Top 25 Best Games Like Age of Empires

Age of Empires is one of the best real-time strategy games ever made. Starting from 1997 when it was first released, the game has continued to be rated among the best in the genre.

Just like every real-time strategy game, your task while playing the Age of Empires is to form your army, build your empire or home base, manage resources, and engage in combat with your foes to overpower them.

The game gives you the freedom to decide on a preferred route and choose how you want to engage in combat with your foes to overpower them. As you get smarter in the process, you pose a greater threat to your enemies.

The Age of Empires is produced by Hidden Path Entertainment. While the game is famed as one of the best in the genre, it doesn’t contain continuous content. This makes hardcore enthusiasts salivating for more when they exhaust the available content.

If you find yourself hungry for more after being immersed in the AoE real-time strategy, never mind, we’re here to help. We have included in this guide, our top list of 25 best games like Age of Empires.

You’ll find these games interesting, whether you’re new to strategy games or you desire to recreate an experience similar to that of Age of Empires. Let’s dive right in and show you what we have on our list.

Best Games Like Age of Empires: Our Top 25 Picks

1. Age of Mythology

Age of mythology is an offshoot of the Age of Empires. However, it was created following mythological beliefs as opposed to historical events used in the Age of Empires. It was created by Ensemble Studios, the same company that made the Age of Empires. The Age Of Mythology occurs in Atlantis and centers on the popular myths and legends of Greek, Egyptian, and Norse.

Similar to the Age of Empires, the game equally allows the player to build his army, manage resources, and overcome the enemy empires. Your tasks include choosing an empire and playing as a member of one of the three empires which can be the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse empire.

Each empire has a unique culture and practices a different religion. The game allows you to decide who you want to be your main God. This commonly depends on the empire you choose. As you advance into the next era, you can have access to minor gods. These gods provide players with special abilities.

2. Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI

Civilization is a turn-based strategy game that allows you to build an enduring civilization. You begin the game as a member of a humble tribe of wanderers gathering resources. However, you’ll grow your empire until it becomes a globally acclaimed empire.

The Civilization game series are popular because of their very tough strategy. This game would make a suitable fit if you’re a hardcore gamer. The first aspect of this game you’ll love is the amazing graphics and fantastic music selection that offers a unique extra dimension to the game.

Civilization VI comes with gameplay that features a great depth of strategy. The game comes with a lot of features including religion, building a nation, undercover activities, and international relations. Like the Age of Empire, you have the freedom to build your empire the way you want with the integrated thousands of options you can choose from.

The vast number of options available in the game makes Civilization VI somewhat overpowering for newbies. Nonetheless, if you’re a hardcore gamer with a love for strategy games, you’ll fall in love with this franchise.

3. Warcraft 3

While Warcraft 3 was released in 2002, it is one of the best Single-player real-time strategy games. The game was modernized in 2018 to make it compatible with modern gaming equipment.

Thus, despite the game was first released nearly two decades ago, it has a modern-day appeal. The graphics were also up-to-date. The alterations made to Warcraft 3 uplifted the game and make it one of the real-time strategy games you don’t want to miss!

4. Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is the number two-episode among the Starcraft game series. It is a space-centered real-time strategy game produced by Blizzard Entertainment. The game world is positioned in a 26th-century science fiction, where the main feature is extensive combat and war between four different species that want to take over the universe.

During the development of the game, it was divided into three sections to make telling the whole story easy. The game features non-linear gameplay and as a player, you choose to play like one of the three species referred to as Protoss, Terran, and Zerg.

Terran is the main story of the game, while the two expansion packs feature the stories of Protoss and Zerg. While playing the game, you’re expected to take complete control of your base. Your task equally includes using the available resources to devise the best strategies to stay alive while engaging in the long-drawn battle.

Besides offering the player, a fantastic experience that is common with real-time strategy games, StarCraft 2 is equally one of the best available eSports games. You can also access the game free online. You don’t have to pay a dime to experience the gameplay. However, if you want a single-player game with an experience similar to that of the Age of Empires, you’d go for the paid version.

Nonetheless, for fans of single-player Real-time Strategy games, the game provides much more sufficient value for the cost. It equally gives you a futuristic, outside space experience and makes a great fit if you’re looking for a strategy game that gives you experience other than the medieval Realtime Strategy experience.

5. Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations was created by Big Huge Games. It comes with 18 civilizations and 8 epochs of the history of the universe. It is constantly rated as one of the best games the real-time strategy games.

The main feature of the Rise of Nations’ gameplay is centered on the theory of “territory”. Places that are located close to the settlement of the player is referred to as his or her territory. As a player, you can only build structures close to your territory or your friends’ territories.

