The Best Games Like Wasteland You’ll Love – Top 25

The Best Games Like Wasteland You’ll Love – Top 25

Wasteland 3 is a post-apocalyptic adventure-based, role-playing game set in frozen wastelands of Colorado. It is a Turn-based combat video game developed by Inxile Entertainment and published by Unity. The game features both Single and Multiplayer gameplay and is an upshot of Wasteland 2.

Other outstanding features of the game include robust vehicles, environmental hazards like freezing to death, a profound ranking of information flow with plenty of snarky things. It equally comes with forceful turn-based combat a complex storyline that engages you in an addictive manner and makes you desire to know what follows next.

You can play the game by yourself or with an ally in the main storyline and this provides you with a lot of fun ways to enjoy the game. You can also access the game in a synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer. The party-based role-playing feature of the game lets you manage a team of seven characters, which includes four-player intended characters and three NPCs.

You can customize the player character based on your chosen data, desired look, and skill set. Wasteland 3 provides related gameplay to the primary title where the task of the player is to get rid of the entire deadly enemy troops to keep your people safe.

The game comes with a lot of quests that you can complete, and each one provides additionally challenging gameplay compared to the previous one. The game lets you unlock fresh items and resources with the use of your experience points.

Wasteland 3 integrates essential features like a new game universe, hundreds of missions you can unlock. It equally features a fanciful game mechanism and excellent graphic details. Our lists of games like Wasteland include other role-playing adventure games that come with deep turn-based gameplay for their combat mechanism.

These games provide related experiences like Wasteland and rank among the best games in the turn-based genre. While these games are available on various platforms, they all allow you to build your own team of characters, discover large game locations, take on different types of missions and have fun engaging in a tactical turn-based contest.

Eager to know what we have in our list of best games like Wasteland, Let’s go!

Best games like Wasteland: Our Top 25 Picks

1. ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

Atom RPG is and Indie Post-Apocalyptic game that takes place after the Soviet Union and Western Bloc used explosives to turn the whole world into nuclear oblivion in 1986. You’d be playing the game as a survivor of the Soviet wastelands that goes in search of ways to survive in this new world.

This game comes with a lot of skills you can learn and this includes locking picking which can help you satisfy your urge for kleptomania. It equally comes with an engaging combat system that’ll keep you constantly engaged without getting bored.

The nonlinear gameplay feature means you can undertake any mission you choose which can include fishing while avoiding the main storyline or merely moving around with the characters you encounter, and building your extensive base if you’re after resources gathering and base building.

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2. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

If you don’t fancy playing as a human, with Mutant Year Zero, you can play as a party of animal-like creatures. All the included characters perform specific roles which can include rampaging boar or a high-flying sniping duck. There’s equally a woman who can lash her enemies to death with vines.

Your key task is to discover how you can survive in the midst of hazardous mutants whose only desire to use a roasted duck for dinner. You can make use of the environment to get some protection.

Alternatively, you can pull down the fortifications of your enemy to launch a surprising attack on them. You can equally choose to use undercover tactics to pull your group of enemies bigger than yours down.

3. UnderRail

UnderRail is set in a futuristic environment when the whole human race on Earth was forced underground because of a nuclear holocaust that created a system of metro station-states known as the UnderRail.

You’d be playing as a citizen of one of the states caught in the middle of a war between different groups who are contending for supremacy over the last few remnants of human beings. You’re free to decide how you want to engage in combat and whether you want to launch your attacks by sneaking stealthily into the base of your opponents.

Alternatively, you can set traps, build barriers, take control of your foes, and so on. You can select which group you wish to be part of. Nonetheless, you should be careful with your choice so that you won’t be stabbed in the back if you take a wrong decision. You should also be careful about cults.

4. Gorky 17

Gorky 17 is set in the period when the world hasn’t come to an end. However, NATO has sent a troop to examine a secret Russian base that surrounds abandoned towns in Poland. At that point, mutilated creatures began walking the streets. And it’s your task as, Cole Sullivan, with your troop to try to decipher what is happening.

The game is packed with lots of exploration in a convincing environment of a deserted, scary lab that could collapse at any minute, a great ghostly soundtrack that will make you quiver with fear, numerous battles to engage in, and horrid monster to encounter.

