What is the Best Mouse for Fortnite?

fortnite gaming mice

Even though it is available for many different platforms, the best way of playing Fortnite is on its original platform, the PC.

Instead of dealing with clunky and frustrating touchscreen controls or joysticks, you can precisely aim and shoot using a mouse on PC. But you shouldn’t just play it with any kind of cheap mouse you can find in an office or the bargain bin – since Fortnite sessions can last up to 30 minutes, your mouse of choice should be comfortable, responsive, and easy to use.

However, you shouldn’t solely consider Fortnite when looking for gaming mice – you will also likely use it for other games, for browsing the web, for doing schoolwork at home, and so on. Even though this guide will take Fortnite into consideration, we will also look at the reviewed mice considering general usage, technical specifications, and price-to-value ratio.

There are so many different factors to consider when looking at mice – it is very difficult to know what is important to you and what isn’t. To help with this, the first part of the guide will go into detail on technical specs and factors to consider, before recommending specific mice.

What aspects to consider when looking for a gaming mouse

Type of build

There are two kinds of mouse builds when it comes to their design: symmetrical and asymmetrical. The former category often includes very basic mice with the usual three buttons, but recently some gaming mouse developers created adaptable mice.

You can change the layout of buttons on these, simply by taking out a usually sliding part containing the side buttons and placing it on the other side of the mouse. Asymmetrical mice are often made in two versions: right and left-handed variants, but not all companies care enough to make such reversed versions of their mice.

Left-handed or ambidextrous

If you are a left-handed gamer, consider looking at these kinds of mice, since gaming mice are often one-sided. This means by using your left hand, those mice will be quite difficult to use and uncomfortable even during shorter sessions.

As I said in the previous section, some mice are symmetrical, others can be adapted by moving buttons and parts – consider symmetric mice if you yourself are left-handed or if such a person also uses your computer often.


Wired or wireless. While wireless mice have come a long way in recent years, many gamers might prefer not to have to deal with batteries and possible interferences with other wireless devices.

The most recent wireless gaming mice feature very low (under 1 ms) latencies, almost the same as their wired counterparts, but these mice are not ideal for very long gaming sessions because of replaceable or rechargeable batteries, which mean you have to occasionally wait for them to recharge, or buy new batteries constantly.

Amount of buttons

The main draw of gaming mice is having additional buttons right at the tip of your fingers. How many extra buttons you need are entirely up to your preferences and the genre of games you typically play.

MMO players usually need more buttons, and there are mice that cater to them with button-pads on the side. On the contrary, most shooter players will only find 2-3 additional buttons useful – the same goes for Fortnite, where at most 3-4 extra buttons are enough for managing the building part of the game.

DPI or dots per inch

Higher DPI values mean that the mouse will react more accurately to small movement, with much less dead zone. Most gaming mice are capable of using multiple DPI settings, and some even allow their users to change these settings to their preferred values instead of using factory specified steps.

For Fortnite, the suggested DPI settings are between 400 and 1000 DPI, which lets you aim more precisely by utilizing larger hand movements over a wider surface. By using a mouse with adjustable DPI, you can experiment with these values and find the one that suits you the most.

Looks and style

If you care about how your gaming setup looks, there are many options to pimp it up. LEDs and other color-changing parts are often prevalent in high-end gaming mice.

Cheaper ones usually come in multiple painted color choices, so you can still choose one that fits your style. This part is just personal preference – there is no performance difference between differently colored mice of the exact same model.

Size and shape

This is a very important part – always try out mice before you buy them. If your friends have interesting mice, ask them to let you try it out for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can visit computer parts shops or large outlets, where you can find mice on display.

When trying them out, you should make sure whether they fit into your hand, and whether it is easy for you to keep using them during longer gaming periods. Left-handed players should not use right-handed mice with their left hands and vice versa. You should also choose a mouse with the size appropriate for your hands, as you would not want an oversized or undersized mouse. This is important if your hands are larger or smaller than average.


Your mouse shouldn’t be too easy or difficult to move. Heavier mice have more friction with the mouse pad and can be tiresome for your arms after a while, and lighter mice can be difficult to accurately control since you have to forcefully stop your hand to avoid moving over your target. Some high-end mice come with additional weights that you can put inside them, enabling you to customize their weight between two given ranges.


Consider mice that fit into your budget. While some features such as adaptability and RGB LEDs are exclusive to the higher-end mice, you can find good gaming mice without all the extra fluff in the lower ranges.

