The 25 Best Games Like Persona 5 You Need To Play

best games like persona 5

My first impression of Persona 5 was through a Let’s Play by CohhCarnage on Youtube. I remember constantly asking myself through the first few episodes, is this a game or an anime. Persona 5 is a story-based JRPG that combines dungeon crawling with a rich social system, creating an incredibly unique experience. If you loved Persona 5, check out these 25 other games you need to play! 

All About Persona 5 

persona 5 game

Persona 5 was released in 2016 and is the fifth installment in the series, followed by Persona 5 Royal, an upgraded version of the original game. The Persona series is a spin-off of the game series Shin Megami Tensei. Still, it has created a name for itself as a fantastic series with its own unique aspects.

 You will step into the shoes of the protagonist nicknamed the Joker, a high school student. Follow him over the next year as he attends high school in modern-day Tokyo after being framed for assault and put on probation.  

The plot follows the protagonist nicknamed the Joker. He and his friends Morgana, Ryuji, and Ann form a group of vigilantes. They work to reform the city of Toyko from an evil supernatural presence. In order to save wicked people, they must steal their “treasure” or the emotional reason for their behavior from the Palaces that are home to their Shadow selves. To do so, the group uses personas or manifestations of the character’s inner psyche as part of the turn-based combat system. 

Persona 5 features a day and night cycle, weather systems, and rich social system known as the confidant system or social links. It allows players to interact with NPCs and learn their stories and participate in part-time jobs and hobbies to gain various benefits within the game. As fun and unique as the battle system and story is, the social system elevates this game and creates a unique experience that veteran Persona fans and new JRPG players love. 

Top 25 Games to Try 

I included games that embody at least one of these aspects of Persona 5 in this list. 

  • Similar setting and vibe
  • Social system
  • Unique combat system
  • JRPG Popularity 
  • Story or theme similarities, including paranormal and darker themes. 

1. The Legend of Heros: Trails of Cold Steel

the legends of heros game

My top pick, Trails of Cold Steel from the Legend of Heros Series, offers a similar mix of dungeon crawling and social aspects. While the game is much more limited in specific aspects, it really does capture a similar vibe. 

You will play as Rean Schwarzer and follow him through a year of school studies. Along with his friends, Rean will travel to various cities and areas in the fictional world of Erebonia as part of their field studies in school.

Trails of Cold Steel has many similar features to Persona 5, like a day-to-day calendar system, social system, turned-based combat system, and features a close-knit group of friends. The social system is very limited in comparison as it only allows for a limited amount of free time and activities to level up your links or relationships. The combat system is more complex, with turn order and character positioning being important factors. 

2. Fire Emblem Three Houses

fire emblem three houses

If you are familiar with the Fire Emblem series, then chances are you have or at least want to play Fire Emblem Three Houses. An incredibly popular JRPG Fire Emblem Three Houses stands out from the rest thanks to its deeper social system. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses follow a player-chosen protagonist who is a teacher at the Gerreg Mach Monstary. At the start of the game, players can choose which house they will teach for. This decision will affect the rest of the game. The rest of the game will be spent completing storyline-advancing battles while spending their free time getting to know students and co-workers. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses combines turn-based combat with a fun social aspect, making it a great choice to scratch that Persona 5 itch. The social system isn’t nearly as deep, but it is a step up from previous Fire Emblem games. 

3. Toyko Xanadu EX

tokyo xanadu ex+ game

I largely choose Toyko Xanadu Ex because it has a robust social system that gives players a ton of freedom. Similar to Persona 5, you get to explore the world and engage in various free-time activities. These activities can include completing optional labyrinths, side quests, mini-games, and spending time with other characters. Spending time with other characters will cost you points. Each chapter comes with a specific amount of points for this activity. 

The game follows Kou Tokisaka, a high school student who lives alone in Morimiya on the outskirts of Toyko. He is sucked into a vortex and discovers a nightmare realm called Eclipse. Along with a small group of friends, he works to keep the Eclipses vortexes closed for good. 

The most significant difference between the games is the combat system. Tokyo Xanadu Ex features a real-time combat system instead of a turn-based combat system. If you liked Persona 5’s social system but wished it had real-time combat, then this is the game for you!

4. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

tokyo mirage sessions #fe

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is a crossover between the beloved Fire Emblem series and Persona’s parent series Shin Megami Tensai. Set in Tokyo, the game features a group of students who are fighting against a group of hostile beings known as Mirages. The group allies with friendly Mirages who are based on Fire Emblem Characters. You will play the game through the eyes of Itsuki. 

