Top 10 Best Games Like Torchlight to Enjoy

Best Games Like Torchlight

Torchlight is a fantasy-themed, action role-playing game set in Torchlight, a fictional town with expansive dungeons and caverns nearby. In the game, adventurers explore the town to collect epic loot and battle flocks of monsters.

The gameplay is simple but there’s still lots of depth for adventurers that want to dig deeper. Torchlight revolves around a town center where you equip yourself for your travels ahead, take on quests, and sell off any random stuff that enemies have dropped on the floor of the dungeons.

Staples of Torchlight include randomized dungeons, randomized loot, fishing, a pet system, and a boss battle. The classes of the game also try to shift away from the usual archetypes offered by most action RPG game options.

The Torchlight series is available on various platforms, including the Xbox 360, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The original was developed by Runic Games, but later iterations were produced by Echtra Games and Panic Button Games. It is also worth noting that Torchlight Frontiers was set to be a FTP experience for the series, however, Torchlight Frontiers would become Torchlight III.

There are plenty of other games similar to Torchlight that you can enjoy if you want to take a break from the game and want something similar. The games you’ll find below have a mixture of multiplayer and single-player options and are mostly designed for the casual gamer.

1. Torchlight II

torchlight 2

This is the second title in the Torchlight series, and although it keeps the Torchlight story going, it also lets new players dive straight into the world of an action-packed rogue-like RPG.

With smash hits like the Diablo game series, the genre is well-established, but Torchlight II offers a fresh experience for both newbies and veterans.

The steampunk fantasy environment lets you enjoy the beautiful grass of different stunning environments, the vast deserts with their gems, and the shiny caves full of mushrooms.

Many different enemies will try to stop you from achieving your goal. There is danger in every corner, only briefly allowing you to gather your thoughts and get into battle yet again against evil.

After Torchlight, Torchlight II begins with chaos flaring up from beneath the earth. A crazed ex-hero now leads hordes of various creatures into battle against your new heroes. Your ultimate aim is to defeat him and his fighters.

Assume the leadership of one of four classes available, and make sure to use its power to the fullest. The treasure is often surprising, so stay flexible.

2. Dungeon Hunter

dungeon hunter champions

This is an amazing action RPG, hack and slash game developed by Gameloft. Initially, it was designed for iPhone but it’s now accessible on multiple devices and offers several titles in the Dungeon Hunter series.

With Torchlight and Diablo-inspired mechanics and gameplay, Dungeon Hunter has three major character classes: Rogue, Mage, and Warrior. Each character class represents its own special fighting skills and styles.

Mainly centered around melee combat, Dungeon Hunter’s core gameplay offers several quests and allows you to take part in fights against enemies to get rid of the dark forces prevailing in the Gothicus kingdom. According to the game’s story, his Royal Highness gets married but his newly-wedded wife dies on the wedding day.

Grieving hard, his Majesty carries out a Dar ritual to revive his wife. By doing so, the world of Gothicus is engulfed in the darkness that results in eternal terror. The darkness also corrupts the king’s wife. She murders the king and plots to take over the kingdom.

Your mission in Dungeon Hunter is to assume the role of the dead king after he’s resurrected, assemble your troops and set off on an epic quest mission to find and kill the evil queen, undo the ritual, banish all the darkness, and save Gothicus from total destruction.

With a very engaging story and an amazing plot, immersive gameplay, and beautifully crafted visuals, Dungeon Hunter takes the world of hack and slash and RPG to a whole new level.

3. Diablo


Diablo series is one of the best action RPG game packed with exciting hack and slash aspects. The first of the Diablo games was developed back in 1996 by Blizzard Entertainment. However, we are now waiting for Diablo IV. The most recent title, Diablo III, revolves around the fictional kingdom of Khanduras, found deep in the Sanctuary world.

The game allows you to take over the Lone Hero character and get into battle against the hordes of enemies to make it out of the Diablo world.

The Diablo game takes place below the Tristram town, where you travel through 16 randomly created game levels and fight off enemies in numerous dungeons. You have no other way to make it out of Diablo alive except defeat the evil Lord of Terror and his troops.

