Skyrim Legendary Edition vs Special Edition: What’s the Difference?

You don’t need to have the best gaming setup to know a good game when you see one– and for many, a beloved role-playing game continues to enchant 10 years later.

Over a decade in, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remains enormously popular, with an estimated total player count of over 18.2 million for its lifespan, and at least 120,000 players who have earned a trophy in recent months for PlayStation alone.

What I find even more compelling? Many are even just now starting to play Skyrim in 2021, and renewed interest is continually stirred with an active modding community.

One of the most recent updates? A comprehensive mod that allows players to import their own distinct characters into the game for a more customized experience. The mod, reported by Screenrant, also offers intuitive editing tools that allow players to make changes

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Best Games like Roblox To Play Next in 2021

Best Games like Roblox

Roblox is all the rage– and now gamers, from kids to parents, are looking for alternatives or the best games like it.

To understand just how popular Roblox and games like it have become, it’s important to provide some context.

Ubisoft, the company that’s risen in fame with titles like Prince and Persia and Assassin’s Creed, is considered a gaming giant, with a net worth exceeding $3.6 billion. Another bright note of the gaming scene that you may have heard of is Take-Two. Despite owning just two labels– Rockstar Games and 2K– the studio has become notable and is worth over $400 million to date.

But did what if I told you that Roblox, an online free-to-play game, is now worth more than Ubisoft and Take-Two combined?

The seeming kid-friendly Roblox, with its lego-like appearance, has caught the attention of players around the world– and investors. It’s now estimated to be worth $45 billion after t

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Overwatch vs Fortnite: Which is Right For Your Style?

Overwatch vs Fortnite

Main Differences Overwatch vs Fortnite

  • Fortnite has mission based, sandbox, and competitive modes, whereas Overwatch has casual and competitive modes
  • Fortnite is free-to-play, whereas Overwatch requires an initial purchase
  • Overwatch leagues are matched by rank, whereas Fortnite you might play against anyone

Gaming news and updates are always coming, but the latest buzz is all about speculation for a new release for Fortnite.

Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock by many, is known for everything from his WWE career to his acting–and now, he may just be getting a role in Fortnite, leading to even more speculation about competition between Overwatch vs Fortn

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Best Games Like Fallout You Should Try in 2021

The Fallout series may have started over two decades ago–but its lasting popularity is clear, with gamers even now demanding updates and games like Fallout.

Fallout76, the most recent release, continues to get updates inspiring a community of gamers with the latest giving players more options than ever for role-playing and building.

The announcement in January 2021 of upcoming updates included SPECIAL loadouts, complete with options for checking skills, improved dialogue, and enhanced weapons. Role-playing is also getting a polish with punch card machines that can be used at train stations.

For builders, the update also brought excitement with the ability to construct more than one base at a time. While the previous system has permitted building bases within a budget, the new update brings in the ability to easily transfer base type as well-

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Best Games Like Star Citizen You Need to Know Of

When it was first announced in 2012, Star Citizen excited the gaming community–especially lovers of space simulation games.

That wasn’t without good reason: considered to be inspired by Freelancer, the space trading game published by Microsoft Game Studies in 2003, Star Citizen has a Cinderella story of sorts. The game began with a once fledgling Kickstarter project that went on to attract support exceeding two million dollars, a year after production was said to have begun.

If you’re like me, you may love to see smaller studies and indie games add variety and innovation to a gaming market often inundated with games produced by AAA titles and gaming giants like Electronic Arts.

The problem? As of now, nearly nine years later, Star Citizen is still being said to be in development, with no announced release date. That hasn’t stopped the funds from rolling in: in fact, now cited as one of the most successful crowdfunding efforts, by th

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Best Games Like Dwarf Fortress To Play Next in 2021

In many ways, it’s hard to find games like Dwarf Fortress– even if you’re the best at staying on top of gaming news.

Dwarf Fortress is, in many ways, a deceptive game: while its graphics are more unassuming, the gameplay, especially with the focus on workshops, has earned praise as complex and interactive. And now that gameplay is getting an upgrade.

The Developer, Bay 12 Games, introduced an update coming to Steam that will give workshops an interface overha

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6 Best Games Like Hollow Knight You Should Try Next

Best Games Like Hollow Knight

Indie games may once have been discounted, but with successes ranging from life simulators like Stardew Valley, top action-adventure games like Hollow Knight, they’re now reigning supreme.

Not only do well-designed indie games attract a fervent following, but they also impress me, and so many others, with their unique design and immersive gameplay.

And now, Hollow Knight is stealing the spotlight. Though, as a 2D adventure game, it has a very certain aesthetic, it’s been declared as “setting the bar for indie games.” Citing the nuanced lore, well-developed kingdom, and signature art style, Hollow Knight, for some, is everything an indie game should be: nuanced in gameplay, expressive in graphics, and a unique experience.

But if you’ve played through Hollow Knight, or like the general idea but want something more, you’re in luck. Hollow Knight is one of many wel

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