Your goal as a player is to improve and grow until you attain the most modern age level. This will allow you access to additional weapons and help you to launch a more efficient attack against your enemy. So, you can either overcome them or eliminate them.

6. Cossacks 3

While Cossacks 3 was only released in 2016, it allows you to gain the old-school Realtime strategy experience. The game was developed by GSC Game World. Cossacks 3 is an HD updated version of the original game released in the early 2000s.

This makes the game one of the first best games like Age of Empires. Contrary to what you’d experience with most of the games on the list, it offers you a much more real-world experience and takes you back to the medieval times like the Age of Empires.

Just like other games on the list, your task includes gathering resources, managing workers, building your city, developing a powerful army, and engaging in battle to take over the entire neighboring city.

The game comes with a few of the biggest scale combats ever found in a real-time strategy franchise. If you plan to increase the scope of the battles, this game is a great option to go for!

7. Sid Meier’s Civilization 6

civilization 6

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is produced by Firaxis Games and 2K Games together. The two companies teamed up with the aim of release one of the best strategy games. They succeeded in developing another game like Age of Empires which is currently rated as one of the top games in the genre! It is a modern classic style of strategy game that captures the attention of experienced gamers and newbies.

Like every other strategy game, the goal of best games like the age of empires is gathering resources, building your city, developing your troops, managing workers, and so on. The gameplay involves the development of magic, deep engagement of the player that will make them lose track of time and space!

The game takes you back to medieval times and allows you to experience history once again. It gives you a truly magical experience that truly equates to that of the Age of Empires!

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8. Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances center on Westwood’s strategy game known as Dune 2. The most significant part of this series is its concentration on the crusades of different sections in one principal storyline.

It is a military strategy game with MMO features. It allows you to decide the sector of the world to begin to build and you’re your military base. The game allows you to build your base, collect resources, and go to fight with your enemy camps to survive and flourish.

9. Empire Earth


Just like the Age of Empires series, Empire Age is a history-centered real-time strategy game. The game is set in the pre-historic era and around 500,000 years of the existence of the universe. It starts from the pre-historic era and culminates during the nano age. 

Your tasks while playing the game include gathering resources to build structures, filling your empire with citizens, and overcoming other empires. The game comes with a far-reaching map editor that helps you to design your empire as you desire.

A very significant and exclusive part of the game is its “Morale’ system, which has effects on the statistics of the individual units. Another unique feature of the game is the “Hero” system. You can build Heroes at the city center or capital.

Heroes come in two different types, Strategist heroes and Warrior heroes. Strategist Heroes heal neighboring units and can dishearten enemy units, whereas Warrior heroes boost the morale of neighboring units and possess a greater power of attacks.

10. Warcraft III – Reforged

Warcraft comes in series similar to the Age of Empires. It is regarded as one of the classics of Real-Time Strategy games. The game was developed by a popular world’s game studio known as the Blizzard.

It allows gamers to go on a fantasy journey where they can be the commander of gorgeous creatures that include the Night Elves, Undead, Orcs, and Humans. As a player, you go on a heroic journey, choosing your faction and building your base. You’ll equally be assembling your troop and recruiting powerful heroes to be in control.

You can currently pre-book the most recent series, Warcraft III – Reforged. Before the end of the year, the game will be available for playing. It’ll come in a comprehensive visual upgrade and would feature a collection of modern social and matchmaking characteristics and so on.

Those who pre-order the game will get the chance to play older games in the series, including Warcraft III – Reign of Chaos” and “Warcraft III – Frozen Throne” without paying a dime. Therefore, you have a lot to keep you busy before the new game gets released.

11. Empire

Empire is an open real-time strategy game that comes with a lot of multiplayer online game elements. The game was developed by Good Game Studios and is positioned in a medieval age, where the players gradually develop their empire from nothing and grow it into a juggernaut that rival players would find it difficult to attack.

Your tasks as a player include building castles, trading with fellow players, raising an army, and conquering your enemies. You will equally be in total control of your units, constructing a position, deciding on the best techniques for battle, and discerning your combat strategies.

12. The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is developed by BlueBite and is an open, browser-based real-time strategy game that comes with a few in-game acquisitions. The Settlers Online introduces brand new embellishments and enhancements to the genre.

It is set in a universe where players need to gather resources and take on all the integrated missions as they build their medieval empire while exploring and capturing territories.

The game took inspiration from the popular Settlers series. However, the online empire and MMO features integrate a whole new layer of depth to the idea.

The game provides plenty of content that reveals tons of levels as you progress. You equally have different gangster camps to destroy and interact with other human players in the universe. You can either befriend or fight against human players.

13. Bad North

The trailer for the Bad North looks significantly different from other strategy-based games. However, it is rated as one of the best real-time strategy games available. 

