25 Best Games like Fortnite Worth Playing

Would you be the last man standing? Can you survive the heat of the battle?

All these ideas were the concept on which battle royale games were established. They give a specific number of players the ability to storm into a gaming world where only one emerges as the last man standing. These popular games are multiplayer engineered and are packed with a real-life scenario of violence, action and impulsive characteristics where at the end; only one man is left standing.

These games provide various strategies and patterns which the players can employ in their gameplay. These strategies assume real-life scenarios where one is forced to hide away in bushes, to allow the other players do the reduction or make a decision and man up to be the point man that reduces by hunting the other players.

Being the former means one has to acquire weapons first by foraging the surrounding before going on the hunt. Many a time, quite several people consider the only three battle royale games are the PUBG, Apex Legends and the Fortnite due to their explosive emergence. But unfortunately, they would consider reconsidering that there exist also, a lot number of other games which are standing at shoulder’s edge with them and each one bringing along, its charisma and features still based on a similar formula.

One can say that a Battle Royale Game is simply defined as a sole- survivor gameplay that brings along a slight blend of endurance, exploration, and a hunt for essentials that are useful to the player. A Battle Royale Game begins usually with numerous players, each having a minimized inventory of equipment.

This leads the players to go hunting for equipment while in the run of eradicating the other players. The Battle Royale Game while running on an online platform also provides one the chance of either working as a loner, performing in a duo or being part of a squad made up of a specific number of players. This option is made to give one different view of the game.

Just like every other Battle Royale Game out there, Fortnite is a PVP game that allows up to 100 players at the maximum to perform in the battle of equipment hunting, map exploration and the fight to eradicate the fellow players. Fortnite’s uniqueness comes from the ability given to players to build various things without any expenses. You could build ramps, shelters, walls and other things that can be used to one’s advantage in eliminating and defending yourself in fights and combats with other players.

A Brief Summary Of The Fortnite Game

At the inception of Fortnite, it was running as a supportive endurance game which only had a maximum capacity of four players.

Players worked hand-in-hand in setting up shelters and shielding each other from a zombie force on Earth in a post-apocalyptic setting. At a time, the Epic Games who were the creators of the game began observing how the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) PC Game was successful.

A look at it revealed it ran on a platform where 100 players were pitted against each other in an action-packed battle till only a lone-survivor was left. This moved Epic Games to launch a new edition of the Fortnite game which displayed features comparable to the PUBG. The new edition was called Fortnite: Battle Royale and was available for download and accessibility across every video gaming platform ranging from the PS4 to the Smartphone and of course the PC.

Therefore, everyone who had an interest in playing the PUBG whether in possession of a PC or not could still access it on the other platforms at no charge especially the Smartphone which is now nearly owned by all. In addition to the availability, the all-happy users have ensured the domination of Fortnite on some other platforms like YouTube and the Twitch.

These users make a live broadcast of themselves during gameplay on the YouTube channel thus, giving other streamers and YouTubers a feel of the game. Eventually, Twitch which ranks as the mainstreaming channel crowned Fortnite as the most viewed video game on its platform (view being a distinction versus those who play Fortnite). The media and publications were not left out as a lot of memes, articles and newspaper publications were derived from the game and its play.

Best games like Fortnite worth Playing  

Are you looking for visuals for your comic book, a few poppies based on your action-packed 100-man bloodbath? The Fortnite Battle Royale presents the poised game structure of the PUBG sieving away every room for softness low-classed action. That aside, with every new release of a Fortnite Season, the Epic Games outshines themselves bringing forth a new look for the map terrains and environs, adding to the Fortnite gameplay tons of new skins and refurbishing the gameplay technicalities.

This is the reason why the numbers of players on the platform keep rising: it stands currently as the sovereign battle royale game. It is currently in the eighth season and still expanding with increasing numbers of players joining the gaming platform as it breaks gaming industry records. Before the Apex Legends emerged from the blue into the picture in the year 2019, one could say in the past that the PUBG compared to Fortnite was very vehement opposition.

As a player, you can collect resources and materials; construct structures and platforms like a house where you can make camp, walls which you can take cover behind, various kinds of traps which cause a lot of damage to enemy players and ramps which assist you in climbing up a mountain. For game players who love being creative, this is the decisive battle royale game for you.

With the need for the resource, equipment, and weapons to defend themselves, the players have an emphasis on resource-gathering to fortify themselves and this leads some to be caught in the crossfire as the number declines.

You having the ability to build also involve the employment of several unusual plans and strategies. Are you taking cover behind a tree? Take your ax and hack that tree down into logs, take your hammer out and construct a wall that gives you further protection. Are you aiming for an opponent and can’t get to him? Build ramps, ambush him from a surprising position and cause a bloodbath.

For this reason, is Fortnite undoubtedly the trending game currently on earth? With an ideal battle royale genre, the popularity of the game increased and this was not a one-stop as it led to players searching for similar battle royale games like the PUBG, Fortnite… etc. It does not matter if you are on the search for a payless clone to the PUBG or ingenious twist based on the gameplay; there exist out there various battle royale games suitable for anyone.

This means that Fortnite despite its perfection and wholesomeness is not a one-stop for you. If you feel bored with the game, you can look out for any one of these games we have listed below.

These top picks of best games like Fortnite worth playing, come from various genres including the fantasy, shooter games and some others which do not support battle royal modes just to give a bit more flavor and to give you a wider outline of options. In this article, you will find 25 attractive games that are similar to Fortnite.

Here are 25 Best Games like Fortnite Worth Playing:

1. Apex Legends

APEX Legends Games like Fortnite

Apex Legends is the most recent competitor in the battle royale genre. This latest edition of the game is made by the same people who developed Respawn and Titanfall 2. You should have no expectations in the Apex Legends about piloting massive mechanics or probably performing wall-running stunts. Here you will be playing alongside nine other Legends with each one of you having an extraordinary skill. Overwatch compares with other games in the battle royale genre.

