Destiny Child Tier List

Destiny Child Tier List

For anime and manga lovers this game grabs you as soon as you launch it. Starting with an incredibly illustrated manga art style. Story explanation where you instantly connect with the character you’re going to stand as in the video game, you continue learning about the life you’ll start living after thinking it was only a dream. In this article, together, we will go through that dream by presenting a Destiny Child Tier List.

You soon realize that you’re a candidate to become an Archfiend, the ruler of the Infernal Realm. Your assistant Mona explains how Lucifaro, who had ruled the Infernal realm for untold eons, decided to withdraw and started a war he named the Archfiend Contest.

Your goal is to acquire human souls by fulfilling the desires of the humans who become your pactmakers. These are demonic servants who will obey your every command, and then you get a chance to claim your first child. Your story begins here.

Mona hands you a flier – “Only believers shall find redemption! A rosy future awaits you! Free yourself from your worldly desires with one simple pledge!”.

At first, you, the Master, doesn’t like the idea of making every human who responds a pactmaker, but after realizing that you can’t flee in any way and that your first potential child probably made a pact with another demon, you continue with your adventure with Mona to find another child.

In a heartbeat after the first battles, you get that rewarding feeling of instant progression that leaves you with an uncontrollable urge to see what you might acquire next. Early into the game, you see that there is a lot to discover; many “children,” weapons, armor, and Soul Carta.

Continue reading our guide where we explain what exactly gaming tier lists are.


Destiny Child Gameplay

Let’s start with the obvious. The first thing you see is the beautiful anime-style 2D animation that gives you the feeling of watching an anime, whereas instead, you’re living it. You go into another world where here you get deep into that human’s, potential child’s, psyche.

The animation is smooth, with every character you interact with having their own unique and likable personality. Even the real-time combat has consistently good animation that makes the gameplay more pleasurable.

This is moderately a story-driven game with amazing voice acting, hundreds of collectible characters that all have their own lore, stats, abilities, and are categorized by types of attackers, supports, debuffers, defenders, and healers.

But, if story listening isn’t your cup of tea, there is a skip button at the upper right corner as well as the dialogue screen if you are more into reading through the story faster; if you are looking for faster advancement, you can easily make the game three times faster on the other side of the screen as well!

Character elements are also very important, and for beginners, I recommend that you have one character of each element in your team.

Destiny Child is a gacha game, on the surface, it looks like a waifu collector, but it has many epic, weird, and demonic-looking characters as well.

Game Mechanics

All characters in the game have the same mechanics, with all having three types of attacks and those being:

  • Tap skills
  • Slide skills
  • Drive skills

It all comes up to how you compose your team, and while doing so, you should think about the previously mentioned character types and elements.

The game is somewhat challenging to new players, especially with the opening screen having as many icons as it does, luckily, the tutorials are there for everything, and it takes you through everything from A to Z.


The first things that you should take a look at are the stats of the characters that you obtained after leaping through the first few battles.

You first have your attacker and that is your main source of damage but they tend to be squishy, and this is where we come to our first character stats; you should invest in your attacker’s attack damage, agility, critical damage, and maybe HP depending on which characters you chose to play with.

Having your attacker with more damage of course leads to higher critical strikes and that is exactly what you want; taking your opponent out before they take you out.

Checking out the starting stats on each character is one of the best things you can do with your current arsenal. I would recommend investing some gems into leveling up your best attackers.

Water Type

Water-type characters are the strongest right now, and the most powerful is Eve. Many people agree that Frej, a dark-type, attacker and Eve are the best ones to use.

An attacker is nothing without the rest of his team. Having all five roles is important, and with the new debuffer Natalis, a light-type, you will stomp all of the competition.

She is unbeatable even with the best attackers like Eve and Artemis, a dark-type. Dark and light types are the only elemental types that are both strong and weak against each other.

Natalis may be the most powerful child in the game and as she is a debuffer, you should go for agility, but also HP and defense, as with any other debuffer.

Among the attackers that we just discussed, Krampus is one of the most powerful wood-type attackers, and it straight-on counters the water-types though wood-type characters are weak against fire-types.

The most reputable fire types are Medb, Hestia, and Neith.

