Best Assassins Creed Odyssey Mods You Must Know Of

assassins creed odyssey mods

Video game modding has become popular over the years. Most open-world games have cheat codes that players have developed to enhance the overall gameplay. Therefore, Assassin’s Creed, the emperor of open-world games, faced numerous mod transformations in its programming, development, and design.

Odyssey is a stand-alone game that introduced a Viking-like essence to the Assassin’s Creed legacy. Moreover, it invoked an intriguing story enriched with different characters and unique combat skills.

Even so, the best Assassin’s Creed Odyssey mods can enhance this essence and turn it into something you have never experienced before. Players have developed mods for the visual, combat, and gameplay aspect of the game. The popularity of Odyssey modding gave rise to numerous mods in the game.

So, what are the best Assassin’s Creed Odyssey mods that can give your character a new perspective? This article will take on an Assassin’s dream through the best mods Odyssey!

Note: You will have access to the secure modification bundles from Nexus.

Top 10 Best Assassin’s Creed Mods of All Time

Indeed, not every mod mentioned in this section can transform the game. But you can indulge in enhanced gameplay with each of the modifications mentioned.

Here you will find different kinds of modifications including, visuals gameplay, and even aesthetics.

1. Realistic ReShade (Version 4.0)

It is one of the best visual mods in the game, even though it does not offer a blinding experience to the players.

You will have a realistic look at the game when you use the ReShade mod. Furthermore, the coding embedded in this modification has enhanced tweaking done to the game’s visuals. Using this mod, you can achieve an incredible result by adjusting the visuals of your surroundings.

The tweaks done to the mod will not eat up your FPS! Instead, it will enhance the visuals while exploring the open world of Ancient Greece.

Why Should You Download this Mod?

As mentioned earlier, the ReShade mod does not decrease the performance or fps of your computer. It sharpens the picture quality and ensures that the colors pop even with an enhanced version.

The Realistic ReShade allows a better visual ratio in the frame rates of the game. Therefore, all gamers get to experience HD graphics without eating PC resources.

Installing Instructions

The best thing about this mod is the easy two-step installation process:

  • Step 1: Install the ReShade Mod into your computer
  • Step 2: Extract everything in the installed folder into the ACOdyssey.exe file location

Using these two steps, you can easily install everything in the Odyssey mod and indulge in the enhanced gameplay.

Playing Instructions

Once you have installed this mod into the Odyssey game, make sure to do the following exploration:

  • Go on a sea expedition
  • Walk around the jungle at night
  • Indulge in a battle
  • Journey through the meadows at dawn

Only then can your gameplay do justice to this enabled ReShade mod for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Limitations of the Mod

Even though this mod does not eat away your fps, it surely sacrifices your GPU’s power consumption. It will push your PC’s performance to the maximum! Along with that, using overlay software makes the ReShade mod glitch.

2. Tweak Pack

The Tweak Pack is nothing but an all-rounder tool that lets the users add variety to the game. It will slightly change the dynamics and make the playthrough smoother for you. Moreover, this is a lightweight modification to the game that you can customize to have an extra Odyssey experience.

Indeed, this mod will not change the entirety of the gameplay but allow you to tweak around with a few. You are guaranteed to have an immersive experience if you install the Tweak Pack on your PC.

What do You Get in the Tweak Pack?

There are some major unnecessary hiccups that you can cancel out using this mod. Furthermore, you will have smoother gameplay and experience throughout the missions. The tweaks you will get in the bundle are:

  • Customizing the XP, enemy health, and damage multiplier
  • Disabling the horse speed restriction
  • Changes to the max enemy level delta
  • Region level disabling
  • Bounty cooldown reduction

Along with these modifications, you will also get custom healing, custom resources, and animal companion customization. Therefore, you will have access to health boosts, loot modifiers, and more.

Installing Instructions

You do not have to install the Tweak Pack in the .exe file. Instead, you download it and run it like you normally would.

When you run this file, it will attempt to find ACOdyssey.exe and run it alongside the program. Consequently, it will check the tweak’s status and mark everything as inactive. Here you will activate the tweaks you want to utilize in the game.

Playing Instructions

Installing this tweak will affect the entire gameplay. So, there are no special missions that you can go on to test the mod. However, you can try to mount your horse and see how the game’s speed restrictions have been minimized. Or, you can engage in combat with a boss and see how the custom XP and damage get multiplied with this pack.