You can learn a few dark secrets to keep you engaged and keep you addicted to the plot. Be cautious though with the decisions you make, as you never know what will happen next.

5. Dead State: Reanimated

Dead State is a captivating, high-tension survival RPG with base building and management features. It’s positioned in central Texas and equally involves turn-based tactical battle, sensitive storyline, and dialogue that centers on your ability to survive at all costs.

The undead has taken possession of the land resulting in a society that is crumbling. While the society is starting to fall apart, your tasks include gathering some groups of survivors to build some fortified living quarters, searching for resources and food, engaging in war with other groups exploring the environment in search of your abode and food. You may be the last hope humans have to escape extinction.

You will encounter plenty of the undead and if you fancy some more difficult challenge, you’ve got multiple modes to explore. You can mount loud alarms on your house to signal the approach of an enemy’s faction. You can make use of melee weapons to kill your enemies.

Alternatively, you can shoot and send them to the grave with long drawn weapons. You can decide the type of leader you want and how you’d survive. Either you decide to take a negotiation approach against your enemies or engage in war with them to keep safe.

Your task equally includes ensuring that law and order exist inside the shelter. You may form collaborations or do whatever you think is suitable.

6. Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine is a spy adventure game set at the height of the Cold War. You’ll take up the role of a former KGB or CIA agent charged with the prevention of a worldwide plot to destroy humanity.

You will use your team of undercover operatives to penetrate bases gather essential information that will assist you to engage in combat. You can take on missions in complete stealth or engage in open battle. You’ll be using both KGB and CIA agents to engage in battle. Alternatively, you can use groups of criminals from afar for engaging in counterintelligence operations.

Fall-back when the situation necessitates dirtying your hands and shooting someone in the head. You can take part in multiplayer combats and passionately destroy your friends and transform them into mush. You can entirely decide on your preferred character by choosing your path and how you will react to things and conversations. Whatever you do, be aware that humanity is depending on you!

7. Skyshine’s BEDLAM

While playing the Skyshine Bedlam’s, you take up the role of a mechanic charged with a nomadic fortress referred to as a Dozer. You are the last surviving person among your guild and your task is to ensure that your Dozer and the inhabitants remain safe as you roam.

You’ll encounter fascinating characters as you explore and these can include creepy, hysterical, or potentially dangerous passengers. You can eat flesh-rotting fruit by accident, knockdown cyborgs, and engage in tactical combat with characters that try to destroy your Dozer and prevent your escapade.

The can conquer or eliminate them and loot all their precious belongings and use them to maintain and enlarge your Dozer. You must bear in mind that you can encounter anything along the way and your ability to properly manage the situation will determine your success.

8. End State

In this game, you play as the leader of a squad of mercenaries who are deployed to a war-torn country called Brekovia where several factions are fighting for power.

You have the ability to choose which missions to do, what mercenaries you hire, and how you make your way to your targets, either sneaking up on them and snipping them from afar or taking the loud approach and making your entrance with a bang.

Enjoy seeing the trajectory of your bullets so you’ll know where they’ll hit, ducking behind different types of cover, over 40 weapons to choose from, and making that one lucky shot that will instantly bring down your target. You may be the country’s only hope for peace.

9. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout Tactics Brotherhood of Steel

Brotherhood of Steel from the Fallout Universe is a tactics-based game. You’ll be playing as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel with the task of restoring your civilization to a radiated Wasteland. Whether you succeed or fail in your mission as you play will determine the rank you’ll have among the Brotherhood as the storyline progresses.

You can make use of your spoils to develop your troop of rebels into best fighters as you war against raiders and many other groups of foes you’ll encounter while engaging in a tactical turned based combat. If you’re lucky enough using multiple tactics, you’ll succeed in restoring order in the civilization.

10. Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game is an Adventure and Role-playing video game. The game developer is Interplay Inc., whereas the publisher is Bethesda Software. It is an episode from the Fallout series which related gameplay with a fresh storyline.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world in which you can go through the adventure by choosing your preferred character from the multiple characters integrated into the game.

You can explore the shattered ruins of a golden age civilization or communicate with other players. Alternatively, you can sneak or war against past mutants, robotic creatures, and criminals to complete your tasks.

The game is one of the best ever created post-nuclear RPGs. It allows you to create your unique character as you undertake an adventure through the world that is about crumbling and decay.

