The Best Games Like Warframe You Should Try Next

Best Games Like Warframe

There are times when you get the hang of something, and it becomes really hard to come by because you fear that there can be nothing better or even close.

Gamers can relate to this feeling on a whole other level. Getting addicted to a game is not best for you. So, it would help if you allowed changes to sit in.

Warframe is one such brilliantly designed online multiplayer shooter game that you can get hooked on. Ever since its release, the game has garnered an enormous fan base—that can’t seem to get enough of it. If you are one such fun game, this article is for you.

In this article, you will find a complete rundown on the best games like Warframe, alongside their basic attributes and a detailed buyers guide. Read until the end to find yourself a new interest!

Top Alternatives for Warframe Fans

There is a legion of online shooter games in the market, and daily new ones come in. Thus, it becomes hard to dig out a decent one from this pool of games.

However, rest assured because this guide has it all. Here is the top list of games that you will love if you are a Warframe fan.

1. Warface

Warface Games Like Warframe

Probably, one of the only games to sound like the Warframe, Warface is a huge hit amongst the audiences. This game allows free-to-play shooting with classes and other co-op modes in opposition to many maps nearby.

The Warface game is readily available on PC and even the Xbox 260 in the year 2015. It has been shut down ever since. Warface is a very highly appreciated free-to-play shooter and has its very own Battle Royale Mode, no kidding!

The Co-op mode in Warface is interesting too. It has a range of class systems of Sniper, Rifleman, medic, and engineer that bring their skills on the ground. Such mix and match also help emerge victorious in daily mission, and your team will easily conquer.

If you’re a fan of daily fresh challenges and a lot of unlockable content, Warface is the pick for your, my friend. Additionally, this unlockable content is spread over three main brackets of difficulty levels: regular, skilled, and Hardcore.

Not just co-op, but then a solid competitive landscape provided by these skills helps build the skills for both a beginner and an experienced candidate.

More such features as team deathmatch, bomb plating, free for all, destruction, and other modes can be easily mixed and matched at the player’s convenience.

Users will get about three classes in both the PvE and PvP. These three classes will fill the normal roles, which will generally shine more in the PvE. The biggest benefit in PvE is the special action that can provide many advantages to the team compared to the fewer life cycles in the PvP spawns.

Not to forget, the graphics are top-notch when we talk about this gameplay. CRYENGINE enables sharp graphics in every mode with user comfort.  You can also combat an element through the ability to slide.

Other specific features include a solid set of weapon customization and some unique communications between the various players in the game. All these abilities together make Warface stand out from the crowd.

2. Monster Hunter: World

Another one of the Warframe types, Monster Hunter: World, is a game to try! The game revolves around a series of fantasy action role-playing video games. It started for the Playstation 2 initially in the year 2004.

You can now play the game on various platforms such as home consoles, personal computers, mobile devices, and portable consoles. Capricorn is responsible for the development and publishing of this series.

The majority of the games are Hunter role-playing ones. Once you take up this character, users will have to slay and trap large monsters in varied areas through quests.

These quests will mostly be given by locals. Here, the hunter has to gather some items while at the risk of monsters around.

On the whole, Monster Hunter: World is a multiplayer game, but a single player can play it. The top feature of this game is the Compulsion Loop. What does that mean, though?

In the Monster Hunter: world game, the hunter doesn’t grow by itself; rather, the abilities are largely based on the weapons and armor the player owns.

Another feature to pay attention to is that this game is purely PvE-based. You also get many grinding for the experience points component, which is the game’s main focus. This becomes a better deal because grinding almost always involves finding loot and playing in groups, preferably with your friends.

If you’re searching for the best hunting experience, you need to try this one by all means! You can also go through a web manual online to get slightly more advanced knowledge of the game and its components.

3. The Division 2

The Division Games Like Warframe

Now that we have discussed three great options of almost Warframe like games, let’s dive into a game with an even better experience. Users also get a more realistic take on Warframe’s offering through Tom Clancy’s The Division.

While most games revolve around monsters, guardians from other planets, and a real race against death in huge remote worlds, The Division works on more real grounds, with a larger part of the game relying on real situations.

The game revolves around the real fight for survival and race against death in Washington DC. On top of it, the game also has a solid PvE foundation through which you can collect loot and gain experience. Additionally, the Dark Zone helps the users in enabling PVP gameplay.

Division 2 is based on the principle of strategy and tactics, unlike other games largely based on running and killing enemies with guns and whatnot. This game will ask you for clear use of brain cells. Not everybody can play The Division 2 ‘just like that.’

4. Borderlands 3

One of the most attractive things about Warframe is the great Co-op space battles. Another game that is hugely related to Warframe on the same level is Borderlands 3.

The entire Borderlands franchise is dependent on the co-op gameplay, which is mostly focused on looting as a main operative game action.

