Best Games Like Detroit Become Human You Need To Try

best games like detroit become human

Detroit Become Human took over the gaming world with its immersive world, storytelling, and fast-paced adventure– and now many gamers are looking for the best options for games just like it.

To say that Detroit Become Human has made a splash as one of the most popular titles for Quantic Dreams is an understatement. In fact, Detroit Become Human now ranks along with games like the iconic Call of Duty franchise.

By August 2020, Detroit Become Human had sold over 5 million copies since it launched on Steam. It also added a Community Play feature, where Twitch streamers and viewers would interact while playing in a seamless way.

That echoes the initial success of Detroit Become Human. While originally launched only for PS4, the two million copies sold in a year seemed to convince CEO Guillaume de Fonduamiere to launch on other platforms, including PC, and expand for international markets.

And while there’s no doubt that Detroit Become Human has certainly earned acclaim, many players are asking for more. For now, there are only rumors of a sequel. In the meantime, the good news is that there are other games like it, both for console and PC.

In this article, I’ll tell you what you need to know about Detroit Become Human, the hype behind the game, and the best games like Detroit Become Human that you can buy, whether you’re looking for console or PC games.

What is Detroit Become Human like?

Detroit Become Human


If you’re like me, you may have first heard of Detroit Become Human in passing, and, as it gained in popularity, become increasingly interested.

It turns out that there is a reason behind the mass appeal, and, for many, Detroit Become Human is well worth it, even if you don; ’t always gravitate towards narrative, adventure-based games.

What is the point of Detroit becoming human?

Detroit Become Human is a 3D adventure game that follows a narrative and includes searching after androids and following clues. Part adventure, part story, Detroit Become Human, at its heart, explores themes of humanity, servitude, technology, and the capabilities–both good and bad–of the invention.

Is there any gameplay in Detroit becoming human?

While Detroit Become Human is known for its storyline and compelling graphics, it’s even more known for its core gameplay.

The storyline progresses through events and different decisions you’ll be forced to make, both through dialogue and interactions. The narrative is also divided into chapters, all of which can be viewed through an overall chart overview.

The innovative thing, though, and one that separates Detroit Become Human from other games like it, is that the story or narrative is not fixed.

Your decisions in the game transform the different chapters, events, and decisions you’ll face. Within certain scenes, you’ll also have to face quick action, collect clues, and more.

How many endings does Detroit Become Human have?

detroit become human game

Another thing I love about Detroit Become Human is that, despite being story-driven, you can play through it several times, or even numerous times, because it has multiple possible endings–meaning you very well could be playing in your favorite gaming chair for some time to come.

In all, Detroit Become Human has an impressive 85 endings, at least based on the chart overview. There is a caveat to this, however.

While at first glance, there are indeed over 80 endings for Detroit Become Human, in reality, many of timeshare overlapping events, meaning the number of endings that are truly unique may be about half that.

Nonetheless, the endings may point to yet another reason why Detroit Become Human is one of the most popular games for PC, Mac, and PlayStation (which rumors for a Playstation 5 comeback).

How do I find games like Detroit Become Human?

Maybe you’ve already played through Detroit Become Human, even multiple times, or maybe you’re just looking for more games like it to expand your gaming collection.

Even the best gaming accessories and set up can’t make up for wanting to immerse yourself in a new game.

To find the best games like Detroit Become Human, I looked for games that share some of the core elements of it: a narrative-driven, adventure game, with immersive 3D graphics, combined with both strategic and fast-action gameplay,

If that sounds like a tall order, the good news is that there are in fact many great options, across gaming platforms. I suspect that the quantity of adventure and narrative-driven games are in part due to the success of games like Detroit Become Human.

And of course, I look for well-received games, with unique qualities of their own. Rather than searching for the games that are the very most like Detroit Become Human, I prefer games that can also stand on their own merits, with unique and signature features that’ll keep you playing for hours to come.

Best Detroit Become Human Alternatives: My Picks

Now let’s get into my picks for the best Detroit Become Human games. It doesn’t matter if you have the best gaming laptop, or a new console, or, like me, play your games on an older computer.

These games feature some of the most beloved gameplay aspects of Detroit Become Human but are standouts in their own right.

I’ll give you a list of the best games across platforms, and just a little information about them so you can decide which one is right for you.

Best Adventure Games for PC and MAC

These games are adventure-based and available for PC and Mac platforms. While they do include narratives, they focus a little more on decisions within the game and are less story-heavy than Detroit Like Human.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

This bestselling PC game inspired a feature film and took the gaming world by storm for a number of reasons. Produced and developed by gaming company Giant Ubisoft, this game feels a little fantastical but will appeal to lovers of the adventure, narrative-based gameplay that attracts so many to Detroit Become Human.

Considering that the first version was released in 2003, this game has had staying power, with a remake with improved features now available for pre-order.

The game centered around a prince set during ancient times. The city the prince is in is sieged, as it’s up to you to harness control of the Sands, a gift from a sultan. Strategy, storylines, and fast action combines to combat evil forces, all set in an immersive setting.

The series has won numerous awards since its first release. You’ll have to also navigate elaborate traps, fight monsters, and outwit enemies.

I especially like that it’s set during the 9th century, and provides enough mystery to offer even more reluctant adventure game players. Pre-Order the Remake Here.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

rise of the tomb raider

Another great game for any who likes Detroit Become Human is the Rise of the Tomb Raider. The sequel is a series of acclaimed games by Crystal Dynamics, this is an action-packed intriguing 3D adventure game with edges of narrative.

Direct combat is a major gameplay feature, following a quest like a theme. You explore as Lara Croft, navigating the fantasy city of Kitezh and collecting must have weapons like rifles and shotguns, as well as even bows and arrows and explosive barrels.

