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Best Games Like Spore

Have you ever wanted to play god? Well, there are a lot of games out there that allow you to do just that. There are games where you oversee civilizations, games that allow you to control every aspect of your character’s daily lives, and games that allow you to create entire worlds. However, few games allow you to create entire ecosystems and literally create everything right down to a microscopic level. Well, that’s exactly what Spore allows players to do.

This game comes courtesy of game developer Maxis and publisher, Electronic Arts. The game uses a unique Spore creature creator to let players create their own intelligent Spore creatures, nurturing them from a single-celled organism, right up to a fully self-sufficient creature, and they are usually adorable creatures to boot.

best games like spore

This god game sees you play through five key stages in the life cycle of your creation, these are the cell, creature, tribal, civilization, and space stages. Think of it as the race for space in CIV but with much more player choice and control throughout. It blends real-time strategy, RPG, and simulation mechanics together beautifully to make a truly unique game.

However, as is always the case, it wouldn’t remain unique for too long. A handful of games would borrow and repurpose mechanics from this outlandish and quirky title. So with that in mind, we want to give you a comprehensive overview of the best games to play if you loved Spore. Check it out:

Best Games like Spore: Our Top 25 PICKS

1. Thrive (2016)

Thrive 2016

If you want a game that is just like Spore, then you can’t really get much closer than Thrive. Thrive is a free-to-play title that takes all of the mechanics that Spore offers and tweaks them slightly to offer a game that feels more modern and fresh, and it won’t cost you a penny.

The game sees you take control of an alien planet and your goal is simple, Thrive. You’ll do this by creating mutations that can survive the hostile environment of this planet, adapt to the conditions and defend themselves against the other life forms that are fighting for supremacy.

The game also uses a similar stage system where players will grow from a tiny microbe to an intelligent creature capable of utilizing the most advanced technologies around.

In short, this is basically Spore for the modern gamer. So if you tried Spore and loved it, this one is a no-brainer.

2. Katamari Damacy (2004)

Katamari Damacy Ps2

The genesis of this wacky game was all thanks to a games development competition held by Namco in the early 2000’s. Creators sent their designs and concepts in the hope of seeing their project picked up for a full release. As you would expect, the games were rough around the edges, but one stood out from the rest. This would be the blueprint for the Katamari series.

The premise of this game is simple. You begin as the prince of the cosmos and you are sent to earth to collect enough material to create the moon and stars. Which the king managed to destroy in a drunken act of stupidity. We have all been there. So you use your little Katamari to have things attached to you as you move. This is the entire premise of the game. Think of it like Donut Country but even more chaotic.

So how is this like Spore I hear you ask? Well, due to the addictive gameplay loop, of course. The player begins as an insignificant ball of nothing and eventually grabs enough stuff to create the moon and the stars.

If that doesn’t mirror the growth and overall theme of Spore, we don’t know what does. Admittedly, it does lack the same strategic and RPG aspects of Spore but it more than makes up for it with zany charm. Be sure to give this one a try.

3. No Man’s Sky

games like spore

You may remember No Man’s Sky as the game that flopped after tonnes of hype and false advertising from the developer, Hello Games. Well, that is this game, but the developers have worked tirelessly to improve the overall gaming experience. So much so that this game is considered one of the standout games of the current gaming era. 

The developers have managed to tweak the gameplay to finally make good on that promise of a procedurally generated and infinite cosmos to explore. Players will encounter innumerable planets, each with its own species, inhabitants, resources, and settlements. 

Your goal within all this is to participate in space exploration, use your resources to build and survive in the plethora of alien worlds laid out before you, and ultimately, travel to the center of the universe, one planet at a time.

This game is like Spore due to the otherworldly setting, the progression system, the ability to build your own settlements and colonies, and the need to defend yourself against hostile space creatures. 

It may not be a real-time strategy game or a simulation game, but we reckon you’ll like it all the same. Be sure to check it out. 

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4. Endless Space

games like spore

Speaking of colonizing alien worlds, Endless Space is arguably the most comprehensive space civilization simulator out there. This game unlike No Man’s Sky does offer real-time strategy mechanics. Players will choose from one of nine different planets to colonize, each with its own perks and pitfalls, then it is up to you to grow your tribe and lead them to glory.

The competition within the game is doing this before the eight other colonies who are racing for supremacy. So you will have to manage your colony to the letter, solve any political issues within your camp, and equally, negotiate and develop relationships with other colonies to succeed.

From humble beginnings, you will establish space trade routes, participate in space exploration to uncover ancient settlements, build fleets of spacecraft to protect your planet, and when the need arises, battle with those that wish to see all you have built crumble. Plus this game features a single-player mode and multiplayer mode so you can take on your friends in a n epic space battle.

It’s a lot like Spore but without the initial creation stages or the whimsy. It’s a space opera that takes itself very seriously and puts you in the captain’s chair. If you are up to the challenge, jump into this one.

