Top 25 Games Like Spore To Try Next in 2021

Top 25 Games Like Spore To Try Next in 2021

Spore is an enormous world of five stages where hundreds of players can create personalities that their major aims are to amass wealth, retain their religions, and subjugate the entire universe of spore.

There are tons of mechanics you can put to work in spore, like creating an empire over planets, alter planets evolution, and create numerous various kinds of species that will occupy these worlds.

After the arrival of Spore, lots of other similar games got their inspiration and that is why it stood as one of the first games in that genre. Still, it is a saddening game as the developers didn’t put in their entire best in continuing its stages.

best games like spore

At the moment, there are lots of games that if you have played spore at one time of your gaming career, then you would want to try out as well.

These games also involve the same simulation, god-like characters, in-game interactions, and other ideas that will want to keep you advancing through the levels until the very end.

There are also various challenges you will be forced to surmount if you wish to forge ahead and if you do not make the right decisions, then you might find the game play difficult and certainly not go far. Among the features of these kinds of games is strategic thinking which you will inculcate to complete tasks and objectives.

So, if you like spore and these kinds of games are your thing, then you can check out the list of video games we recommend to you which you can play across various platforms like PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, I Phone, Android, Mac or online.

Best Games like Spore: Our Top 25 PICKS

1. Thrive (2016)

Thrive 2016

The first video game on our list is ‘Thrive’ which is open source and is extremely alike to ‘Spore’. It was developed by Revolutionary Game Studios, which is steadfast in its dedication to support the game and ensure other users can access from all parts of the world.

You would not need to pay a dime to play the game by downloading the code from their official website which lets you tweak it to your taste.

The game has a similar motive as Spore and kicks off when you begin as a single-celled organism whose role is to use the various resources and elements you can obtain in your surroundings and progress through the evolutionary six-game stages.

Finally, you will have to dominate other species and rule over the entire universe by the aid of ultramodern technology.

2. Katamari Damacy (2004)

Katamari Damacy Ps2

The conception of ‘Katamari Damacy’ arose when Namco held a game development competition. The game was among the entries in this school project and it didn’t even cost up to a million US dollars to develop.

However, it caught the judges’ attention and that was when the firm took it up, rebranded it, and launched it in 2004 to be played on the PlayStation 2 console.

After a while, the versions for Nintendo Switch came up and in 2018, the need for the game on the Microsoft Windows platforms arose and this led the developers to make theirs.

Your avatar in the game is a prince who goes around the town to accomplish different tasks that his king, ‘The King of All Cosmos’ has given him.

In his path of travel, he will encounter various objects of which if small, will stick to his body and enlarge his size and if big, will be an obstruction to his progress and cause him harm.

It is this kind of smart mechanic though little that made the judges love the game as not seen in all puzzle games. Aside from the judges, this keeps drawing more audiences and game players as this uniqueness is one of a kind and makes it similar to spore but on a different class.

3. No Man’s Sky

games like spore

In No Man’s Sky, you will travel around an immense universe with billions of planets and galaxies waiting for your galactic adventure. The similarity of the game is so remarkable in the sense that you do not alter your line of advance, as you march continuously towards the center of the universe.

As you meet new aliens and explore innovative planets, you’ll observe that each of them comes with a difference. There is a caretaker known as the Atlas which the universe itself revolves around just like our sun.

Scientifically, the planets in No Man’s Sky exceed a trillion in number though some look-alike and might give you the same feel as its lookalike you must have come across in your gameplay.

Where to Buy: Check Promos on GamersGate Here.

4. Endless Space

games like spore

Endless Space is a science-fiction game that comes with high gaming graphics and is most players in this game are the science geeks or those who are just in love with science. However, you can still play and enjoy this game too whether you love science or not.

In 2012, the developers released the first version of the game for the Windows platform, and with time, they keep upgrading it for other platforms.

Endless Space sends you to the year, 3000 when the world has more advancement in technology and your duty is to emanate from one of the nine civilization options to choose from in your empire, solve political issues, take charge of your game world by conquering nations peacefully or with force and move your empire ahead through the aid of the “Academy” which will train your heroes how to do so.

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5. Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

Species Artificial Life Real Evolution

The ability to give or take life lies in your hand in this evolution game. In Species, you can create living entities, observe them, and destroy that which you choose to destroy.

The environment is generated procedurally and the gameplay is tremendously open-ended in such a way that players can witness the evolutionary stages and technicalities without prying into the procedure.

Nevertheless, you could still pry into this procedure through the nursery in-game where you can combine and match different genes and strains from those obtainable to you. This will form new monstrous creatures that will run wild into the game and cause mayhem.

The amount of fun in designing and evolving a creature from a lazy worm to a massive dinosaur or from a lizard to a dragon is something every gamer would love.

