Overwatch vs Paladins – Which Is The Better Game?

Overwatch vs Paladins – Which Is The Better Game?

Overwatch and Paladins are two related games, but they equally vary from each other in multiple ways. Their close relationship is clearly noticeable through their game-play style, characters, appearance, and back-story.

They equally have similar challenges or competition just like the Soldier 76 and Reaper, and Lex and Androxus. Long ago, they were once subordinates and friends till the defection of one and the rivalry began.

The two games also have similar regular patterns of game updates, and with each update, they introduce new hero characters. If you wish to emerge as a winner in any of them, you have to select a well-coordinated and endowed team.

With the similarities in these two games, you might be confused about choosing your favorite game and that’s the reason we have provided a thorough comparison between the two games in this article.

Main Differences Between Overwatch vs Paladins

The main differences between Overwatch and Paladins are:

  • Overwatch focuses more on the Esports sections of the game, whereas Paladins focuses on providing more enhancement of the game to the players.
  • Overwatch comes with a distinctive collection of gameplay for every character, whereas Paladins has related gameplay mechanics.
  • Overwatch concentration is much more on the storyline, whereas Paladins has not committed a lot of effort to providing gamers with a consistent storyline since it was released.

Overwatch Overview

Overwatch is an incredibly entertaining and engaging multiplayer first-person hero shooter genre and it lets you choose 1 out of 31 various playable character options as your avatar. Every month, new hero characters are added and each one has its unique gameplay and settings that aren’t the same with others.

Their characteristics range from speed to strength and to other special abilities that would keep you addicted all day long. During the monthly updates for the characters, the developers release new skins and events too.

overwatch vs paladins

One interesting game mode in the game is the Competitive mode. It is renowned for its smurf issues and terrible team pairing. Nevertheless, there is lots of work going on by the developers to solve these problems as they began with releasing the greatly desirable Role-Queue attribute.

This works by locking a 2-tank, 2-damage, and 2-healer play mode which implies that you will queue as a particular role and only the characters from the role will be available for you to use.

A lot of Overwatch players did actually criticize Blizzard, lamenting that the feature killed the fun part of the game and made it unexciting. But, it was a necessary feature that made the gameplay fairer.

Overwatch is legendary for the extensive assortment of cosmetics it offers. You can edit your character design or use sprays to alter scenery or comedic shifting effects. You can equally use triumph poses and emotes that can reveal your feelings. All these are fun effects and do not affect your gameplay at all.

Paladins Overview

In September 2016, Paladins-Champions by of the realms by Hi Rez Studios was released just shortly after the release of Overwatch. It is a first-person hero shooter genre game and is free to play. It also allows multiplayer mode and has a monthly update where new characters are added to the already numerous ones.

The video game centers on combining players to form an excellent team to win games. Every month, the game adds fresh limited-time events that are interesting and also sports numerous cosmetics, fewer maps, and various playable character abilities.

Despite the boredom which the numbers of maps cause, the 42 different characters offer you all the compensation you desire.

Paladins Game

Paladins vs Overwatch Storylines

Overwatch storyline

The storyline of Overwatch talks of Talon, an organization that features as the lead antagonist. It goes on to talk about the several defecting omnics which led to a crisis. Hence, there was a need to guard the planet and they had to implore the group known as Overwatch to aid them.

When the Overwatch had concluded their task, there was nothing left for them to do and disbelief rose among them. Eventually, its recruits were dispersed and they spread out all over the planet. The 2 major characters, Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes grew in hostility with each other and their clash was gory that it created a belief in the world that they were no more.

The story continues years later when Gabriel Reyes had enlisted with Talon and joined them in a wake of anarchy all over the globe. This caused Winston, the lead scientist of Overwatch to get furious and decide to extinguish Talon. He summoned up his ex-buddies, anticipating fighting against Talon in the pursuit of peace once more.

