20 Best Games Like Undertale to Play

Best Games Like Undertale

Developed by GameMaker, Undertale is a unique role-playing game that was published in late 2015. In this game, you play a human child and explore an imaginary underground world. In this weird underground world, you come across a wide range of monsters. On your way back up the world, you’ll need to make important decisions about befriending or killing the monsters you meet. This affects the dialogue and outcome of the story.

Narrating the Undertale story through impressive characters and writing has earned the game limitless praise. The writing is often dark, ironic, sarcastic, and continuously shatters the fourth wall.

The game also boasts a unique combat style, which involves players trying to nonviolently tackle the enemy and evade bullet-like assaults from foes by getting their hearts out of the way.

The games below offer the same mechanics and experiences as Undertale. They have meta-fictional aspects in both their gameplay and story writing, guaranteeing an ironic narrative that employs introspection to underline the relationship between reality and fiction.

The list below also includes games with combat styles that are simple to learn, don’t require considerable effort, or can be avoided altogether.

1. Alicemare

If you want to play an Undertale clone, you should give Alicemare a try. While it has a different storyline, the gameplay has similarities at all levels. In fact, the similarities are really close that you’ll sometimes feel like you’re playing Undertale instead of Alicemare.

Alicemare is a horror-adventure game set in a world where everything is unnatural. You’ll come across lots of two-faced characters in the game, like the Cheshire Cat (a soul-sucking demon), your “protective” teacher who exploits you, and your orphan pals that take you to different places.

You have to steer clear of the demonic characters and explore different maps. There are loads of jump-scares and chase scenes to make Alicemare frightening. The quirky characters and musical score never fail to amuse you.

You might find the storyline a bit confusing, particularly when playing in different dimensions. However, you can quickly get back to your first map by pulling away from your friends.

2. Always Sometimes Monsters

Always Sometimes Monsters is centered around overcoming your existential crisis in order to get back your true love. This game puts you in a variety of sticky spots while playing. It’s a role-playing title where your choices allow you to progress through the levels. Your response will determine where your game goes.

Your love life aside, you also need to decide how to behave with your neighbors. Are you going to help your elderly neighbor with her everyday chores? Or will you steal her cards and check to buy groceries?

Always Sometimes Monsters puts your morality to the test in different situations. It places you in tricky situations where you need to decide between what’s right for your character and what’s morally right.

In this game, many levels look like Undertale. The stages offer loads of entertainment that you may be tempted to restart the game by choosing different answers.

3. OneShot

This is a puzzle-filled adventure game with an interesting storyline and intense characters. Like Undertale, OneShot is a story-driven game with incredible graphics and a gripping music score.

In a game set in a sunless environment, you take the character of Niko. Your mission is to illuminate this dark environment by solving a variety of puzzles. While Niko is a young cat, she’s a knight in shining armor. To fulfill Niko’s destiny, you must empower the robots of your dark world.

Be sure to make smart choices because this will impact your storyline. The game’s unique playstyle offers you one shot at making the right decisions. One small mistake can mean the end of your life. The soothing music and immersive graphics will keep you permanently hooked to the game.

4. Rakuen

Did you know you can create a connection with an onion? Yes, you read that right! Play Rakuen with some patience and you’ll not regret its unorthodox plot.

Rakuen centers around the Rakuen world where you will inhale stomp badshrooms and radshrooms. But be sure to correctly identify the vegetation as it’ll help you realize your dreams in this fantasy world. Rakuen is fairly similar to Undertale in terms of gameplay. Moreover, the animation looks like Undertale on many levels.

You’ll face tricky situations at all levels. Sometimes you may need to befriend unhappy mushrooms and soothe angry spirits. Indeed, you may need to befriend an unhappy onion to move through various levels.

Rakuen may appear childish but it has numerous adult problems, including pain and loss of life.

5. Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise resembles Undertale in many ways, especially with regards to gameplay and graphics. It’s a sequel of the game known as To the Moon. In Finding Paradise, you must explore various memories of the character Colin Reeds. He’s dying and wants to ease his last regrets by controlling his memories. As Colin Reed, you need to get rid of your regrets before you die.

You also need to keep other characters in check, including Neil Watts and Eva Rosaline. These two physicians of Sigmund Corporation played a key role in Colin Reed’s life. You must get their activities under control to ease some awful memories of Collin.

This thrilling storyline keeps you hooked to Finding Paradise like you would with Undertale. To make Reed’s next world easier, try changing consciousness and collecting clues.