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5. Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

Species Artificial Life Real Evolution

If you are looking for something that leans more into the creation and life simulation side of things and doesn’t get bogged down in the strategic side of things, then Species might be your cup of tea. This game dives deep into the concept of evolution, allowing players to manipulate gene pools and mutate creatures to create worlds much unlike the one we inhabit today.

This game is more of a sandbox than a title with overarching goals and quests. You are simply given the reigns to oversee the development of nature and you can be as responsible or as irresponsible as you like.

All you do here is either spectate or guide the course of nature. It’s fun, interesting, and surprisingly addictive gameplay, but ultimately, it’s a relaxing and consequence-free experience. This is where it differs from the Spore series and if that’s what you enjoyed least about the EA-produced god-simulator, you may prefer this one.

6. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

games like spore

Sins of a Solar Empire is another game, much like Endless Space, where you must take control of a space nation and guide them to intergalactic supremacy. This game does this by offering a lot of the same core RTS mechanics that games like Stellaris and Endless Space offer. However, this game has the benefit of multiple outings. Meaning that the narrative is much richer due to the pre-established lore.

This game takes a turn-based approach that will see you try to put out fire after fire to maintain diplomacy in the intergalactic wild west. However, it is your choice how you want to rule. Shall you take the diplomatic route or lead as an authoritarian with an iron fist?

Compared to the previous game in the series, this game offers far superior audio and visuals, more variables to use to your advantage, more ship classes to add to your fleet, and a multiplayer mode so you can challenge your buddies to a race for intergalactic supremacy. This is a great, very detailed game that Spore fans will definitely resonate with.

7. Euforia (2009)


From game developer Omni Systems Limited and published by Headup Games which is a German company, Eufloria’ is an RTS game that talks of the ‘Dyson Tree Hypothesis’.

This basically translates to a Real-time strategy game where you begin with one tree that has inexplicably grown on an asteroid and you must nurture the growth of this tree to create seedlings. This then allows you to grow more and more trees until you have a forest floating around in space.

The gameplay expands from a simulation and strategy game to one that also utilizes combat too. Players will have to create defensive trees to protect from harmful particles and seedlings which could kill your asteroid garden. You would think that the game would be rather shallow in terms of gameplay but we assure you, the only thing that is simple and minimalistic is the graphics on offer. This is a super indie game and one you should definitely check out.

8. Plague Inc. (2012)

Plague Inc.

It’s always Madagascar, isn’t it? If you aren’t aware, Plague Inc is a mobile game for Android, Ipad, and iPhone, as well as a browser extension game that received mainstream acclaim for its addictive and simple, intuitive gameplay. In this title, your role is to lay waste to all living beings on the planet. So, in a sense, you are the antagonist of this Contagion-inspired title.

In this title, you create your own pathogen or virus and your goal is to make it as deadly as possible. Through taking out masses of the population, you’ll gain points to spend on perks and powerups that will make your disease all the more deadly. You can make it airborne, make animals carriers, and much more.

It’s not a game that shares similar gameplay with Spore’s RTS mechanics but the ability to create, name, and grow a deadly disease somewhat mirrors the creation of the single celled organisms in Spore. So, you know what, we say they are more alike than one might think. Regardless of the loose similarities, you should check this one out. 

9. Civilization VI

Civilization® VI – The Official Site | News | CIVILIZATION VI: ENVOYS AND  CITY-STATES

Spore may be very much based in outer space and revolve around creating things that are so unrelatable and otherworldly., but if you base the action on planet Earth, we reckon it wouldn’t be too far removed from the experience one enjoys when playing CIV. This game is much like the aforementioned Endless Space and Sins of a Solar Empire, only with its roots in the annals of history.

In this title, you will take control of one of the superpowers throughout history, such as the Romans, Britannia, the Greeks, the ancient Egyptians, and a multitude of others. Then it is up to you to take your small settlement and grow from a bunch of roaming settlers forming a tribe, to a global superpower capable of raising skyscrapers and committing to space programs.

This game is a political and cultural sandbox and allows you to create your own society in your own image, much like Spore. So if you liked Spore and you have an interest in history, this is a match made in heaven.

10. Osmos (2009)


In 2009, Hemisphere Games came up with this 2D video game known as ‘Osmos‘ which involves players navigating through an endless, artistically presented 2D puzzle.

The aim of the game is simple, you are a planet floating for us and through planetary osmosis, you must absorb other asteroids, space junk, and eventually, other planets to grow in size and rule over the solar system. Think of it like Slither.Io or Agar.Io but much more stylish.

This is a little bit of a lazy link here, but we think having at least one of these games in here is important. As the goal of this game is to start as a spec and become a huge planet. In spore, you start as a small organism and become an intelligent life form. The similarities are there, trust us. It’s perhaps the more simple game on the list but if you want a fun game for a short train journey, this is just the ticket.

11. Darkspore (2011)

Darkspore games like spore

What do you get when the developers of Spore take the organism creation system from Spore and then drop it right into a top-down, hack and slash title akin to the likes of Path of Exile or Diablo. Well, in a word, Darkspore.