Continue reading our full guide on how to find the best affordable mouses.

What to consider specifically for Fortnite

As Fortnite is a fast-paced shooter with a few more functions than a regular FPS / TPS game, the following factors are more important when choosing a mouse for this game.

Amount of buttons

You should be able to switch between the four building options (floor, ramp, wall, and pyramid) quickly, so at least 3-4 extra buttons are nice to have. Look for mice with at least 6-7 buttons, since the LMB, RMB, and middle button (which is usually pushing down the scroll wheel) are included in the number of buttons shown on the technical specs.

Clicky scroll wheel

Since you use the wheel to swap between the various weapons and items on your quick bar, having a precise clicky wheel is very important. Even though almost every gaming mouse has such wheels, you should still ensure they do work and click well, since you should be able to scroll exactly the amount you need to swap quickly between items.

Adjustable DPI

Since you will most likely experiment with in-game mouse sensitivity and your new mouse’s DPI settings to find the ideal setup for you, having adjustable DPI is paramount.

It is even better if you can set it to the exact values you want it to, instead of having to rely on the manufacturer’s pre-determined settings. By playing around with Fortnite’s in-game sensitivity and the DPI settings of your mouse, you can find the ideal balance between your mouse pad’s size and the sensitivity you are most comfortable with on it.

Ideal mouse settings for Fortnite

The most important thing in Fortnite is being able to quickly react to threats all around you, while at the same time also being capable of shooting accurately at more distant enemies.

The game has several different sensitivity settings for scoped and unscoped modes, so you should experiment with both while finding the ideal sensitivity. You can read this article on ProSettings.net for a more detailed explanation between normal, Aim Down Sights, and Scoped modes, but the general rule is that there shouldn’t be too significant differences between the three sensitivities.

You can view your favorite pro-Fortnite streamer’s graphics and control settings, PC configuration and streaming gear, even the mouse they use. All of this info can be found on the Fortnite-specific page of ProSettings.net, featuring around 140 pro streamers with their PC configs, gears, and settings.

Even though these lists can be a source of inspiration, it is very important to note that your own comfort and needs are of paramount importance – don’t choose a mouse just because your favorite pro uses it – always take the chance to try them out to see whether they actually fit into your hands and are comfortable to use over longer periods.

Now that we’re done with the technical details of gaming mice and the specifics important in Fortnite, let’s take a look at 3 of the best gaming mice recommended for Fortnite by pro streamers. I will provide in-depth reviews with pros and cons for all 3, then close out this article with a definitive recommendation based on the best price-to-value ratio.

Logitech G502

According to pros like Ninja or SpaceLyon, this is one of the best gaming mice or Fortnite. It features a whopping 11 re-programmable buttons and one additional “sniper” button, which temporarily reduces DPI for sniper or similar long-range weapons. This latter feature isn’t too important in Fortnite, because the game has a different sensitivity option for scopes.


The mouse has solid, easy to grip surfaces and buttons. It is also asymmetrical, meaning it isn’t an ideal choice for left-handed people, and there is no such edition of it available. However, this is a great choice for right-handed players with average (medium) hands.

The mouse is a bit heavy (about 125 grams), and it comes with additional weights you can put inside if you need it to be even heavier. For Fortnite, the base weight is just on the higher end, requiring somewhat stronger arm movements. The scroll-wheel seems to be made of cheaper material, but it gets the job done, even though it feels a bit loose.


Software-wise, the included Logitech Gaming Software is amazing and is easy to set up and use. Buttons can be easily re-programmed on a per-game basis, and the mouse itself can store up to 3 profiles in its internal memory.

Setting up game-specific button configurations is very easy, because the software actually supports most currently available games including Fortnite, and it actually refers to the in-game commands by their name.

These functions are especially useful if you partake in various LAN Fortnite events because you can use the exact same settings you are used to from home, either by bringing the mouse with yourself, or logging into the software if the event uses this same kind of mouse.

The software can also control the mouse’s RGB illumination and its DPI range. While it is unnecessary for Fortnite and similar games, the device can go up to 12,000 DPI. There is also an innovative surface-testing built into the software – this can help in optimizing DPI and sensitivity to fit the surface you use this mouse on.


The Logitech G502 is a great and popular choice among pro Fortnite gamers – even Ninja uses it when he plays. It is a good all-around universal choice for most gamers.