There isn’t one best child in this game for any of these roles and elements, so I will do a deep dive into all types and their elements, name the ones you should focus on more than others, and give some examples of the teams in the current meta.

Making a balanced team may be a trial and error process, but as you get more familiar with the characters and their abilities, it will become natural and almost automated.

The most important thing is not to get discouraged after not seeing the best results after your first few tries, as every game is different and, just like you, your competitor also has a diverse team that he’s counting on.

After this brief introduction into the matter of the game let’s get a bit deeper into all roles of the game starting with the attacker role that was used to demonstrate how your team layout should look.


The most valuable player on your team, this is the one you should focus on first when you go into your child index. You will soon learn which attackers go with other roles and identify your play style.

You will get to see all the benefits of each one and combine them to make the best out of your team. You should wisely choose your main attacker.

The best ones to choose are those with high starting agility, as agility provides higher hit rates; as I mentioned earlier the high hit strike will make it more likely to take your opponent out faster.

You can also provide defensive stats to your attacker to deal more damage if your attacker dies before the battle ends. Some of the best attackers right now are:

Eve – Water Type:

The best water attacker in the game. At level one, her auto-attack deals 113 damage to one target.

Her tap skill, Dark Mist, deals 485 damage to the enemy with the lowest defense and inflicts 250 bonus damage to fire-type enemies.

Eve’s slide ability, Raindrop, focuses on two targets with the lowest HP and deals 450 poison damage for the next three turns.

Her Drive Ability, powerfully named Paradice Lost, is incredible dealing 2473 damage to all five enemies!

  • Base Power: 2,207 > MAX Power: 15,048
  • Base HP: 1,753 > MAX HP: 8,952
  • Base ATK: 1,334 > MAX ATK: 6,813
  • Base DEF: 659 > MAX DEF: 3,365
  • Base AGL: 734 > MAX AGL: 3,748
  • Base CRT: 784 > MAX CRT: 4,004

She is also an amazing party leader as she gives a 10% drive still boost to all water characters, which is amazing if you plan on having more than one water-type child in your team.

Remember, all games are different and water-types are weak against wood-type characters.

Frej – Dark Type:

Very popular character to use with very powerful abilities. His auto attack deals 113 damage to one target, just like Eve at level one.

His tap ability, Grim Reaper, deals 485 damage to on enemy with the lowest HP and gains a +40% crit rate for twelve seconds.

The sliding ability, Specter of Death, deals 612 damage to three enemies divided equally, which is 135% of his auto-attack damage.

His drive skill, also called Specter of Death, deals 2484 to all enemies, inflicting a debuff blast on debuffed enemies (1st Debuff is removed and damage related to the effect is done).

  • Base Power: 2,202 > MAX Power: 15,141
  • Base HP: 1,752 > MAX HP: 8,948
  • Base ATK: 1,334 > MAX ATK: 6,813
  • Base DEF: 657 > MAX DEF: 3,354
  • Base AGL: 718 > MAX AGL: 3,667
  • Base CRT: 784 > MAX CRT: 4,004

His leader ability may be better than Eve’s giving drive skill Damage +1000 for Dark Type Allies.

Elysion – Water Type:

Uncomparable to Eve’s auto-attack damage, Elysion auto-attack deals 80 damage at level one.

Her tap, Ocean Blast, ability deals 295 damage to one enemy with the lowest HP, on fire-type enemies it deals 100 bonus damage.

Her slide ability, Wild Wave, deals 560 damage to three enemies with the lowest HP, and for three turns after inflicts poison adding 300 damage every time a target acts or takes damage.

Elysion’s driveability, Sea Sword Oceanus, deals 1422 damage to three enemies with the lowest HP.

  • Base Power: 1,287 > MAX Power: 13,686
  • Base HP: 1,019 > MAX HP: 7,878
  • Base ATK: 766 > MAX ATK: 5,921
  • Base DEF: 372 > MAX DEF: 2,875
  • Base AGL: 404 > MAX AGL: 3,122
  • Base CRT: 444 > MAX CRT: 3,431

Good leader as she adds 80 tap skill damage to water-type allies.

