Smite Crossplay Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Smite Crossplay Guide

Smite is a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena run by Hi-Rez Studios. Unlike usual MOBA games, this game has a third-person point of view. You can find it on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

In this fantastical game, you can be a god, goddess, or various other mythological figures. You can team up and take part in combats. Further, each god and goddess will have their abilities and tactics against minions and other players.

Smite was available to the public for the first time on 31 May 2012. Then, it was officially released on 25 March 2014. The game successfully reached over 4 million players in the same year of release. 

As of 2020, the game had more than 40 million players. The game has garnered positive reviews from gamers as well as critics. 

The game has also won several awards and accolades. Some of them include BAFTA AMD eSports Audience Award in 2016 and Best MOBA Global Game Awards in 2018. 

The game has various exciting modes, including the Conquest, the largest model in this game. You can choose between Custom, Co-Op, Normal, Training, and Ranked play styles. 

The god and goddesses are from different pantheons. Some of them are Greed, Norse, Egyptian, Chinese, Hindu, Slavic, and Yoruba. In addition to gods, there are special powerful monsters in the game.

Hi-Rez Studios believes that gamers should not be restricted access to their game based on the platform. Therefore, you can Smite crossplay is available and can play it across many platforms. Smite is live with cross-progression and crossplay across PC, Switch, and Xbox.

Smite’s crossplay settings are very accessible and simple to use. If you are wondering how this crossplay works, this article will guide you through all that you need to know about Smite crossplay.

What is MOBA?

What is MOBA

MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is a subgenre of video games that allows two or more players to compete against each other on a battlefield. This type of strategy game will have a predefined battlefield with obstacles and challenges for the players to overcome.

As a player, you will usually have to control a single character that comes with a distinct set of capabilities. In most cases, you can improve and update the character’s ability throughout the game. This will also help in building the team’s overall strength and strategize better.

Usually, the ultimate objective of the game will be either of the two ways. They are noted below:

  • To destroy the opponent team
  • To destroy their main structure located on the opposite end of the battlefield

Generally, you will have the assistance of the computer-controlled units that will march forward along the path towards your enemy’s base. However, most MOBA games are real-time strategy games; some are not. 

For example, Smite is a MOBA game, but it is not a real-time strategy game. It is a fusion of action, role-playing, and real-time strategy.

Other examples of MOBA games are League of the Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Strife, and Defense of the Ancients.

What is Crossplay?

What is Smite Crossplay

Crossplay is an online gaming functionality. In this type of functioning, the gamers can play video games using different hardware to play with each other simultaneously. 

This feature is commonly applied for players the game provides to play with another player on different hardware. For instance, one player uses a console while another uses a computer, and they both have the same abilities in the game.

The feature is related to cross-platform, although it is slightly different. Cross-platform development employs software and tools to enable the game on multiple platforms. Cross-platform play allows a gamer to play a game on different hardware platforms. 

In many cases, you will only have to spend on the title for a single system. This will also allow you to access it on other hardware. 

It comes with numerous advantages, from saving money to allowing you to play with your friends regardless of the devices each of you own. Additionally, this feature will allow you to retain the development and progress you achieved in the game via techniques such as cloud storage.

Providing crossplay games comes with its challenges as well. The first and main challenge is factoring in the differences in the scheme of things in consoles and computers. 

Another factor is providing a consistent and safe environment requires the corporations to open up their space for cross-platform play.

About Smite Cross-Platform

Smite Crossplay Platform

Smite is a cross-platform game with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Although Smite Launched a crossplay feature with Season 6, it was not accessible widely. However, they enabled crossplay in 2019 by helping connect PS4 to PC, Switch, and Xbox players.

This enabled gamers to play Smite, Realm Royal, Paladins, and Rouge Company on PS5. However, the crossplay changed since the Smite Season 7 Vigilant Update. This update eliminated the open cross-platform option for PC gamers. Instead, it prefers queues depending on the input process.

For instance, if you use a controller, you can join queues for the game you wish to queue for. At the same time, you will join the K&M queue if you use a PC (as in keyboard and mouse).

As you can see, you will not have any option as a PC player as the game will automatically queue to the game. On the other hand, if you are playing using a console, you have options. You can go into the option, then the user interface, and switch between crossplay choices.

Therefore, console players have the best option for crossplay. If you select Xbox or PS4, then the options for mouse and keyboard will become disabled.

Smite Gameplay

Smite Gaming

Unlike most MOBA games, you will have to control the gods from a third-person perspective. However, most other features are similar to MOBA game features. Check out the game works as you read on.

