Top 17+ Games Like FTL: Similar Games to Faster Than Light

17+ games like ftl

Faster than light (FTL) is a single-player, shooter and strategy video game created and released by Subset Games in 2012. Even though it had a slow start, it’s now one of the most popular video games around.

Faster Than Light revolves around exploring the space. It’s got anDE advanced edition game where all you have to do is complete all tasks found in space. You’ll be given spaceships and a crew to complete available tasks. To make tasks easier, you must constantly upgrade your ships and crew to be able to carry out jobs with higher difficulty.

Following the roaring success of this game, many similar video games were developed to service the increasing number of players. Here are 17 of the best FTL-like games you can play today.

1. Flotilla


Flotilla uses the space environment and mechanics so you can begin your journey and take a tour of Flotilla. In this game, there are countless events to explore and you only have seven months to finish your exploration.

At the outset, you’ve got an awful but curable illness and just two ships, but you have just seven months to live. Fear not if you want to prolong your time since there are many other levels but they come with more challenges.

So, if you’re looking to explore various planets for more than seven months, you have to keep playing the more difficult levels and check out events. This whole journey will definitely remind you that Flotilla is one of those games that look and feel more like Faster Than Light.

2. Star Command

Star Command

Star Command transports you to explorations in space so you can explore with your team using several tools, including spaceships. Here, you come across aliens and you have to use your crew and weapons to fight them.

So your goal is to protect humans from aliens and become a hero. You have many people in your team and each person comes with a different skill set, such as an engineer, scientist and so on, that efficiently carries out tactical work to help you save humanity.

So you can choose this FTL-like game to explore space and fight off aliens.

3. Invisible Inc.

invisible inc

Created by Klei Entertainment, Invisible Inc. is another great alternative to Faster Than Light. The game is set in the year 2074 and revolves around your sneaking abilities.

Now, Invisible Inc. is an intelligence agency that provides support to companies that want to infiltrate other companies and steal their classified information. As a gamer, you’re the secret agent who also uses other agents to gather all the data and reports.

Be sure to put your sneaking skills to the test by playing Invisible Inc.

4. RimWorld


RimWorld is a science fiction colony sim controlled by a smart A.I. storyteller. It follows the lives of three survivors of a space liner crash as they create a colony.

To play RimWorld, you have to do the following things:

  • Manage colonists’ thoughts, moods, needs, illnesses, and individual needs
  • Engage in deeply-feigned small-team gunplay
  • Create structures, apparel, and weapons from wood, metal, cloth, stone, or beautiful futuristic materials
  • Discover a newly created world every time you play
  • Fight hostile tribes, pirate traders, ancient killing machines, and rampaging animals
  • Develop and manage colonists with unique skills, traits, and backstories
  • Build biomes of colonies ranging from tundra to jungle to desert, each with special flora and fauna

Under the tutelage of an unobtrusive A.I. instructor, you can learn to play RimWorld with ease.

5. Freelancer


This is a space trading, exploration, combat, multiplayer and single-player flight game created by Digital Anvil but released by Microsoft Game Studios. In this game, you assume the role of a space pilot and fly a one-seater spacecraft.

Explore the vast space environment, and come across over 48 space stations in start systems. Protect traders, do battle with other pilots, and garner experience points. In the single-player mode, you can become Edison Trent and complete a number of difficult missions to keep Sirius sector away from dangerous unidentified alien forces.

6. Galactic Civilizations

Galactic Civilizations

This is a single-player, turn-based, science-fiction and strategy game released by Strategy First. It happens in a futuristic world in which your ultimate task is to travel on space and build new colonies using the resources available.

Galactic Civilization also lets you control the special spacecraft and fight off deadly alien forces. It offers many levels, with each level offering different, challenging gameplay. The game boasts core features like unique space environment, upgrades, different modes, discover new technologies, different modes, build a custom 3D ship and many other things.

With exciting gameplay, excellent visuals, great game mechanics, and a well-written storyline, Galactic Civilizations is a great Faster Than Light-like game. Give it a try and you’ll surely enjoy it.

7. Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander

For 1,000 years, three enemies of humanity—the Aeon Illuminate, United Earth Federation, and Cybran Nation—have waged a bloody, bitter war over unwavering and conflicting belief systems. There’s no chance of compromise. No chance of mercy. No chance of anything but the total elimination of anyone with dissenting systems of belief.

This horrifying war, dubbed the Infinite War, has destroyed a once serene galaxy and simply deepened the schisms and hatred between the three groups. Now, after hundreds of years of conflict, the supremacy battle has turned a corner at long last. You’re the Supreme Commander and you’re the only one with the power to end the Infinite War for good. Supreme Commander is based on the 37th century, and it’s the first strategy video game to provide a truly tactical and strategic experience.

8. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky

Created by Hello Games, No Man’s Sky is a free, adventure, exploration, survival, science-fiction, multiplayer and single-player space game. It lets allows you to explore the massive, amazing and fantastic Open Universe that spans over 18 quintillion planets.

As you explore the galaxy, you’ll get information and you must share it with other players through the Atlas database. You can update your character’s tools and purchase a wide range of starships that help you explore more planets in the universe.

In No Man’s Sky, you’ve got access to a spacesuit and jetpack, a multipurpose tool you can use to explore and achieve your goals. In the gameplay, you have to collect resources and fight off several creatures to protect not only yourself but also your spaceship.

This game boasts exciting features like first-person navigation, massive space environment, in-depth customization system and plenty more. With the beautiful visual details, superb mechanics, fabulous story, and immersive gameplay, you’re sure to enjoy playing No Man’s Sky.

9. Ascendancy


Created by the Logic Factory, Ascendancy is a single-player, science-fiction, and 4X real-time strategy game that lets you lead alien creatures with the aim of guiding your people, colonizing other worlds, and exploring vast space environment. It lets you create spaceships and buildings, build your diplomacy, and research new technologies.

You can begin your adventure in one colony planet, which you can create. Ascendancy offers plenty of resources with which you can build your spaceships and colonies. You need to be careful as the gameplay is filled with powerful enemies that’ll try to take down your buildings. You must build a defense around your area to protect yourself from all the deadly enemy creatures.

To help you out, Ascendancy also offers Insurgence display which lets you view information about the relative strength of known creatures. The game also offers plenty of prominent features like over 21 different species, lots of technologies, lots of achievements and upgrades and so on. With great visuals and impressive game setting, this is one of the top 4x strategy games to enjoy playing.

10. Endless Legend

Endless Legend

Sunrise ushers in another day of struggle. Food needs to be grown, magic and science advanced, industries built, and wealth gathered. But these simple efforts are driven by urgency because your planet has a history of a mysterious apocalypse, and you’ve just survived the worst winter ever.

As you find out your world’s lost secrets and the secrets of the ruins and legends that exist equally in rumor and reality, you’ll come to realize that you aren’t alone. Other people also fight to grow, survive, and maybe even conquer.

You’ve got a loyal populace, a city, and a few soldiers; your magic and power should be enough to help them survive. Beyond that, however, it’s an uncertain future. Where will you head to, what will you discover, and how are you going to react? Will your route be one of blood, or of roses?

11. Ziggurat


Ziggurat is a dungeon-crawling first-person shooting at its best! Fast-paced combat! Random dungeons! Dozens of enemies, spells, and perks! Badass bosses! Traps! Carrots! Level ups! Ziggurat is the finest pairing of Roguelike and first-person shooter you’ve ever seen.

Enter the maze and face dangerous problems to prove your mettle and become a prominent wizard. Become a novice sorcerer, and prepare for your own rite of passage.

Ziggurat focuses on fast good old first-person shooting, and upgraded game mechanics and handling. RPG/Roguelike and dungeon-crawling features are included in the mix, leading to a varied, fun and challenging game, with plenty of content to uncover.

Fight powerful bosses, pass through rooms full of traps and gems that can help you along your journey. Each Ziggurat game is a completely new experience.

12. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

This beautiful, challenging action-adventure game is set in the massive, underground interconnected kingdom of Hallownest. The 2D action game focuses on exploration and skill and has you doing battle with a ferocious host of dangerous creatures, solving ancient mysteries, and avoiding complex traps as you navigate through forests of bone, ruined underground cities, and fungal wastes.