If your wish to spice up some evil in the game, you can create them in packs and send them off to various parts of the world to cause mayhem to any specie since all lives lie in your hand. You can access the PC game on Steam.

6. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

games like spore

What sins have the empires committed against you and why do you wish to not stop till you have conquered them all?

Sins of a Solar Empire focuses majorly on the fact that you have to draw up strategies in this sci-fi game, gather up your military forces, magnificently interact with the universe and lead your troops to conquer those empires that their sins are troubling your mind after rebelling against you.

It may seem like conquering empires across the galaxy is easy but when you find yourself battling for hours in a war that is raging further with no intention to end, you will find out that the need for extreme wealth, power, and territory is one that can bring about such war.

There will extensive solar-systems battles, the need to build your empire, strategic concepts that will drive you to conquest. When your friends put a bounty on your head in the multiplayer section, the battle line will be at your doorstep and you can’t help but fight to survive. The PC game is accessible on via GamersGate here

7. Flow (2006)


Developed by Omni Systems Limited and published by Headup Games which is a German company, Eufloria’ is an RTS game that talks of the ‘Dyson Tree Hypothesis’, a concept with speculations.

It explains that trees can grow on comets and in formations when you meet conditions that favor them. This growth will bring about the birth of other trees around the planet when the leaves and the branches of your main tree fall off and transform into seedlings.

The game initiative bases on the fact that some trees are made for combat and defense and can help you in overtaking enemy asteroids when you burrow your roots in their cores. Currently, the game has not multiplayer mode which is a disadvantage as players often long to pair against their friends and do tree battles.

8. Plague Inc. (2012)

Plague Inc.

Although Plague Inc. does not have too similar gameplay to ‘Spore’, there are lots of similarities in their objectives and central game mechanics. In this evolutionary game, you begin as a harmless pathogen and finally grow into a lethal killer that can annihilate the whole human race.

When the game begins, you have to select one pathogen from several others with various attributes and mechanics and infect a person in the location you choose.

You will be on a timed race where you must infect the entire world in a hidden way before someone finds the cure. The more hidden you are in this infection and the speed at which you infect people will be the way you can achieve your goals.

You can adopt different evolutionary mechanics and traits that would increase the effectiveness of your strain so that wiping the earth would be quite easy.

However, if you do not desire for humanity to end, you can simply use the ‘neurax worm’ to enslave them or the ‘necro virus’ to turn them all to zombies. We won’t deny that we have thought of such before, because this is the time to try that idea out and fans of ‘Spore’ will not miss out on this crazy game.

9. Endless Space 2 (2017)

Endless Space 2

Just as its predecessor, ‘Endless Space 2’ has similar gameplay mechanics though there were lots of improvements. This series was developed by Amplitude Studios in 2017 and published by Sega and drew lots of fans that made it attain end-of-the-year awards nomination

. Though the game critics said it was quite similar to ‘Spore’ in many ways, Endless Space still differentiates itself quite in various technicalities and additions.

You begin in 5 different planets with different weather, habitat, and your chosen race. To dominate other planets and advance to the last civilization stage, you will have to boost your race technological power by holding researches that will decide whether you succeed in the gameplay or not.

With them, you can approach other planets and interact. The game lets you choose single-player mode if you like solo and multiplayer if there is a friend you are itching to bring onboard this wonderful game.

10. Osmos (2009)


In 2009, Hemisphere Games came up with this 2D video game known as ‘Osmos’ which involves an endless streak of an artistic puzzle. You can access the game on the Windows PC, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, and OnLive platforms.

The game idea is to absorb other planets with your planet as yours grow in size while ensuring you travel safely without destroying your planet in the process.

However, your planet appears in the form of a bubble which you will control through an endless stretch of space why you come in contact with other bubbles.

If they are smaller in size and you hit them, they attach to your bubble which grows bigger but when you come in contact with a bigger one, they will absorb your bubble (planet) and the game ends.

Still, the game developers have made it easy in the sense that those bigger have red markings while the smaller ones have green markings. Carefulness is one of the virtues you will have to bring into this game if you wish to succeed after playing for long hours.

11. Darkspore (2011)

Darkspore games like spore

‘Darkspore’ as the name sounds is a game with similar mechanics and character designs like the original Spore itself. It was developed by Maxis, the developers of ‘Spore’ and that is the reason for the similarity.

The action is fast-paced, the objectives are numerous and you will have to join a te4am of players so that you can work together and achieve them.

If you want to work solo, you can play in the PvP mode, or take on the battle arena. Currently, you cannot access the game because of EA’s though when they open their servers and it begins functioning again, we will alert the public.

12. E.V.O.: Search for Eden (1993)

E.V.O. Search for Eden

‘E.V.O.: Search for Eden’ dates back to the 1990s when the SNES systems were still ruling the gaming world. The game is old school and is one of the rare games you could access on the Super Nintendo in its time.