Artemis – Dark Type:

On level one, Artemis deals a bit more damage with her auto-attack than the already mentioned Elysion, 81 damage.

Her tap ability, called Black frost, deals 300 and gains her 25% crit rate for ten seconds.

Her slide ability, Desperation, deals 439 damage three times, ignoring 500 defense.

Artemis’ drive skill, Silent Hunter, deals 1433 damage to three random enemies, inflicts bleed (160 damage every two seconds) for eight seconds.

  • Base Power: 1,309 > MAX Power: ???
  • Base HP: 1,032 > MAX HP: 7,978
  • Base ATK: 777 > MAX ATK: 6,006
  • Base DEF: 382 > MAX DEF: 2,952
  • Base AGL: 417 > MAX AGL: 3,223
  • Base CRT: 452 > MAX CRT: 3,493

Artemis is an amazing team leader if you’re planning on adding Dark-type characters to your team as her leader buff is +500 attack damage for dark-type allies.

If you haven’t gotten a grasp of these stats yet here’s a list to help:

  • ATK is your damage dealt with one hit;
  • HP is the amount of health that you have;
  • DEF is the amount of damage you can sustain, think of it as armor;
  • AGL is your hit chance;
  • CRT is the amount of critical damage you can deal.


Krampus being a wood-type is strong against the water-types I mentioned right now; with her auto-attack dealing 113 damage on the first level, you can use her to combat the water-types.

She deals 483 damage and a bonus of 150 damage to water types with her tap ability. Her slide ability deals 706 bonus damage two times to two random enemies and absorbs 20% of the damage dealt as her own HP.

An amazing counter for some of the best characters in the game and almost a must-have on your team as water-types are the most picked attackers right now.

Krampus’ driveability deals 2290 damage to all enemies on level one. Her leader buff is +5% tap skill damage for wood-type allies.


On the other side of the spectrum, Medb, a fire-type dealing 112 auto-attack damage can be used against wood-types like Krampus. Her tap ability deals 475 damage and 150 bonus damage if the enemy is rebuffed.

Medb’s slide ability deals 693 damage two times to two random enemies. You might just get lucky with those two being wood-types. Trick or treat, her drive skill deals 2355 damage to three enemies with the lowest HP.

If you place her as a leader you get +5% tap ability damage for all fire-type allies.


Mafdet, to get a grasp of the light and dark types, this is a child that you should put on your team. Her auto-attack isn’t that special dealing 112 damage, but her tap ability deals 477 damage to one enemy with the lowest HP and if that enemy is a dark-type, a bonus of 150 damage is dealt.

It gets even better with her slide ability, Thunder Sword, dealing 797 damage and 350 bonus damage to three enemies with the lowest HP and casts recovery block, except for Vampirism, for 16 seconds.

Her drive skill deals 2341 damage to all enemies with the lowest HP, grants recovery block, except for vampirism, for twenty-five seconds. If you put her as your leader she will give +10% drive skill damage for light-type enemies.

You are surely asking yourself why I only keep noting level one abilities. Aside from your leader buff and your ultimate ability, all of your other abilities can be leveled up increasing your power as you saw above.

You can see more of that for these high-tier heroes here, as well as for all other heroes as well; you might not come across the ones you need to make your ultimate unbeatable team.

There is also much more that you can do to make your child more powerful. Visiting the link above will surely be helpful even for seasoned veterans. Now after you’ve seen the full potential of each child, we will continue with debuffers.


An attacker can’t go into battle alone. As you already figured buffs and debuffs are a big part of this game and with the new, very powerful child Natalis coming out, it seems like the meta is going full debuffer mode; though she has already been nerfed.

Debuffers debuff your enemies and protect your attacker. You should go for their agility and defense, they aren’t meant to deal much damage. Picking the right debuffer can greatly enhance your team’s damage output.


Natalis is the newest and VERY powerful child starting with 103 auto-attack damage with her tap ability already showing so many reasons to get your hands on her and place her in your team.

Natalis’ tap ability deals 405 damage to two random enemies with a 75% chance to remove one buff; in PVP she inflicts buff drain to two random enemies, removing 1 buff and adding a +50 drive gauge for your team.