The reason is the distinctiveness of the characters which has been stereotyped in a way that one could request for an artillery swoop-in while another could apportion drone to allies for medication and health services. You are a three-man squad so you have no fear of guarding your back cause there is someone there already watching it. This idea is not a rule of the game so if you wish to play lone man, it’s acceptable.

But the advantage of the three-man squad is that, when other players have been eliminated and your three-man squad is left standing, you are three winners and there is no necessity of the last fight to determine any lone-winner. New preferable information is the release of Apex Legends Season 2. This means you should not sit back and let the whole action pass by; it is the right moment to jump in and get involved in this ten-man battle royale.

This battle royale game with its costless feature lets these players, choose their characters, gather up a suitable team and join in this bloodbath where glory, reputation, and honor are rewards for their virtue. The characters chosen by players in Apex Legends come equipped with a significant move as they all work together in their three-man squad.

In the three-man squad, the players work mutually, revitalize each other and cooperate successfully to realize the conquest. With the incorporation of pinging in the game, the use of microphones was totally eliminated. Now, you could bring to light equipment, military hardware or rivals thereby introducing a new means of communication which makes the Apex Legends more fun, enjoyable and generally experiencing to players.

It was no surprise when in the first seven days of the launch of Apex Legends; the player count surpassed 25 million amid the charisma portrayed in the mech-desolated platform of Tiatanfall and also, the extreme gun battles which make PUBG as enthralling as it stands. Out of the blue, the battle royale game Respawn emanated and just in the first week of its launch, it outshone the rugged Fortnite in the number of viewers on the Twitch platform.

Apex Legends

The movements in Apex Legends are performed at an amazing swiftness. Of course, it would not be compared to the Respawn’s parkour exhibition or the wall-running experience but this game has its own uniqueness for motions. You would notice the swiftness during a sprint or the far distance you can slide.

This is a very particular and necessary feature based on the fact the environment and terrain of this battle royale are mountainous and undulating. Also, the pitch of the gunplay is set by movement: so if in the event of your squad making a successful flanking of a rival team in a well-timed thrust, then your squad receives their reward.

The weapons implemented in Apex Legends are nicely-crafted, depicting the confidence Respawn has in releasing the full mode of Apex Legends game rather than the premature access. The shotguns employed in Apex Legends shoot in such a terrifying manner that castigates a badly-timed thrust. However, the Sniper rifle in the game will be very enjoyable by anyone who has a thing for quick motion as perfectly positioned headshots can be easily achieved.

For the casual players, there are still tons of interests here as the Apex Legends support the pinging system easing off the stress of implementing a microphone for communication. A click on the scrolling button highlights precious pillages, interesting places and charging rivals. The characters in Apex Legends are brilliantly varied, peculiar and inhabiting ranging from the small-time assassin to an interesting one-liner robot.

Game Overview

  • Genre: It is a battle royale game.
  • Mode: It is a single or multiple play mode game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
  • Price: The game is without charge.

2. Blackout

Blackout Fortnite Like Games

With the release of Blackout, Call of Duty had their first moment of joining the battle royale family of games although it remains an element of Black Ops 4 package. Its concept is equal to other gaming concepts where there is a last-man-standing victory but as one could guess, the gunfire in call of duty is totally stellar.

The map in Blackout also characterizes several iconic sites from the area monopoly and you can decide to feature as some admirer preferred characters. For these reasons, you have the ultimatum to storm into this frenzy battle royale game and take action before the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is launched.

Ever since the explosions of Fortnite and PUBG in reputation, the minds of many were pondered with the duration it would take before a triple-A IP game which would go head to head with the battle royale games would be established.

However, Treyarch was the first to come up with the employment of the battle royale mode in Blackout to supplement the deficiency of campaign which Black Ops 4 lacked. Having a 1,500 time bigger than the Nuketown map in size, fresh technicalities like ammunition, military hardware, automobiles and also zombies, there is a large gap between Blackout and the contracted passageways of the multiplayer mode in all of Duty. However, it still works absolutely perfectly.

Notwithstanding all the modifications, there is a feeling of Blackout likened to a normal Call of Duty game as it comes with the features: rapid, efficient and sophisticated. The speedy movement, rapidness, and capacity of knee-sliding provide you with the chance to quickly run down foes and exterminate, whilst the ammunition ballistics and ample variety of military hardware guarantee you are always in the possession of something muse on, whether you are pillaging an encampment or attempting to gun down someone.

If you have any fear or anxiety over a suitable weapon for you, you can take a look at the Blackout weapons guide we have provided and ease that anxiety off. The pace which Blackout runs at is its saving grace as every gameplay technicalities which cause a battle royale game to run slowly and function at low speed have been eliminated and re-engineered to make sure the game has no delay in displaying its action-filled bloodbath.

You possess the ability to heal yourself while on a run or swimming, trigger perks during a sprint, take shots while being submerged in a water body or when swimming and even jump off a cliff without having the necessity of employing a parachute before landing.

These attributes make it stand out tall as the fastest game in the battle royale family even though your chance of emerging as a winner isn’t poised on you learning how to construct complex structures.

call of duty black ops 4

In the 2nd half of the year 2018, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was launched and thereafter was Blackout introduced. It started as the COD’s first battle royale game mode and due to the need for the games loading duration to be quick, the max number of 100 players that could participate in a match on the PC was deducted to 80.

Blackout with its FPS experience in the battle royale scene sets it at such a level that is reserved only for the courageous and those who are willing to storm into the battle to conquer. It transfers every paramount characteristic and trait from the COD multiplayer’s game mode to a map that harbors other features including Mystery Boxes, Zombies and the top classed military hardware extracted from the older version of the game in past years.

Possibly, it could be seen to be the major hardcore battle game among its competitors. As a player, you should be quick with the trigger and be fast in finding weapons as it feels at some point that weapons and hardware are pretty scarce. This is the reason every FPS fan should consider joining in this action-packed battle royale game or its subordinate, the Black Ops 4 just to be part of the Blackout feeling.