Gameplay Modes

Smite features various gameplay modes, and the largest of them all is Conquest. As a gamer, you can choose between Custom, Co-Op, Training (vs. AI), Ranked play, and Normal styles. 

You can also choose any of the standard game modes from there. Sometimes, they will introduce special event games that will feature unlimited gold and more.


With each game, you will have to choose an avatar of god or other powerful figures to play as. The game offers a large number of avatars that you can choose from currently. It includes Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, Japanese, Hindu, Slavic, Yoruba, and Norse.

Some of the most powerful gods in this game include:

  • King Arthur
  • Bacchus
  • Achilles
  • Bakasura
  • Ah Muzen Cab
  • Merlin
  • Freya
  • Ravana
  • Susano
  • Erlang Shen

Each god-avatar is classified as one of the classes as listed below:

  • Assassin
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Guardian
  • Warrior

Also, two players in the game can not choose the same avatar unless stated otherwise.

Smite Pantheons

Smite Collage of Gods

Apart from the popular gods, you have a long list of God avatars to play as. Some of the popular Smite pantheons you can check out are:

  • Arthurian Pantheon: Arthurian legend revolves around the legendary King Arthur. The gods in this pantheon include King Arthur, Merlin, and Morgan Le Fay.
  • Egyptian Pantheon: In ancient Egypt, rituals and mythologies were a part of everyday life. Egyptians were polytheistic and worshipped many gods and goddesses. The gods in this pantheon include Neith, Osiris, Serqet, Anubis, and Set.
  • Greek Pantheon: Possibly, this is the largest pantheon in the game. Some of the gods include Achilles, Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena, Nike, Nemesis, Medusa, Zeus, Poseidon, and Scylla.
  • Norse Pantheon: There are many gods in Norse Mythology, and this game includes several of them. The gods include Freya, Hel, Thor, Odin, Skadi, and Ullr.
  • Roman Pantheon: In ancient Rome, people worshipped many deities. Some of the deities are included in the game. They are Cupid, Bellona, Hercules, Mercury, Nox, Discordia, and Terra.


To create the most efficient team, you can choose the characters based on RPG raid configurations. This includes the level of damage they can cause, healing capacity, tank, and magical powers.

Each god comes with a basic attack, a passive trait, and other abilities. Usually, gods will have four other abilities in this game. It includes varying effects on the following:

  • Area
  • Crowd Control
  • Buff
  • Damage
  • Healing

As you keep playing, you can update these abilities by gaining more experience, taking down towers, and defeating enemy avatars.


The gods are capable of a wide range of things. With the right knowledge of these elements, you can turn the game in your favor.

  • Mythical Setting: In several unique battlefields, two teams can fight to defeat their opponents. The battlefields range from the Roman Colosseum, the Ancient Pyramid of Egypt, the battlefield of Ragnarök, and the Siege of Mount Olympus. 
  • Power: You can power up your god levels from one to twenty in a single match. This will help you in gaining strength. Plus, you can purchase relics and in-game items to benefit the avatar.
  • Calculated Strikes: Each god has its abilities, and you can control every one of their attacks in the game. With careful aim, proper melee, and ground target of the area of effect, you can maximize your efforts. 

How to Use the Smite Crossplay Feature?

By enabling the crossplay feature, you can connect with your friends on all platforms. Although some games that feature crossplay require you to use the same base system, Smite does not. 

Luckily, you do not have to worry about it. So, how to use the crossplay feature on Smite game? 

It’s quite easy to enable this feature when compared to other games. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you enable the crossplay feature on Smite.

  • Step #1. Firstly, you will need a stable internet connection. Then, open the SMITE application in the game.
  • Step #3. Go to the Main Menu in the application.
  • Step #4. Then, search for the Sub-Menu option and click on it.
  • Step #5. Once you click on it, a new menu will open where you will have to look for User Interface Option. Now, click on the User Interface Option.
  • Step #6. In this option, you will find an option to toggle on the Crossplay feature in this game. It is the Crossplay feature in Smite you have been looking for.
  • Step #7. Now, switch the toggle on that says Enable Crossplay.
  • Step #8. Once you switch it on, you have enabled crossplay. Therefore, you can play with your friends on multiple devices.

Selective Smite Crossplay 

If you would want to enable cross-play for certain devices only, you can do that as well. You turn the toggle On for Enable Crossplay and then select the device. 

