Best Gaming Headsets for Fortnite

fortnite gaming headset

The area closing by the second, just you and your foe with victory ahead of you. The tension rises, and you move your camera all around and spot nothing but empty spaces and dubious bushes that might jump into you at any second.

The stress builds up, you can taste victory; it’s there for your taking, you rush to stay on the ever-shrinking safe zone when… BOOM! A single and precise sniper shot right from your back, crushing your possible Victory Royale and ultimately, your dreams of being a Fortnite champ.

You question yourself how this could happen! How come you didn’t hear this guy coming!  Well, it happens to the best of us, but it also happens more often when you don’t have the appropriate headset to hear what’s coming for you.

As gamers we take precision and accuracy very close to our pixelated hearts. The reason to this, well, it makes a dramatic difference when in that split second hearing a foot step or a millisecond delay can be the difference between overwhelming victory or sitting in the lobby watching how someone does a stylish dance emote while celebrating.

We usually care for how accurate my gamepad or mouse are, and how little latency my monitor or TV provides, leaving out how important hearing can be to tactical gameplay.

Sound is key to determine your surroundings, and a great headset will up your game to new levels.

These are three categories that will help you find the perfect fit for you, surely after this you will hear every single camper or sneaky player that wants to take that Victory Royale from you!

*All prices are considered at the moment of writing and might change with the course of time.

**Due to unclear Switch support from most brands and the impossibility to test Switch on-hands compatibility at the moment of writing, Switch support was not taken into consideration.

Best Bang for Those V-Bucks! Headsets Under $99

  1. Razer Kraken Pro V2 (*$59.99) – Best Budget Build Quality

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 has rightfully earned its place in our list, since it is not only a great choice for it’s sharp sound, but it is also a great budget headset that sits right under the $60 mark.

Razer was not shy with design and the Kraken Pro V2 clearly evokes a gaming style all the way through it’s built. With a durable aluminum frame, it is a sturdy and durable wired headset, the price tag here truly doesn’t resemble any low tier construction.

Sound quality is great, meeting even the standards of some headsets that well range in the $100 mark, but certainly it doesn’t hold the bass quality and positioning that other brands might offer in the higher end of the pricing range.

It’s retractable microphone it’s sturdy enough and does a great work in capturing your voice loud and clear, though its noise cancellation could be better.

This headset is truly stylish and will greatly aid you in your Fortnite matches, also, it will look cool if you ever decide to stream some of those Victory Royales.


  • Great build quality.
  • Amazing sound for the price.
  • Overall great value per dollar.


  • Volume wheel control might not great for some.
  • Noise Cancellation is not the best out there.
  1. Logitech G Pro Headset (*$86.99) – Best Budget Surround Support

This wired headset earns its spot on this list for part of its name, Pro is a word that comes to mind when you use these Logitech headsets. The bang for V-Buck with this particular Logitech model is truly something to consider. Audio quality is pretty good and positioning works great, this will show to be helpful if you are trying to hear some of those sneaky players trying to steal your sweet victory.

The construction of the headset is certainly light, but more on the side of comfortability than on it being flimsy or fragile. It feels well-constructed and it doesn’t come across as cheap in any sense.

It is a comfortable headset all around, the Logitech G Pro Headset fits nicely. Headband fits just right without being too loose or too tight. You can choose this one for some

Its removable microphone is not the best, but certainly not the worst and it might not be as durable as others in this category. It’s lower signal to noise and windshield might sometimes cause your voice not to be appropriately registered though in most scenarios this is not something that happens often.


  • Very good build quality.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Surround Support (Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos).


  • Microphone durability.
  • Noise Cancellation might cut off voice in rare occasions.
  1. Astro A10 (*$59.00) – Best Budget Sound Quality

Astro A10 wired headset gives a great bang per buck with its fantastic audio which truly stands out in this price range. No camper or avid sniper sneaking by will go unnoticed.

Even though the price is considerably below some of the top of the line Astro headsets, the Astro A10 keeps that premium sound quality that is staple of the brand. Sadly, this is not true for the feel of the materials it is constructed with. The Astro A10 feels more plastic and less durable than its more expensive counterparts.

