Endless Space vs Stellaris Comparison – Which is Best?

The ability to access the DLC made some extraordinary improvements on the two games like the addition of story bends, extra side journeys, new races, and some extra substance. Thus, it made an upgrade on the gaming experience and giving it an amazing feel. Still, the DLC for Stellaris made more impact on its irregularities, rough experiences, and conflicting side occasions thereby improving its significance.

Random Events are also something you can discover in both games and could include exploring a planet you come across and all other ongoing in the galaxy. You can as well trade on luxurious resources you discover with other empires to balance the intricate economy of the galaxy.

The release of Stellaris was approximately a year ago providing you with features like carrying out technological researches, exploring a massive galaxy, stumbling upon various empires, gathering resources to develop your army and technology, and finally achieving victory in the game.

All these are also evident in Endless Space 2, in which all its loyal fans can’t stop babbling about ever since its release. Although they are both in the 4X genre, they still have differences.

Just as how you the similarity between League of Legends and Dota 2 is, there is a similarity here too. However, if you have played these two games, you will surely know they have some differences too. With some hours of gameplay, you will surely know these differences just as we have highlighted in this article for you.

Main differences Between Endless Space vs Stellaris

The main differences between Endless space vs Stellaris are:

  • Endless Space you approach the entire game structure and each of its planets from a single form screen, whereas Stellaris you approach each of the planets differently irrespective of the relationship between the structures of the different livable planets.
  • Endless Space game involves more collection of base game structures and greater flexibility in transport combat, whereas Stellaris you can do the job of boat gain which gives you better battleships, innovators, and transports.
  • Endless Space 2 the control of population and species is more exhaustive and comprehensive, whereas Stellaris trait system is more improved because of more planet types with the availability of extra materials and goods.
  • Endless Space 2 there are no limits to the number of structures you can introduce, whereas Stellaris there are specific numbers of tiles you can build.

Endless Space Overview

endless space

The sequel and mythology behind the universe of Endless Space are of the most fascinating features of the game. It talks about Endless, an ancient empire that left a cloud of quasi-magical dust on its departure.

Endless space is a very interesting game that is perfect for gamers who love a good space 4x game and the beauty of mystery and scientific ideas and is wishing to unravel them. It allows you to dominate the galaxy while you carry out this mission on an all-around entry-level.

Stellaris Overview

This historical formula Stellaris adopts is from Paradox intending to kick you into space and give you control over economic, political, and military power. You have to manage your space empire as you pay good attention to these aspects.

It gives gamers who love the stars and all those stellar activities a feeling of home. It is also easier or players with grand strategies and history to adapt to it that for the traditional gamers. The focus on politics is also heavy as you have to take care of your citizens and their governing as a whole.

Comparing Endless Space with Stellaris

Stellaris is an extraordinary game and has a lot of attraction with its Synthetic Dawn, Utopia, and Leviathans Story Pack. It has a stable time progression and offers no turns. You make use of the default speed or increase the speed with the option of Fast or Very Fast.

To halt the game, you can use the spacebar and none of your activity will be lost. It is an important feature when you do not wish to lose your hard-earned work after accomplishing logical research.

On the other hand, Endless Space 2 is less quick in gameplay and seriousness than Stellaris. It is a space 4x game based on the turn and it recognizes your desired pace.


I enjoy the way the statutory and declaratory issues are managed in the two games. The currency in Stellaris used to make an impact on proclamations, or rolling out an improvement in politics is known as “Solidarity”.

In Endless Space 2, it is known as “Influence” and does not collect as much as Solidarity. It remains a restrained gathering notwithstanding the actuality that you have lots of structures for extending the expand Unity rate.

You will encounter high engagements with the management of starbases and starports given that you can convey secured stages and refurbish them with rocket bayous, weapon ports and warrior overhangs to enhance the space station to provide resources, stockpiling and various other advantages.



The storylines in Stellaris aren’t much and it’s not a so perfect game for gamers who enjoy the interaction in their games. Of course, there is interaction but not much so if much talk isn’t your thing, Stellaris is surely for you.