There is a lot of fun to encounter in this video game and at an affordable cost. It has a multiplayer mode and is more desirable with friends.

Paladins Storyline

The paladins’ battle with the magistrates is the major focus of the game. In the realm, these two battle with the magistrate at the antagonizing side. At a moment when there was the restoration of peace in the realm, the paladins chose to step down but Paladin Karne went on to form a fresh group called the Magistrate which was made up of volunteers that had left the Paladins.

They ensured total peace in the realm but in time, greed seeped in. Karne discovered powerful crystals to enhance his power but it overwhelmed him. Thus, he became over-demanding and hunted for all the crystals in the realm.

His honest intentions vanished and his group began doing evil like him. The Magistrate relieved the people of magic and with their powers, could possess anything they desired.

paladins wallpaper

A resistance arose and gave the people hope but was defeated in the final battle when the magistrate besieged them with their power. This caused the members left behind to flee and to gather once more for revenge. Will they be able to withstand the power and oppression of the Magistrate?

Paladins were released in 2016 by Hi Rez Studios and have no functioning lively Esports scene, and despite its popularity, the gap between its leagues with Overwatch is far below half. However, it remains a nice game, and purchases inside the game are the sole earning means for the developers. It is costless and you could refer to it as an Overwatch cheaper version.

Paladins vs Overwatch Graphics and visual appeal


The visual effect in Overwatch is magnificent and there exists a unique vibe on all their maps. The feature and scenery are great and the storyline is captivating. It is for these reasons that they chose the game as the best game in 2016. Though it was toppled from all sides by Battlefield 1, Final Fantasy XV, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, etc. it still stood tall.



Despite the best game settings in Paladins, the textures and visuals aren’t appealing.

Paladins vs Overwatch Playable characters


In Overwatch, you are in a team of six people and you can choose your  Overwatch character from 31 different availabilities. These characters are also called Overwatch heroes and include cowboys, a peanut-butter obsessed gorilla scientist, genetically modified humans, and even a dead guy.

These Overwatch heroes classified into Support, Damage, or Tank groups – so you’re regularly capable of switching between your favorites to the avatar you. You can enter arcade mode by playing Mystery Heroes if you wish to brave up. In this mode, you resurrect as another character once you die.


Just like Overwatch, Paladins sports online multi-play in first-person shooter mode but your team is made up of five people. You can choose one out of 44 different characters and you call them “champions” instead. They have separate abilities are classified into 10 flanks, 11 front line, 9 support, and 14 damage characters.

Paladins vs Overwatch Gaming options

Paladins have fewer gaming options than Overwatch. In the siege option, you have to move a consignment gradually. The onslaught option requires you to retain your point till you and your team hit 400 points.

paladins vs OVerwatch

Finally, the deathmatch option is the last of the three Paladins game options and the name is self-explanatory.

Paladins vs Overwatch: Choosing and changing a character


You can alternate between characters in every gameplay (except Mystery Heroes) when you reload the character selection screen and choose a fresh hero in the initiate room. This could go on till you have used all 31 characters of the game.


In Paladins, the reverse is the case. You use one character from when you select it till the game end. Immediately you lock on your character, you can’t change it unless you quit the game and wait your turn for another session.

Paladins vs Overwatch: Diversity of Character roster


Unfortunately, there are numerous dialogues concerning the characters in Overwatch. Since the game’s release in May 2016, the Blizzard has added only ten and out of the 31 characters, not one woman can be found. However, you will find female characters in the storylines and lore though none has emerged.

This saddened many fans and made them disappear from Overwatch. Sigma was the latest character they added in 2019 and it features a giant white man with powers to control black holes and gravity.

In recent teasers for the Blizzard Overwatch 2, they announced a new character they call Sojourn. You will find her as the leader of numerous missions Overwatch carries out and is very good at taking out your enemy under the strike team class. She has a lot of known abilities and is already famous. We hope to see her in Overwatch 2 as the information given about her is more captivating than one can imagine.