However, if you own one now, you can still find the game and try it out. It was developed by Almanic and published by Enix in 1993 as an ambitious game for the real gamer.

In EVO, you can create creature which will be your avatar, arm it with different attributes, earn evolutionary points that would aid your evolution, and evolve up the primitive man path till you become fully human. It is different from other games as it is 2D and is not yet known to be on other platforms.

13. Niche (2017)

Niche Games Like Spore

Niche’ is a life simulation game that bases majorly on genetics and traits. It was developed in 2017 and published by Stray Fawn Studio, an indie company for various platforms like Microsoft Windows PC, Linux, and Mac OS X.

The major goal in Niche is to preserve and breed particular traits and characters which would last through various generations. When you encounter a healthy set of genes, natural selection will aid you in removing the bad genes from the combination.

Your creature is one with that has that a combination of different genes from goats, cats, dogs, and deer and has similar traits like them.

As the game progresses, you encounter other creatures that you can make friends with and breed in so that you can perfect your genes set. Niche has addictive gameplay and would engage you for hours if you like ‘Spore’.

14. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

If you are a fan of space games, Kerbal Space Program is the right game for you. It brings before you the entire space environment where you can explore space through the aid of a helper you can find on your screen.

This helper is known as Kerbals and will assist you to create various materials, like space planes and rockets you will need in exploring space.

It gives you lots of opportunities for exploration, rocket and spaceship design as you’d get in spore. The game’s focus is on the creation of a spaceship that you can use to move away from the Earth’s gravitational force. It lets you craft a lot of irrational ideas into the structure, design, and operation of your rocket ship.

When you have left Earth, there is a variety of stuff you can do like landing on the moon, heading to a distant planet, leave your spaceship, explore via land, return to earth, and do your best to land without killing your pilots. The game is accessible on Steam.

Although the game doesn’t come with the same degree of evolution you’d find in Spore, it comes with impressive gameplay which you’ll definitely find intriguing.

15. Cosmogonia


Just like Spore, Cosmogonia is a game that focuses on universe exploration and colonization. You will engage other planets in a heated battle with the sole aim of defeating them and taking over the entire universe.

It is a combination of 3D and 2D objects and gives you the ability to strategize, win battles, and scale through the various challenges that will face you or try to impede your struggle to rule the remaining creatures in Cosmogonia.

16. Evolva

Evolva games like spore

In Evolva, you will go through various hunting stages and fight hard to defeat the hunters in the game that have seen different alterations in their genes which make them more powerful.

The main topic of the game is the alterations in genes and the urge to remain alive. This is a game where the science fiction lovers and gamers normally relish showing their talents as they learn new facts and theories in the course of the game.

17. SimLife


When you mess with the normal balance of life or nature, there is a temper you twitch which you will discover in the virtual world of SimLife.

Every plant and animal has unique genes that determine how they look and how they develop. In this game, you can alter any living thing and its various gens.

There are certain genes that you will find in animals and plants which verify the way they look and their overall development. The game will allow you to experience what it feels like after altering the genes.

That feeling creatures get after such alterations will present itself to you in the course of this game as you take control of the genes of the whole world.

The game genetic gameplay gives you the power to control different times in the real world. It is up to you to decide which animal flies; swims in the sea or live on the earth’s surface.

18. Eufloria


The concept of Eufloria is like other games here where you have to sow some seeds and let them grow. It is on the artistic level and has a lot of beautiful sceneries.

It makes use of different strategies to make exploring various parts of the fantasy world exciting and easy. Unfortunately, these seeds will get to a stage where they will surpass your control and that is when you know you have reached the final 21st level.

You can explore over 21 levels as you progress through the game. It comes with plenty of features which sometimes can make you highly relaxed. At other times the game features you encounter can prove to be very challenging.

19. Gridworld


If you inquire about my opinion, Gridworld is extremely weird and leads in such vein among the games here. The game begins with life proceeding at the most basic rate and you’ll be finding ways to ensure that it goes smoothly.

There will be a life to evolve too as the game gets complex and you’ll create more complicated creatures from the clone of others. Every creature in the game world has unique DNA and cloning their DNA could result in a creature that is either a little different or very different.

The best thing that happens in Gridworld is the formation of different adorable creatures having different DNAs from the ones you cloned. It has a super weird art style with everything in the game represented in their most basic form, nice gaming features, and good graphics which you might like or not.

It’s one of the most interesting games I have come across.

20. Birthdays the Beginning

Birthdays the Beginning

Birthdays the Beginning is one of the most adorable god sim games similar to Spore. It has the same pattern of creating adorable creatures with cute features just like spore and that is one idea I like.

