Fallout 3 vs New Vegas: Which Is Better?

Fallout 3 vs New Vegas: Which Is Better?

Fallout 3 was revolutionary when it was launched in 2008. At that time, it presented a scale and scope of the open-world game that the lovers of the game have never experienced. The game was a grand post-apocalyptic sandbox and a lot of fans share the opinion that this third installment in the Fallout series helped fallout to gain upper hand against The Elder Scrolls which is another open-world license of Bethesda game as far as quality is consigned.

At the time of the initial release, it was almost a perfect product, and for the majority of gamers, they can’t ask for more. It features fantastically weird vaults and restricting subway stations that imparted an authentic sense of fear on the viewers. The game won many awards as the game of the year which helped to establish the legacy of Fallout.

Back in 2010 when Fallout: New Vegas was launched, it shacked up the existing state of affairs and fixed some of the things in Fallout 3 that gamers aren’t even aware that they require patching up. New Vegas had better NPCs, superior guns, and comes with a better application of the central mechanics of Fallout 3.

Most enthusiasts of the game title argue about which episode in the series is better. While it’s not reputable that Fallout 4 is the weakest episode, coming to the two best games of the series New Vegas and Fallout 3, New Vegas continues to remain superior for the points we have mentioned above and more.

Want to see how these two episodes of the title compare against each other; follow us as we explore these in detail:

Main Differences Between Fallout 3 vs New Vegas

The main differences between Fallout 3 and New Vegas are:

  • Fallout 3 features a better world with a post-apocalyptic, whereas New Vegas features a bad world with a more apocalyptic western feel.
  • Fallout 3 has a powerful storyline, whereas New Vegas features a weaker storyline with enhanced choices and five possible endings with many variations.
  • Fallout 3 features a fresh combat system and grand weapons, whereas New Vegas features a more satisfying and fun-filled combat system with multiple weapons and shields.
  • Fallout 3 is a loser when it comes to the morality contest because of its black and white approach, whereas New Vegas mainly substitutes the karma system with a faction ranking system.

Fallout 3 vs New Vegas: How They Compare

1. Quest handling

Fallout 3 vs New Vegas Questline

Players have multiple ways of handling quests in New Vegas, whereas Fallout 3 Bethesda Game has a two-way quest handling in terms of in-game decision making. You’ll normally have two choices to make and none of them is significantly far-reaching.

Thankfully, New Vegas overturned that system and launched multiple ways to handle quest. This provided players with multiple choices in the way they can manage a mission and determine what the outcome with its engaging advantage of enduring and concrete consequences.

2. Companionship

The companionship in Fallout 3 is just a hired assistance the game was designed to bump the gamers with if they so much want to have a traveling companion to accompany them during their adventures.

Companions Fallout 3 New Vegas

However, in New Vegas companionship is integrated steeply into the history of the world around gamers. Allowing their companions to have a sense of context and give them reasons to fight along with the main character player. The world is livelier in New Vegas with the integration of companions With Real Motivations.

Although, the feature is a little surface adjustment, engaging in combat with a companion who has some motivations for participating increases the role-playing immersion featured in Fallout games.

3. NPC Interactions

New Vegas gives awards to gamers and penalizes them according to merit and this additionally increased the sense of responsibility that is lacking in fallout 3.

Every choice the gamer makes and actions he takes come with a consequence. NPCs are aware of these choices, and contingent on your positive or negative Karma status, they will avoid attacking you and try to become your ally.

NPC Interactions Fallout 3

Although the transformations that result from the world interaction can sometimes be cruel, in the end, it resulted in a more engaging role-playing experience. This is mainly due to NPC’s potential to know the action of a gamer at an early point in game history.

4. Brutality of players

One of the most aggravating aspects of role-playing games is the safety of NPCs that protects them from being harmed by the player. The absence of invincible NPCs gives players more freedom to be as brutal as they can.

If players wish to annihilate all the civilians living in a town, they’re free to do so. Sandbox games come with more freedom and give gamers infinite power. The integration of additional options produces a more fulfilling experience.

Fallout 3 vs New Vegas Gameplay

This exactly the case with New Vegas which gives its players the capacity to slay anyone they wish which is not possible with the fallout 3. While it resulted in complications as far as completing the core of the game is consigned, it gives the gamers the freedom to tread their path.