You’ll encounter all the enigmatic Tombs that harbor horrifying and sometimes bloody secrets as you engage in combat with past radiated mutants, gangsters, and mutated unfriendly wildlife. Your ability to make the right decision will determine your victory.

11. Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game is an Adventure- centered Role-playing Game and Single-player video game developed by Black Isle Studios and released by Bethesda Software. Set in the imaginary post-apocalyptic world, the game provides a mixture of features isometric adventure and turn-based combat structure.

The game comes with 3 character classifications and your task is to choose one of the character classes and explore the thought-provoking storyline of the game. While playing the game, your key role is to explore considerable sections of the map, interacting with non-player characters, gathering resources, and defeating the entire enemy creatures to keep your world safe.

The game features multiple levels, and in all the levels, you’ll encounter unique types of challenges. Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game boasts of a powerful storyline, addictive gameplay, and fantastic graphic details.


12. Divinity: Original Sin

The game of Divinity Original Sin offers you plenty of freedom and multiple tactics of gameplay. You can organize your troop and prepare for a fresh, back-to-the-roots RPG exploration!

Share your plans with your allies as you engage in battle against your enemies in a turn-based war. You can explore an open world and interrelate anything or anybody you encounter. Collaborate with your friend and play online in a co-operative manner and decide on your voyage trail using the integrated powerful RPG toolset.

Divinity: Original Sin features an epic storyline that could engage you in an addictive manner towards achieving your final end-goal. However, it’s up to you to decide how you want to achieve that goal.

You can play the game either co-operatively and drop-in/drop-out multiplayer which you can play locally and online. While it comes with a great exploration feature, the ability to share with your friend-in-arms makes it even worth more adventure.

13. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the second installation in the series. It is an adventure-centered; Role-playing, Single and Multiplayer video game developed Larian Studios. The company is equally the publisher of the game. The storyline is positioned in the centuries after the first installation of the game known as the Divinity: Original Sin in a period of war and religious harassment.

Bishop Alexander, the innocent, passed a decree that made sorcerers criminal elements. This resulted in an adventure undertaken by a team of more than four sorcerers. Similar to the gameplay of the original Divinity: Original Sin, you can play singly with a single character from your chosen party. You can choose the state of your character, race, and history story before starting to play the game.

14. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Just like the previous installations of Divinity game we have discussed here, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition was developed and published by Larian Studios. It is an Action-Adventure, RPG Strategy, Co-operative, Lone-player, and Multiple-player video game.

Your tasks as a player of the game include gathering a party and getting back to the origins and discussing this problem with your friends while exploring the open-world environs. You can engage in combat with your foes as you engage in turn-based battle and at the same time interrelate with anything you encounter including the environment.

You can play as a young hunter of sorcerers with the goal of eliminating people who utilize the filthiest of magic out of the world. You can choose to complete multiple quests. While the game features similar gameplay with the original installation, it comes with plenty of additional features, tactics, and thousands of improvements.

One fantastic aspect of the game is that it permits you to either play alone or play cooperatively with your friends in multiplayer mode. You can do this online or with a self-motivated split-screen. Above all, the improved graphics and game mechanics make the game an intersection and fun-filled adventure experience.

15. Fallout: New Vegas – Honest Hearts

Fallout: New Vegas – Honest Hearts is a pack of the Action-Adventure and Role-playing game of Fallout: New Vegas you can download. It was created by Obsidian Entertainment, while Bethesda Software is the publisher. The game was set in the post-apocalyptic open-universe game environment that allows you to take control of a protagonist referred to as Courier.

Courier was hired by an unidentified company to supply a package to the New Vegas band. However, in the middle of the mission, he was waylaid by a shadowy man who launched an attack against him and took the box away.

Courier was rescued by a robot and taken to the doctor. When he recovered, he began an adventure in search of the thief that stole the box away from him with the aim of recapturing the package. While you explore the environment in search of this mysterious man, you’d engage in tribal war and also battle against the fresh Canaanite campaigner.

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16. Icewind Dale

Let's Play Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition Gameplay #1 - Hrothgar - Playthrough Walkthrough PC HD - YouTube

Icewind Dale was created by Black Isle Studios, whereas the publisher is Interplay Entertainment. It is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Lone-player and Multi-player video game set in the Dungeon and Dragons Overlooked Realms Crusade environment within the Icewind Dale’s region.

