Best Devil May Cry 5 Mods

The Devil May Cry series boasts over 19 million sales and counting. But as much as players still enjoy Devil May Cry 5, many are downloading mods to get the best experience out of their gameplay. 

In this guide, I’ll show you how to find and download the best Devil May Cry 5 mods. All of these mods were selected by me to improve or expand your experience and keep you entertained, no matter what’s around the corner. 

Bottom Line Up Front Summary:  If I had to download just one mod for Devil May Cry 5, it would be the Steam Mod Manager or the Fluffy Manager 5000. The Steam Mod Manager is a must-have for RAR files, while the Fluffy Manager is used for PAC files. You need to have a mod manager to organize your files and help you keep track of what’s up to date. 

My Top Picks

  1. Steam Mod Manager or Fluffy Manager 5000: Best Essential/ For Organizing Mods
  2. Co-Op Trainer Mod: Best For Online Mode
  3. Vergil Blue Devil Mod: Best Special Effect 
  4. Son of Sparda Mod: Best For Battle
  5. DS4 and Switch Controller Mod: Best For Switching From Console 
  6. Photo Mode Mod: Best for Photo Mode
  7. Skyrim Face Mod: Best Face Mod 

Devil May Cry 5 Main Gameplay

Devil May Cry 5 proves the series isn’t slowing down. Not only did DMC5 sell well, but it quickly became the highest seller in the series yet. In one year, Devil May Cry 5 sold over three million copies. It was also nominated for awards in both 2019 and 2020.

Of course, sales aren’t everything. There are other, better reasons why Devil May Cry 5 is considered a good game. Devil May Cry 5 stands out from other AAA games with its unique RE engine, daring gameplay, and distinct graphics style. If that isn’t convincing enough, users awarded DMC5 a 95 percent rating on IGN. Game critics awarded it an identical 9.5 out of 10. 

In case you’re new to the series and haven’t guessed, Devil May Cry games are based upon Dante Alighieri’s Dive Comedy. Granted, it’s a loose interpretation, and each game in the series does something a bit differently. 

Unique Devil May Cry 5 Features

Devil May Cry 5 begins with an invasion by a ‘demon tree’ in Red Grave City. Nero and Nico, both Demon Hunters, are tasked with battling demons to protect their city. Dante appears in Level 10.  The game is action-packed, with compelling features:

  • Open-World Exploration 
  • Crossplay for PC, Xbox, Playstation (Special Edition)
  • Dynamic Combat with three NPCs and high-power weapons
  • Dramatic, Immersive Graphics 
  • Play Offline or Cameo Multiplayer Mode 
  • Free Game Updates 

How to Find Devil May Cry 5 Mods

Before I show you the best Devil May Cry 5 mods, I know you may look for other mods on your own. DMC5 has many mods, and any reputable mod you download should be free. You find the best mods for Devil May Cry 5 by only downloading from secure websites, and, of course, installing them properly. 

How to Install/ Use Devil May Cry 5 Mods

To use mods, download the Steam Mod Manager. Open and the mod manager and make sure you choose the Devil May Cry 5 game. Next, exit your mod manager. Download your mods and convert them to RAR if they aren’t already.

Open up your mod manager again (there should now be a directory). Select “Manage Mods” and select on each mod, one at a time. This allows you to both installs and uninstall mods. You can also opt for the Fluffy Manager for PAK files. 

Top Devil May Cry 5 Mods: My Picks

Here are my top picks for the best Devil May Cry 5 mods you can download today. All of these mods are free to download. I looked for mods that were popular in the community, but also helpful mods. These mods either make this video game more playable or expand gameplay in exciting ways.

All of these mods can be downloaded from secure websites. Setting these standards was important to me because I wanted to share only DMC5 mods that will improve your experience. While no mod will be ideal for everyone, I hope that you’ll find a mod you’ll want to download for your gameplay. 

Fluffy Manager 5000

If you don’t want to deal with converting mods through the Steam workshop, this manager is a must-have. This mod manager is required for some popular mods and allows you to organize your downloads. It’s highly rated, and something I’d recommend for anyone installing more than 1 or 2 mods. Download Here


  • Required for Some Mods
  • Seamlessly Manage Downloads
  • Useful for PAK files


  • Not Used for RAR Files
  • Can Use Steam Manager Instead 

CO-OP Trainer for Divergence Mode (Online Mode)

Playing co-op adds some fun and excitement to your game. This mod allows you to play as Nero, Dante, or V for any mission with a co-op mode. The missions are in the Bloody Palace mode and accommodate up to 4 players. I also love that this mod comes with different graphics settings, direct level settings, and boss swapping.

Plus. you’ll be able to play the iconic Battleground Music whenever you want.  (If you like this mod, you might also like The Collaborative Cheat Trainer Mod). This mod just adds more features to enhance how you play with your friends. Download Here


  • Enhances Co-Op Mode
  • ‘Multiple Graphics Settings 
  • Play as Multiple Characters 


  • Requires DLC for Boss Swap 
  • Doesn’t Add New Music 

Vergil Blue Devil May Cry 5 Mod

This mod is more about aesthetics, but it’s also one of the most popular Devil May Cry 5 mods. This simple mod is great if you’re playing with Vergil and just want a small change. Vergil’s concentration hue and VFX are transferred to a mystical, icy blue hue. It isn’t going to change your gameplay dramatically but I like the atmospheric touch. Download Here


  • Atmospheric 
  • Popular and Test Mod
  • Smaller Mod 


Son of Sparda Mode Devil May Cry 5 Mod

This popular mod is one of the most exciting for adding gameplay. The Son of Sparda Devil May Cry 4 Mod allows you to battels with the Son of Sparda. You play as Dante and face a new, dramatic challenge. This scenario requires fast thinking and combat and adds challenge for experienced players. Any mod that adds a bit more gameplay is welcome. Download Here


  • New Battle Experience 
  • 3 Minute Video Preview
  • Play as Dante 


  • Can Only Play as Dante 
  • Equipping Rebellion will Crash Game 

DS4 and Switch Controller Mod For Devil May Cry 5

If you’re most comfortable with a PS4 or Switch, this mod is for you. It’s always difficult to switch from one gaming experience to another, especially if you’re used to certain controls. This is a simple but effective mod.

