effort, the game has been a dream refuge for marginalized Destiny II players.

11. Sea of Thieves

This game may appear repetitive and shallow, but it offers the same collaborative multiplayer experience that the super popular Strikes in Destiny do.

You and some pals jump into the game and work to achieve your mission by whatever means necessary. Sea of Thieves enhances its storyline with thrilling and worthwhile ship sailing that leaves you believing that you can actually steer a ship (but you probably still can’t!).

12. Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World is about a living, breathing environment where players assume the hunter role and track and kill vicious beasts in blood-curdling battles that take place across the expansive ever-changing terrain.

Embark on quests on your own or with a few other hunters in a freshly created online drop-in multiplayer mode which allows cross-area collaborative play between the West and Japan, bringing the player base together for the first time.

Having sold over 13 million copies all over the world, Monster Hunter: World now introduces its huge expansion, Iceborne. This significant update introduces even more quests, gear, and monsters to the game. To access Iceborne abilities and quests, you must own World and complete the major story.

13. Tribes: Ascend

The Tribes franchise was a wildly popular, very fast-paced science-fiction game in the early noughties. The latest game which was created by Hi-Rez Studios, known as Tribes: Ascend, was released in 2012.

Although the developers dropped support for Tribes: Ascend, you can still have fun playing with friends. It boasts multiple classic game modes like Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Elimination, and Capture and Hold.

Some vintage Tribes maps were recreated for Tribes: Ascend, and the bigger ones have gameplay aspects similar to earlier Tribes titles, including spawnable vehicles. While there’s no single-player narrative, you can take on some robots for practice.

14. Anthem

If you’re looking for more fast-paced science-fiction action, look no further than Anthem. Developed by Electronic Arts, Anthem lets you assume the role of a Freelancer who oversees a powerful exosuit known as Javelin. Like in most mech-genre titles, the Javelins offer increased speed, abilities, endurance, and strength.

Each Javelin has its own strengths and weaknesses and with your teammates’ help, you can make the most of the Javelins. The gameplay is quick and frantic and there’s a great deal of jumping about, flying, and diving into and out of battle during gameplay.

The Frostbite engine powers this fantastic open-world game, and there are diverse environments and complex interior areas to explore.

15. Gunfire Reborn

Gunfire Reborn is a hilarious, cartoonish first-person shooter game in which players take control of a slayer cat. With multiple side items and upgrades to fit into your combat style, this game enables players of different playstyles to create their own experience. Gunfire Reborn isn’t an expansive game, so if you want the flexibility of Destiny, find another title. However, its unique dungeon designs and fast-paced action will scratch the same itch.

16. Planetside II

Initially introduced in 2012, Planetside II is a free-to-play game and the only massively multiplayer online first-person shooter title of its kind. In this game, three different factions engage in an endless war over various continents with distinctive landscapes to navigate, challenges to overcome, and bases to conquer.

You’re thrown into battle after creating your soldier and choosing your faction. After this, the game unfolds more like a serious battlefield with thousands of gamers on one continent.

To swing into action, you can join teams and there are MMO-like guilds in the shape of platoons. This makes it easier to stay in contact with your soldier colleagues.

17. World War Z

This is one of the best Destiny-like games to play if you loved Left 4 Dead. While World War Z is a third-person shooter game, we guarantee you that you’ll thoroughly enjoy the fighting style.

In this game, you can slay zombies in spine-chilling ways: from accurate killings by headshots to bloody limb chop-offs by bloody shots. Moreover, you’ll have teams consisting of up to 4 people and 6 classes to execute missions across the map and eliminate crowds of zombies.

18. Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is one of the newest Destiny-like games. This first-person shooter game unfolds in an alternate world where the Soviet Union introduces a technical revolution. In the game, you’ll take the role of a Soviet KGB agent who must break into a dysfunctional secret base and find out what’s going on.

This open-world map is divided into various explorable areas with different levels, structures, and ecosystems. In order to survive, you’ll have to go into battle against killer zombies, robots, and other hostile animals. Sounds weird? Yes, of course!

19. Dawn Zero Horizon

The first thing to notice about this game is its graphics. They’re absolutely wonderful and realistic, completely immersing you in the game and bringing everything to life. The graphics not only bring Dawn Zero Horizon to life but the actual narrative is very gripping and mesmerizing.

In this game, you find yourself in an open-world environment with role-playing elements. You assume the role of Aloy and embark on a mission to explore the world’s dangers. You have so many things to explore, frightening mechanical creatures, and plenty to keep you busy and engaged.

20. Planet Calypso

For those who liked Destiny and like science-fiction, we’ve got good news for you: you should go for Planet Calypso. While it isn’t the most popular title on this list, it’s great and worth trying.

In Planet Calypso, you must try to restore the planet and reestablish civilization, as well as hunt, explore, and fight robots, create, establish a profession, and so much more!

This game is free of charge, so you won’t lose anything by trying it out and seeing how amazing it really is.

FAQs About Best Games Like Destiny

Question: What Kind of Video Game is Destiny?

Answer: Destiny is a “shared-world shooter” game developed by Bungle, which also developed the classic first-person shooter Halo series on the Xbox. Destiny combines aspects of the role-playing and first-person shooter game genres into an immense experience.

Question: Which is Better Warframe or Destiny II?

Answer: Both video games are top-drawer looter-shooters in the gaming world. But of the pair, it’d appear that Destiny II is more rewarding in terms of the real loot. In Warframe, the majority of the loot is made up of modes, blueprints, resources, and very rare cosmetics. In Destiny II, the loot system offers players more memorable loot.

Question: Is Destiny Single-player Worth Your Time?

Answer: Yes, Destiny is exciting in single-player mode. You’ll play alone nine out of ten times. You’ll execute strikes with other players, but it’s essentially single-player as you don’t interact with anyone. To experience Destiny to the fullest, you’ll ultimately want to befriend others.

Question: Will a Destiny III Be Released?

Answer: Sadly, there are presently no plans to release Destiny III. Destiny’s director Luke Smith said that there were three scheduled expansions for Destiny, namely Lightfall, The Witch Queen, and Beyond Light. Smith says that the game will be monitored as the months roll by and updates will be adjusted as needed.

Question: Will a Cayde 7 Be Released?

Answer: No. Even if Cayde somehow comes back, there won’t be a Cayde 7.

Play These Best Games Like Destiny Today!

Any of the games above will be an amazing alternative after you’re done playing Destiny. Most of them aren’t the most demanding either, so your gaming platform will probably perform quite well with these Destiny-like games.

If you want the closest thing to Destiny, Anthem is arguably your best bet. But if you want something a little bit different, it’s recommended that you get stuck into an amazing game like Diablo III—especially with Diablo IV coming soon.


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