It comes with similar gameplay to that of Baldur’s Gate that allows you to take control of a group of adventurers who need to complete series of missions to move from one level of the game to the other.

The game permits you to choose your preferred character to undertake the adventure, engage in discourse, and combat within every section of the game. While engaging in the gameplay, you can explore the expansive regions of the game, interrelate with non-player characters as you take on missions, and fulfill them to move to the next level.

Icewind Dale provides you a fun-filled turn-based combat experience where you must use the power of your character to overcome the unfriendly creatures. Icewind Dale comes with wonderful game tactics, smooth controls, and appealing graphic details.

17. Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard is an Action-Adventure, RTS, Role-playing, Lone-player, and Multi-player video game created by Liquid Entertainment. However, the publisher of the game is Atari. The game exists in double level maps that are made up of the surface world known as Eberron and an underground kingdom known as Khyber. The Units’ adventure from the surface world to the underground entrance isn’t customizable but fixed.

While playing on the surface map, your tasks include building bases, developing your own teams, gathering resources, and pilling them up as you’d obtain in any standard RTS game. The game features three manageable groups which include the Flame, the Umbragen, and the Lizardfolk. Each of these groups has peculiar features and weaknesses.

Your task with this game includes attacking your groups of enemies to expand your area. You can equally explore the expansive environment and interrelate with NPCs, take on missions, and strive to finish all of them.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard comes with plenty of outstanding features like multiple modes, plenty of updates, performances that you can unlock, and so on. You’ll enjoy an amazing game environment, smooth controls, and lovely graphic details. It is an exciting game you’ll enjoy.

18. Fallout 3: Point Lookout

Buy Fallout 3 - Point Lookout (DLC) Steam Key EUROPE | ENEBA

Fallout 3: Point Lookout is a content pack of the Original Fallout 3 you can download. It was developed and published by Bethesda Software. The game was set in the new bizarre seaside town of Point Lookout. You’ll begin the game as a character that begins his adventure to find out a lot of secrets.

The game allows you to have a first-person feel of the story. It features an open-world setting that lets you traverse expansive sections of the game environment to freely fulfill your mission. When compared to the previous Fallout games, this edition comes with a completely which allows you to discover the city’s hidden secrets as you war against your powerful foes with the use of sophisticated weapons. See how Fallout 3 Compares to New Vegas here.

19. Fallout Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition

Fallout 3 - Game Of The Year Edition Steam Key for PC - Buy now

Fallout 3Game of the Year Edition is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, First-person, Survival, and Lone-player video game developed by Bethesda Software. The game was set in a post-apocalyptic game world that allows you to generate the character of your choice.

It provides you related gameplay experience to that presented in the original Fallout 3 game where you can take the first-person approach. You’re also able to roam freely in the game world interacting with NPCs, and things you meet as you engage in combat with deadly creatures to stay alive.

Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition provides all the features of the previous five series of the Fallout 3 Game Add-on which includes Operation, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta. Each one of these performs a different role.

You’ll equally access thee main features like Limitless Freedom, properly-designed NPCs, Eye-Popping Beauty, and the ability to choose your path amongst others. It comes with a simplistic control system and alluring visuals. Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition is the best among all the game episodes.

20. Icewind Dale II

Icewind Dale 2 Complete on

Icewind Dale II is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, lone-player game developed by the Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay Entertainment. The game is set in the Overlooked Realms fictional world that allows you to take control of a band of soldiers while engaging in wars between the Ten Town of Icewind Dale.

The game provides an isometric outlook and achievements. All you need to keep your group member under control is to click the interface. Icewind Dale II features many factions and each one of these possesses specific characters, power-ups, and unique character capacities.

You need to select your desired faction to start playing the game. This allows you to complete multiple quests. You can do this freely, interact with NPCs, choose your desired missions, and strive to fulfill all of them.

Any mission you choose requires engaging in combat against powerful enemy characters using available weapons and magical spells. It features a real-time turn-based combat system that you’d find in the third series of D&D. Icewind Dale II provides an appealing game environment, sophisticated mechanics, and attractive visuals.