5. Moral Choices

Fallout 3 took a black and white approach concerning moral choices gamers can make. This makes companionship a little less engaging since you can either hire good or bad troops to fight the opposite group.

New Vegas, on the other hand, replicated the good and bad aspects of civilians and groups. This gives real weight to the task of deciding which characters to recruit as companions and integrated into the game a sense of moral uncertainty that allows players to weigh values and ethics against their objectives.

It equally created a mental meta-game that completely immerses the players in New Vegas’s world and offers them a more engaging experience

6. Storyline

New Vegas has better writers and this improved the game discourse. Fallout 3’s storyline loses out when compared to that of New Vegas’s. It features clumsy dialogue, produced from impractical verbosity and unnatural relationships.

New Vegas improves greatly on this issue and provides a better and more mature narrative that reflects a post-apocalyptic world where the citizens voice their opinions in a realist manner, investigate serious socioeconomic problems, and use their language as a unique weapon.

It comes with a perfect and more refined storyline. Apart from the enhanced dialogue, companionship, and travel systems, New Vegas also comes with better engagement. This is one of the greatest points of New Vegas against Fallout 3.

7. Gaming map

New Vegas comes with a more expansive world that players can explore without restrictions. This is the best advantage of New Vegas against Fallout 3.

The introduction of the Wild Wasteland in New Vegas was Obsidian Entertainment way to bridge the gap between the early installations which are more amusing and the more serious Fallout 3.

Fallout 3 eliminated most unpleasant and unusual pop-culture orientations in the previous that plagued the previous installation and made the game a more solemn tone. Obsidian want to integrate a bit of fun with New Vegas, Nevertheless, they generated this mode to integrate a few amusement features.

8. Game Layout

Unique Weapon Modding integrated into New Vegas altered the layout of the series, forever. New Vegas assisted to spread the weapon modding mechanic, as it correctly presented it to gamers.

It is the first Fallout video game to integrate gun customization and offers players plenty of ways to personalize their resources as they wish. Compared to Fallout 3, it feels more inhibited.

9. Hardcore Mode

The Hardcore mode in New Vegas is a great boost, especially for fans who love the Metro title. New Vegas was more tasking, and this makes it a more accurate depiction of what it feels like to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

This gives players a level of experience, credibility, and realism that is lacking in Fallout 3. With the mode, it is just doctors that can heal limbs. As a player, you’ll determine a regular time to eat and sleep. Your health would lightly be restored through stimpaks.

10. Overall players’ experience

You can easily become a gun-wielding god in Fallout 3. The game system makes it easy for players to take limitless, bullet-time power travel without real combat including being able to use the Grim Reaper’s Sprint perk and an intrinsically overpowered VATS system.

Luckily, New Vegas beautifully brought a balance of these items which resulted in a challenging gameplay experience that satisfied the player’s power fantasies.

11. Engagement

Fallout 3 comes with boring subways featuring copy and pasted channels that disconnect all key regions of the game’s world. This made every cool location feel isolated level thanks to the prebaked public transport system.

The absence of Awkward Subway Transitions assisted with complete immersion. New Vegas improved on this. The upshot connects the world and improves engagement.

12. World Design

The Fallout Universe allows gamers to travel anywhere they want and engage in any quest they want from the beginning. You can explore every property and each property explored comes with a tangible resource. You can gather a lot of weapons easily. It however features bewildering maze-looking underground tunnels with obscure walls.

Fallout: New Vegas features plenty of boarded-up properties you can’t access. Multiple locations don’t have any resources in them when you find them. You must get a more powerful armor and weapon to get sufficient resources and this means a lot of work. The first few hours of the game offer the worst experience compared to other video game options.

No Awkward Subway Transitions is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list 13 Reasons Why 'Fallout: New Vegas' Blows 'Fallout 3' Out of the Water

Fallout 3 is a winner as far as the world design is consigned. An adventure through the Mojave in Fallout: New Vegas will bore you out just like the New Vegas city. In comparison, Fallout 3 comes with multiple terrains with plenty of landmarks for players to explore.

Also in the Fallout: New Vegas world, if you miss the right track, you can easily get killed by more powerful foes. For instance, if you miss the right path to Goodsprings, either the giant Radscorpions or Deathclaws will kill you.