Game Overview

  • Genre: It is a battle royale game
  • Mode: It can be single or multiple played
  • Platform: The game is compatible with Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
  • Price: The game needs to be purchased.

3. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Staged on an island spanning about 8×8 Kilometers in landmass, participants in the PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) are subjected to battling with each other and foraging for ammunition, supplies, and weapons. Being the last man standing in the game is the sole target of every player.

Surprisingly, there is an explanation for PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) selling more than a million copies since inception and boasting of having a lot of players in their hundreds and thousands: this is due to the premises of the game which was handled perfectly well. From time to time, the game has undergone updates with the addition of fresh maps and features which keeps the game addictive to players and gives them the feeling of new environs.

The title of the game, “PlayerUnknown” is not actually a very cool name, but it is the alias of the game creator Brendan Greene who is also the person behind the creation of another famous Battle Royale Game, Arma 3. It was also part of the experience in Arma 3 that was replicated in PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) neglecting the multifarious combat system and in its place, substituting with foraging, strategic gameplay, and keen gunbattles.

The feeling of reality is understood in PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) that is the reason the players never feel old on the game. With the need to do away with the other 99 players, a player would go at everything to ensure at the end, he can be that lone man standing. Motivation also comes from getting PUBG crates open and finding within them, nice and fresh outfits. Although the game has quite some roughened edges, remaining the lone man of the game is a victory that satisfies you.

Horizon Zero Dawn Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Being similar to Fortnite, PUBG stands more like the military version bringing with it lifelike graphics, larger maps and a lot of gritty and heavy pieces of machinery. There is a large inventory of weapons and military hardware one can obtain cool weapons and firearms from that is why it seems the PUBG is actually made for the fans that honor concentrated shooting games.

Before the release of Fortnite, the top Battle Royale Game was PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It had the same concept of the one-man suicide squad against 99 other players but was viewed on a more matured, lifelike and macho basis. It could be related to the likes of Call of Duty. There are four maps in PUBG where players can display their agility and all these are single-handedly larger than the map in Fortnite.

These maps- Vikendi, Sanhok, Erangel, and Miramar are pretty large that you may employ the services of vehicles to move around and keep yourself alive. The game defies every idea of locking yourself behind a fort to keep you from being shot at. One has to get out there and confront the enemy, displaying charisma and skills in weapon handling.

You should get ready to get those attractive skins and items for designs cause these are quite costly in the PUBG. The skins are beautifully themed like those of the Suicide Squad so they are a match for their expensiveness that is why they can’t be compared to the cartoonish skin look which was employed in Fortnite.

The PUBG, unlike Fortnite, does not have a building technicality so you are also not required to build or craft equipment. This is the reason why you should join those 100 starting players, draw out your firearms, scavenge that large map, find that cover, and use it to the best of your knowledge till the match leaves you as a lone-survivor.

Game Overview

Created by Brendan Greene, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one spirited survival shooter game and was developed by Tencent International Limited.

  • Genre: It is a battle royale game
  • Mode: It is a single-player game
  • Platform: The game is compatible with Android and iOS, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
  • Price: The game needs to be purchased at various prices. PC costs $29.99 / £26.99, Xbox One and PS4 cost $29.99 / £24.99 while it is free of charge on the Mobile devices.

4. Dying Light: Bad Blood

Dying Light: Bad Blood

The battle royale games also bring with it the aspect of brutality. The idea where there is a lot of bloodbaths actually could go for the name “brutal royale”. This is the name that has been given to Dying Light: Bad Blood. The game doesn’t just pit players against each other as it combines the PvP element together with the PvE, so you should not think of just battling other players but also external forces.

Twelve Legendary players are made to simply obtain firearms of similar looks, scavenge for and gather samples of blood, combat each other till one is left and finally escape from the map. Additionally, there exists another enemy force which comprises of zombies. There is quite a multitude of zombies in the game which also has you to go brutal or there is no escaping for you.

Even though Dying Light: Bad Blood is being slated under Steam Early Access, the game still establishes itself as fun and frenzied representing the lone survivor idea.

One important key to succeeding in the game and emerging as a winner is to gain access into different zombie hideouts, scavenge for blood samples a harvest them. These blood samples can be used in increasing your health, extending your damage ability but the most important of the use is in initiating the helicopter which is the heart of your winning or losing the game.

Similar to the Dying Light, the original version, a player can employ his parkour skills in movement around the map, navigating from a rooftop to another and making a dash past zombies to arrive in time at the helicopter provided for evacuation.

Standing on a map, armed with your weapons and surrounded by hungry zombies and the 11 rival players who are out there hunting for you in the aim of robbing you off the blood samples, Dying Light: Bad Blood presents itself as a game for the time-spirited players who aren’t willing to take cover but instead take the fight out to enemies.

Game Overview

It is a single survival shooter game.

  • Genre: It is a battle royale game.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
  • Price: No charges attached.

5. Ring Of Elysium

Ring Of Elysium

With the unfolding of the battle royale games and more game names are released, it gets hard on the developers finding that unique impertinence which sent Fortnite and PUBG catapulting to the top of the game world. One unique feature was the wide maps that were used in the PUBG and made it one of the best games. This idea was also staged in Ring of Elysium giving it a face like an unabashed copy of the MilSim created by Brendan Greene.

The maps used in Ring of Elysium are named Europa and Dione. Both were regions that had been plagued by natural disasters and for one to survive, he had to find a way to avoid such disasters because apart from the other 59 players seeking your blood, these disasters are also out for your downfall.

Out there, there is a provision for a helicopter to evacuate the first player to get to it but the journey to this helicopter will be dependent on your courage and will to survive the active volcanoes, avalanches and BMX riders which come in their numbers. It will indeed be a mystery if you can get to it and surface as one of the four survivors.