21. Grand Theft Auto 2

Grand Theft Auto 2 is an Action-Adventure Open-World, lone-player, and Multiplayer video game that offers the player a Top-Down view. It was created by DMA Design and launched by Rockstar Games. The game maintains the overhead outlook of the Grand Theft Auto and equally utilizes telephone responding formula and vehicle stealing feature ass you’ll find in the first edition.

While playing the game, you can take on the role of a criminal element whose task is to travel through multiple cities on foot or with a vehicle. Your main mission is to gather a sufficient amount of money to build your lawless empire. The game comes with plenty of missions like visiting particular places, defeating your enemy troops, and delivering packages amongst others

22. Jade Empire: Special Edition

Jade Empire: Special Edition was booth created and published by BioWare Corporation. It is a Special Version of the Multiple-Award winning Action, Role-playing Jade Empire video game. This installation provides related gameplay experience with sophisticated mechanics, fresh levels, and advancements that allow you to have more fun with the game.

You can take the role of a martial-arts master who begins his exploration against the luck to free your society from unfriendly creatures. You’ll possess plenty of warring capacity and skills as a player to be able to overcome your foes. This special edition of the game comes with plenty of fresh levels with fresh brutes and opponents which you must conquer.

You’ll equally find other outstanding features in the game including a fresh world map, adaptation feature, plenty of upgrades, mysterious locations you can investigate, and plenty more. With the game, you’ll enjoy improved mechanics, fantastic scenery, and attractive graphics.

23. Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut

Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut is developed by IniXile Entertainment. It’s an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, and Lone-player video franchise that took inspiration from the primary installation of the game, Wasteland 2.

It provides a fantastic blend of Post-apocalyptic and Turn-based Strategy features. The game comes with two different groups which include the Soviet Union and the United States. It was set in the environment of nuclear war.

You will decide on which faction you want to become and also decide on your preferred character before you can enter into the game world and complete missions. It provides an enhanced adaptation feature which you can use to alter the appearance of your character and develop fresh weapons.

Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut provides you with the key elements of the original installation like targeted attacks and supervisory gameplay.

24. Force of Nature

Force of Nature is an indie open-world sandbox game where you can undertake several missions which include engaging in war, doing craftworks, building structures, and undertaking farming activities. It comes with Action, Adventure, Strategy, management, and role-playing game features.

You can explore all the 10 regions of the game world. Each of these areas comes with distinctive vegetation and wildlife. Gathering and mining resources, designing weapons and clothing, building bases are some of the tasks you can undertake. You can also design tables and slog your character.

Search for essential plants to grow on seedbeds. Alternatively, tame animals to obtain a stable food supply. You can construct porches to make it easy for you to travel around the world or utilize the map. This ensures you never miss your track.

25. Battle Brothers

Battle Brothers is a mixture of role-playing and turn-based strategy game where you play as a leader of an avaricious enterprise in a realistic, low-power, medieval imaginary world. The game allows you the freedom to choose where to go, choose who to recruit into your team, whom to engage in combat with, and the contracts you want to use.

You can equally decide how to train and equip your troop in a systematically created open-world adventure. The game comes with a tactical strategic world map and combat system. You can roam freely through the map to arrange for contracts so as to make money, uncover locations you can loot, enemies you can war against, and cities you can offer more supplies to hire their men.

You need to be able to properly manage your resources to improve your levels and provide your teams with sufficient weapons. If you want to engage in combat with your enemy, the game mode would change into a tactical map that allows the turn-based warring system.


What is Wasteland Remastered?

Wasteland Remastered is a renovation of the 1988 installation that initiated the post-apocalypse video games. It allows you to bring order to a lawless future or set everything ablaze. You have the freedom to choose your part but remember every choice comes with a consequence.

Is Wasteland Remastered a good game?

The game is a great one. However, because it is not a modern-day developed game, many gamers find it less appealing. Most gamers would prefer to go for modern role-playing games instead of this one that is a bit old.

What is Wasteland 2?

Wasteland 2 is an upshot of Wasteland, a 1988 post-apocalyptic PC role-playing game developed by Interplay Productions, after the development of the popular Fallout series.


There you have it, plenty of action, role-playing adventure-based games like Wasteland. If you can’t wait for the next installation of the wasteland series and are looking for similar games to satiate your hunger, these games are great alternatives.

Have fun with any of them that appeal to you. Surely, any of the games on the list worth inclusion in your top list of best games like Wasteland. Tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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