This game, also published by Electronic Arts, is a bit of a dud entry, or if we want to use positive marketing, a wildcard. The reason is that this game is currently unplayable as it was mandatory to connect to the Darkspore servers to play. Servers which shut down permanently in 2016.

However, it deserves a mention as the game was very similar to Spore thanks to the identical creation system. This allowed players to create very detailed and unique characters. However, the action-RPG setting didn’t exactly set the world alike. It’s more of a novelty than anything else but still, if you can somehow circumvent the need for server connection, this is a fun one to play at least once.

12. E.V.O.: Search for Eden (1993)

E.V.O. Search for Eden

‘E.V.O.: Search for Eden’ dates back to the 1990s when the SNES systems were still dominating the gaming landscape. It was developed by Almanic and published by Enix in 1993 and was a very ambitious title for the time and considering the limitations of the hardware. 

The game is for all intents and purposes, a side-scrolling action game, akin to that of Super Mario, for example. However, it ties in with the mechanics and themes of Spore thanks to its ‘Evolution points’ system. These points that you could acquire allowed you to upgrade or ‘evolve’ one body part at a time, offering new perks and abilities.

The levels were also based on all the time periods before the dawn of man, which also helps tie this game in with Spore. It may be a very retro and primitive example, but we feel that without games like this, Spore simply wouldn’t exist. So you would do well to respect your elders and play this one. 

13. Niche (2017)

Niche Games Like Spore

Niche’ is a life simulation game very much like Spore that allows you to oversee the genetic code of all the creatures of a small island and your goal is simple, create artificial life to multiply, then thrive and survive. This game takes place in a hexagonal tile grid represented by a creature, a resource, or some other life-altering entity. 

With these tiles, you must lay out a strategy that creates a breed of the most robust creatures, create an ecosystem where they can survive, and also do all you can to protect them from the elements as well as hostiles that will do their upmost to wipe out your species for good. Natural selection can only do so much

It’s a super game with a cute art style and gameplay that is easy to understand but tricky to master. So if you liked Spore, this is right up your street. 

14. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

If you are a fan of space games and have an interest in science and engineering, Kerbal Space Program is the right game for you. This game aims to make a rocket scientist out of anyone. 

To launch your rocket into space, you will control the adorable little frog people known as Kerbals. These creatures will serve as your crew, building and then piloting your ship, for better or worse.

The common link between this one and Spore is the sheer level of detail and complexity that comes with the creation system. You have the freedom to create casually and play for fun. Or if you want to treat this game like a literal rocket building simulator, you can. 

The aim of the game is to explore the solar system, uncover the secrets of the universe and document your findings. However, the real appeal of this game is the in-depth building sandbox and the fun physics engine.

This game perhaps lacks the progression system seen in Spore but as you gradually become more adept at building full-scale rockets, we reckon you’ll see why this is on our list. Be sure to check this one out. 

15. Black and White 2

Then lastly, we have Black and White 2. This is a game where you literally play as a god or god-like creature. Here, you will be dropped into a void called ‘The Nothingness’, and from here, you have free reign to create a world in your own image. 

The main theme of this god game is to offer players a choice between good and evil and weaved in with the various creation mechanics, the player will have some difficult choices to make which could see all that they have built tumble around them, but you know what they say, heavy is the head that wears the crown. 

This game is very much an old testament god simulator if there is such a thing. You’ll have to decide if you want to govern through fear or through love. Both can be successful and both can end in tears. That’s what makes a great sandbox and this game is exactly that. So be sure to check it out. 

Honorable Mentions:

Can’t get enough of these similar games to Spore? Well, here are some more that just didn’t make the cut but still have some great gameplay mechanics and fun features:

  • Spore Origins
  • Imagine Earth
  • Godus
  • Mass Effect
  • Dungeon Keeper
  • Civilization V
  • Planetoid 3D


How can I get a free spore in 2020?

  • Click on the “Download Game” tab to download “Spore Frees” Installer . It features resumable Download mode.
  • Once the download is finished, open the Installer and click on the Next t2ab to select the directory that you want to use for the installation of the file.
  • Let the full game version Download into a directory you have chosen.
  • Once this is done, you can click on the open button to start playing the game and enjoy all it has to offer.

Is Spore on the Xbox one?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that Electronic Arts will publish Spore for the Xbox 360 platform though the PC version is available now.

Can you play Spore multiplayer?

Aside from the space stage, you cannot play any other mode because of the basic design.

What can I play Spore on?

For now, you can play Spore on the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

What happened to Spore Origins?

Spore Origins also known as Spore Mobile is the mobile phone, N-Gage mobile gaming series and an iPod spin-off of the original Spore. It centers on one stage of the bigger game’s gameplay, known as the Cell stage. The iOS model of the game is a 32-bit app, therefore, it’s unlikely to run on iOS 11 and recent versions which don’t have support for 32-bit apps.

What is Spore Hero?

Spore Hero is a Nintendo Wii game developed by Maxis and initially released on October 6th, 2009. It’s a spin-off from the original Spore game. In this game, Spore players explore areas with new powerful items and abilities. 

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