Eventually, there are lots of gears ranging from snowboards to mounting climbing apparatuses which will assist you in reaching your destination. The thrill of the game will give you creative ideas on how to get to the objective in this Steep Battle Royale game.

best games like fortnite Ring Of Elysium

One beautiful feature about the Ring of Elysium is the choice of startup point. You are allowed to choose the point where you want to begin the game from. You also have the option of choosing your weapon consignment instead of going about scavenging for weapons.

Due to the weather situation in the game platform, you have to be a fast thinker or else, the weather would be an impediment to your advancement in the game. Find a way to defend yourself from the oncoming storm and strategize to undo the other rival players.

Of course, you are trying to find your way out of Europa on the remaining chopper, but it doesn’t mean you should be at the forefront of eliminating the other players. You can decide to pick an avatar, furbish him with various cosmetics that are provided in the game and ride into the battle looking stunning. That approach gives you another view of the game and not replicating a real blood-monger.

However, Apex Legends still had quite a knockout Ring of Elysium’s players which led the count to drop at a percentage. This is so not just with Ring of Elysium but other battle royale games as well. Despite that, supporters remain glued to the relaxed, more lifelike experience they encountered in Ring of Elysium so if you are among the four lucky characters who are on the evac helicopter out Europa, you won’t easily forget this addictive ski platform you had just escaped.

Get on your BMX, ride through Europa feeling the seriousness adapted from the technicality of PUBG or get aboard your ski and storm through Dione absorbing the touch of silliness which had been employed in Fortnite and dash to the helicopter escaping the storm and enemy players seeking your hide.

Game Overview

It is a single survival shooter game.

  • Genre: It is a battle royale game.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with the PC.
  • Price: The game is free of charge.

6. The Culling: Origins

The Culling Origins

Having gone down quite a turbulent way, here comes the Culling again presenting itself as a freely accessible game for everyone. This new edition bore the name The Culling: Origins. This battle royale game gets its baseline from the television movie, The Hunger Games which sets a single-player amid his rivals.

Are you less enthusiastic about heavy guns and artillery? Then this is the perfect game for you as there isn’t much military hardware involved in the gameplay. The assault rifles and submachine guns used in The Culling: Origins are loaded with just very little ammunition. Instead, you will find a lot of traps, dynamite, and chainsaws.

Most of the weapons you would have to use are the hand-crafted flesh-tearing weapons that would propel you into a bloodbath and massacre of opponents. This characteristic gives the battle royale game another look and flows for players than other battle royale games.

The Culling: Origins are set in a jungle having the features of a gaming stadium and you will find your scoreboard at a side floating gigantically in its space. The whole game space is decorated using the same branding used for all Culling battle royale games. The game is less packed with competitors as there are just 16 players involved in the stabbing, beating, and bloodbath between themselves. The winner is he who stands to the last and survives this jungle of courage. Can you be him?

Game Overview

It is a single action and adventurous game developed by Xaviant Games.

  • Genre: It is a battle royale game.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible at the moment with the PC but other platforms are coming up as promised by the developers.
  • Price: The game is free of charge.

7. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale

The Battle Royale Games also offers the third-person battle royale game known as Battlelands Royale. The game is a shooter battle royale where players are staged on a platform to battle 31 other opponents. It is quite small in land mass and capacity compared to other battle royale games as each of the matches lasts just about five minutes. Except, for this reason, the battle is quite standard.

Players have to experience the thrill of weapon-hunting where they can discover varieties of weapons that they use in slaying opponents while trying to remain the lone survivor on this platform. Something good is the ability to upgrade your character which means you don’t get bored using a particular range of skills and tactics.

With the upgrade, you experience a whole new avatar while battling opponents. The aggressiveness can be compared to that you find in the Fortnite or PUBG Mobile that is why players still hang on to it despite some lag issues which reduces the gameplay and aside from that, the game remains superb.

Game Overview

  • Genre: It is battle-royale.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with the PC.
  • Price: The game is free of charge.

8. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

With a download of more than three million which occurred in just a four-day space, an ingenious battle royale game made its debut in 2018. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TABG) had earlier started as a jest while celebrating the April Fool’s Day.

The game producers boast of its debut having put good commitment into it and providing the players with an innumerable inventory of long-ranged military hardware, gears, and weapons. These let the players display their love for bloody combats and heavy firefights. Similarly, the player avatars having a resemblance of ragged dolls also key into this platform as they wreak havoc on other players.

An amazing feature TABG had integrated into their melee was the physiques which had been exaggerated making the character seem so superfluous. Avatars flop up stairwells at such agility and ease flip over obstructions and handle weapons in such ways the recoil from rifles of high-caliber are heartfelt. These avatars imitate real-life situations as they experience an effect on every recoil.

Having the characters hold their weapons in a hand while engaging in semi-combat with the other was quite a ridiculous decision made by Landfall. The game developers allocated the G key to play the default key and handle such a combo. This sets the players always letting a finger hovering the G key on their keyboard.

Buckle up and get ready as you dive into a world more technical than Fortnite and ready to give you that real-life experience. Expect loads of tumbles and falling as your avatar dash as though he had been jelly-made. However, there are numerous ammunition, weapons, and vehicles that would set you storming through the wind and beat-boxing anyone in your way.

Experience the battle royale genre from a different perspective in Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TABG) as your heart is set in motion with all the running and killing and the feeling of life. Are you scared? Do not be and prepare to hit your G-button for there is someone there waiting to run you down if you don’t.

Game Overview

It is a totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TABG) developed by Landfall is an action-packed shooter game.

  • Genre: It is battle-royale.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with the PC.
  • Price: The game needs to be purchased at $4.99 / £3.99.

9. Darwin Project

Darwin Project Games Like Fortnite

Are you tired of speed-running and dashing round the empty looking map to make your way and end up being wasted by a slug out of the blue? Better be and check out this rewarding battle royal game.

PUBG and its likes can be devastating with their varieties of kills. A rival player could lie in waiting till he is left with the last man whom he finishes off from a distance. However, the belief that scale and large maps aren’t a necessity for a successful battle royale game is one at the heart of Darwin Project.