This game features many similar although different aspects of Persona 5. Mirages, in particular, work in a very similar manner. Additionally, players can bond with different characters through side stories, although it’s not nearly as robust as Persona’s. The turned-based battle system also shares several similarities. 

5. Sakura Wars

sakura wars

Similar to Persona 5, you’ll spend time in adventure mode talking to and getting to know various NPCs in the game. In battle mode, you’ll spend time demon smashing using an action-based combat system. 

You’ll play as Seijuro Kamiyama, a member of the Imperial Combat Revue’s Flower Division. You’ll fight demons with your fellow members and get the know the inhabitants of Ginza, Tokyo. 

6. Caligula Effect Overdose

caligula effect overdose

Just like Persona 5, Caligula Effect Overdose features turn-based combat in a dungeon crawling scenario, along with social aspects that allow you to build relationships with NPCs. Additionally, the game’s story heavily features the paranormal. 

You will control a group of Japanese high schoolers. They become trapped in an alternate dimension by the Vocaloid pop star Hatsune Miku. There they are forced to re-live a 3-year time loop stuck in the nightmare that is high school. This game is sure to please JRPG fans and fans of Hatsune Miku. It may even evoke nightmares about high school. 

7. Digimon Cybersleuth –  Hackers Memory

digimon cybersleuth

Digimon Cybersleuth is a fun game that leans towards the traditional JRPG category. The game features a classic turn-based battle system and dungeon crawling. It will remind you of the popular JRPG Pokemon. 

The sequel Hackers Memory introduces a new social sim aspect to the game. It allows you to take various NPCs out for activities to gain a relationship with them for bonus items and achievements. Both the Original Cybercleauth and Hackers Memory can be acquired together!

You will play as Keisuke Amasawa, a Digimon tamer whose account is stolen. He is then accused of identity theft and becomes a hacker to track down the real criminal. 

8. Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon on Steam

Yakuza is a turn-based JRPG with a storyline that can please comedy lovers and crime lovers alike. Along with similar combat, the game features relationship building, mini-games, and dating sim elements. Although no calendar system is present, the storyline and vibe are also very different. 

Yakuza: Like A Dragon follows Ichiban Kasuga, released from prison after 18 for a crime he didn’t commit. You will follow Ichiban as he learns why he was betrayed. 

The social aspect in this game directly affects combat effectiveness by affecting how quickly the character gains experience and what relationships can be increased. 

9. Danganronpa Series

danganrompa series

The Danganronpa series follows a group of high schoolers trying to fight for the truth and overcome the darkness they find in themselves while also fighting an evil force created thanks to society’s own faults. Sound familiar? 

It’s a very similar premise to Persona 5 and the series as a whole. That is exactly why it is on this list. In addition to a similar storyline, this series also has similar social aspects that allow players to interact with various characters in the game. This will help players with the mini Class Trial and is an important aspect of the story. 

10. Catherine Full Body

Catherine: Full Body Bonus Content Bundle

Catherine Full Body is a puzzle game mixed with a visual novel. You will play as Vincent Brooks, a man struggling with nightmares caused by the supernatural and his feelings for two different women. During the day, Vincent will interact with characters similarly to Persona 5. While at night, you will help him navigate his puzzly dreams. This game is rated mature and therefore not suitable for younger teenagers or children. 

While this game isn’t a JRPG, it made this list for its similar social aspects, day and night system, and a rich storyline. Fans of Persona will be pleased to know that it was developed by the same studio behind the Persona series. You can even find a few crossovers between the series! 

11. Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition

Witcher 3 and Persona 5 have very little in common at first glance. They don’t share a genre, a battle system, or even the same style of world-building. They do, however, share a rich and unique storyline that handles dark paranormal themes well. 

Players control Geralt of Rivia, a monster slayer known as The Witcher. Geralt is running from the otherworldly Wild Hunt while searching for his adopted daughter. This is a western RPG through and through, but it is sure to thrill any player who likes a great storyline! 

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12. Stardew Valley

stardew valley

This cute little game is another well-known western RPG. Similar to Persona 5, you’ll combine dungeon crawling with social sim aspects, all wrapped up in adorable graphics. 

You’ll play as a player-made character who has just received their inheritance of a farm in Stardew Valley. Once there, you will fix and expand your farm, get to know the locals, complete quests, and even get married! This is one of the most relaxing games I’ve played, but even this game has some fun supernatural twists! 