The game is of sandbox-style and you have the task of ensuring the world is at ease and that everything functions normal so that living entities can thrive. The weather mode, land topography, and other features of the world lie in your hands. So, utilize these to ensure you make the environment suitable for life to go on.

The creatures in your world will survive depending on the world you design. Once a time, I set up an underwater world, and of course, the land animals couldn’t stay in such an environment.

Another thing was a magical forest and it doesn’t stop there as you can keep creating more world types in this addictive game. Hus, it is hard to know how the world you create would be in the end.

I assure you, you’ll have lots of fun with this game. I’m sure you will enjoy the fun as I did

21. Black & White 2

black and white 2

Black and White 2 is a great game simulation that comes with features of god genre. You will experience various miracles and power in the game and as the god; you choose to be a bad one or a good one. The power you long for so long is in your hands now and it is up to you to decide what you want to do among the capabilities of the god in Black & White 2.

You will be playing as the god of your people who is charged the role of controlling many things that happen in your virtual gaming world. You have the option of becoming a busy or good god who will take up many roles.

22. StarMade

starmade Games Like Spore

StarMade utilizes sandbox technology to allow you to have fun in the wonderful fantasy world. Just as the name implies, StarMade is a game made for those who love the stellar world.

The game was made of sandbox technology and sets you in the space platform where you will experience a lot of fun. You can craft spaceships, shields, and other tools you can use in achieving the success you desire for your star.

You can as well harvest various minerals and elements in the game which will help you build different kinds of stuff. This can help you develop skills that can be useful in a real-life scenario.

Customization of things to your taste is possible too as you rule the stellar world. You will equally come in contact with asteroids and other things that make the game a lot more fun.

23. Impossible Creatures

Impossible Creatures

This game puts you in a world where you’ll create many different types of creatures. When you create various creatures in this game, you can use them to fight and defeat the enemy. The creatures you make can include both plants and animals that can alter their genes to fulfill multiple missions.

The game developers made sure that your creature turn against you and you will have to kill the work of your hands. An exciting and thrilling game that keeps you glued to your console for hours.

It’ll get to a point where your creatures will turn against you and slay your father. Filled with rage to avenge your father’s death you’ll start to war against the rebels among the creatures you made.

24. Creatures: The Albian Years

Creatures The Albian Years

This game launches you in a virtual world where your task involves creating creatures and teaching them to survive in the environment.

The feeling of Spore entrails the idea of this virtual game and there are lots of good graphics, beautiful creatures, and an astounding world too, where you show your capability of the ruling.

It is a great game like spore to try if you have an interest in science fiction. It is one of the favorite games of spore lovers. It’s packed with loads of features that will take your imagination to higher levels. The multiple features of this game is one of the attractive parts of this game.

It puts you in the beautiful fantasy world where you’ll encounter plenty of lovable creatures. It will create a spore-like feeling while you play it but plenty of features of this game make it even more fascinating.

The appealing graphics of the game and the beauty of the game-world would make it all the more attractive and exciting.

25. The Mims Beginning

Best Games Like Spore

The Mims comes up on this list as the last game though not the least. It involves you helping your people with structures crafting, animal breeding, and food provision to enable them to survive.

Your task equally involves ensuring your people have sufficient food. While the game doesn’t seem attractive to me at first, I was truly fascinated by the fun features of the game which are hard to ignore.

Monsters will rise against your people, disasters will hit them but if you prepare well, then you will lead them through safely. While you’ll face a lot of combat in the game, for me this battling is one of the most attractive part of the game.

Your people, the Mims aren’t quite smart as they will even require your attention before they could do the basics of things , hence keeping you busy throughout your game play.


How can I get a free spore in 2020?

•Click on the “Download Game” tab to download “Spore Frees” Installer . It features resumable Download mode.
•Once the download is finished, open the Installer and click on the Next t2ab to select the directory that you want to use for the installation of the file.
•Let the full game version Download into a directory you have chosen.
•Once this is done, you can click on the open button to start playing the game and enjoy all it has to offer.

Is Spore on the Xbox one?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that Electronic Arts will publish Spore for the Xbox 360 platform though the PC version is available now.

Can you play Spore multiplayer?

Aside from the space stage, you cannot play any other mode because of the basic design.

What can I play Spore on?

For now, you can play Spore on the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

What happened to Spore Origins?

Spore Origins also known as Spore Mobile is the mobile phone, N-Gage mobile gaming series and an iPod spin-off of the original Spore. It centers on one stage of the bigger game’s gameplay, known as the Cell stage. The iOS model of the game is a 32-bit app, therefore, it’s unlikely to run on iOS 11 and recent versions which don’t have support for 32-bit apps.

What is Spore Hero?

Spore Hero is a Nintendo Wii game developed by Maxis and initially released on October 6th, 2009. It’s a spin-off from the original Spore game. In this game, Spore players explore areas with new powerful items and abilities. 

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