The game presents the situation of just ten players staged on a map and who are ready to battle themselves till the last man with no rifle or guns. At most, you could have a good view of the rival who eliminates you from the game.

The inspiration of Darwin Project surely comes from the English Blockbuster the Hunger Games emphasizing the use of melee combat, rugged traps and areas on the little map which are forbidden. There also exists a Show-Director which is also player controlled and can initiate buffs and some other effects that would reduce the players’ chances of survival. Voice-chatting up players and meting out punishments to them based on incorrectly answered quiz questions gives the game that feeling of socialization which is not visible in quite several various other games.

Here in the Darwin Project, you are not just up against other opponents but instead, the chilly wind and cold of the terrain bites into your skin as you find yourself as a participant in a research project being carried out on that iced up wasteland.

Here your true form as a hunter is put to the test because a successful expedition means you should read clues and understand them perfectly, watch for footprints embedded in the snow and track them to your prey, discover other location players take cover in and read maps correctly that would reveal the hideouts of your rivals.

If you are ready to face your opponents before their death, then the game is now as the PC version of Darwin Project has been offered as costless. Get in there and challenge the other players.

Game Overview

The battle royale game offers you a chance in Darwin Project to look your opponents in the face before a deathmatch. An action-packed combat survival game.

  • Genre: It is battle-royale.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with the PC and Xbox One.
  • Price: The game is free on PC but needs to be purchased at $14.99 / £12.49 on Xbox One.

10. H1Z1

H1Z1 Fortnite Like

With the PUBG at the forefront, more games with similar characteristics are coming up. Having features like PUBG, H1Z1 comes up presenting a platform where the weapons are limited and your equipment is smaller in quantity. More so, you can’t even choose how you get into the platform so, with the start of the game, there is a bewildering scram by the players as they make their way to seek cover.

HIZI gives also diverse classes of battle royale modes where you can choose to feature in the FFA Deathmatch class. In this mode, 50 players staged on a platform are ready to make war with each other as the winner is he who achieves a casualty count of 25 players before the 15 minutes duration elapses.

Another class is the involvement of vehicular activity titled Auto Royale. Here you make use of vehicles to manipulate your way through the game battle as you seek to be the winner. The choice to be a sole man is yours too as you could stage up a two or even five-man squad.

H1Z1 Battle Royale

Daybreak Games perfecting HIZI up to its standard was a backbone of assistance put in by Brendan Greene even before he had crafted his PUBG. HIZI in comparison to PUBG is less tough and easily accessible where you have a little inventory of weapons to start with.

Because of the unavailability of weapons and point of arrival at the beginning of the game, there is a lot of bloodbath at the start of the game and a lot of casualties in the first minute. Some players who get the first weapons in view run down their opponents before they can even take off to a nearby cover.

HIZI and its firefight are similar to the gun battles in Arcade games rather than the choice of military hardware you find in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’. Additionally, the gunfire feels a lot whole simple and there is a lot of shade to gunning down your opponents from a safe distance.

Do you think PUBG has a lot to concealment in the surrounding thickets and strategy? Then, you just got a quicker pace of PUBG with its charisma. Don’t forget to access the H1Z1 guide if you are having challenges with this game.

Game Overview

Daybreak games present this battle royale game which is aimed at fast-paced playing. It is a first-person shooter game with lots of action, thrill, and intensive bloodbath.

  • Genre: It is battle-royale.63+
  • Mode: It can be played singly, doubly or in a five-man group.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with the Xbox One.
  • Price: The game has to be purchased.

11. Unturned: Arena Mode

Unturned Arena Mode

It is not a surprise when Unturned stands shoulder high because the realistic gunfire featured in the game is one of a kind. The game developers have also introduced the free version of the game gives players all around the world to have a shot at this game without having to spend a dime.

Right there in the Arena Mode lies your PUBG carbon-copy where the technicalities used in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are served hot to you with a reduction of the players to 16. Staged on one of the four little maps in this game, the 16 players have to battle for survival amongst the zombies seeking after you.

Do not get fooled by the blocky characters used in Unturned: Arena Mode for you are yet to experience one of the hardcore shooter games. Relying on large firepower and military gears, you have to surge through these four sets of maps thereby gaining additional skills and strategies on how to arrive at the top.

Are you up for a less tenacious battle and still love the feeling of heavy gunfire and varieties of military hardware, then turn to Unturned: Arena Mode and make your debut in this battle royale game. Other PC supported zombie games may outshine it in a certain aspect but the intensity of the packs of these undead creatures will leave you shooting all through till the last man.

Game Overview

Battling for survival when your opponents are a combination of fellow players and zombies isn’t a good feeling at all but all the same, Unturned: Arena Mode keeps you sophisticated enough to handle such troubles. It is an action-packed shooting survival game with varieties of weapons.

  • Genre: It is battle-royale.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with the PC.
  • Price: The game is free on the PC platform.

12. Minecraft Survival Games

Minecraft Survival Games

For quite several years now, Minecraft has kept producing games with the style of the battle royal genre so the idea of Minecraft and blocky game features has to be scraped off from your mind. You should gear up and prepare to join in this game’s struggle which for several years now, there have been various modes of the Minecraft games ranging from the Battle Royale to Hunger Games to the Last Man Standing battles which last till the death.

Furthermore, there are lots of servers on which these battle modes are sufficiently run with the inclusion of Mineplex. The Mineplex platform stands out as the best when it comes to posing well-adjusted and viable matches. The setting for these matches is also in the brilliantly constructed Minecraft domain.

With the need to integrate creativity and destructiveness into Minecraft, the idea of the Battle Royale Genre crept in and obviously, whatever action and combat employed in the Minecraft domain won’t be one comparable to that in Fortnite. This doesn’t rule out the game as it is still very admirable and kid-welcoming.

For this reason, this serves as one of the first games that young children of yours should try out before going for the larger and more technical games.