With all the wonderful hack and slash battles with the enemies, tons of useful items, spell casting, as well as the ability to connect with the non-player characters, Diablo is packed with the most exciting features and while it is intense, the game has rather addictive gameplay. It offers different character class and weapon options, including Warriors, Rogues, and Sorcerers, and lets you use your unique abilities to beat the enemies.

Moreover, the Diablo series has a co-op MMO mode where you can create teams of four and enjoy smashing the foes in arena-based fights. With a fabulous storyline and excellent twists and turns, Diablo offers a super impressive gameplay, stunning graphics, and tons of things to uncover. Here’s a list of Diablo alternatives worth considering.

4. Book of Demons

book of demons

Fun as hell and devilishly charming, Book of Demons allows you to kill the troops of darkness found in the dungeons underneath the Old Cathedral. It also lets you save Paperverse from the terror unleashed by the Archdemon.

Book of Demons lets you determine the length of each quest, thanks to its Flexiscope ™ system. Have just 5 minutes to play? No problem! The game learns your playing style and offers you the best possible experience, making it the first truly engaging hack and slash tile.

Create your own set of devastating skills! Gather powerful skill cards, use them together based on your enemies, and collect your favorite bunch of devastating powers. Be warned, though. The efficiency of your cards will depend on the predicament you find yourself in, so be ready to make constant tweaks.

In Book of Demons, it’s the cliché story about the good and bad and saving the land from evil and total destruction. Sounds familiar? Well, you can retell the story in another way, with the hilarious take of a parody.

Never explore a dungeon twice. Every level in Book of Demons is a procedurally created and randomly-populated adventure. You’ll not get fed up of the diverse range of monsters either, as there are more than 70 types of creatures to slay, including lurking scorpions, mad goatmen, snake archers, and ugly succubi.

Looking for harder challenges? Killing the Archdemon is the objective but it’s far from the end of the tale. You can master Book of Demons with three different classes (Mage, Rogue, or Warrior), revisit your beloved quests in free play or accept the challenge and venture into the dungeons on greater difficulty levels. Massacre is the highest difficulty level, with good reason.

5. Path of Exile

path of exile

This game is set in the continent known as Wraeclast. The brutality and pacing of this game will unmistakably resonate with Diablo fans.

Path of Exile features a skill tree that you can use with all classes and a strong in-game economy. This brings an extra dimension to player vs. player battle, one of the game’s biggest draws.

Path of Exile can be played for free. The creators claim that the title will never abandon its roots and will never be paid for like many other games.

You can select your character from either the Marauder, Witch, or Templar camp. Skills are gained through gems, which are items you can earn during the game.

A very exclusive treat that the developers have created is player vs. player competitive mode, in which you can take on your teammates and rise up the leaderboard via Ladder Races.

Want some tournaments to showcase your skills or simply have a good time? If the answer is yes, then you should try out Path of Exile.

6. Monster Hunter

monster hunter

Developed by Capcom in 2005, Monster Hunter is an action adventure role-playing, hack and slash video game. This exceptional title is the story of a hunter who’s tasked with completing different jobs.

In Monster Hunter, you set off on epic quest line, gather up things, weapons, armors, and so on. Then you have to fight and kill some of the most lethal monsters and craft stuff using their body parts.You can join three other players in the co op mode and delight in being part of an amazing world.

Monster Hunter allows you to be an expert hunter and gives you several different quests to complete, like hunting quests, capturing quests, and gathering quests, all with missions of their own as well as tasks and monsters.

To complete the objectives of the game, you must kill some monsters and create different items and weapons with their remains like bones, scales, horns, etc., and hunt down many more monsters roaming about in the game.

This game also revolves around the different weapons you can use. Each weapon offers a brand new, distinctive combat style. So to truly get the most out of this game, you will need to try out a variety of different weapons and find the loadout that is right for you.

Monster Hunter allows you to craft guilds of your own where you can enlist and train extra hunters and build your own teams. Moreover, the game offers event quests you can enjoy in co-op mode online.

With a wonderful open-world setting, immersive gameplay, and beautiful visuals, Monster Hunter is definitely one of the greatest ever action role playing game to ever be played.

7. Demon’s Souls

demon's souls

Created by FromSoftware and released for PlayStation 3 by Sony Computer Entertainment, Demon’s Souls is a great action role-playing video game.