Performance from the microphone is decent all around, but its build quality is like the overall material quality in this headset, it is a thin microphone that doesn’t feel that durable.

That being said, the Astro A10 won’t break on its own, but the plastic build must be handled with a bit more care, it’s something you truly don’t need to worry about on a regular daily usage if you’re careful.

Comfortability is a strong point also, as the ear cups are comfy and will remain that way even after hours of continuous usage.

High priced features are always welcome, and this budget headset has one of those welcomed additions. It has a raise to mute feature for the microphone, which is a nice add-on to have.


  • Fantastic sound quality.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Raise mic to mute feature.


  • Feels plastic and somewhat flimsy.
  • Microphone is thin and feels fragile.
  1. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 (*$84.95) – Best Budget Console Match

There’re two versions of these Turtle Beach headset, both wireless and one is a PS4 design and the other one is an Xbox One design. Both are respectively great on each platform in regards sound quality and the wireless capability is very welcomed for this price under $90.00. This is the perfect budget choice if you’re using either of these consoles.

Within the range of under $100, there must be some compromise specially because of the wireless capability of the Stealth 600. This remains true here and we can see evidence of it in the plastic feel and construction of this headset.

It is certainly not the most durable headset in this range, but it is not flimsy enough to easily break, just beware accidental drops. Its plastic construction makes it very light too and comfortable for regular and long gaming sessions.

As a nice surprise, this headset also packs a premium feature rarely found in budget headset, you will just need to raise the microphone if you need to mute it.

It is worth mentioning that the PS4 version uses a dongle and can be used on PC as well, with the limitation that virtual surround won’t work there. Xbox One version has no dongle and connects wirelessly directly to the console, but to use it with your PC you will need an Xbox Wireless Adapter sold separately.


  • Wireless capability.
  • Raise mic to mute feature.
  • Xbox One and PS4 great compatibility.


  • Plastic quality build.
  • Limitations for PC usage.

Landing In The Middle! Fornite Headsets Under $150

  1. Sennheiser GAME ONE (*$149.99) – Best Mid-Range Voice Quality 

The Sennheiser GAME ONE has a quality feel to it. This feeling is not only something you would relate to its well-crafted components, it also extends to the fantastic sound it provides.

Noise isolation is something you won’t be getting here, the GAME ONE is an open-back design and it does not isolate sound that much. It works great if you want to be aware of your environment, but it will make it troublesome to wear on an outdoors scenario or a very noisy LAN party or gaming tournament.

Ear cups are very comfortable, and they allow breathability, which make this a perfect design for long gaming sessions.

Microphone quality is superb here, it is a go-to solution not only for a great gaming experience but even for conferencing and recordings. Its noise cancellation works amazingly well, even in crowded places or noisy environments. On top of that, there’s a rise to mute feature

Its braided cord is very high quality and won’t tangle (at least not easily!). It also comes with a volume wheel, it works okay, but it limits volume to 25% minimum instead of completely lowering it to 0% for some reason.


  • Fantastic audio quality.
  • Multipurpose microphone.
  • Raise mic to mute feature.


  • Limited to not so noisy environments due to open-back design.
  • Control design could be better.
  1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO (*$149.99) – Best Mid-Range Sound Quality

We can say these are one of the most famous headsets in the Fortnite scene. We can say this are almost ninja famous, literally. The solid Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO is the choice of the world-famous Twitch sensation and now first E-Sports player to be featured on the ESPN magazine cover, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

So, is he right to choose these ones? Once you try them and hear the super audio quality, we can agree with him on his decision. This is one of the best audio experiences out there at this price tag. The sound quality overall is truly great for gaming, music and editing. With the DT 900 PRO you can expect terrific bass and sound clarity, matching those of any mid-range headset and even reaching the quality of some high-end ones.

Positioning is achievable thanks to the sound clarity, which makes it a great choice to avoid any sneaky attacks from behind, especially when the storm’s eye has shrunken dramatically, and every sound makes the difference between that 1st spot.