6. Mad Father

Why is Understand such a fascinating game? Most players think it’s the gameplay and storyline. What if you can experience the same gameplay but with some darker plot? Mad Father offers that. It’s a role-playing horror game where your character must stay alive. An 11-year-old girl named Aya solves puzzles, unlocks clues, and escapes from various rooms to learn about her dad’s dark past.

This game is as horrifying as it is haunting. It isn’t for the faint of hearts. You must find your way through several nightmare puzzles to evade shambling zombies and slavering undead dogs. Be sure to wear headphones when playing Mad Father because the music will frighten the life out of you.

Mad Father has numerous tricky puzzles that require time to unravel. Have your wits about you since one wrong move will throw Aya into a den of zombies.

7. Deltarune

Developed by Undertale’s creator, Toby Fox, Deltarune is very similar to Undertale. If you haven’t noticed, the title is in fact an anagram of the original title Undertale.

Deltarune is very similar to Undertale when it comes to the storyline and gameplay. Despite the creator’s claim that Deltarune runs in a different world, there are reasons to think that it’s in fact an alternate world.

Just like in Undertale, you may decide how to finish encounters. But the combat style is modeled around Final Fantasy rather than Earthbound, which inspires Undertale. And the good news is that you can download Deltarune for free.


When it comes to LISA, the first thing to note about this title is that it’s not child-friendly. Don’t be deceived by the stunning graphics, there’s nothing special in LISA’s world.

In LISA, you’ll sacrifice your teammates, leave them for dead, and meet hideous characters. You’ll be required to make difficult decisions at every turn. The choice system isn’t centered around good and bad.

You aren’t the promised savior that rescues the world. Among the features of the game is “a life-ruining gaming experience”, and if the amazingly positive reviews are anything to go by, LISA overwhelmingly delivers.

9. The Stanley Parable

This is a story-driven first-person game in which you’ll have many decisions to make. There’s no combat and no bosses to slay.

The whole experience is centered around choices and exploration. The narrator always stays with you and comments on your choices. Each decision produces a different path.

The Stanley Parable has multiple endings and the best part about the game is discovering all of them. The game also comes with a demo, allowing you to try it before you buy.

10. Papers, Please

This game will change your perspective about being an immigration inspector. In Papers, Please, that’s what you’ll be doing. If you think the job is dreary, think again.

The war has ended but foreigners can still get into your country with sinister motives. You’ll use the tools provided to examine their documents and eventually decide who enters and who gets taken in for questioning. The best news about it? The laws are changing constantly and you’ll also need to confront moral dilemmas and decisions.

You’ll need to figure out how to spend every day’s salary and make the right decisions that’ll affect not only you but your family, too.

The in-game feel spells disaster. The fictional game environment, a communist state called Arstotzka, is where civilians live in perpetual fear. Papers, Please also has many endings.

11. Earthbound

Earthbound is an excellent game and the Undertale-like gameplay will get you trying it instantly. The game has excellent gameplay for players who want something classic with a storyline quite similar to Undertale.

In Earthbound, you’re a young lad from Podunk and you’re supposed to save the whole world. You’re assigned various tasks that center on controlling the infiltration of evil power.

Earthbound has many levels that set players on the path of reducing evil and protecting people.

12. Citizens of Earth

Sometimes this game feels like Earthbound because of the familiar name and design. Citizens of Earth are accessible to millions of players due to the worldwide availability of such platforms as Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation, and Wii U.

Many features are derived directly from Earthbound in which you’re the Vice President, so you try to take charge of the world once more. So, Citizens of Earth is all about bringing peace with the assistance of three individuals since, as a vice president, your hands can’t get dirty in any bad environment.

13. To the Moon

To the Moon is a top-down style, narrative-driven game, where you examine the efforts of two physicians with unbelievable abilities. They can enter a patient’s mind and make new memories where none existed previously. They can take pieces of current memories and build new ones.

A dying old man approaches the doctors and asks that they help him fulfill his one last wish: to visit the moon and die there happily. The two physicians must navigate through his memories and solve puzzles so the old man can fulfill his wish and, while doing so, know why this particular wish was very important.

14. Stardew Valley

Your grandfather dies and leaves you the title deed to his land in a small countryside town. At first, the land lies idle, but as you realize that your job is boring you to death, the deed starts to look more like a great opportunity and less like a pipe dream.

So, you up sticks and leave for Stardew Valley to continue from where your grandfather left off. In this two-dimensional role-playing game, you get to till your land, go diving in the dungeon, and create strong connections with other people in the town as you make choices that’ll affect Stardew Valley forever.