Even though it is on the heavier side, its software capabilities and 11 re-programmable buttons more than makeup for this. While this is a more expensive mouse when compared to the other two in this review, its features make it worth the buy.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer’s DeathAdder mice are a popular choice among gamers, including Fortnite pro streamers. The DeathAdder mice are a solid choice because they are simple – they work well out of the box, but additional, fashionable features such as LED lighting are also present on them.


The DeathAdder is a simple, minimalistic gaming mouse with 5 buttons: LMB, RMB, middle scroll wheel/clicker, and two thumb buttons. Every button is a bit oversized when compared to the entire mouse size – the thumb buttons are about as big as thumbs on a smaller hand, and the two main buttons also curve down to the very bottom.

This makes it easier to actually use the buttons, and the rubberized sides help in firmly holding the device in your hand. The LED lighting is very minimalistic on this model –  only the Razer logo and the scroll wheel light up. This model is only available in a right-handed variant.


You can use Razer Synapse to set the lighting’s color, change the DPI steps between 400 and 10000. That’s it, there are no extra functions, re-programmable buttons, or similar extra features on the DeathAdder model.


If you are an average right-handed person with a fairly low budget, the Razer DeathAdder can be a great choice. You can personalize its color, and the two thumb buttons are recognized by almost every game without any extra setup.

The DeathAdder’s strong point is that it just works out of the box, and at the same time, it provides the very basic DPI customization features that can be expected of a gaming mouse. While there are no extra mouse buttons apart from 4 and 5, these two are immediately recognized by any game without needing any additional setup, this includes Fortnite itself.

SteelSeries Sensei 310

The Sensei 310 is a great ambidextrous mouse, ideal if you are a left-handed Fortnite player. Its symmetrical design means there are two thumb-buttons on both the left and right sides, which means there are 8 buttons in total. However, you can only reach one of either side easily, unless you use a claw grip. The DPI range is impressive – it can be adjusted from 100 to 10,000.


This ergonomic symmetrical mouse has two buttons on both sides, enabling even left-handed people to use it in the same way as right-handed ones do.

The two side buttons don’t really get in the way of your little finger, and they are a bit difficult to reach with them when holding the mouse with a palm grip. The mouse’s side grips help in resting your little finger on the side comfortably, and the size of the entire device is average, so it is suited for most players with normal hands.


The mouse comes with the SteelSeries Engine software, which has a whole host of features geared toward the more competitive people. These are often useful to Fortnite players too, especially if they attend LAN events with their own mouse.

You can save macros and button configurations, DPI settings, adjust the RGB LED lighting or turn it off, among other things. You can even download config files from SteelSeries or their sponsored e-sport players, enabling you to use the same setup as they do. The only drawback here is that the software only supports storing two DPI values, which can be a hassle initially when getting used to the new device.


If you are left-handed or just want a symmetrical mouse for any reason, the SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a good choice, especially when it comes to the price-to-value ratio.

It features almost everything a gamer needs from a mouse – but it should have more steps in DPI adjustment. Most other mice are capable of at least 3-4 steps, but the Sensei 310 can only switch between two values determined in the Engine software, making the initial experimenting with values more cumbersome and annoying. Also, the mouse is only recommended if you claw-grip it instead of palm-gripping.

Comparison Table

Logitech G502 Razer DeathAdder Chroma SteelSeries Sensei 310
Buttons 13 5 8
DPI range 200 – 12,000 400 – 10,000 100 – 10,000
Weight 125g + weights (164g total) 105g 92g
Polling rate (hz) 1000 1000 1000
Internal memory Yes No Yes

Conclusion: What’s the Ultimate Take?

As you can see from this article and the three recommended devices, having at least two extra buttons and adjustable DPI settings are a must-have for the fast-paced Fortnite game. While the three reviewed mice are all great in their own rights, you shouldn’t ignore the other options available everywhere.

I would recommend reading different reviews too and trying the mice out in real-world environments before making a purchase – no review article or video can replicate actually trying whether your chosen mice would fit into your hand properly.

After making a decision, you should look around on price-comparison websites and on Amazon or Ebay for the best deals.

You shouldn’t buy directly from the manufacturer or a local shop, unless you want to get the mouse immediately – a few days of waiting is usually worth it if the device is available at a reduced price in a webshop. Amazon is a great place to look for discounted gaming mice, but check whether it is used or not before contacting the seller or purchasing.

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