For instance, you can select Console only or PS4 only. This will allow you to restrict the matchmaking process with players on different platforms.

On the other hand, you can match with anyone regardless of their device if you do not select the particular devices to crossplay with.

How to Add or Invite a Friend for Smite Crossplay?

how to invite friends smite

With the Crossplay feature in Smite turned on, you can start playing with your friends regardless of each other’s input methods. This will allow you to build a stronger team and develop strategic plans to defeat the enemy.

Adding a Friend

Here’s a simple guide that will help you add your friend for a Smite crossplay.

  • Step #1. After you turn on the Enable Crossplay feature on the menu, you can select the specific devices your friends have if you want to. Even if you do not, it will be alright as long as you have your friend’s game tag.
  • Step #2. Go to the Main Menu and find Friends List.
  • Step #3. Click on Friends List, and it will open to show you all the friends you have on your Smite list. Then, select your friend’s game tag or ID.
  • Step #4. If your friend is not on the list, you can find them using their nametag or IDs. Type in the game tag for Xbox One or in-game name for Nintendo Switch and PC.
  • Step #5. Then, their user name will show up on the screen. Now, it is available to add. 

Inviting a Friend

If you have not played with your friend earlier, you will have to send an invite to them. Or, they can invite you to the gameplay. Either way, there needs to be an invitation exchange.

So, here’s how you can invite your friend for a Smite crossplay.

  • Step #1. Go to the Main Menu and find the Party tab.
  • Step #2. Type in the ID of your friend. You will have to give the in-game name for Nintendo Switch and PC. For Xbox, you will have to give the game tag.
  • Step #3. Your friend’s user name will appear on the screen. Now, you can send an invite.

Linking Accounts with Hi-Rez

With Season 6, Hi-Rez announced cross-progression. To make this accessible, the company requires you to merge your Smite account with the company’s Hi-Rez account. 

You can start your cross-progression by merging the two accounts at The linking process is pretty simple. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Log in and click on the “Linked Accounts” buttons.
  • Link your Xbox account from the screen

All the accounts you link with Hi-Rez will be prepared for cross-progression automatically. Therefore, you do not have to take any further action. Besides, you can follow the same process to unlink your accounts if necessary.

Linking for Nintendo Switch 

The method may vary slightly for Nintendo Switch players. Therefore, if you are one, you can follow the below method:

When you log in to your account for the first time after enabling cross-progression, you will see three options. The pop-up options will include the following:

  • Link your current console account to an existing Hi-Rez account
  • Link your console account to a new Hi-Rez account
  • Skip the linking process

If you choose the first pop-up option, you will be sent to a login screen. You will have to enter your Hi-Rez account details on this screen, including your user name and password. Then, the console account will merge with the console account.

Smite Crossplay Nintendo Switch

If you choose the second option of creating a new Hi-rez account, you will be sent to a different screen. Here, you will have to create a new account by giving your username, email, and password. Then, your Hi-Rez account will be created and linked to your console account.

When you choose the third option, you will be sent to the Smite home screen. However, you can carry out the linking process through the Hi-Rez account management website later.

Other Linking Options

There are more ways to link your console account on the main login screen. All you have to do is find the “More Linking Options” button and click on it.

This will open a new panel with a scannable QR code on it. When you scan the code, it will take you to alternate linking options. Further, this is where you recover or reset your username and password.

Smite: Interesting Game Trivia 

Smite has innumerable gods. Every god has a complex yet extremely interesting background. Let us look at some of the fascinating facts about our favorite gods. 