The dark fantasy game lets you be the hero sent on a heroic adventure in the fictional place known as Boletaria. The world of Demon’s Souls is attacked by a jinxed fog that brings forth demons who invite mortals’ souls.

The gameplay is based on creating characters and collecting loot through battles against enemies in various places. It features a special multiplayer system where you can leave a warning or message for next players.

Demon’s Souls lets you customize your character with hundreds of clothes, and enter the game world in which you’ll face scary monsters, ghosts, as well as other creatures. To get experience points, you must complete difficult quests by defeating foes.

Fly solo or team up with friends to kill all the monsters and ghosts. Maintain your health meter and replenish it once it’s empty. Gather up loot by defeating foes and boost your ability to use them. Thanks to its enhanced mechanics, visuals, controls, and gameplay, Demon’s Souls is an awesome game to play.

8. Bastion

Best Games Like Torchlight

After the Disaster, the world was destroyed almost entirely and everyone seemingly ended up as stone, except the character Kid. You play the role of the Kid and have to get out of the collapsing city to reach Bastion, where Bastion’s narrator Rucks will order you to gather the Cores. The better part of the story is told through music and narration.

Bastion is an action-packed role-playing title with an isometric outlook of the map. While you progress through the levels, you’ll find and redeem collectible weapons and items. After clearing the levels, you’ll find Cores that you’ll use to upgrade Bastion’s hub and unlock extra features, including an item shop, arsenal, or blacksmith.

You can replay any level if you missed any stuff or you’re short on cash, known as fragments. You’ll also face challenge levels, where you’ll need to successfully make use of collected weapons within a given time limit.

9. Titan Quest

Best Games Like Torchlight

Titan Quest’s story revolves around Titans, fabled creatures who’ve fled captivity and are currently causing destruction on humanity. As a player, you have to embark on a mission the save humanity.

Titan Quest allows you to customize your character in one thousand ways, using in-game items that respond differently to various classes. The game allows you to create your character out of a whopping 28 classes.

It also boasts some iconic locations, like the Great Wall and Gardens of Babylon. In addition to that, the co-op modes are super exciting to play with pals.

If you’re searching for a nice alternative to Torchlight, then Titan Quest might just be the game for you. So why not set off on a quest?

10. Grim Dawn

grim dawn

This is an action role playing game created by Crate Entertainment. Grim Dawn is centered around a tough fictional world, which seemingly takes you back to the Victorian years.

In war-torn Cairn, humanity is on the brink of extinction. Cairn was a battlefield for two alien forces Chthonians and Aetherials, both of which were keen to eradicate humans for different reasons. Grim Dawn is a tale of several human beings that try to survive the difficult times.

As with most action role-playing games, the primary focus of Grim Dawn is fighting the enemies and collecting epic loot like gold, weapons, armor, and potions.

The developers put an extra emphasis on enhanced physics, enemy dismemberment, environmental kills, and a completely new mission system.

You can pick one of 8 classes in the game. The game also features several factions. As the storyline progresses, you’ll have to pick which factions to side with. Joining a faction will cause the rival one to be hostile to you the protagonist.

Honorable Mentions

  • Dark Souls
  • Heretic Kingdoms
  • Diablo II
  • Diablo III
  • Dungeon Siege
  • Van Helsing (PS4)

FAQs About Games Like Torchlight

Is Torchlight a Multiplayer Game?

Torchlight isn’t a multiplayer game but it has a version you can download to make in multiplayer. But it’s a sequel, Torchlight II, is a multiplayer game.

How Can I Play Torchlight Online?

Start the game up, build or choose your character and then choose either LAN or Internet (set up a Runic account before you can log in). Either way, the server browser will pop up and allow you to create or join a game.

Is There a Split screen in Torchlight?

There’s no split screen functionality in both Torchlight I and II. However, you can play Torchlight II in co-op mode if you’ve got two copies, each playing on a different computer.

Can You Play Torchlight II Offline?

Unlike many latest action role-playing games, including Diablo 3, you can play Torchlight II offline. You don’t always have to be online.

Will There Be Torchlight III?

Yes, there’ll be Torchlight III. It’ll be available to buy on Steam in 2020. The game will be a sequel to the first two Torchlight titles and will do away with the online free-to-play model.

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