You may get a wrong first impression when you see the game’s cartoonish graphics and mellow music features of the game. However, the game is very brutal. The game features a simple premise that includes owning an island, building your army, and upgrading your weapons to protect the island against the gang of Vikings that want to fight against you.

Your defense strategy depends on your weapon, troop, island shape, and size because each of the islands provide a unique type of strategic advantage. The game is fun to play.

Although it is a very tricky game, it is not similarly hard like the Age of Empires of Civilization VI. This makes the game a great fit for gamers who love short bursts of strategy games.

14. Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader

While Stronghold Crusader follows a similar pattern of gameplay like the primary Stronghold game, different from its antecedent, Stronghold Crusader is positioned in the Middle East during the Crusades and comes with fresh Arabian units.

Because of the Middle-East location, you only have limited oasis grass to build your farm. This setting brings competition among players who compete for the limited amount of woodland and resources.

Apart from the farms, you can equally collect other resources like iron ore, quarry, and marshes. You can deposit these resources in their reserves. And as a player, you can either sell or utilize these resources to improve your defense against invasions.

15. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is a prelude to the classic Homeworld real-time strategy gameplay. While playing this game, you’ll take a tour to the deserts of Kharak where you’ll gather your army and help them to conquer while battling on shifting sand.

This game was released a long period before the main Homeworld games. While playing the game, you and your empire is striving to stay alive under a harsh desert environment as you fight against the scientifically unconventional religious fanatics.

As it is the prelude to the well-known Homeworld games, it feels very similar, but at the same time, it’s not completely dominated by the game. The gameplay and the storyline come with an entirely different feeling.

Nonetheless, it offers you a glimpse of the older series and provides you with a good amount of games here and there giving you a good amount of nostalgia shots. The game is acclaimed by both critics and fans. It makes a good option if you’re looking for real-time strategy games like Age of Empire.

16. 0 A.D.

0 A.D. is an open-source and free cross-platform real-time strategy game. The developer of the game is Wildfire Games. The primary part of the game is positioned around 500 B.C. and 1 B.C. The second part of the game is set within the years 1 A.D. to 500 A.D

0 A.D. allows the players to construct their base and train their troops. The game equally features elements like battle and technology research. It provides twelve different empires, each of the empires come with their best representation.

While playing the game, you don’t progress through time. However, you’d progress from being a village to town and from being a town to a city. These phrases stand for the number of settlements in history. Each of the development phases unravels fresh units, structures, and technologies.

17. Tropico 5

Tropico 5 is a real-time strategy game that involves nation-building where you grow your island from being a tribe into a powerful kingdom. The beginning part of the game is easy.

You start to grow plantations to produce crops and afterward export them to make money that you can use to enhance the technology of your island.

The game is set back in the 20th century and allows you to work hard to progress to the modern age as you develop your island from level to level to make it stand out against its enemies.

The best part of Tropico 5 is that you don’t only engage in battle; you equally take part in politics and economics. These features add a bit more touch to the game and make fun-filled. The game equally comes in a multiplayer mode and allows you to team up with your friends to build an island.

You can also engage in battle with your friends to determine the person who makes the most contribution to the island. Tropico 5 is already available for purchase whereas, Tropico 6 is about to be released at the time of writing his guide.

18. Total War: WARHAMMER II

Total War: Warhammer II will especially interest gamers who love destruction and also real-time strategy gameplay. The game comes with a magnificent storyline crusade, positioned across the large four continents which include Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth, and the Southlands.

The game is the second chapter in the series. Thus, you ought to play the first game series or have a good knowledge of its history to savor the beauty of this game. You choose to play as one of the eight mythical lords of four races. Your key task is to gather your troop and to lead them to war against the giant vortex and frustrate the efforts other races makes progress.

You can only choose to belong to a single race and when you do, you unlock the advantages and disadvantages that come with the race you choose. The game comes with one of the largest world maps available in Real-Time Strategy games with a few of the best-looking aesthetics.

19. The Anno Series

In the Anno Series game, your task includes defending your country against enemies while you engage in battle with them through both land and sea. The game takes you into the Renaissance age. The kingdom-building historical era.

It comes with appealing architectural buildings. The first among series episodes allow you to travel around both the old and the new series with a focus on the future.

20. The Stronghold Series

The stronghold series game is positioned in the period of the middle ages crusades. It allows you to build strongholds with few available resources.

It offers players multiple ways to collect resources and utilize what they have collected. You can use the collected resources to construct a sturdier defense. If you like defensive gameplay, you should try this game!

21. Forge of Empires


Forge of Empires is a free and open-world game developed by InnoGames GmbH. It is rated as one of the best Android games like the Age of Empires. It features similar techniques with those of the Age of Empires.