  • Ymir was the very first deity created when the Smite beta launched back in 2014. 
  • Nox/Nyx is the mother of Thanatos, Nemesis, Thanatos, and the future goddess Discordia. 
  • Nu Wa was Jing Wei’s title before his transformation. 
  • Ne Zha’s present body was created after he perished from the components of a lotus. 
  • Caelus, Terra’s spouse, is also her child, which implies the whole Greco-Roman pantheon is messed up regarding who they are in connection to one another. 
  • Change is the younger brother of He Bo. 
  • Sylvanus (or Apollo) had a crush on a young man named Cyparissus. Cyparissus was converted into a cypress tree after he mistakenly murdered one of his animals. 
  • Izanami is not Tsukuyomi’s or Susano’s Amaterasu’s mother. She had nothing to do with their birth. 
  • Hera/Juno, who is Hephaestus/Vulcan’s mom, threw him off Mount Olympus. 
  • Hel is Loki’s only child that didn’t have a crucial role in the Ragnarok fight. She isn’t stated to live or die after that. However, she is said to dispatch her ships as well as the dead to the battleground. 
  • Ravana and Kumbhakarna are brothers. 
  • Although being Aphrodite’s offspring in Smite, Cupid is at times regarded as the original concept of love. However, this is primarily associated with Eros in Greek mythology. 
  • Post being vanquished, Da Ji is supposed to have escaped too many nations, adopting many aliases, like “Tamamo no Mae.” 
  • The goddesses Badb, Macha, and Anu, make up the Morrigan in Smite. 
  • Medusa is Pegasus’ mom, as well as the hero Chrysaor. 
  • Thor possessed iron gauntlets (jarngreipr), a supernatural belt (megingjord), and also a mystical staff in addition to Mjolnir (gridarvolr). 
  • Closter is the name of Arachne’s child. 
  • Hun Batz and Xbalanque are half-siblings. 
  • Khepri was frequently dismissed as merely a manifestation of Ra. He represents the morning sun, and Ra represents the midday sun. Moreover, the god Atum represents the evening sun. 
  • In June 2012, certain Hindu leaders expressed their displeasure with integrating multiple Hindu deities in Smite. They also were upset about the notion that the gamer manages them. The gods in dispute were Vamana, Agni, and Kali (at the time, the only accessible Hindu gods). 
  • There was specific criticism of Kali’s attire. Universal Society of Hinduism’s President, Rajan Zed, issued a statement demanding Hi-Rez eliminate such deities from the videogame, stating that their inclusion trivializes and offends the believers. As players have authority over the deities, this is considered offensive by the pious. 


Maybe you still have some doubts after reading through this Smite Crossplay. To help you with exactly that, this section answers some of the most commonly asked questions. So, check them out to clear all your doubts.

Question: Is Smite a Good Game to Play with Friends?

Answer: Definitely, yes. Smite is an amazing game to play with friends. It has rave reviews across the internet, including the social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. 

This game changes the way people play MOBA games. Besides, it is very fun to play with friends.
The game is complete with waves of minions, towers, and fantastical battlefields like most MOBA games. Yet, it has quite an interesting formula that is not found in other games.

Further, it is suitable for new players as well as veteran gamers. It provides tools that can equip you with high skills while you play. Additionally, the large pool of diverse gods, goddesses, and demons makes the game even more fun.

Question: Can I Change My Crossplay Settings While I Am Playing Smite?

Answer: No, you can not change your crossplay settings mid-match. All the changes you made before the game will remain until you finish a match. Therefore, it is important to know how you want to play before starting it.

Since the settings will stay the same throughout the game, you need to ensure you get the settings right before proceeding into the game. So, make sure to think of ways that you will feel comfortable playing in. 

For instance, make sure to pick a friend who you feel comfortable playing with before picking them for a journey into the Smite world.

Question: Is Smite Cross-Platform in 2021? 

Answer: Absolutely, yes. Smite is cross-platform in the year 2021. It has been so since 11 September 2019 as the company included PS4. It has been a crossplay game since Season 6, yet it was not widely available until September 2019.

The developers of Smite have made the game cross-platform owing to the demand for cross-platform gamers. The game has brought a balance of abilities and elements to all the involved platforms.

This means you do not have to compromise on anything while you are playing on a PC with console players. Besides, the same applies to all the different platforms, as mentioned earlier.

Question: Can You Link Smite Xbox to PS4?

Answer: Yes, you can link Smite Xbox to PS4. The current system is compatible with PC, Xbox, and PS4 accounts. 
Further, to make sure to get your rewards, you will have to link your accounts properly. If you are a PS4 or Xbox user, you will have to correctly link your Smite console account with your Hi-Rez account.

Question: Will Merging Accounts Affect My Account Level?

Answer: Yes, it will affect your account level. However, you have nothing to worry about since the merged account will carry the highest level among all linked accounts. 

For instance, if your Xbox level is 70 and your PC level is 50, your merged account level will be 70.

Wrap it Up

Smite is a very interesting and fun third-person MOBA game. It is based on a mythological premise in which players handle numerous gods from different legendary tales worldwide. Thus, you get to play with multiple mighty gods. 

The crossplay features enable you to play with your friends regardless of your devices. It is available across platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Plus, it helps you merge add all the gems you own together in one account.

With the help of this Smite crossplay guide, you may be aware of everything you need to know about the topic. 

So, go on, turn on your device, invite your friends, and let the games begin!

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