With the availability of the freedom which was given the players in Minecraft especially for the PC platform, it didn’t last long before someone created a version similar to The Hunger Games. This meant that one had the chance to access over a hundred maps, varieties of battle arenas, armaments and types of protective clothing for players. These put in place; players also have specific rules to abide by relying on the Minecraft Server which you have chosen to feature in.

Instead of that idea where players arrive into the platform from different points of entry, the players are staged instead round a circle of weaponry where they have to make a choice of which they wish to handle. At the start of the game when the countdown gets to number zero, the players scram off to the gathering of weapons where they grab one to engage in the bloodbath which ensues thereafter.

Some players would decide to leave the mad rush for the weapons and instead run to cover in the hope of retrieving an arm from one wasted player afterward. This concept is derived from the Hunger Games Movie Blockbuster and the feeling of being in that position gets one really on chair’s edge.

The experience and charisma the Minecraft Survival Game presents are one ranging from the solid battle royale genre. Similar to this is Fortnite but if you can’t wait for the launch of Minecraft2, then storm into this Battle Royale Game and make a difference.

Game Overview

Can you survive the hunger for the game? Are you willing to join in that frenzied rush for weapons? Then get in there and dash to lead the bloodbath.

  • Genre: It is battle-royale.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with the PC.
  • Price: The game is free on the PC platform.

13. TETRIS 99

TETRIS 99 Fortnite Like

This year, a unique battle royale game launched the players of the Nintendo Switch style to action. Tetris 99 presents 99 players to battle each other to claim the Tetris Royale Victory.

You have to employ the use of special moves and blockers and ensure your rival players face lots of difficulties getting to the top. The top spot is meant for you alone and every opponent has to be eliminated.

Compared with other battle royale games listed here, the Tetris 99 is slightly dissimilar but as a true fan of the battle royale games, it is still a good idea trying it out.

14. Realm Royale

Realm Royale

Bored of the list of the normal shooter experience? Then you can try out Realm Royale which presents a whole lot of gaming fantasy. Pitting a hundred players against each other, Realm Royale offers very interesting technicalities which give you an advantage if well handled.

Do you want more inventory? Your backpack is just enough to carry a large quantity of loot and equipment compared to any regular battle royale game. These pickups you find along your journey in the game can be eventually taken to the Forge where you can fashion them weapons and fighting gears. For this reason, you should be prepared to gather more raw materials than the fellow ninety-nine opponents as your gatherings would surely determine your weapon store.

These tools and gears can be hewed mid-way into the game adventure but before you go fueling a Forge, then you should also be prepared to fight to the death. That act immediately marks you as fresh meat to all your enemies so they will all come seeking your hide.

There is a sauce Realm Royale adds to its battle royale mode which makes it unique and able to be added as one of the like of Fortnite. It has the same character features like Fortnite which resembles that of characters you will find in a comic book. Additionally, are the brilliantly decorated maps that have that large, and wide and expanse.

However, you can choose one out of five various avatar categories with each one of them having distinct skills and stats which you will make use of during your game duration. You should also try out getting knocked down as you would find a whole new you.

Automatically, you turn into a chicken bearing a white flag as you scamper away to safety. Lucky you if your safety cover is not blown as you get back into the fight back to your original body and revitalized.

Games Like Fortnite Realm Royale

Based on the reviews given on Realm Royale, you discover that the Steam Users have shown great interest in the simplicity of the game. The idea of building structures is scraped out in this game and for that reason, the game popularity stands out.

On the other hand, Fortnite stands out too but for the idea of the designs and inventiveness a player applies in the gameplay but quite several players do not enjoy this technicality. That is why they go for the concept of Realm Royale which provides the Forges at various areas on the map that gives the players a chance of getting shots at new weapons mid-way into the game. This technicality is not present in some other battle royale games and that is the reason for a taste of the Realm Royale battle royale game.

Here is a hint for you as briefly explained earlier. Once you are injured and need urgent revival, your player is turned into a huge chicken springing and squawking ceaselessly till you are eliminated by a rival player. You should strive to ensure your chicken survives the 20 seconds countdown and immediately, as if revived, you are transformed back to your original self and continue the game.

Game Overview

Display your crafting talents in this action-packed survival game where you are made to battle these 99 bloodthirsty opponents.  Then get in there and dash to lead the bloodbath.

  • Genre: It is battle-royale.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One.
  • Price: The game is free on all platforms.

15. Overwatch


Overwatch being, not precisely a battle royale game is similar in ambiance to Apex Legends and gives you the decision to select a hero bearing a special characteristic and capability.

The matches in Overwatch are competitive as 6 players compete in a death battle. The winner is the lone survivor who has refused death and defeated the other rivals. The gameplay is quick-paced with its intriguing and cartoonish look which makes it quite irresistible at the start of the game.

With the provision of various types of heroes, the battle royale game presents a play flair that would fit everyone’s taste and in a matter of time, you are already flowing with the game.

You could get to a stage where the voice chat gets on your nerve and your only option would be to turn it off. However, Overwatch lets you have that quick-paced action-packed thriller you always dreamed of.

Read our full Overwatch vs Fortnite comparison.

Game Overview

  • Genre: It is battle-royale.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with the PC.
  • Price: The game is free of charge.

16. Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Without a battle royale mode, Destiny 2 still stands as an exceptional online First Person Player game having different modes where you can decide to feature in. The PvP mode lets you face other players as you struggle to survive and the PvPvE sets the foreign enemy and other players coming after your hide in their numbers.

Just recently, the developers of the game Bungie included two modes that give the game a new feel face. The Reckoning and Gambit Prime bring out the shooter in you and challenges that teamwork spirit in you to come into play. You must join other players to dash, call upon and overthrow a Primeval as other enemies approach you in their masses.

Ever since Bungie had their separation from Activision, they had been edged at getting in the right direction of their gaming activities as the likes of Destiny 2, Forsaken and Season of the Drifter have already been launched.

Game Overview

Bungie presents Destiny 2 as a first-person player survival game pitting 6 players against each other.

  • Genre: It is a first-person player game.
  • Mode: It can be singly played or as a group.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One.
  • Price: The game is free on all platforms.