It is not the most gamer-ish design out there for sure, since this headset was not specifically designed for gaming. Due to its musical studio root design, this headset doesn’t have a microphone and for that reason it makes it a very unappealing option for console gamers.

Ear cups are open-back designed, that means that sound isolation is not this headset’s forte. Headband might be too tight and ear cups too big for some.


  • Top notch audio quality.
  • Terrific sound clarity.
  • Great for other activities besides gaming.


  • No microphone.
  • Headband might be too tight for some.
  1. HyperX Cloud Alpha (*$99.99) – Best Mid-Range Build Quality

This isn’t a flimsy one for sure. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is on the heavier side, but that doesn’t mean that it is uncomfortable. The build quality on this HyperX model is high, with a premium feel on all its components. This is a sturdy and great decision for any Fortnite player that moves around a lot and is concerned about possible accidental drops or signs of wearing as time passes.

The price tag is just a bit above from the budget headsets, sporting a $99.99 tag that is worth the value.

Its leather band is comfortable enough, which makes it a lot easier to wear for hours even though they might be a bit on the heavy side.

Breathability is standard here and offers nothing innovative, it’s just okay.

The detachable microphone makes a very great job, capturing crisp voice clips even in crowded and noisy areas.

The Cloud Alpha has some great and comfortable memory foam ear cups, but these are not the greatest at isolation outside noise even though they are closed-back designed.


  • Very good audio.
  • Great microphone.
  • Sturdy and heavy build.


  • Noise isolation could be improved.
  • Breathability is simply okay.
  1. Corsair HS70 (*$99.99) – Best All-Around Mid-Range Value

Want some mid-tier sound quality and pay the least possible? Look no further! Corsair did an amazing job at achieving great audio quality, wireless capability and above average quality build with the HS70.

Sound is one of the best in this range, with clear tones and great positioning potential. On top of the audio quality you also get a great premium feel on the materials used to manufacture this Corsair gem. Microphone is great and works under noisy conditions perfectly fine.

So, what’s the downside you ask? Well, there’s some ups and downs in regards connectivity and platform support.

This is not a Bluetooth headset and it uses a dongle to connect to your PC and PS4, leaving out the beloved Xbox One. Aside from that limitation with Microsoft’s console, PS4 only get’s stereo sound, allowing 7.1 Surround only on PC.

Controls on the headset itself are one of the best, with an accessible and well positioned mute button. In regard the headset itself, the only other possible downside would be that ear cups might feel a bit less roomy than other brands.


  • Great audio and microphone.
  • Premium feel.
  • Wireless capability.


  • Connectivity limitations.
  • Surround limitations.

Best Headsets for Fortnite Money Can Buy!

  1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro (*$179.99) – Best All-Around High-End Value

Looks and comfortably meet in this SteelSeries design. Build quality and comfortability were taken very seriously here, with top notch materials to allow the Artics Pro a great breathability.

Several continuous hours of usage are possible here due to the top of the line breathability that was achieved by SteelSeries.

Besides a great quality and the possibility of long Fortnite sessions, this headset also has a great surprise in the looks department. Premium is regularly synonym of a trend in gaming: RGB.

SteelSeries made this a headset that looks great in the gaming field and in regularly daily usage, with a very streamlined classy look that boosts in vibrance once the RGB turns on. This RBG feature works only on PC and PS4 though.

Sound quality is very unaltered, you can expect an amazing sound quality here. Bass is not the most powerful out there, but the quality is truly on par with the sound quality overall. DTS on the other hand is sub-par, but still a nice add-on for the price tag.

With it’s boom type microphone, you can easily make this not only your favorite headset for voice chat but also for recording. Quality is great and matches sound standards.

Noise isolation is not the greatest and is one of the clear weak points of this design. You would expect that due to the size of the ear cups it will be better, but it could be greatly improved. This leads to our final observation on the headset, it’s size, it is somewhat bulkier and not great in the portability department.