We highly recommend playing any one game, preferably Borderlands 2 of this franchise, with a group of friends. There is a very low probability of any issue, and we assure you that you will be left impressed.

The story is based on four brand new Vault Hunters created by the Crimson Raiders of Pandora. You will have to stop twins, Tyreen Calypso and Troy, along with their crazy cult followers.

The main agenda is to prevent them from harnessing the alien Vaults’ power all across the galaxy.

Hands down, Borderlands 3 is the best looter shooter ever made in the history of gaming. The best part of the complete process is the cel-shaded graphics which hold up well, guys.

5. Orion: Prelude

Much to your surprise, this game was referred to as the worst game of all time early on. The name was Beatdown and Dino Horde earlier. The strange thing is that even with such a bad reputation during the game’s inception, it has remained pretty strong in the gamer market since the year 2012.

Orion: Prelude is also like Borderlands 2, a top-notch fun co-operative shooter game. The interesting fact remains the presence of large friendly groups on the maps with a hell of a lot of vehicles, parks, parking, dinosaurs, and way too many weapons.

Not just that, as a game player, you will experience a wide variety of game modes that are not just going to twist things up but also increase the fun. You can go for co-op, open world, PvP, PvE, and the duel game more, anyone from this list according to your personal preference.

What are the Main Game Modes in Orion: Prelude?

Most users will be in the survival game mode. This mode is a wave-based dinosaur challenge.

In this mode, you and your friends will have to fight against extremely strong dinosaurs and dispatch them through credits and learned experience. These same tactics will help you in beefing up your arsenal.

The dinosaurs, as mentioned above, have a range of types. You can find small raptors that are lesser powerful to dilophosaurus and flying dinosaurs and, lastly, others like the gigantic stegosaurus, triceratops, and the mighty old T-Rex.

Users will also find other servers, including a rampage that lets you take control of these dinosaurs, free for all, and stealth elimination. You can find a large number of servers along with your preferred game type for ease of play.

Additionally, players from any game mode can choose to opt for the field of battle in terms of the three available classes.

First comes the assault that is armed with a jetpack which facilitates in reaching bigger heights. Next, recon has the power of invisibility, and lastly, the medical engineer supports other classes.

Every class will have a set of their very own arguments that act as perks for the current game. This is, of course, including the unique gear in each class.

6. TitanFall 2

Titanfall Universe largely stands out with the extreme comfort of the player experiencing the game in both the multiplayer and single-player format.  This format comes along with the commandment of a huge mech on the battlefield.

The TitanFall 2 is based on a region in space far from the core planet systems belonging to the earth. The war by the name Frontier War has started between the IMC  and the Frontier Militia. IMC wants to control the mineral resources in this region, while the Militia wants their freedom from the IMC.

Sounds like a fair and interesting game? Well, the single-player format will put you in the shoes of Jack Cooper, a rifleman from the Frontier Militia who wants to become a Titan Pilot.

TitanFall 2 is pretty similar to the first edition of the game that engages in first-person shooting mechanics. Being paired with very strong Titan mechs gives them a lot of abilities instrumental in their win.

Titans are mostly large hulking machines, but players can use their fast and agile movements to do massive double jumps and some more crazy parkour activities. Rest assured, this game is bound to leave you impressed.

You also get several new mechanics while playing, not during, the time inside the Titina. These abilities include revealing enemy locations, holographic duplicates, and a grappling hook that can enable faster movement inside the terrain.

Users can invest in many weapons such as explosive grenades, pistols, shotguns, and machine guns.

7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a one-of-a-kind game in all its ways. It is an FPS gaming adventure that is largely inclined towards an online multiplayer community.

This game consists of the slightly changed content of the previous original Counter-Strike Game. The main focus lies in giving a popular competitive FPS experience in today’s day and age,

The multiplayer aspect is one of the main features of this game. The balanced gameplay, along with the round-based steps, is the additional key point. What does this mean?

This means that if a player is dead, they will have to wait before the round ends to respawn!

The game has various game modes, wherein players generate money post task completion. You can spend this additional money on weapons in between other rounds.

Working of the Game

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a team is split into two teams for every game mode, barring the deathmatch. The two teams are called terrorists and then counter-terrorists. Both the teams will have a varied base of weapons which instills a more fair and balanced game.

The best part about having multiple game modes is that they give a greater variety to the gamer. The game modes in Counter-Strike: Global offensive are classic, arms, demolition, race, and deathmatch.

The most famous game mode is the classic one. This one has mostly hostage or defuses situations. The terrorists will try to plant explosives in a bomb site in a defuse situation while the counter-terrorists will attempt to resource hostages from the terrorist group.

You also get two forms in the classic core gameplay: casual game more and the competitive game mode.

The first one provides gamers with more starting money along with greater round times. You also get no-friendly fire damage as well as even enhanced spectator freedom.

On the other hand, gamers can also play in a more offline environment. This is possible with bots similar to some of the available game modes in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Such provisions are great for people who are new to the entire system and want to learn as much as possible.