Her slide ability deals 721 damage to two enemies with the lowest HP, inflicts buff blast (last applied guard buff is removed, then deal damage based on its effect type by a factor of x300), and 60% chance to inflict Smite (Stun and Skill Damage DEF -15%) for five seconds.

In PVP she casts Dancing Blade reducing the enemy’s defense by 20% and doing 250 damage every two seconds to two enemies for fourteen seconds.

Her driveability deals 2133 damage to three enemies with the lowest HP, inflicts buff blast (last applied buff is removed, then deals damage based on its effect type by a factor of x650) on Enemies (Priority: Buffed) and 80% chance to inflict Allure (Nullify effects of buffs on target, cannot be removed except by specific removal skills) for sixteen seconds.

Out of all the characters we talked about she is the best leader for PVP as she nullifies the enemy leader’s buff.


Before you get your hands on Natalis, Jupiter might be your best pick. her auto-attack is lower than Natalis’ just by 3 damage, but her tap ability only deals 369 damage to one enemy and decreases their defense by 5% for six seconds.

Jupiter’s slide ability deals 588 damage to two enemies with the lowest defense and inflicts bleed for 14 seconds.

Her driveability deals 1806 damage to three random enemies, removes one of their buffs, and decreases their defense by 25% for twenty seconds. Her leader buff is incomparable to the overpowered Naralis’ leader buff as it only decreases the enemies’ defense by 10%.


I do recommend the next one though. Other than dealing just 74 damage with her auto-attack, Persephone’s tap ability does 240 damage to one target and decreases their crit rate by 25% for nine seconds.

Her slide ability does 441 damage to two enemies with the highest attack, lowers their attack for twelve seconds by 800, and decreases their weak point defense by 3% for twelve seconds.

Persephone’s driveability deals 1162 damage to two random enemies with the priority of targetting light-type enemies, lowering their attack by 30% for sixteen seconds; additionally, she decreases their defense against weak point attacks for sixteen seconds, again prioritizing light-type enemies.

Her leader buff is similar to Jupiter’s as she lowers the attack damage of all enemies by 10%.


Composed Midas is one to consider as he deals 101 damage using his auto-attack and his slide ability prioritizes water-type enemies. His tap ability deals 379 damage to one target and lowers their weak point defense by 10% for eight seconds.

Midas’ slide attack is wild as it deals 599 damage to two enemies, 450 defense ignoring damage, and weakens their weak point attack damage by 10% for fourteen seconds.

His driveability deals 1836 damage to three enemies with the lowest HP, inflicts 800 poison damage for two turns and removes one buff giving him the potential to do a lot of damage.

Continuing with his damage-dealing reputation he lowers the defense against weak point attacks to all enemies by 8% as a leader.


Santa, another one to highly consider against water-type enemies, deals 101 auto-attack damage.

Her tap ability deals 385 damage to one enemy and 150 bonus damage to forest enemies.

Her slide ability does 672 damage to two random targets and has a 70% chance to freeze them (Decrease Skill Gauge Charge Speed and charge amount while inflicting added debuff effects to Bleed and Poison) for ten seconds.

Her driveability does 1875 damage to two random enemies with a 90% chance of freezing them for sixteen seconds.

As a leader, she’s good against water-types as she decreases their skill gauge charge speed and it stacks with effects that decrease skill gauge charge amount.

Defenders/ Tanks

Your defender is supposed to tank your whole team’s damage so you should focus on those with high HP and defense.

Taunt and Barrier skills are not affected by stats just the skill levels so be sure to remember that when preparing the equipment.

Defenders who use taunt are more vulnerable so make sure they survive the battle.


Let’s first start with Mona, a familiar face, I do not recommend using her in tougher games, but as she is your starter, let’s go through her abilities.

She does 51 damage to targets with her tap ability being 126 damage to one target. She might survive the battle or die first, in my experience.

The vampirism that she gains when she uses her tap ability protects her for ten seconds. Mona’s slide ability deals 281 damage to one target, increases her defense by 30% for ten seconds, and taunts the enemy as well for ten seconds.

As mentioned before characters who use taunt are more valuable, but if the enemy uses an ability that damages all enemies, then taunt just doesn’t work here. Mona’s driveability is where it gets good.