The air is eerie and unnerving at times, but there’s a good-natured core of levity and humor in there as well, especially when talking to all of the wonderful and weird NPCs you’ll come across along the road. Hollow Knight boasts stunning traditional art, responsive and fluid action, fair but challenging gameplay, as well as a bizarre and incredible insect world ripe for exploration and conquest.

13. Darkest Dungeon

darkest dungeon

Love playing dungeons and monsters? If yes, then you should choose the Darkest Dungeon, which is set in a dark background. The game lets you experience your darkest fantasy in which you fight off the creepy monsters and creatures around you.

The story starts when your family member digs out beneath the building to retrieve a fortune. But he discovers the dark world instead filled with evil creatures, which are now released to the world. You must protect the world from evil, and to this end, you can recruit certain heroes that can finish evil beings off by finding out their origin.

14. Risk of Rain

risk of rain

This is an action-adventure game with randomized features. Risk of Rain is centered around the distant future, in which space transportation is customary. Space trains carry goods and passengers all over space. However, a certain space train was carrying very important cargo. Through a host of ill-fated events, this vessel is shot out of its way and ends up on an unknown planet with just one survivor.

The key feature of Risk of Rain is the randomized features. The A.I. director randomly chooses the map you spawn upon, where on the map you spawn, the chests’ location, item spawns, enemy spawns and more. The game also has a copious amount of content: it has 100 special items arranged, all with exciting features. You get a chance to stop time and spawn missiles. You can pick between 10 characters, all boasting their own unique move set.

Another important element of Rain of Storm is that the difficulty increases as time goes on. Represented on the HUD bar, every minute adds to the spawn count and enemies’ power, creating a strong sense of urgency.

15. Homeworld


Released by Sierra Entertainment, Homeworld is a Relic Entertainment creation that brings action-adventure, real-time strategy, science-fiction, and real-time tactics into gameplay. It’s a single- and multiplayer space game that unfolds in Outer Space, in which minor gravity spaceships can move in any direction. Kushan The Protagonist survived for millennia on the Kharak, an arid planet with a massive hot desert.

In Homeworld, you can play either Taiidan or Kushan in the single-player mode. You must discover resources by collecting dust clouds. You can assume the role of Deathmatch in Homeworld and select the map, number of opponents, and activate or disable fuel consumption and research.

There are many key features in the game, including five different kinds of warships such as Speed, Armor, Size, and Maneuverability. Homeworld provides an intriguing story, crisp stunning visuals, addictive and very fascinating gameplay, as well as the best mechanics.

16. Spelunky


In this game, you explore all of the caves around you instead of space. You encounter many odd things and enemies you need to kill, collect treasure and go on with your journey. You have a Mario-like character, and the whole scenery is quite attractive with a brick layout.

Spelunky is available on a variety of platforms and there are always updates available so you can get more content. On your travels in the underground tunnels, you’ll find several levels each of which has a unique theme. For this reason, you’ll find lots of quests.

17. Out There

Out There

Out There takes you to space adventure where you’ll come across objects in the universe, which you must survive against. In Out There, you fall into a cryogenic nap and wake up somewhere strange that looks out of the universe.

There are stars everywhere and to return to Earth, you must cross all of these stars. Every time you cross a star, you’re given a mission to complete and then go to another star. Although you’ll need some oxygen and fuel, you can get by if you use your resources wisely.

Last Word

Faster Than Light (FTL) is not the only engaging game set in outer space. If you’d like to become a hero and enjoy exploring the universe, you should definitely try out these Faster Than Light alternatives. So go ahead, play some of these and have fun!

FAQ’s About Faster Than Light

How Many Copies Has Faster Than Light Sold?

Faster Than Light was released in September 2012 and it’s estimated that it has sold over 1.6 million copies.

What Genre is Faster Than Light?

Faster Than Light is a roguelike strategy game that involves a spacecraft that should be guided into eight sectors in order to deliver critical information.

What Platforms is Faster Than Light On available for?

Faster Than Light is on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOs, and Linux.

What Does Faster Than Light Advanced Edition Add?

Faster Than Light Advanced Edition is one major update for the game. This new version of FTL adds extra features to the first edition and can be downloaded for free by players who already have the original.

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