  • Amazing audio and microphone.
  • Premium looks and build quality.
  • Comfortable, very comfortable.


  • Noise Isolation is not great.
  • Big, enough to be considered bulky.
  1. Audio-Technica ATH-AG1x (*$299.00) – Best High-End Audio Quality

This is one of those examples that are hard to justify due to the steep pricing. Audio-Technica has some set goal in mind with this model and in that, they are successful. Sound quality was truly the ultimate goal and that goal is achieved for sure.

The ATH-AG1x is a model that caters for audiophile level sound quality, and it very much takes that prize home. The quality level is that of headphones and raises the bar with its deep and clear sound. Microphone is great as well, but it sits on the standard of the high-end headsets on this list.

Design is futuristic, but it feels a bit plastic, specially if you consider the price range this particular model sits in. It is comfortable and breathable, with an open-back and a closed-back model offering.

This model truly embraces the idea of audio quality, and that narrows the possibility of whom will be truly satisfied with the investment. Gamers and audiophiles alike will enjoy this headset, but it lacks that premium feel in its design and the wings design is not for everyone.


  • Best sound all-around.
  • Futuristic look.
  • Open-back or closed-back models available.


  • Wings design is not for everyone.
  • Plastic feel to it.
  1. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro TR (*$199.99) – Best Console High-End Value

This headset is like a good wine, as it ages it gets better (specially because of the price drops). Let’s start with saying that the amount of features you get here is one of the best out there. This headset packs so many surprises like the ability to get a mod pack and transform it from open-back to closed-back design and vice versa. Even the speaker tags on this headset are customizable.

There’s a PS4 version and an Xbox One version, both are compatible with PC and they also come in packed with a MixAmp that enhances your audio experience.

Audio is amazing here and for the price it is short only slightly to the ATH-AG1x, the surround function also does a great job and helps to enhance positioning. The microphone is exchangeable, and it is not in the same level as the audio, but it can use a bit of refinement. Clips recorded with this headset tend to be a somewhat nasal.

The design is not as elaborated as other in this list, but it is not a bad one either. Build quality could use some premium feel to it. The compromise in this model is clearly on the build quality and design looks.


  • Amazing audio quality.
  • Ability to mod.
  • MixAmp for consoles.


  • Over simplistic design.
  • Build lacks a premium feel.

Fortnite Headsets Overview

Here’s a handy list that contrast each of the great headset’s we mentioned before. Make sure you know what your budget looks like and what features are a must for you, once you do that the path to get a new headset will be a lot clearer.

Headset Model Enclosure Wireless Noise Cancelling Surround PC Compatible PS4 Compatible Xbox Compatible
Audio-Technica ATH-AG1x Closed-back No Windscreen Included No Yes Yes Yes
SteelSeries Artics Pro Closed-back No Bidirectional DTS v2.0 Yes Yes Yes
Astro A40 TR Open-back No Noise Gate Solution Dolby Surround 7.1 Yes Yes Yes
Sennheiser GAME ONE Open-back No Yes, Proprietary No Yes Yes Yes
Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha Closed-back No Windscreen Included No Yes Yes Yes
Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Open-back No No Microphone No Yes Yes Yes
Corsair HS70 Closed-back Yes Unidirectional Virtual 7.1 Yes Yes No
Razer Kraken Pro V2 Closed-back No Unidirectional No Yes Yes Yes
Logitech G Pro Headset Closed-back No Windscreen Included Windows Sonic Yes Yes Yes
Astro A10 Closed-back No Unidirectional No Yes Yes Yes
Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Closed-back Yes Omni-Directional Virtual Surround Yes Yes Yes


And there you go! Now you won’t ever be surprised by those sneaky bush disguised snipers that slowly creep towards you, long gone are the days of watching dance emote over your crushed illusions of ever achieving the 1st spot.

We recommend scouting for both your favorite online store (Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.) and the company that produces each headphone when you decide on which to get, there’s a lot of seasonal sales and discounts popping all the time that you can take advantage of and reduce your investment significantly.

Now go! Run from the storm’s eye and bring that Victory Royale home!

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