Limitations of the Mod

You can likely get an “Error” status if the tool failed to locate the ACOdyssey.exe file. This issue will prevail if there are any version conflicts with both the files. Moreover, your ACOdyssey.exe file can be corrupted, and you will require scanning to restore the original copy. Just like that, before you start your advent into the world with the Tweak Pack, make sure to create a backup for the original file.

3. Kassandra with 500,000 Mod

If you have played Odyssey, then Kassandra is likely your favorite character. But, starting the game with zero resources can create a barrier between you and your need for buying more equipment.

Without resources, you cannot indulge in the full aspect of the game. In some cases, it might slow down or even hamper your gaming experience. Hence, this mod can harness 500,000 resource points for Kassandra only if she is in level 1.

How Does this Mod Work?

This modification will allow you to cheat the system and award Level 1 Kassandra with 500,000 Drachmas or Resources!

All you have to do is fight the two bandits in the preliminary round. Apart from that, there are no quests you need to complete for the mod to work.

Installing Instructions

When you install this mod, it will have a zipped format. You need to unzip the file and install it in your C drive to the Ubisoft Game Launcher location. Furthermore, the file will automatically change into a long number which is random and different for every user.

Once you have done this, drag the file into the ACOdyssey.exe location and run it.

Why Should You Install this Mod?

As mentioned earlier, you will require resources to upgrade your weapons or buy equipment. However, not having resources can slow the game down for a novice, even though it does not ruin the actual essence of the game’s experience.

Even so, having access to (almost) unlimited resources for level 1 Kassandra will make every fight or situation a breeze to play. Moreover, having 500,000 resources in your inventory will help you conquer Ancient Greece with grace and a plethora of weapons!

Limitations of the Mod

You need a new game for this to work. It means deleting your progress. Therefore, this Kassandra mod is only great for new players trying to kickstart the game.

4. Kassandra Skin Tone Modification

Identifying with your character will enhance the gameplay experience by ten folds. Unfortunately, in the previous Assassin’s Creed games, skin tone was unchangeable.

Usually, players love customizing the protagonists to reflect themselves in the characters. Even then, the game has roots in Ancient Greece, which alludes to the default skin tone for Kassandra.

Using this mod, you can choose between five different skin tones apart from the default Kassandra has. This skin tone cheat can create a gaming experience like never before if you couple it with the 500,000 mod.

Why Should You Install this Mod?

The best reason to use this modification of Kassandra is to identify with the character you are playing. Therefore, this will invoke a sense of self and make you feel like a part of the Odyssey world. With this, you can tweak her skin tone so that she resembles who you are!

You get five colors to customize and create something different.

Installing Instructions

All you have to do is manually download this small file. However, you will need RESOREP to download this texture mod. Once downloaded, integrate it into the ACOdyssey.exe location.

From there, all you have to do is run the game as you would. Only then can you immerse into a world that you can connect with!

Limitations of the Mod

In some cases, the modification file might affect the skin tone of NPCs. Even though this is a bug, it has been prevailing due to the game version clashes. Moreover, the entire character model will change after using this mod on Kassandra.

The modification will not change the mechanics of the gameplay. Instead, it will invoke an emotion of belongingness in the world of Odyssey for the users.

5. Forger Mod – Invisible Spear and Bow (Version 3.0)

What if you could invoke the minimalist trend in an Assassin’s Creed game? Bows and arrows are bulky and become unattractive after a few missions.

With this forger mod, you can make the spears look less cluttered by making them invisible. Furthermore, it will allow your character to easily jump through places without having to look at a bulky clutter of equipment.

Should You Get this Mod?

Do you want to offer a free essence to your character? If so, rendering 29 bows and quivers will allow the protagonist to have a less cluttered back.

Making them invisible will give you full access to the character’s look and feel! Furthermore, the invisible mod works for Alexios and Kassandra.

Making the bows and arrows invisible does not mean they cannot be equipped. Even with this mod, you can easily use the spear-like you normally would. Consequently, it will not render itself in your character’s possession.

Installing Instructions

You will need the correct version of the Forger Utility Tool to run this mod in the game without any hiccups. For example, you will require the “Clean Back v3” in the “.forger2” file.