She deals 622 damage to three random enemies and generates a +1200 barrier that absorbs damage for all other allies for 15 seconds. As a leader, she just adds 400 HP to all allies.


Preacher Dana is a 5-star character, whereas Mona is just a 3-star, but you should focus on those with 3 and 4 stars too; sometimes even 2-star characters can be useful on your team.

She deals 92 damage with her auto-attack, which is already a huge improvement from Mona’s 51 damage. Her tap ability deals 319 damage to one target and gains immunity for three seconds.

Dana’s slide ability deals 578 damage to one target, gains a +1400 barrier for all allies, prioritizing the lowest pure HP enemy; she also increases defense by 35% for fourteen seconds, again prioritizing the ally with the lowest HP.

Her driveability targets two random enemies and increases driveability defense for fifteen seconds to all allies by 30%. As a leader, she gives +5% slide skill defense for all light-type allies.


Mars now deals the same auto-attack damage to targets with her tap ability dealing 314 damage to one target and gains 26% HP drain.

Mars’ slide ability is a lot to count on as she deals 573 damage to one enemy, gains +1200 barrier for all allies for fourteen seconds, and heals for 118 HP over 14 seconds.

Her drive skills deal 1466 damage to three random enemies and increase drive skill defense by 20% for all allies for fifteen seconds. As a leader, she gives tap skill defense to all water-type allies by 10%.

Daoine Sidhe

Now Daoine Sidhe also deals 92 damage with her auto-attack. Her tap skill deals 326 damage to one target and generates a +500 barrier for eight seconds to fire allies.

Her slide ability deals 572 damage but also casts a 70% double-edged sword for 16 seconds to fire allies making her a bad pick with the current water meta.

Her driveability deals 1474 damage to two random enemies and adds +30% drive skill defense to five allies for 15 seconds. As a leader, she increases tap skill defense for fire allies.

She might be weak in the current meta as she is a damage buffer rather than a tank, so your team will take more damage than with some other defender, but she can surely be utilized in other ways.


Maybe, I saved the best for last, but let’s see. Europa being a wood-type is strong against water-types.

She deals 68 damage with her auto-attack, but her tap and slide skill instantly put her higher on the list.

Her tap ability deals 193 damage to one enemy and heals herself by 100.

Her slide ability is amazing, other than dealing only 375 damage, she grants 10% vampirism for all of her allies for twelve seconds and a +900 barrier for two wood-type allies.

You should consider her if you’re making a wood team. Her driveability deals 901 damage to only one target, increasing her defense by 30%, and taunts HERSELF for 95% for 15 seconds, giving her the ability to raise somebody else’s defense by 30%.

Again, if you’re going for a wood-type team she is amazing, giving 3% vampirism to all wood allies.

Supporters/ Debuffers and Healers

You might be wondering why I put these two together. As you know by now you can have more than one of the same type and same element in your team.

Some might put two supports in their team trading them for another role. Supporters are a really important part of this game and we will go through supporters here first.


The support Chang’e, a water-type deals 100 auto-attack damage to enemies with her tap ability being 381 damage to one target and a 52,5% chance to fully charge a random allies skill gauge; you can already see that she is one of the best supports to have on your team.

Her slide ability does 663 damage to one target with a +40% skill gauge increase for two turns to the allies with the highest attack; with that, she reduces the cooldown of two target’s slide skills for two turns, also prioritizing the highest attack allies.

Her drive skill does 1789 damage to three random enemies with an 80% chance of stunning them for twelve seconds; additionally, she gives herself +400 drive skills instantly.

As a leader, she increases the skill gauge charge amount by 8% to all water allies. You see now why supporters are so valuable, and Chang’e is amazing to have on your team with the current meta.


The healer Successful Leda deals 71 auto-attack damage, with her tap ability being 229 damage to one target and a +250 barrier for a random ally for sixteen seconds.

Her slide ability heals two allies with the lowest HP and gives 30% regen to all allies.

Successful Leda’s drive skill does 1108 damage to two random enemies and gains her 20% vampirism for twenty seconds to two allies with the lowest HP.