On the other hand, you will experience a lot of conversation in Endless Space 2. It is a flexible game and will surely entice you with its great interactions.

Planet Bases

Stellaris will present you with restricted chances to set up structures due to the fewer number of habitable tiles in the game. Nevertheless, you can generate infinite surface points and develop their population to any level you prefer. It also involves strategic thinking and planning which should be done before taking action and not when in action.

This is one of the scenarios when Endless Space 2 surpasses Stellaris. You can craft limitless structures in the game and as well don’t need to think much to go about the game successfully.

Stellaris has a smaller amount of colonizable planets than what is available in Endless Space, whereas Endless Space has more space stations that don’t need colonizable planets and can be navigated through dark holes and additional focal points on the space.

Speed and Turns

Stellaris does not provide you with turns and lets you hasten the game at whichever speed you deem fit. You choose whether you prefer the accelerated or default speed and regardless of the time you choose, the time still moves.

Endless Space 2, on the other hand, does not let you lose time and allows you to play at any desired pace you wish.

Fleet Management

It is easy to access almost everything on Stellaris and these ranges from bases to planets, varieties of boats, etc. The boats too include military boats, development ships, science ships, and settlement ships. You can also gain advantages when you dispense officers to ground-based researchers or armed forces, or pioneers to armadas.

These pioneers normally improve your fleet in Stellaris but in Endless Space 2, they are more effective. They are considerably more uncomplicated and mechanical in Stellaris and they possess a routine decision skill tree that is updatable just like custom saint dispatches module.

The Space ships

Every boat in Stellaris apart from science ships ought to travel to all regions of the star paths. Science ships Lets you obtain an improvement which allows them to twirl and materialize with no star paths. Stellaris incorporates a variety of space Amoeba’s, less propelled crude races, anomalies, and several interesting kinds of stuff.

Unending Space 2 also has similar space ships doing their thing just like in Stellaris though it is slower here. It also has a variety of resources and extravagances you wouldn’t find in Stellaris despite its rich supplies.

Galaxy Map

endless space 2

Generally, Stellaris sports a faster extension, far larger ship design options and armada combats, and armadas which have gradually more synchrony. It also has a cooler viewpoint of its military invasion.

You can act as officers and armed forces in transport boats to attack a planet, overwhelm planets by circling them with your space ships and subjugate them. However, you will have to attack them from ground level if you wish to subjugate them and take control.

Endless Space 2 lets you place transport units into your boats for conveying ground troops as tanks and warriors. You can as well take air backing along for support. Various kinds of armed forces exist and you can load plenty of them. It is a really enjoyable sight to watch your boats going into battle as you hope to achieve victory with the available turns.

The core

When you outgrow the center limits for your planet in Stellaris, you get a punishment. Nevertheless, you can bypass this by crafting mechanical partitions where the AI siphons a stage of the resources to your lord pool.

These could include your segments, buildings, and other assets. You can choose governors to head regions and your researchers also improve your exploration and you can carry out researchers on three technology parts at the same time.

Endless Space 2 lets you allot only pioneers to armadas or planets and not Governors as in Stellaris. The tech tree is in one lining and lets you explore only one technology part at a time.

However, this tech tree is adaptable and adjustable and provides you with a tree of choices once you complete an exploration. You can as well extend the choice rundown by looking into other research choices.

Traditional End-Game Goals

endless space 2 game

Despite my love for Stellaris, I wouldn’t deny the fact that it is more similar in look to a space simulator than a game. You could probably relate it to Galaxies XL than Civilization: Space. This is because it possesses not many conditions for gaining victory.

This could be tiring as you find it long to accomplish something and you could feel like you are just building an empire instead of aiming at something. For you to be victorious, you have to take over all the empires in Stellaris or gain control over 40% of the Galaxy’s livable world.

Endless Space 2, however, is more traditional in its approach. Wonder, Score, Science, Conquest, Economy, and Supremacy all have conditions for victory and contribute to your overall achievement. Still, it does not conclude that the game isn’t long though it isn’t as long as Stellaris.