Take a look at the steps:

  • Step 1: Drag and drop the mod file into the “ForgerPatches” file in the ACOdyssey.exe location.
  • Step 2: Open the Forger file and “Rescan” it to highlight the new patches.
  • Step 3: Then, you need to check for “Clean Back v3” in that list.
  • Step 4: Close Forger and run the game.

There you have it – making the default equipment invisible using a modification tool!

Limitations of the Mod

Make sure to close the Forger interface before starting the game. If you fail to do this, then the game will get corrupted. However, if this happens, you will need to restore everything from the saved progress file!

Using this modification will not remove the equipment from your character. It will just make it invisible, but the functionality remains intact.

Playing Instructions

After installing this modification, you can earn boosted statistics in every mission you go on. There are no specific quests that can bring out the full potential of this mod. However, you can have a 300 Warrior vibe by making the Leonidas spear invisible.

It will offer you the ultimate stealth option for your character.

6. Kassandra Wonder Woman Mod

A Greek female warrior draped in the essence of an Amazonian is everything you will need! Are you a fan of DC? Then, this mod will make you go berserk.

Using this modification, you can harness legendary equipment for your protagonist. Furthermore, it will enhance the gameplay, but you will have to restart the game from afresh.

Installing Instructions

Installing this mod is fairly easy, as you have to download it and insert the file in the game’s location. However, you need to ensure that you have backed up your saved game folder before you start extracting the game.

Why Should you Install this Mod?

If you equip this mod in your game, the Amazon Warrior Set will have a matching Fang Bow and Siphos Sword. Along with this, you will have access to extravagant adventures as unique perks from this modification.

The equipment you get from this set is all legendary and will invoke unique skills to your character. Therefore, if you love the DC character and Kassandra, you will have an interesting adventure ahead of you!

Limitations of the Mod

The Wonder Woman mode only works on a legit game save that has the latest gold version. Furthermore, you will be required to start a new game while playing with this equipment. Due to that, saving the game progress is a crucial step.

7. Weapon Trail Remover Mod

Are you looking for immersive gameplay? Using this mod will enhance and tweak the already existing immersion in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Weapon trail and arrow tracers are truly annoying and can hamper the realistic feel of the game. Therefore, this modification will cheat the current HUD to do something that every Odyssey player has wanted to do.

The Benefits from this Mod

Every time you use your long-range weapon to fire at your enemies, there are tracer effects visible. Using this mod, you can remove these tracers and make them invisible. Moreover, the red and white effects that are predominant on melee weapons will also fade away.

When you swing your weapon, it will not look realistic throughout the game. This mod works on both the protagonists of the game.

Installing Instructions

The Weapon trail remover mod is the easiest to activate. All you have to do is install it and extract the content from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey directory.

After doing this, you have to start playing as usual!

Playing Instructions

Once installed and working, you can utilize it in numerous combat scenarios. Moreover, this combat trail will not affect the gameplay and damage ratings. Instead, it will enhance the realistic, immersive feature in the game!

Limitations of the Mod

Unfortunately, this mod will not get activated if you already have the ReShade modification in use. So, you have to remove that from the game and then integrate the trail remover mod.

8. Inventory Editor (Updated Version 3)

One aspect that remains stable and limited throughout the game is inventory customization. With this editor mod, you can easily harness the power of doing anything to your character’s inventory.

Reasons to Get this Mod

Inventory modding has been a popular Assassin’s Creed notion from the very beginning. Using this modification tool, you can:

  • Edit inventory
  • Swap inventory
  • Modify perks
  • Boost quests for vehicles
  • Boost Drachmae collection

Furthermore, using this inventory editor, anyone can climb up the XP ladder! You can update your inventory, mod it and boost your XP. Along with these perks, you get weekly quest boosts and damage multipliers as well.

Installing Instructions

Installing this modification is pretty basic – download the correct version that corresponds with the game. Then, drop the file in the ACOdyssey.exe file location.

Limitations of the Mod

You cannot access this mod if you are a subscriber to the UPLAY PLUS. Furthermore, it will only work with an updated version of the Odyssey game.

9.  Younger Alexios

Players usually love using Kassandra as their protagonist for the game. Alexois looks strong but has an elderly essence. Due to which a mod dedicated to making him look younger was created.