You need to take control of a city and to achieve this, you would be managing resources, and work within your budget to grow and develop as an empire. Your task will include developing your city to win additional battles from the Stone Age to the present day. To make your empire and troop indestructible, you must develop your technology. You can share your resources with allies.

Your task while playing the game is to take possession of the map and loot the cities to unlock rewards. You can choose to engage in battle or stay away from it by negotiating your way to conquer additional spaces.

Forge of Empires, nonetheless, will require random online purchases if you want to keep growing your empire and continue to engage in competition with other gamers.

22. Empire: Four Kingdoms

The Empire: Four Kingdoms developed by the Goodgame Studios is another game like Age of empires specifically designed for the android platform. Your task while playing the game includes deciding the destiny of four different Kingdoms.

You’ll be taking up a huge responsibility, including deciding on a budget, gathering resources, conquering in battle, and plundering your foes. You have multiple options for doing this and these include customizing your castle the way you want and forming alliances to win the battles.

You‘ll be engaging in epic PvP battles. So, be careful as you choose your tactics while making your choice from over 50 units and a large collection of weaponry.

There are over 60 different buildings where you can collect your powers or resources. The game comes with great graphics which makes playing the game a lot of fun.

23. DomiNations

DomiNations is developed by Big Huge Games, Inc. It is available for free play on your android devices. It is one of the best games like Age of Empire for Android. Your major task as you play the game is to build strong fortifications to stay safe from enemy attacks. You will need to build an authoritative empire that would be sufficiently solid to engage in battles.

Your main support as you perform the task is gathering resources and developing your technology. Another significant part of this game is your ability to collaborate with influential leaders of history like DA Vinci, Catherine the Great, King Sejong, and more to build a powerful empire.

The game comes with integrated real historical events’ goals that you need to fulfill within the time frame. Evolution is a significant part of DomiNations. You begin in the Stone Age and you can attain the Space Age. You have the chance to create historical edifices that include the great Pyramids of Egypt

, the Colosseum, and so on. The game focuses more on developing structures than in engaging in battle. However, it still comes with addictive gameplay.

24. Art Of War 3: Global Conflict

The Art Of War: Global Conflict is a free-to-play game developed by the Gear Games. It’s a Real-Time strategy game that has similar features to the Age of Empires, which is fantastic. Your tasks include ruling your city and managing a large number of troops in times of war.

It is set in a futuristic environment and a bit hard to play. It equally comes with other features that make it a great game like the Age of Empires. A few examples include the ability to perform online PvP combats in real-time. It features a real-time strategy that provides you with easy separate control for every unit.

You have a lot of quests to take on in campaign mode. The game comes with two different factions that possess unique strengths and weaknesses. The broad collection of units and buildings in the game performs unique roles. You’ll have lots of fun with the game. It also feels a bit like the AOE2 due to its theme.

25. The Settlers Series

The Settlers Series

The Settler Series is a strategy series that comes with eight episodes. While playing the game, you’ll assume the role of an ancient or medieval ruler charged with the task of upgrading your empire and overpowering other lands.

The rulers of other lands may be AI-developed or other players in the multiplayer mode. The distinguishing feature between this game and the rest city-building games is its unique manner of building structures and roads required to grow the empire.

While the elements of the game are about building structures, it equally comes with some combat features. The player develops a road map and structures which come with optimal resources for completing a territorial army.

The better the network of roads is, the faster is the trade that exists between different towns. This equally means a better exchange of resources and manufactured items.


Which is better Civilization or Age of Empires?

Civilization is a slow-paced, strategy, turn-based game, whereas the Age of Empires is centered on resource gathering and city building. Civilization covers a larger timeframe and features a better scope because it allows you to control an entire culture instead of just a single town or city.

Is there a game like Age of Empires for the iPhone?

Yes, there is a game like Age of Empires that you can play on iPhone and this includes the recently developed game by Microsoft’s latest iPhone known as the Age of Empires: Castle Siege. Microsoft conveys its Clash of Clans-like to iOS.

These two companies have collaborated in this way to make money together. Microsoft has released the latest entry of the best strategy gaming series Age of Empires for users of iOS devices.

Is the Age of Empires free?

Microsoft released the Age of Empires Online in August 2010. It was developed by KLab Games for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone in collaboration with Robot Entertainment. The game is free-to-play as a Windows Live online game.

Is civilization related to the Age of Empires?

Although Age of Empires III and Civilization IV are grouped in the same genre as strategy games, they feature very dissimilar styles. Age of Empires is real-time and comes with an enduring “down with the troops” outlook and touch. Civilization IV, conversely, is turn-based and comes with plenty of micromanagement.

What style of game is Age of Empires?

Age of Empires is a history-centered real-time strategy video game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft. The game makes use of the Genie Engine, a 2D sprite-based game engine.

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