Surface-Level Micromanagement

Stellaris requires you to create various buildings if you wish to colonize a planet. Afterward, you will furnish these planets with various resources too, and will need and organization game mechanics at surface-level. You can establish buildings on any ship design that possesses a Spaceport as well as on the surface of your planet.

However, in Endless Space 2, you do not have to build on the surface. You will make use of the system meaning that if a system possesses three planets, then every of the building you establish is spread across the three planets. The similarity between the two games is close here though Endless Space 2 offers lesser complexity.

Varying Political System

stellaris game

Endless Space 2 is similar in approach to Torment: Tides of Numenera. It sets up a democratic government where you select your capabilities and use them to decide what you will be. Similarly, Stellaris lets you select who you are though it lets you choose your abilities and disabilities.

In Endless Space 2, there are different groups of governments, which range from Scientists, Ecologists, Pacifists, Militarists, and Industrialists to the Religious groups. For every action you perform in a random event, every development you make every option you choose vitalizes one faction over another.

An instance is when you charge one of your citizens for treason; the Militarist faction will have a boost. This grows in support and finally, will take over power when you are conducting the next election. Immediately they wield power, one of their most important law will be implemented and you will be able to access others.

FAQs About Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris

Question: Is Endless Space 2 better than Stellaris?

Answer: Stellaris comes with a quicker and more intense gameplay style compared to Endless Space 2 which is a more turn-based game where you do everything at your pace and the click end turn which allows you to change turns with other human players and AI turns.

Question: Is the Endless space game easy to play?

Answer: The Endless Space game feels initially daunting when you start to play it. However, it depends on the AI level you are playing against. The AI levels 10 to 20 will particularly make it more difficult but you can easily get the hang of it. Avoid playing Tall, playing Tall in this game is not a good idea.

Question: Is Stellaris related to the Master of Orion?

Answer: Master of Orion is more like CIV, V in space. Also, it is rather cinematic and comes with great visuals and graphics. It is equally user-friendly and suitable for beginners and a game you’ll like.

Question: Which 4X Game is a good Endless Space and Stellaris alternative?

Answer: If you are looking for a good 4X game to play after endless space, that isn’t Stellaris, here’s a list of the 9 best 4X genre games you try next:
Civilization VI : Turn based strategy 4X game available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Android, macOS, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux;
Age of Wonders: Award-winning series 4X genre strategy available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Classic Mac OS;
Warhammer 40,000: One of the most popular miniature war games.
Distant Worlds: Universe: Real-time 4X space strategy game available on Microsoft Windows;
Stellar Monarch: Grand strategy game; turn based strategy; available on Microsoft Windows;
Endless Legend: 4X Fantasy-Strategy game available on Microsoft Windows and Classic Mac OS.
Galactic Civilization 3 : Intersteller 4X Strategy Game available on Microsoft Windows.
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: The latest in the series, this 4X Strategy game is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Android, macOS, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Classic Mac OS.
Sins of a Solar Empire: Real-time strategy game with a mixture of RTS and 4X gameplay, available on Microsoft Windows.
Europa Universalis: 4X Game with a full historical experience available on Microsoft Windows.


The word of space gaming is an interesting world and if you aren’t yet a gamer in this field, you should be. The environment of the stars and other heavenly bodies could keep you glued to seat edge though you will need the right game to do that. The two games are both nice games and very entertaining despite the differences I have highlighted above. Whenever I take up any of them to play, I always never give up and end up enjoying them.

Stellaris has more to do with a quick pace and gives you a lot of control you’re your gameplay. Having the ability to pause your game in the event of combat is something that most users would like. It lets you settle, decide on the skill you wish to employ, and then jump back into your game without losing any time.

As the leader of your planet, you would surely love to take up the challenge, battle, and gain other planets for yourself. Your aim to govern and rule the galaxy should be achieved whether you are playing Endless Space 2 or Stellaris. However, it still depends on the choice you make based on the differences.

As a gamer, you would want to also look at how fast the game progresses and I would maintain that you will find it in Stellaris. In most of the game options listed above, it has more wins than Endless Space 2.

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