17. Rules Of Survival

Rules Of Survival

Rules of Survival were the first Battle Royale game to be featured on the mobile platform even before Fortnite and PUBG were launched. At the moment, it is run also on both the iOS platform and Android. In this battle royale game, a 120 player battle ensues armed to the tooth with diverse classes and categories of military hardware and vehicles.

But first, these armaments are only accessible from the moment you find them, therefore, there has to be a period of scavenging and hunting. Jumping into a match is also quite easy all gratuity to the ridiculousness of its fame.

PUBG standing as one of the top battle royale games has a lot of clones coming up with a kind of sauce and spice of which Rules of Survival is one. After the announcement of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it was launched and released before PUBG Mobile was released.

On this map, you are parachuted out of an aircraft, go scavenging for that large inventory of weapons and eventually join the killing spree. Those 119 rivals are out there searching for hiding and you should ensure yours is not taken by getting armed first, and not just beginning the bloodbath, but also standing as the last man eventually.

The stability of the game is just like any other battle royale game so you should not have a fear of lagging as you have access to this free game’s composure and chaos.

Game Overview

  • Genre: It is a first-person game.
  • Mode: It is singly played.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with your iOS and Android devices.
  • Price: The game is free on both platforms.

18. Knives Out

knives out pugb fortnite like games

Here comes another version of the highly-rated Fortnite and PUBG cloned on the iOS and Android platforms. The developers are also the makers of Rules of Survival. A good sauce of the game is the massiveness of the map which is by far larger than Fortnite despite the fact it is a mobile game.

Its great size doesn’t affect its technicality on the mobile platform as it still runs smoothly as it should.

With that such landmass, you have a lot of vehicles provided to make your struggle not too cumbersome as you can implore their services.

Just as other battle royale games with the entrance similar, you arrive on the map trying to survive the heat of the battle against the other players. Similar technicalities are also included with a vast arsenal of weapons to choose from and the choice to play in a team. The game is particular about players not obeying laid out instructions so every rule has to be followed.

However, the game experiences some issues with the connectivity which some players complain about and for this reason can you pick one of the other games listed above.

Game Overview

  • Genre: It is a first-person game.
  • Mode: It can be played singly or in a group.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with your iOS and Android devices.
  • Price: The game is free on both platforms.

19. Zombsroyale.Io

Zombsroyale.Io battle royale fortnite like

Having elements of the battle royale genre, ZombsRoyale.io launches as an Arcade shooter game where players are staged amongst opponent players and battle to be the lone survivor. The game is simply designed having a 2D Graphic design with easy controls and technicalities.

You can decide to play or solo or in a team as you gain access to varieties of cosmetic materials and weapons. From time to time, there is a draw-down of the leaderboards and availability of events that come weekly.

Issues pop up once a while and the stability is not very perfect but aside these; the game stands more than just a mobile game with cool experiences.

Game Overview

  • Genre: It is a first-person game.
  • Mode: It can be played singly or in a group.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with your iOS and Android devices.
  • Price: The game is free on both platforms.

20. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Having a similar acronym, Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground stands as a look-alike of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. However, it comes with its design using pixel styling in its graphic designs and having similar controls just like the regular shooter games.

It also has technicalities similar to the usual battle royale games genre and sends you off into the map where you have to seek for materials and equipment, eliminate rival players and aim to be the last man standing.

Embedded in the game are the chat ability, automatic gunfire and a setting for phones with lower graphics support. There are also issues regarding the stability of the game but instead of going out for one of the other clones of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds you will find on the Google Play, this surpasses them in a lot of areas. However, PUBG Mobile is also the best option to go for when not satisfied with this.

Game Overview

  • Genre: It is a first-person game.
  • Mode: It can be played singly or in a group.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with your iOS and Android devices.
  • Price: The game is free on both platforms.

21. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

When it comes to battle royale games, one of the top names you hear is the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Having miniaturized their PC versions to the mobile devices, they give their fans the ability to enjoy this game even when on the move. The rest of the games on the list either are PUBG emulated or Fortnite related.

On this largely spaced map, you are featured alongside 99 players as you battle amongst each other. With the provision of the various weapons and armaments in different categories, one must employ the services of vehicles and other gears to fully participate in the bloodbath.

It is not a surprise that the game functions stably on the mobile devices once your device has suitable graphic settings. Not leaving anyone out, there is also a Lite Version for mobile devices that have a lower graphic setting so that all can enjoy the battle intensely. However, you don’t get to battle up to 99 players in this version but a 49 rival player count.

Therefore, you should join in on the battle for the survivor in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Game Overview

Brendan Greene launches this opportunity for all to join in the PUBG quake so no one gives an excuse of device. The mobile version just gives the same feeling as on the PC or PS4, just a miniaturized version.

  • Genre: It is a first-person shooter game.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with your iOS and Android devices.
  • Price: The game is free on both platforms.

22. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

Despite the millions of downloads gotten by the Garena Free Fire, it is surprising that the game still hasn’t gotten that popularity of Fortnite or PUBG. This battle royale game lasts for ten minutes where 50 players have to fight to remain victor. However, the game also allows one to work as a team of four men agreeing with the help of the voice chat.

Just like other battle royale games, Garena Free Fire makes use of shooter technicalities and doesn’t encounter some issues others have. It comes with an acceptable graphic and a smoothly run gameplay. The game loading is quite fast as it propels you into a world of combat and action.

Game Overview

  • Genre: It is a first-person shooter game.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with your iOS and Android devices.
  • Price: The game is free on both platforms.

23. Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction Fortnite Like

You can consider Creative Destruction to be a full clone of Fortnite as they have a lot of similarities. However, it could be seen as a cool clone where you are allowed to forge equipment and make your destructions of objects in the game. Various landscapes are lying on the largely designed map where the 100 players featuring in the game are made to battle each other.

However, the game isn’t perfect for phones with little ends or poor technicalities as it doesn’t function properly on them. For this reason, you must have an average equipped phone before venturing into the game.