13. Dragon Quest XI

DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition

Dragon Quest XI is a traditional JRPG that shares a few similar features to Persona 5. Both games feature a silent protagonist, although many complain that DQXI’s protagonist lacks a little personality. Additionally, Dragon Quest XI features a turn-based combat system and an interesting storyline. 

Dragon Quest XI follows a similar formula to the previous games, where players explore worlds and fight monsters. You will play as a protagonist orphaned at birth and is adopted. At their coming-of-age ceremony, the truth about their adoption is revealed, and they set out on a quest to learn the whole truth. 

14. Final Fantasy X

final fantasy x

The Final Fantasy X is an incredibly popular JRPG featuring a turn-based battle system with a few similarities to Persona 5. Truly this game was chosen due to its popularity in the genre. It feels like a crime to build a list of JRPGs and not include it. 

Final Fantasy X follows a group of people on a quest to defeat a monster known as Sin. You will play as Tidus, an athlete in the sport blitzball. He finds himself in the fictional world of Spira after Sin destroyed his home city. 

15. Xenoblade Chronicles Series

xenoblade chronicles

The Xenoblade Chronicles Series is an incredibly popular JRPG. While it doesn’t feature the rich social system or turn-based combat of Persona 5, it makes up for with rich story building. While there aren’t a ton of similarities between the game, the storyline is sure to suck you in. If you a game that will take you on an adventure while also thrilling you with a good story like Persona 5 did thenIt’s also a traditional JRPG, so if you are new to the genre, I recommend you check it out! 

The three main games in the series each follow their own storyline and feature their own cast. In fact, XC1 and XC2 are happening at the same time, in the same universe. This means you can play them in any order, but I strongly suggest you play all three. They each have something unique to offer to the world and the story. 

16. Shining Resonance Refrain

Shining Resonance Refrain on Steam

One of Shining Resonance’s main aspects is building relationships between the player and other members of the party. Your relationship can blossom into friendship or even romance. Adding a layer of social and dating sim similar to Persona 5. You’ll play as Yuma IIvern, who has the spirit of the Shining Dragon. Who with her friends you will save Astoria and find your hidden strength. 

17. Akiba’s Beat

akiba's beat

Akiba’s Beat and Persona 5 share a core theme while owning their completely different styles very well. 

In Akiba’s Beat, you will follow a group of heroes who battle through a series of dungeons based on people’s warped desires for the world. Defeating these dungeons will save the world. Sound familiar?

Akiba’s Beat features an action-based combat system with bright and cheerful aesthetics. A far cry from Persona’s darker aesthetics and turned-based combat system. Still, if you enjoyed the story of Persona and want a similar theme, then this game will scratch that itch. 

18. NEO: The World Ends with You

neo: the world ends with you

NEO: The World Ends with You and Persona 5 have some striking similarities at first glance. The setting and aesthetics of the games are similar, with both set in areas of Toyko. They both employ similar anime-style aesthetics and graphic features. However, I find The World Ends to be just a little brighter than Persona 5s. While they both deal with darker themes, they are very different. 

NEO: The World Ends follows Rindo Kanade and Tosai Furesawa, who compete in the Reapers’ Game. They must battle other teams for survival and a chance to live again. 

In addition to story differences, The World End features a real-time, incredibly unique combat system. Despite being in real-time combat, you can control multiple characters at once through different screens. The battle happens in real-time for all characters. 

19. Etrian Odyssey V

etrian odyssey v

Etrian Odyssey V has been compared the most to Persona Q. They have a similar social system which is significantly watered down compared to Persona 5. They also have a similar dungeon crawler style along with a similar combat system. While different from Persona 5, Etrian Odyssey V is still loved among Persona fans in general. I couldn’t build a list based on this series without including it. 

Etrian Odyssey V follows a player-made character on a quest to reach the top of the Yggdrasil Tree. By braving the labyrinth and summit, the character will have their greatest wish fulfilled. The game features a turn-based combat system you will be familiar with. 

20. D4 Dark Dreams Don’t Die

d4 dark dreams don't die

D4 Dark Dreams Don’t Die deals with some incredibly dark themes, which is why it made this list. Along with its visual novel adventure qualities. While it doesn’t embody the well-rounded gameplay of Persona 5, it does feature an incredibly rich story that is sure to thrill fans. 