As a leader, she is also amazing giving her all of her allies 2.5% regen and 2.5% heal.


The healer Pantheon’s auto-attack deals 99 damage, but here’s the catch; his tap ability deals 364 damage to one enemy and gives +35% critical attack damage to two allies with the highest attack for eighteen seconds.

His drive skill does 1705 damage to two random enemies, gives +50% critical attack damage and 70% critical strike rate to two allies with the highest attack for twenty-two seconds.

As a leader, he is great if you have a dark attacker as his leader buff is +15% critical strike chance for dark-type allies.


The healer Verdelet here now does 100 auto-attack damage and his tap ability is insane. As a five-star child, his tap ability deals 370 damage to one target and gives 20% critical attack damage to two allies with the highest attack damage.

Verdelet’s slide skill deals 568 damage to two bleeding enemies, increases attack damage by 1200 for eighteen seconds to five fire allies and gives a 70% chance for graze (increased continuous bleed damage amount and duration) for fourteen seconds to enemies that are already bleeding.

His driveability deals 1670 damage to three enemies prioritizing wounded debuffed enemies, gives 35% skill charge immediately to allies with the highest attack, and 120 bleed for 6 seconds to three enemies prioritizing wounded debuffed enemies.

As a leader, he increases bleed damage by 50 for all allies and in PVP he increases it by 200.


The healer Epona has auto-attack damage of 99. Her tap ability deals 363 damage to one target, increases defense, and gives EVA by 15% for ten seconds to two allies with the lowest HP.

Her slide ability generates a +1800 barrier and +15% vampirism to the three lowest HP allies for twenty-two seconds.

Her driveability does 1703 damage to two random enemies, granting +35% defense and +2000 barrier to three allies with the lowest HP for twenty-five seconds.

As a leader, she increases defense for all wood-type heroes by 8%, which is great for the current meta.


The healer, Maat’s auto-attack damage is 95. Her tap damage is 330 to one target while nullifying freeze and petrify, prioritizing debuffed allies of course.

Her slide ability is restoring 146 HP to all allies for 20 seconds.

Her driveability is to revive, immediately after a child in your team dies. This is a big one and Maat is hard to get on your team.

With reviving she heals three allies with the lowest HP by 302 over sixteen seconds. As a leader, she gives +5% heal and regen to light-type allies.


The supporter, Syrinx has 96 damage at level one and her tap ability deals 335 damage, granting fortitude to an ally with the highest attack damage that is removed ten seconds or after taking two physical attacks.

Her slide ability grants fortitude that is now removed after twenty seconds or after taking three physical attacks. Additionally, she grants 141 HP every two seconds to two allies with the lowest HP for fourteen seconds.

Her Drive skill is a bit disappointing for a 5-star child, granting fortitude to three allies with the lowest HP, removed after fifteen seconds or after taking three physical attacks.

With that, you get 199 HO every two seconds for 26 seconds for two of your weakest allies. Her leader buff is +5% heal and regen for wood-type enemies.


The supporter, Daphne, a 4-star child, deals 70 auto-attack damage with her tap ability dealing 206 damage to one enemy and healing two allies with the lowest HP by 189.

Her slide skill targets three allies with the lowest HP for fourteen seconds, giving 60 HP regen per second and granting a barrier that absorbs 500 damage.

Her drive skill heals three allies with the lowest HP by 1040 and a bonus of 240 if they’re a fire-type. Her leader buff grants +50 regen for fire-type allies.


Next, we have Metis a healer, a five-star child that deals 96 damage with her auto-attack. Her tap skill does 335 damage to one target and instantly heals the weakest ally by 201 HP.

Metis’ slide ability grants immortality for ten seconds to allies with the lowest HP.

Her drive kill grants +70% frenzy (increases attack damage and nullifies all attacks and debuffs 100% chance of being stunned for five seconds after the effect) for fourteen seconds, prioritizing allies with the lowest HP.

As a leader, she as well gives +5% heal and regen.

Snow Miku

Snow Miku, a 5-star healer and supporter deal 95 auto-attack damage with her tap ability dealing 331 damage to one target and healing the weakest ally by 318.