Outwit your enemies, gain skills, and develop more efficient combat moves as you collect relics. In an appeal to players who like Minecraft, you can even craft your own weapons to ensure your survival.

New options like chapter replays and expeditions set it apart from its predecessor and give it replay value that many admire in Detroit Become Human. Buy Here.

A Way Out

a way out

Looking for a game with the adventure and real-world feel of Detroit Like Human, but with a chance to play multiplayer?

A Way Out may be one of your best options. Developed by behemoth EA, A Way Out allows you to team up with your friends as different characters. Together, you must act quickly but also plan your escape from prison.

While the game includes puzzles and interactions, you get plenty of fast action, with the ability to stealth, sneak, and fight your way through.

The multiplayer aspect even allows you to play on a split screen–an especially appealing feature right now when it may not be possible to meet up with friends in person.

Though it doesn’t have the very best replay value, it’s a well-designed game with suitable graphics, a unique concept, and the ability to team up. It’s also available for PS4, but well suited for PC. Buy Here.

Best Games for Console

If you’re a console player, the good news is that there are plenty of games that will appeal to fans of Detroit Like Human.

Still, I’ve narrowed it down to the top 3 best options that provide an immersive world experience, and combine combat with a narrative for hours of gameplay so many love from Detroit Become Human.

Read Dead Redemption 2

Read Dead Redemption 2

If you love exploring 3D worlds and want fast-paced action–but with a setting as well developed as Detroit Become Human, then Red Dead Redemption II may be your best bet.

Set in 1899, you explore the Wild West in the signature town of Blackwater. Escape following a botched robbery and flee from bounty hunters and FBI agents.

Also appealing to fans of the Grand Theft Auto series, but with a more historical twist, Read Dead Redemption is a Mature-rated game that allows you to steal and fight for your survival.

The narrative thread of the main character and the decisions they must make in terms of their loyalty to their gang adds unexpected depth, and the graphics are quite impressive.

Well suited for an action-based adventure with more to it than fighting, this game is great for anyone who likes Detroit Become Human, but wants more of an action-based spin. Buy Here.

God of War

god of war

The God of War series was first released in 2005 and has become successful and popular enough to launch 8 subsequent games for the console.

The game for Playstation 4 may not be new, but it’s still impressive and deserves its place on the best games like Detroit Become Human.

Set with a Norse mythology backdrop, the game ties heavily to previous games in the series. Made by gaming giant Activision, the storyline may not last you forever, but, at an estimated 25 to 35 hours, it still runs much longer than past God of War games.

Part survival, part narrative, the main character must survive and help his son survive, battling in a dangerous world full of mysterious caves, mountains, and dense forests.

You’ll encounter everything from monsters to gods and be challenged to find weapons, develop skills, and navigate a fantastical world. Buy Here.

Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V

Skyrim Elder Scrolls V

There are few games more iconic than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and that’s especially true for the immersive feel you’ll get when playing on Console.

While in many ways this game requires no introduction, Skyrim is a game you may not have considered for a Detroit Like Human alternative.

While more quest based in nature, the open world, eye-catching graphics, and nearly endless gameplay ties into the deep sense of exploration you get as you play through Detroit Become Human, only in a more expanded, unscripted manner.

Major requests focus on a central storyline while giving your freedom to create your own. This action role-playing game includes dungeons, caves, cities, fortresses, and more, a robust modding community, and a compelling look at how we interact. Buy Here.

Best Story Driven Games

If you want the closest games that are like Detroit Like Human, consider these. All of these games I love for their storytelling elements, more emotional look, and slightly slower pace–but with unique features that make them stand out.

Life is Strange Series

life is strange 2

Life is Strange has been a hit for a number of communities, from more adventure players to lovers of life simulation games like The Sims.

With surprisingly wide appeal, this game is impressive not only in its presentation but also compelling and dramatic storylines that will stay with you long after you play.

The series is a 3D adventure game divided into episodes, with a unique art style and well-rounded characters. Players investigate locations within the setting of an American based, fictional town and progress through dialogue, with options that can change events.

In this way, Life is Strange will appeal to the emotional core and multiple endings fans of Detroit Become Human. The impact of single decisions is fascinating, and it’s to see why this game has garnered even initially reluctant fans. Plus, it’s available for Windows, Console, and even mobile platforms. Buy Here.



Designated as “one of the finest adventure games ever made,’ DreamFall is a true classic, and a must to be considered as one of the best games like Detroit Become Human.

Available for purchase on Steam for Windows, the award-winning game still has an almost cinematic feel, combining exploration and adventure with music and a storyline with an emotional core.

Well developed characters and fantastical worlds brimming with life, you’ll use your influence to sweet talk, threaten, or sneak as you explore not one but three worlds.

It also has unexpected twists, with murder, betrayal, and more. Buy Here.


Question: Is Detroit becoming human 2 coming out?

Answer: For now, there is no official announcement for a sequel for Detroit Become Human. However, rumors have swirled that a second game could come out.

David Cage, the founder of the studio responsible for Detroit Become Human, has mentioned that the studio has surprises in the future. Whether that means a sequel, games like it, or something different entirely, many are staying tuned for more gaming news, with hopes of a new game sometime in the future.

Question: What is the secret ending in Detroit becoming human?

Answer: Detroit Become Human is known for its multiple endings and immersive gameplay, but some players may not be aware that there is a secret ending.

The secret ending can be accessed after playing through the game. Wait until after the credits, and then you’ll be directed back to the main menu. After this, a secret ending will be unlocked for your next playthrough.

Final Thoughts

Coming narrative, adventure, and fast action–all in an incredible and explorable 3D world, Detroit Like Human may be a standout, but there are many games out there that can satisfy similar gameplay styles.

Looking for the very best experience possible? Make sure you have all the best gaming accessories you need.

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