Beyond the 44 characters in Paladins, the comparison of its roster is more diverse to Overwatch: These include scientists, dragons, pixies, witches, tigers, giant turtles, and several old plain-looking humans. You can choose from a wide variety of champions including female Negroes too.

Paladins also add fresh characters constantly and the most recent was Tiberius, added in January 2020. It is a tiger that has mastered the act of weapon handling.

Cross-platform gameplay: Paladins vs Overwatch

overwatch game


Overwatch constantly holds events at separate months of the year and alters the game styles in the arcade mode every week. Several players on Overwatch also customize different game mode varieties and you are free to access these games or create yours.

Still, the Overwatch platform does not support gameplay across a separate platform, i.e. PC players play merely with PC players, PS4 players with PS4 players, etc. For this reason, it throws off some Overwatch players who wish to play against their friends or colleagues on other platforms.


On the other hand, Paladins support cross-platform gameplay though only with another platform. A console player cannot play with a fellow console player but with a PC player instead and other platforms.

The idea of Cross-platform gameplay is interesting and that is what keeps players trooping into a game. It will be good if these platforms shake hands and make it all happen.

Game loading time: Paladins vs Overwatch

It takes a long time for Paladins games to load and this should not be so. After the long loading moment, it then moves to the champion selection section before the game now gets ready.

Player-base or game fans

Paladin has a smaller player-base when you compare it to Overwatch. At some point, you could play against AI characters, and sometimes, you play with them. You can also purchase paladins on the PS4 platform for free and receive 15 champions you can alternate between and the base game.

On the other hand, everything on the Overwatch platform has a price. You either save up diamonds and coins if you wish to activate any of the locked heroes or just give up $25 or more for the champion pack purchase.

However, there are some periods when Blizzard runs specials on the PC platform and you can get some packs at a very cheap price if you arrive at a lucky time. Most of these times are during holiday periods. Luckily for the console owners, you can hardly find the game on the platform for sale.

FAQs About Overwatch vs Paladins

Question: Which game is better: Paladins or overwatch?

Answer: The gameplay in Overwatch is arguably smoother. However, Paladins comes with additional fun because of how diverse each of its Hero or Champion plays. Paladins have a lot of features that are missing in Overwatch. Besides having more fun, Paladins also have more balance.

Question: Is Paladins a pay to win game?

Answer: The overall effect going with what many Paladins gamers complain in subreddit, gold has efficiently inadequate and unusable. The game of Paladins is currently a clear pay-to-win offer: You can choose to either play with real money for Crystals, or you forego the bonuses and benefits available to those who do.

Question: Do Paladins have more players than overwatch?

Answer: Paladins don’t have the specific volume of polish you’ll find in Overwatch. However, it compensates for this with its Imo card system. Paladins, on the other hand, have plenty more bugs, particularly with its most updated patch. However, the game features a lot more heroes’ character. The development and improvement of Overwatch are focused more on the gaming community compared to the developments in Paladins.

Question: Are Paladins interesting game worth playing?

Answer: Paladins look much more like a more MOBA game than an fps. Overwatch comes with higher skill levels. Paladins are more casual friendly with plenty of hitboxes. While it is a great game to try, I particularly, think that that overwatch is more fun-filled.


Whether Overwatch or Paladins, you should be able to know the one you prefer, and generally speaking, it depends on what you seek in a game. The two games are interesting, fast-paced, and great first-person shooters.

Their storylines, already, tell a lot about them, and how you find them interesting matters a lot. I do not dispute that I have a particular fascination about Paladins game and its’ champions going on their revenge against the Magistrate but the similarities in the game attract me still to the heroes of Overwatch.

If you are a fan of women champions and their effeminate acts, the Paladins are more suitable for you. However, Overwatch is a better game if you desire to attempt an FPS game for the first time, and Paladins is suited for grounded FPS gamers.

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