This way, you will no longer feel bad while jumping through roofs, vandalizing marketplaces, and killing enemies.

Why Should You Download this Mod?

The main reason to download this mod is the innovative use of shaded texture to make Alexios look younger. Moreover, it will give you access to body customization options for skin, hair, and other textures.

Having this modification will enhance the actual essence of the game. How? Because Odyssey is a violent game that requires a lot of physical activity.

So, if the main character looks old and broken, you will feel bad for making him do all the work. Hence, a younger Alexios will fit better in the gameplay and storyline.

The new update to this modification feature has brought in pirate tattoos to the overhaul.

Limitations of the Mod

You cannot change meshes using this mod. Furthermore, you will require the RESOREP tool to extract the modded folder.

10. Player Armor Customization

Clothing accessories are a true delight in the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey game. But what if you could make it extravagant and customize it to its fullest potential?

Indeed, there are some funny costumes worn by the protagonists that require serious tweaking. Therefore, with player armor customization, you can change many aspects without hampering the gameplay.

Installing Instructions

You will need the Forger Patch Manager to install the 2.8 utility file to find the mod folder. Once you have done this, follow these steps to use the player armor mod in the game:

  • Step 1: Get the mod file and integrate it into the Forger folder.
  • Step 2: The new patches will highlight if you use the Rescan option in the 2.8 version.
  • Step 3: Check the options you want to utilize in the game.
  • Step 4: Close the Forger interface.
  • Step 5: Run the game as usual.

The mod is also compatible with ReShade, hence giving the armors an enhanced vibe! Furthermore, the mod will be functional for both Alexios and Kassandra.

How Does the Mod Work?

After installing this mod, you will be given 23 options to increase the level through customization. Due to this, you can remove the old-fashioned essence from the game and invoke a bit of modern style.

Even then, the very essence of the game will not get hampered!

Reason to Get the Mod

Anyone with this mod installed in the game can remove capes, bring new designs, and change your characters’ outfits. Therefore, you get access to armors like First Civilization, Spartan Renegade, and more.

FAQ’s About the Best Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Mods

Do you still have doubts about the best mods in the game? Take a look at the frequently asked questions to clarify all your underlying questions. No need to ponder anymore!

Question: Where Can You Download Odyssey Mods?

Answer: The safest and best place to source your Assassin’s Creed Odyssey mods is from Nexus. Here you can harness all the rights modification codes for the game. Moreover, it sources original content for moddable content and allows players to use it and enhance their gameplay.

Question: Can You Modify Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Without Getting Banned?

Answer: Before you source your mods from illegal sites, it is safe to understand that some cheat codes will go against the legalities of the game. Therefore, if you get your Odyssey mods from a secure and trusted site, you are free from the fear of getting banned.

When you plan to modify a game, make sure that you have the fundamental knowledge. Otherwise, it might infringe the copyright owner, and you will face strict penalties.

Question: Can You Use Mods to Avoid Challenges?

Answer: The very essence of the game is its challenges. Even then, if you are stuck in any challenge, you can use cheat codes to butter your way through the task. Moreover, such modifications can also enhance your gameplay.

Question: Why Should You Mod Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Answer: Modding games is not a necessary aspect of gaming. However, if you want to unlock hidden parts imprinted in the game mechanics, modding is safest. There are best mods for different elements of the game – aesthetics, visual, and gameplay enhancers.

Based on these, you can unlock innovative gameplay mechanics and give the game a new perspective. However, using a trusted website to download these mods will be a wise decision.

Question: What is the Best Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Mod?

Answer: The answer to this question depends on personal preference. Some players might find the visual mods the best, whereas others will love the gameplay mechanics. However, the Odyssey mod loved by all games from around the world is the mods involving Kassandra.

Summing Up

Using the mods mentioned in this article will help you out in playing all the storyline quests. The modifications to the aesthetics and visuals of the game will offer a realistic Viking vibe to the game. Moreover, the gameplay enhancer mods will provide you with combat skills and stealth mode improvement.

Every time you employ the use of such mods will make the game better for you!

As mentioned earlier, the best Assassin’s Creed Odyssey mods will invoke a new perspective to the game. This way, you can improve the already existing gameplay and graphics in the game.

Are you ready to indulge in the realistic Viking-esque simulation of the Odyssey game using the best mods? Feel free to download the mods and integrate them into the game!

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