Game Overview

  • Genre: It can be played as a first or third-person game.
  • Mode: It is a single-player game.
  • Platform: The game is compatible with your iOS and Android devices.
  • Price: The game is free on both platforms.


Arrow Io Battle Strategy Game

You would find a lot of battle royale games under the iOS market and platforms. A little option for you to try out in case you require one are; Arrow.io, Agar.io, Agar.io, Slither.io with the inclusion of lots more.

Mostly, you begin the game amid an immense battle with players from all around the world. There are different technicalities for the games as Axe.io makes use of axes and blobs are the key equipment for Agar.io. Nevertheless, the games still make use of the equal fundamental idea. The aim of the game is also like other battle royale games where you have to struggle to be the last man standing if you can get there before other players eliminate you.

Based on their issues with lagging and connectivity, they all experience similar problems but are the easiest battle royale games you could play. They are usually freemium titles and they all seem to suffer from similar connectivity and lag issues. However, they are probably the simplest battle royale games available.


fallout 76 nuclear winter battle royale

Since the launch of Fallout 76, it experienced some months of ridicule all over the internet but ever since the release of Fallout 76 tagged as Nuclear Winter, a lot of changes appeared as Bethesda, the game developers ensured the past didn’t have to repeat itself.

The battle royale game launches you into a battleground alongside over 50 players where they struggle to attain the Overseer of Vault 51 position. This idea of Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter ridicules a whole lot of other battle royale games where there is no valid reward at the finish of the game. You should be observant enough to notice the mutant beasts which seek your elimination alongside the other rival players.


Question: Is Fortnite a violent game?

Answer: Yes. Fortnite depicts a lot of violence in it but this doesn’t mean it is not okay for kids. Particularly, with the implementation of the correct in-game equipment and keen observance of their gameplay, then it remains okay. How do you imagine your avatar standing lone having defeated 99 dead enemy players and you don’t call it violence? It sure is but with that cartoonish graphic, it looks less realistic.

Question: Is Fortnite still the biggest game?

Answer: Still amassing a large number of players, Fortnite remains the biggest battle royale game and gives no hint that it would eat humble pie to being second on the list. Its costless charge and availability on every device that supports video gameplay make it still largely required by gamers.

Question: Who is the owner of Fortnite?

Answer: The game was developed by Epic Games which is headed by Tim Sweeney, CEO of the firm. Right from his childhood when he designed video games at his home, he has come a long way to owning one of the biggest games in the world. One of the games developed by his company is the “Gears of War” which stands as a franchise to their top-notched Fortnite

Question: Does Fortnite make you smarter?

Answer: One could have a rethink after asking this because discovery from recent researches have proved that one gets smarter with the playing of video games. That is not surprising as you have to do a lot of brainwork to outwit your enemy and gain your target during the gameplay.

Question: Does Fortnite damage your brain?

Answer: Well, the addiction Fortnite and various interesting video games bring with them could be sure to affect the brains of young kids. The effect could be likened to that of alcohol or hard drugs as proved by science.

Question: Why is Fortnite so addictive?

Answer: The addictiveness of Fortnite lies in the concept of a player having a low HP but still struggling to remain the sole survivor. For this reason, it is difficult for you to easily survive the battle so players try to ensure they have a shot at being the winner so with every loss, there is the urge to try from the start again.

Question: What was Fortnite originally called?

Answer: Earlier, the game had been titled “Save The World” where one had to construct Forts and equipment to battle zombies under a storm darkened the sky (which made it feel as though it was night) Hence, the concept of Forts against zombies at night brought about the name = Fortnite.

Question: What game is more popular than Fortnite?

Answer: Currently, the only game which had towered above Fortnite is the Apex Legends which was very similar to Fortnite. The game had raked a player count of more than 50 Million in just the first 28 days of its launch. However, the rivalry is still on as people are watching which game fi ally remains at that top.

Question: Apex harder than Fortnite?

Answer: No. You wouldn’t say Apex legends is more difficult than Fortnite in gameplay as there are various difficulty level in the game where you can choose the one you wish to implement.

Question: What game is better Apex Legends or Fortnite?

Answer: From the various points of view, one could say the games are just okay in their lanes as Fortnite is for those who are interested in a relaxing and a comic graphic designed platform where you have a lot of mechanical buildings and creation. On the other hand, Apex Legends is for the quick-paced and actionable people who also like working in crews and teams.

Question: Is there a better game than Fortnite?

Answer: Well, the intensiveness you find in Fortnite BR Games isn’t as much as that you will find in PUBG Games. So, for those who feel they are into the action-packed shooting genre, they could enjoy that from PUBG because Fortnite wouldn’t give you all that action. It is more acceptable for those in the casual gaming category.

Question: Does Fortnite have blood and gore?

Answer: In the Fortnite Battle Royale game, you won’t find corpses lying around, blood spills and body injuries. Fortnite is similar to Minecraft in the sense that when a player is killed, they are returned to the home screen and can start all over. The characters used in Fortnite have that cartoonish look although their gears look lifelike.

Question: Is Fortnite appropriate for kids?

Answer: Due to the violence for the game, it was rated for teens which meant that every child under the age of 13 should not be involved in the gameplay. However, a lot of people state that the game is harmless so far the kids do not play it for long hours. Besides, the fans of the game comment on the unrealistic quality of the game action.

Final Take on the Top Games Similar to Fortnite

Although Fortnite experienced a controversial launch, it is still one of the best and top battle royale games. This Battle Royale Game sets 100 players at the mercy of each other as they are parachuted onto the island where they are tasked with crafting their ammunition and gears, scavenging for weapons as the sole aim being to eliminate your opponents before they get to you.

Although the earlier versions of Fortnite also had technical issues, the game producers remained adamant in developing more refined and attractive gameplay for their fans.

To access the game and get a suitable one for your devices, please do follow the links embedded in the write-up as some can’t be found on the Google Play platform.

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