15. OFF

This Undertale-like game boasts a fantastic storyline. The original language of OFF is French but it was later translated into many other languages, including English.

In OFF, you’re in zone zero under the wing of the character called Batter, and there are also other zones with different stories. You go on with the game but you can’t trust anyone as everything appears mysterious.

OFF gives you fights, puzzles, and other uncomfortable drama, so let’s find out if you can stay alive here.

16. Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is an intriguing two-dimensional role-playing game where you immediately begin to get flashbacks of some older Zelda titles, and perhaps even the first Diablo version while you play. That’s no coincidence at all. The creator of Hyper Light Drifter wanted to style it around those ageless classics.

In this game, you’re the Drifter, an enigmatic character that’s suffering from an awful illness but can access technology that no one knows of. With a beautiful visual landscape and incredible music, Hyper Light Drifter will take you on a hike without needing to use a word of dialogue.

17. Antichamber

This is another video game that leaves your brain a mess as it’s brimful of weird stuff and puzzles that seem endless. The main factor required to understand Antichamber and get those four guns to advance is your concentration.

Antichamber gives you a gentle introduction to the maps, controls, and psychological exploration. So, get ready to explore that weird world by playing Antichamber and unravel the mystery with each of your moves.

18. Space Funeral

This game introduces you to a number of brilliant visuals, and a touch of a strange and horror environment makes the world look all weird. Space Funeral is a role-playing game where you assume the role of Philip, who’s thrown out of his home by his parents.

Now you experience this adventure alone, and soon you come across a weird-looking Horse and aim to find out why it exists. Keep your wits about you in this world as it’s filled with dark things such as blood, monsters, skulls, and more.

19. Cave Story

Super gorgeous bunnies need your assistance? You can’t say no, can you? Cave Story is a great action-adventure game that pays tribute to classic 16-bit games. In the game, there’s fast-paced action, over 20 boss battles, many weapons that could be improved, as well as multiple endings.

Cave Story lacks the flexibility of Undertale but it comes with over six game modes. Also, there are secrets to uncover. The game has a heartwarming story and offers a healthy dose of content.

20. Persona 5

Stylistically, Undertale doesn’t seem to have lots of similarities with Persona 5. However, the two games have similar themes and employ them in their narrative as well as gameplay. The entire narrative of Persona is centered around whether something like real justice actually exists or not, and how people judge others.

While fighting, you must beat and catch various Persona, but you also can negotiate with them, eventually sparing their life. Maintaining the balance between being lenient to those you see as monstrous and punishing them is another aspect that this game regularly deals with.

Check out our list the best games like Persona 5.

FAQs About Best Games Like Undertale

Question: After Undertale, What Video Game Should I Play?

Answer: After playing Undertale, you should play these alternatives to Undertale:
• Lisa the Painful
• Cave Story
• To the Moon
• Rakuen
• Off
• Automata
• Pony Island
• Deltarune
• Persona 5

Question: Is Undertale Among the Best Ever Games?

Answer: Yes, Undertale, in our opinion, is one of the best video games ever. It’s definitely one of the leading games you’ll ever play.

Question: What Style of Video Game is Undertale?

Undertale is an RPG (role-playing game) that utilizes a top-down point of view. In the game, you control a kid and complete goals in order to move forward in the story.

Question: Is OneShot Similar to Undertale?

Answer: Of all Undertale-like games, OneShot is one of the closest things to Undertale. In fact, some reviewers have even gone as far as dubbing it an Undertale clone, even though the game was released well before Undertale in 2014.

Question: Can Undertale be Considered a Horror Game?

Answer: While most characters in Undertale are “monsters”, this term is of a racial nature and most characters are non-threatening, friendly, and comical. In Undertale’s Genocide playthrough, the game is like a creepypasta (horror-based/extremely disturbing game).

Summing Up the Best Games Like Undertale

Undertale is an amazing role-playing game that leaves a huge impression on those who play it. It’s also an excellent reminder that the value of a game is in its gameplay rather than the graphics.

With numerous development routes and endings, Undertale is a fascinating role-playing game. We recommend three or more playthroughs—Genocide, Pacifist, and Neutral—to have a greater understanding of what Undertale has to offer.

The Undertale-like games above are all very exciting and revolve around a similar idea but in various environments and ways. If you’ve already uncovered all the secrets of Undertale, give these alternatives to Undertale a try today and you won’t regret it!

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