Even when you take the right track you can have some experience you may not be fully prepared for but in Fallout 3, you have the choice of taking any path you want and explore any location of choice starting from the beginning of this great game.

13. Quest Design

The quest in Fallout 3 features more creativity due to the multiple enemies. It comes with the main story that restricts your choices and a smaller number of alternative quests.

Fallout: New Vegas, on the other hand, presents a key mission that is more fascinating than Fallout 3. Roughlyall named characters are linked up with a quest. It equally presents players with a large number of alternative quests.

Although Fallout 3 comes with a more interesting world, New Vegas offers players better quest designs. There are plenty of unplanned quests you can undertake by speaking to anyone you encounter.

You can gain the trust of the boomers, deal with the White Glove Society, investigate an attempted murder with NCR, and join Caesar’s army in New Vegas which makes it more pleasurable than side quests in Fallout 3.

It’s weird to put a lot of effort into Fallout: New Vegas engaging in combat with humans as opposed to fighting gangs of brutes that want to kill everybody. Nonetheless, it’s justified due to human greed that greatly impedes your ability to survive. However, it is more fun to engage in battle with ghosts and super mutant creators.


Question: Is Fallout 3 and New Vegas the same?

Answer: The two games are similar, besides that the Fallout New Vegas’ skill payments are concentrated on outright values, whereas Fallout 3 is ratio based. Also, while Fallout 3 comes with 15 side quests, Fallout New Vegas features more than 100 side quests.

Question: Is Fallout 4 a better game than Fallout 3?

Answer: Fallout 3 comes with a better game plot than Fallout 4. It offers additional extra choices of side quests and comes with a lot more fascinating key enemy. It also comes with a lot more choices of how a character can take action.

Question: Is Fallout New Vegas the best episode in the fallout game series?

Answer: The highest benefit of New Vegas and why it is the best among the episodes in the Fallout game series is the superb writing. It comes with a powerful storyline with a more interesting quest and moral ambiguity which is lacking in Fallout 3.

Question: What’s better Fallout 4 or New Vegas?

Answer: Arguably, Fallout 4 comes with a better story because it features a more personal and more rigid storyline but the New Vegas wins consigning the way it centers on gameplay. It emphasizes more on exploration and side quests.

Question: What is the most powerful weapon in Fallout New Vegas?

Answer: The most powerful weapon in New Vegas is the CZ 57 avenger minigun. Although it doesn’t cause a lot of harm in every single shot, it can cause some monstrous damage every second. This is mainly because it comes with a superior firing rate compared to a standard minigun.

Question: Is Mojave Wasteland a real place?

Answer: Yes. Actually, the Mojave Wasteland was inspired by a real-world place, the Mojave Desert which stretches across California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

Question: Is using a Fallout 4 mod safe?

Answer: Yes. Using a Fallout 4 Mod is one of the main reasons why the game is still blooming. In fact, the game is designed to be moddable in every way. It’s legitimate, unbannable, and virus free as every file is scanned before being hosted.


Overall, Fallout 3 is an immersive open-world game that rewards players for exploration. It comes with a DLC that extends the core story by many hours but features a chunky shooting mechanics, whereas New Vegas features more stimulating and diverse quests.

It offers players multiple weapons with the ability to customize them. It’s a great game but it’s steeply difficult when you’re starting. It also sometimes comes with graphical hiccups.

Similar to other installations in the series, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas merges the best features of the RPG and FPS genres. The two games come with great visuals with immersive stories and quests. However, mechanically New Vegas features better gameplay compared to Fallout 3, whereas Fallout 3 features a more interesting world.

So, if you fancy a more expansive Fallout universe at your own pace, Fallout 3 will be your best option, but if you’re looking to have a more powerful storyline, New Vegas is the best fit.

Also, Fallout New Vegas wins against Fallout 3 concerning having a realistic strategy to Fallout, but if you prefer a better “muh atmosphere”, you’d rather go for Fallout 3 is better.

The two games are nonetheless, amazingly full of fun. Also, if you like Fallout, make sure you check our detailed comparison between Skyrim and Fallout 4 and the Best RPG games on Stream for 2021.

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