D4 follows David Young, a private investigator. His wife was recently murdered, and due to the trauma, David has lost his memory. He has, however, gained the ability to travel through time. While doing so, he can try and stop the murder. Honestly, the premise reminds me of Life is Strange.

21. Chaos Rings 3

chaos rings

If you loved Persona, then there is a lot to like about Chaos Rings 3. Similar to Persona, Chaos Rings 3 features a turn-based combat system with similar mechanics and similar powerful attack features. Along with an interesting storyline and character development. 

However, the game differs from there. Instead of featuring a high school setting, Chaos Rings 3 is set in a city on a satellite. Here you are teleported down into different dungeons to complete missions and advance the story. You will be able to play as 5 different characters, each with their own reasons for becoming an explorer. 

22. Life Is Strange Series

life is strange series

You can’t find a more popular series than Life is Strange as far as visual novel games go. Which is exactly why it made the list. If you loved the storyline in Persona 5, then you’ll enjoy the LIfe is Strange Series. Both games deal with dark human behavior and other themes. 

Each main game features its own unique storyline and characters. You will follow the storyline and main character from a third-person perspective. Making decisions for the main character that will affect the outcome of the game. Along the way, you will face hardships and encounter supernatural themes. 

23. Octopath Traveler

octopath traveler

If you are looking for a traditional jrpg with a turn-based combat system, then you will enjoy Octopath Traveler. Similarly, you‘ll find Octopath Traveler to have that slow and steady pace of Persona 5. 

You will follow one of eight heroes as they travel through the land of Orestreea. Each hero begins their adventure differently and has different motivations and beliefs. Eventually, each hero will become intermingled with the other. The game also features a small social system in the form of reputation that can be gained within a town. High reputation means the player can use their character’s path action command, granting them specific benefits. 

24. Nier Automata

nier automata

Nier Automata and Persona 5 have one thing in common they have a great storyline. They are both examples of great video games that bring unique things to the table. Persona 5 has an air of sleek refinement, allowing you to enjoy the smoothness of the gameplay and graphics. Whereas Nier Automata explores new things and isn’t afraid to be innovative with its storytelling techniques. 

In every other way, Nier Automata is different. The game features hack and slash combat similar to its predecessor Nier. You will follow the trials of three human-made robots during a proxy war between alien-created and human-created machines. The game is huge on replay and requires multiple playthroughs to unlock all gameplay options. 

25. Monster Hunter World

monster hunter world

Monster Hunter World and Persona 5 are incredibly different but popular JRPGS. That is exactly why I included it. Both games take their differences and do them very well. Where Persona 5 is stylish and deals with personal themes, MHW has a great action-based combat system with extremely interesting and dynamic enemies. 

The game follows a player-made character who has been sent by the Research Commission to the New World. Once there their primary objective will be to study Elder Dragons. 

Monster Hunter World features a rich and interesting storyline and setting just like Persona 5.  If you want something with more action then you’ll find yourself right at home with this game. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Dynasty Warriors Series
  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Devil Survival
  • Animal Crossing
  • Dragon Quest
  • Persona 4 Golden
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin
  • Persona 3 FES
  • Shin Megami Tensei V
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Fire Emblem Warriors
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Dark Souls


Question: What is Persona 5 Strikers?

Answer: The Persona 5 Strikers, also known as Persona 5 Scramble, is a hack and slash RPG game available for PS4, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. If you’re a Persona fan, you’ll definitely love this sequel. You can find it on the Playstation Store or Steam.

Question: How many hours does it take to beat Persona 5?

Answer: It can take anywhere from 80 to 200 hours to complete this game, depending on your pacing and completion goal. 

Question: Is Persona Royal worth buying?

Answer: If you haven’t purchased Persona 5, then I recommend getting the Royal version right away. If you’ve already purchased it, then buying the new version will provide you will more content and gameplay tweaks that you are sure to love. 

Question: How many games are in the Persona series?

Answer: As of 2021, there are 13 games in the series, not counting re-releases and mobile games. 

Bottom Line

Persona 5 is an incredibly unique game, and there isn’t anything quite like it on the market. While our top three picks, Trails of Cold SteelFire Emblem Three Houses, and  Toyko Xanadu Ex, definitely come close. I’ve done my best to build a list of games that will embody some aspect of Persona 5. Whether you want to play a game made with Persona in mind or a game that has a great storyline but differs in every other aspect, you will find something on this list. 

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