Her slide ability damages one enemy by 507, recovers 1048 to the lowest HP allies, and gains a 75% chance to purify for allies converting bleeding into regen.

Snow Miku’s driveability deals 1528 damage to two random enemies, instantly recovers 1348 HP, and 90% chance to purify 5 allies with the lowest HP.

Snow Miku is one to check out. As a leader, she sets up a barrier, granting an additional 1000 max HP to all allies.

By now, you probably have an idea of which characters go together well and have some ideas on how to form your team. You’ve seen that you can upgrade your character’s HP, ATK, DEF, AGL, and CRT.

On supporters and healers, the priority should go HP > DEF > AGL and ATK > HP > CRT respectively.

You now see how important these are when making your teams. I say teams now because you will at some point make at least one more team after making your first one as you need the diversity.

Your opponents are counting on encountering variety and so should you. As mentioned before you just need to take your opponent out before they take you out, so you have to take everything into account.

Combos in your team may be more important than countering the one you’ll be playing against, that’s why it’s important to look deeply into stats, elements, and abilities.

If you enjoy organizing, planning, and managing, this game will be the ultimate time passer and or for loosening up after a long day. So let’s see how you can work out your team after deciding on your main attacker!

Party Composition

Dana, Chang’e, Eve & Maat are good for every mode.

Eve as a water-type attacker, Chang’e as a water-type supporter, Leda a light-type supporter, Dana a light-type defender, and Jupiter a fire-type debuffer is an amazing team and I’m sure you understand why it is important to balance your team out and use characters who work well with each other and enhance each other’s abilities.

Here are two more examples of a good team:

Bastet is a light-type attacker, Hermes is a fire-type supporter, Maat is a light-type healer, Daoine Sidhe is a fire-type defender, and Moa is a light-type debuffer.

Elizabeth is a dark-type attacker, Miku a water-type healer, Metis a dark-type healer, Hera a wood-type defender, and Santa Claus a water-type debuffer.

Even if you get a 5-star child it doesn’t instantly mean that you’re unbeatable. One of the most important things is awakening the hero.

Example: Mate Semele is a 5-star light-type supporter. Awakening a hero makes your bond with them stronger and it gives them a huge stat boost. When you awaken your child fully you can unlock new costumes, accessory slots, new scenarios, and voice data.

As you can see below it’s pretty straight forward and you just need to get from E to A++ and S. This is what it will look like when you start awakening them.

Destiny Child Party Composition

You can combine a child to level them up, level their skills up, evolve, equip weapons, armor, and accessories; only when you’re 100% sure, ignite them. Ignition isn’t a good decision to make for a beginner.

This is an end game move and it can grow your child’s status and skills to a higher level through ignition and acquire amplified status.

Ignition Cores required for ignition can only be crafted by consuming core materials and Childs in Hephaestus’ Forge in the Night World.

These are the heroes I recommend:

3 Star Characters


  • Angel Lot
  • Toy Ampoule
  • Tyche
  • Boss Pig
  • Bremen
  • Mech Soldier
  • Mech Commander
  • Rune
  • Gift Bag
4 Star Characters


  • Flins
  • Gungnir
  • Gomorrah
  • Hydra
  • Creature
  • Unknown
  • Tristan
  • Agamemnon
  • Ankh
5 Star Characters


  • Raffles
  • Mircalla
  • Laura
  • Semele
  • Moonlight Artemis
  • Seth
  • Ophois
  • Hel
  • Methuselah


Question: Who is the best child in Destiny Child?

Answer: There is no best child in the game. It’s the ones you invest in and how they work with the rest of your team.

Question: What is the best team in Destiny Child?

Answer: The best team is the one that follows the current meta and has enough resources to sustain itself through the battle. You just have to be better than your opponent every time. There are detailed explanations of the heroes you should consider investing in and sticking with them the whole way through and why.

Question: How to counter Natalis?

Answer: Focus more on your own survival and add more than one healer, supporter, or defender to your team.


This game is for people who have played games like Pokemon and Final Fantasy before. It gives out the same charm that those games did. With so much to offer, Destiny Child is a game you should not give up on when it gets hard. There is always something new around the corner.

Be careful though. It might take over.

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