The mod swaps out the Xone button for a layout that will be familiar for those using Switch and PS4 controllers. It may seem like a minor mod to some, but for others, it makes the gameplay experience much more intuitive.  Download Here


  • Great for Switching From Switch or PS4
  • Small, Simple Mod
  • Easy Installation


  • Doesn’t Effect Actual Gameplay 
  • No Controls to Mimic Xbox 

 Photo Mode Mod For Devil May Cry 5

Want to capture the Devil May Cry 5 experience? This photo mode mod allows you to do just that. This mod is a little complicated to learn at first, but you’ll see full instructions on the download page. The mod features a camera that you can use during photo mode, but also during gameplay and cut scenes.

This is accompanied by a tilting feature, field of vision control, HUD toggle, vignette removal, cutscene DOF removal, and adjustments for custom ratios. I also like that there are different controls for game speed control, camera paths, and removing lens distortion. It’s an impressive mod that’s regularly updated. Download Here


  • Regularly Updated
  • Full-Array of Camera Controls
  • Use in Photo Mode, Gameplay, and Cut Scenes


  • Complicate to Learn
  • Not Needed for All Players 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is DMC Devil May Cry canon?

Answer: DMC: Devil May Cry is not canon in the sense that it’s part of the main series. The 2013 action-adventure video game was first announced in 2010 at the Tokyo Game Show as a companion that would take place in an alternate universe. Thus, it’s not a direct sequel, but it’s technically part of the Devil May Cry canon. 

Question: Do you play as Dante in Devil May Cry 5?

Answer: Dante is a hybrid of a devil and an angel and is one of the most recognizable characters in the Devil May Cry universe. While you can play as Dante in Devil May Cry 5, he’s only available after you’ve completed the 9th mission. 

Question: How do you become stylish in DMC 5?

Answer: You can become stylish with Nero or almost any character in Devil May Cry 5. Stylish points are acquired through leveling up your skill level. Fighting, of course, is the main way you do so. However, certain methods of fighting are more effective than others. Continuously attacking an adversary and trying new moves are helpful. 

Question: Where is DMC 5 save file location?

Answer: Steam users will find their Devil May Cry 5 under the folder titled as C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[Your Steam ID]\601150\remote\win64_save. Don’t edit this file name. If you have any problems accessing this folder, go to your computer’s search. 

Question: What is Turbo Mode DMC5?

Answer: Turbo Mode is exactly what it sounds like: playing at a faster speed. Turbo Mode plays the game at 1.2 times as fast as typing speed. It can be unlocked for Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition players. While this may make the game more exciting, I’d argue it also makes it more difficult. Turbo Mode certainly isn’t for everyone, but it’s nonetheless a nice feature to have available. 

Question: Is DMC 5 playable with a keyboard and mouse?

Answer: Devil May Cry 5, and the Devil May Cry series in general, is played with a joystick/ controller. Technically there are workarounds with a mouse and keyboard, but most players find this is an ineffective way to play. Even if you’re like me and mostly use your mouse and keyboard for most things, you should try playing with a controller first. 

Question: Will there be a Devil May Cry 6?

Answer: Devil May Cry 5 fans, rejoice: there will be a Devil May Cry 6. Devil May Cry 6 was confirmed in 2021 to be in early development. That means it could be a while– a few years– until it releases to the general public. 

Final Thoughts 

Devil May Cry 5 is an exciting game, packed with adventure, twists and turns, and a passionate community. But if you’re like me, sometimes you like mixing up your gameplay– or enhancing what’s already there. Downloading one of the best DMC5 mods can elevate your game and even make you see it in a new light, while we’re all waiting for Devil May Cry 6 to be released. 

Final Download Recommendation: DMC5 Face Mods

Most of my mods have focused on the mechanics of gameplay. From controllers to online mode to expanding gameplay, my favorite mods change the way you play. At the same time, aesthetic changes shouldn’t be discounted.

Changing the way your characters appear in the game may not change the gameplay, but they can be used for storytelling or making the game appear fresh.

Face models offer some of the best Devil May Cry 5 mods for switching up your character’s look. The collection of face mods is popular in the community and a small addition to your DMC5 game. Search All of the Best DMC5 Face Mods/ Masks Here

Vergil Dante Face Devil May Cry 5 Mod

This face mod is self-explanatory. If you’ve ever been playing with Dante and wished you were playing with Vergil? This simple mod places Vergil’s face on Dante to do that. It’s one of the more popular face mods and tested by the community. Download Here


  • Well-Tested
  • Places Vergil Face on Dante 
  • Simple Mod


  • Fairly Limiting 
  • Doesn’t Fully Swap Characters 

Skyrim Face Mod for Devil May Cry 5

Skyrim fan and love Devil May Cry 5 too? I have you covered. This face mod adds in some of your favorite Skyrim characters into Devil May Cry 5. The graphics are convincing and well-designed. Download Here


  • Great for Skyrim Fans
  • Tested
  • Great Graphics 


  • Doesn’t Fully Swap Characters
  • Limited to Skyrim Fans 

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