If you all are searching for a game like Warframe but with more fair play and learning, CS: GO is the answer.

8. Killing Floor

Killing floor, just like others in this list, and Warframe is a cooperative game. It matches a team of players in opposition with zombie enemies. You are set on very difficult waves with the ability to leverage the amp-designed choke points.

The users must complement each other in the class system to win, which benefits you as you gain experience in that class.

We would recommend playing the Killing Floor with your friends and close knowns. You can, of course, play with random people on servers or even solo. The game is available on many platforms such as PC, Mac, and even Linux.

The story is rather interesting to know and play through. It features a chemical outbreak in central London that is steadily spreading into other areas in Europe. The game creates a super addictive environment wherein the user experience a wide variety of gameplay in several environment maps.

The maps could be anything and everything. Some city streets, probably old buildings or even open farmland, you just don’t know what is coming your way! This is the exact reason why Killing Floor is a tactic-based game, and you need a strong strategy.

Users must be prepared to face an array of situations and environments with ease. You should also be open to frequent change without any restriction per se. Once you complete the waves of spawning many monsters and them killing the players, the final boss shall fight with the very powerful patriarch.

The opponent range is rather huge in this game, starting from slow movers to fast spides and variants which are way too aggressive.

9. Path of Exile

Are you looking for a game with a story similar to Warframe? If yes, Path of Exile is the one for you. It is no doubt one of the best put free to play games in the market.

The Path of Exile is pretty similar to the Diablo series, which gives you a big-time grind that will probably leave you overwhelmed. While many of us consider Warframe a pretty tough game, try checking out the skill trees in this game. You will be definitely impressed, we assure you.

Not just skills, but the content in the Path of Exile is pretty immense and interesting at the same time. It is so hard to keep up with it at times. The new updates are always around the corner, and the makers rarely give the players a chance to question something.

The PvP mode is very competitive and inspires you to grind as much as possible for items and, of course, loot. The PVP mode is a great fit for tournaments and events that are challenge-oriented.

One of the biggest selling points of this game is the flexibility and freedom offered to the players. You can choose your playstyle and even have the most fun according to your wish. Games like Path of Exile vouch give users a real-time gaming experience in the most user-friendly experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we have compiled a big list of the games that are very close to the working and functionality of Warframe, we realized some of you might still have some itsy bitsy doubts. No worries, as we have got you sorted.

Mentioned below are some of the top questions asked by users and their respective answers. Let’s jump in to get informed.

Question: Is Warframe the best free-to-play game?

Answer: Yes! Warframe has slowly but steadily become the best free-to-play game on PC. Irrespective of a few coherence issues here and there, Warframe ranks very highly amongst the gamer society. Mainly because of its crazy ambitious streak.

This game helps the user be in the most interesting yet inspirational form ever, moving ahead solo or with a team in the best way possible based on their abilities.

Question: Is Destiny better than Warframe?

Answer: Destiny and Warframe both have a lot of similarities in their game functions and features. Both the games identify quests as a tool to reward players with a different loot.

The standout point for Warframe is that it does a far better job in using such quests during the game lore’s exploration. On the other hand, Destiny 2 quests are transactional and just focus on completing the steps to earn the loot piece desired by the player.

Destiny has a more rigid and step-based approach, while Warframe promotes learning and identifying the process rather than earning some points.

So overall, we would personally say that Warframe is better than Destiny.

Question: Is Warface like Warframe?

Answer: As mentioned previously, even though Warframe and Warface have rather similar names, but both these games are pretty different in construct.

Warfare is more co-op or PvE oriented and consists of many grinds; Warface lacks highly in this part. This reason is the main differentiating factor between these two games.

Question: How long does it take to finish Warframe?

Answer: On a whole, Warframe requires about 50 hours and more to complete all the missions. You just cannot afford to miss any mission sich they are key learning blocks in the process of knowledge and having fun with Warframe.

Additionally, experience with the game will always help you ace it in a much better and well-timed way.  Once you understand the nitty-gritty of the game’s system, you will give a lot more time to other activities in the game itself.

Question: Is Warframe open world?

Answer: A rather common but very interesting question is based on the open world of the game, Warframe. So, the good news is that the third update for this game is getting a brand new open-world zone.

The open-world zone will be about newer content in the game. You will experience a more open-world area. On top of it, new mechanics shall be added. Necramechs is the new mechs for Warframe.


So that’s it from our side, folks! Our top list of the best games is like Warframe. While we acknowledge that this game is pretty interesting and ambitious, the others on this list don’t lag very far behind.

If we had to zero down on one, our pick would be Warface! The intense PvP modes, along with the compelling PvE missions, can give you the best experience ever. On top of it, you get five diverse classes, with a colossal customizable arsenal and ten multiplayer modes, and not to forget many maps. It is a big-time win-win!

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